This guy was so fucking hot. He was beyond hot; he was gorgeous. I always wanted to know how it felt to feel his big, squishy ass against me as I fucked him or as he'd grind himself closely against me. His name is Emmanuel.

I've noticed his eyes are always glued to me. I love when I look at him back. When we make eye contact, he would look away, making me smile with accomplishment.

One day, I decided to go to Seth's house to meet Michelle. Emmanuel's house was down the street from Seth's, so that's why I didn't lie to Michelle this time so that I could see him. As I walked down the sidewalk towards Seth's house, I saw his ex walk out of his house screaming at him and calling him names. He looked at me in embarrassment as his ugly ex walked away. I looked at him and smiled. His eyes reminