This is a sequel to: Weightlifters Feminize my Bum

The hostel was so big it was hard to imagine it would ever be full. There were long corridors and large deserted rooms which looked like they had never been used. But then one day I heard sounds of singing and laughing coming from an area which consisted mainly of locker rooms, bath and shower rooms. I recognized some well known Rugby songs and it was not to be long before I found myself feeling the body heat from another bunch of fine young guys all crowding round me.

What I wore in the evenings was pretty much what I was told to wear by the weightlifters. They had taken over my life really by that time. I used to like to think I was just slipping into something comfortable but was often little more than a shirt and a pair of socks. It made me more accessible to the guys but did tend to raise questions from strangers. So when half a dozen of these footballers came into the lounge one evening and saw me among the lads with only a T shirt on and a bare bum there were obviously going to be questions!

'Hi Gus, what the hell are you doing out here?' said Bradley, the team captain coming our way. It seemed they knew one another well.

'Hey what have we got here! Oh yea!! where the hell did you find this fucking sexy bit?' Brad continued ignoring everyone else.

'Get your hands off him! What the fuck do you think you are doing! Leave him alone or fucking get out!!' Max jumped up and was roaring at him like a mad bull.

'Now steady on! Don't let get all over-reactive here. Anyway he doesn't seem to mind much. Do you?' he said calmly turning his face to me. Gus quickly intervened and tried to cool things down. The other team members looked at their captains for a lead.

'Have we got something to fight over here or can we sort this out?'.

'I'm afraid there's no sorting out to be done here Brad. This guy's just a young lad just over 18 and fresh from school. It's nothing he's just a bit of an artist really and he'd come to have a drink with us. Oh he just hung up his pants to dry as some drink got spilt' Gus replied and then added aggressively 'And anyway he's not some 'bit', he's a really nice lad and supports the team'.

'Oh I dare say he supports the team alright but hey wait a minute! What type of 'drink' is this then?' he said putting a his hand on my bare bum and detecting some cum oozing between my buttocks. 'By the feel of things!' Brad replied with a deep belly laugh while making a show out of feeling my slit. 'I know the beer's pretty crap here but, correct me if I'm wrong' he taunted 'but that's more like cream or..' He stopped as Harry presented his huge frame and rough face within inches of Brad and said with a mighty effort of restraint.

'That's enough!! there's eleven of us and only six of you so I suggest you back off or your team's going to have some injury trouble'.

Brad and his lads left laughing but the atmosphere in the lounge that night thereafter was not good. Someone said something like: 'Can't blame them really they're as fucking sex starved as we are'

'Were!' someone corrected. 'And they're not getting in on any of the action!!'

They were getting aggressive. Max picked me up and dropped me roughly on the couch. In seconds my shirt was over my head and legs held up and apart while each of them stripped off their shirts. This was a collective show of strength. I wondered if the thought I had encouraged the Rugby players.

Harry ripped off his pants still in a state of fury came down on top of me on the couch. I felt the full force of his aggression as he drove his dick straight into my bum. He had the same determined look I had seen on him when he was about to lift a 250 Kilo dumbbell. I was half thrilled and half frightened by the fury of the fucking. And after him each one of them pounded my ass relentlessly. They were marking their claim like stags and my bum was getting recharged with fresh spunk.. They all had amazingly productive balls. I always felt elated after a good fucking. It is the feeling of those hot fuck fluids being forced up your bottom. I love it but this was something else!

Actually it was the first time I had found this experience at all painful but my gland was taking a massive pounding from their huge cocks and I think they forced me to expel some of my own semen several times. I often got these weird internal orgasms somewhere deep inside me when it seemed I was trying to ejaculate but was unable because of the presence of their huge cock inside me.

After it was over they all went off to bed and for the first time for at least a week I went back to my room alone.

I really don't know why, but I found myself wandering towards the downstairs changing rooms almost without thinking. I had taken a towel and soap and would have had no excuse if anyone had asked why I wasn't using my own en-suite. I hadn't consciously thought of what I was doing but I had this inkling something exciting might happen.

Not being quite familiar with the layout of the shower rooms when I went in I thought no-one was there. There were multiple showers in the centre with no surrounds and wash basins in back to back lines. Then I saw this young guy with blond curly hair appear from behind a screen. He smiled at me and said hello but I had never seen him before. He was definitely not one of the rugby players who had barged into the bar.

He looked at me admiringly and said: 'My name's Chris I'm a reservist with this rugby team. You been here long? I can see you're not of those disgusting muscle-bound weight lifters?'

We chatted for a few minutes. He was well educated and quite intelligent. He told me the team had been touring now for over two months and everyone was getting a bit edgy. I was standing near the shower and he seemed to be looking at me rather shyly as we spoke although the tone of his voice was very warm. He had a towel wrapped round his middle. He looked about my age well tanned and had a very athletic body.

I very deliberately took my pants down in front him and noticed how his eyes dropped immediately to my genitals. I turned as if dancing to walk into the shower looking over my shoulder and smiling at him as he removed his gaze from my bottom. I started lathering myself in full view of him. He had stopped talking and suddenly apologized for staring at me saying I was very beautiful. He then took off his towel and walked over to me in the nude displaying his beautiful young erection.

When he joined me in the shower he said 'Do you mind?' and I said 'I would if you didn't!'

My body was already covered in shower gel and I ventured to apply some to his chest, gradually working down lower to his cock. I heard him catch his breath as I touched him so I started soaping him very gently at first. Then when the flowing water had rinsed off the suds it revealed his superb tight cock and shiny knob. I just bend down, I just had to take him in my mouth. It made him gasp with excitement and he started groping wildly at my buttocks as I sucked his beautiful hard cock. He was so hot and rigid. It seemed to be swelling the more I sucked him. Then I was just beginning to get a taste of his precum when he suddenly withdrew and grabbed me firmly from behind. At first he put his hands on my chest pulling me towards him and working his fingers around my nipples. So I bent forward slightly to draw him towards me until his pubic hairs against my buttocks.

'I love you!' he said simply.

By this time I was getting desperate for his cock and I felt behind me and guided his erection between my soapy buttocks. I didn't have to do any more. I felt his firmness on my anus and as I bent down he came up inside me very gently and kept his cock in me without moving.

'May I fuck you'

'Yes! yes! please!! but let me get on my back for you'

I lay on the base of the shower and he came down on me. I pulled my legs right back and invited him into my bottom.

'Push that lovely prick up my ass and pump me full of spunk!'

Chris suddenly lost all his composure and started fucking me wildly, in fact even more so than anyone had done before. This was the passion of a young lad who was mad for me. When he came he exploded into my bottom and never have I been so aware of having spunk spurted shoot up my bum. It was like a tide of warm waves of his beautiful sex fluids were filling me up just where I needed it. Then at the precise moment when it mattered most he squeezed my cock and propelled me into such a violent orgasm that I thought I was never going to recover.

When it was all over I simply said: 'Thanks Chris!'

'Shit do you realise? anyone could have walked in! I am sorry I just lost my head or something. I've never done anything like that before. Will I be OK?'

'I'm quite clean if that's what you are worried about' I said. 'But it's always good to have a piss and good wash afterwards.'

Chris left rather sheepishly and I realised that he had a bit of a downer after his massive climax. It was not long before I saw him again. It was a couple of hours later after I had gone to sleep that I heard this knocking on the door. I thought it was Alex but I recognised the voice: 'It's me Chris!'

I let him in. 'How the hell did you find my room?'

'Look' he said. 'You're in trouble. All our team are mad to get you. There was some kind of altercation with those weight-lifters earlier on and now they're planning to rape you. Of course I didn't tell them about us but I overheard them mention your room number.

'So what if they find you here with me?'

'No they won't come round now because it would make too much noise at night. I just came to warn you and er well to say sorry I was a bit sharp with you when I left you in the shower'

He took his clothes off and came into bed with me. We talked for a while and I told him everything that was happening to me with regard to the weight-lifters and even about the hormones I was getting. He thought it was completely wrong and couldn't understand why I let them do it to me. He hadn't realized how far I was from being a virgin. Anyway the proximity of our naked bodies under the sheet made him forget about just how many people were doing me regularly. He never questioned why there was so much juicy slime between my buttocks.

I was on flat on my stomach and enjoying his attention to my bottom when he suddenly cast aside the sheet and ordered me to stay as I was. I threw himself on top of me and I felt his penis thrusting in the dampness of my cleft. Soon his prick located my dilating sphincter and I felt his lovely warm rod ramming me up my rectum. Chris was very energetic in the way he fucked me and kept on shafting me for more than half an hour before he eventually shot his latest supply of cum into my anal canal. He told me afterwards that he found this position most satisfying. I had a nice deep cleft between my lobes so his penis was clasped between my buttocks and his prick was being gripped by my anus. I knew how to work my sphincter and drive guys crazy.

When we had orgasmed he wanted to resume the conversation about what he considered to be the threat posed by his fellow team mates. At times he was getting quite annoyed by my lack of concern.

'So you will be leaving in the morning. Don't you care? I can't come with you! Where will you go?'

'Calm down!' I said I would not be going anywhere. I had things to do with the weight-lifters and if there was a problem between them and the footballers they would have to sort it out.

'You know what they said about you! I'll tell you then! They said you actually wanted them to rape you!!'

'Well?!! Come on surely. Do you realize there are twenty of us players reserves and trainers?!'

'If they rape me then they rape me. So long as they don't do me an injury I won't mind. You know very well I am full of other guys fuck so why are you so bothered if some of yours contribute as well. I enjoy giving you guys pleasure. You have fine bodies, you are fit and excellent at your sport and like any other healthy young men you need sex and I like getting my bum fucked by nice strong men'.

'OK I suppose if that's how you want it. Perhaps it makes me jealous and if I can do nothing else I'll make damn sure they don't hurt you.'

The following day things seemed to have settled back into a routine. Someone asked who had spent the night with me, but it was an innocent question. They had just realized that after their huff of the previous night they had left me unattended. Or so they thought!

The morning enema, shave, hormone infusion, lubrication and fuck routine was delegated to four guys who seemed as keen as ever to give me a thorough going over at the beginning of the day. They remarked on the large amount of cum which I came out of me but there were no suspicions.

Then three of the weight-lifters burst into the room to collect me and take me to the gym. This is when events now took a dramatic turn!

I dressed up in my lightweight tropical trousers and a smart shirt to make my way with the other three to the gym. We went down the corridor and down the first flight of stairs and along the first floor to another stairway.

As we got half way along a door opened and about eight of the rugby players came out into the corridor blocking our path.

'Ah just what we were looking for. One more person to join the party. Sorry guys no room for you lot. He's the lucky one; aren't you' They said to me.

With this they seized me by my arms and legs while my escort just ran off supposedly to tell the others what had happened. I was carried in an upright position into a large dormitory where the entire team were assembled including Chris.

'Rip his pants off and lets get at his fucking ass!' someone shouted. With this a big guy who was one of the forwards came and grabbed the top of my trousers and ripped them apart. In these than a second these and my pants were in rags around my ankles. They were all stripped to the waste, most had shorts on but some only briefs or jock straps.

I was being held in a very upright position still and I had resolved to do my bit at being faithful to the others by making a token effort to prevent them gaining entry. So I clasped my buttocks together as tightly as I could.

One really big guy with a huge cock who I recognized as Bradley was coming at me from behind. I clasped tightly but his shaft was as rigid as a steel pole and he forced my cheeks apart without even noticing my resistance. I had then hoped to clasp my anus as much as I could but in the time it would take to say it his pole was inside me pushing up into my rectum with irresistible force. At this point all my resistance gave way. Bradley had conquered me he was inside my bottom. He had already taken control of me inside and I found myself bending down to assist is his penetration. Bradley, like all his team-mates had been deprived of sex for weeks on end and their semen sacks were full to overflowing. 'No more wet dreams aye?' One of them said as Bradley showed them the way and shot his load into me. Did I say the others were productive, well this was a flood! I felt these hugely powerful spurts coming up me. He dosed me with what felt like gallons of cum!

Once Brad had withdrawn his flat slimy dick form my hole I couldn't help taking it in my mouth it was so nice to taste his semen and his huge member gradually soften in my mouth. But he was wanting to take command of operations and make sure the others queued up in an orderly fashion. By now they were all in the nude.

From my position bending down I could see sideways a forest of firm hairy thighs used to powerful running and fending off tackles. I got a preview of each guy's legs balls and cock as he stood waiting his turn to inseminate me and I sucked each one just before he pumped my ass. Some rape you might say if I was asking for it like that!!

They were all really vigorous but because they were so sex starved and excited they really couldn't sustain themselves beyond about a minute of shafting me. After that they jacked off into me from pure uncontrolled excitement.

They said later that the sight of each guy before them fucking me was enough to get them practically jacking off point before they even experienced the thrill of penetrating my boy cunt.

About six had done me this way and then came this very loud mouthed guy who had been showing off his cock and making sexy comments.

'Want to see this done properly?'

'Ah the expert ass-fucker now aye!'

'There isn't a fucking hole I haven't fucked anywhere on this planet right!' he boasted. 'Get him on that bed on his back hold his legs up and I'll show you how this is done!'

So I was carried on to the bed. My shoes and socks and all other clothing completely removed so I was now totally nude with over at least another dozen cocks throbbing with excitement at the sight of my ass so utterly at their disposal. This guy called Sandy ordered two guys to hold my legs and instructed another to put a pillow under my ass to get it at the correct angle to his cock as he explained amid much laughter. I was engaged at sucking any cocks within reach. This made several guys shoot in my mouth so there was cum dripping from my lips when Sandy, looking at me with a long firm gaze lowered himself dramatically onto my body. Being careful not to hurt himself he positioned his penis directly on to my anus before he thrust into me with a shout of triumph and then shafted me at first slowly then gradually quickening the pace. He knew what he was doing all right because he was watching my face intently as his penis massaged my prostate which in this position was inevitable. If I winced he eased a bit but quite soon cum could be seen oozing from my little cock. Then he quickened the pace. At over five minutes inside me he had already well out-performed any of the others so he was looking around at the others in triumph when suddenly we were all falling about ourselves with laughter.

The strain on the bed frame had proved to be too much. Both angle irons gave way at once so the middle part sagged to the ground and the two headboards moved towards each another. It just looked so comical! My position was quite comfortable but it was all wrong for Sandy who couldn't keep his cock in me at that angle. While everyone including myself was laughing I gradually eased myself sideways across the middle of the sagging bed and invited Sandy to resume.

'Look at the dirty bastard he's enjoying it. What did I tell you! The more we fuck him the more he wants.'

'I'll fill his fucking ass to overflowing!' boasted Sandy as he dived into me again. This time everyone was chanting 'One two one two' and Sandy's cock was seen plunging in and out of my bum. He had tried so hard to restrain himself that in the end I thought he was tiring so I said: 'Come on Sandy spunk me up!'. That did it and his face suddenly tightened as his cock took control and I felt his long awaited cum flooding into my rectum. The mattress was then rearranged on the stone floor while some of those who had already done me were trying to straighten out the bent frame by jumping on it. This caused more laughter as their semi-limp cocks swung up and down and drips of semen went on the floor.

There was going to be quite a lot of straightening up to do in more ways than one but in the end when the weightlifters got their muscles to work on sorting out the bed frame a truce was finally agreed. It all meant there was so much fuck up my bum they forgot about the hormones.



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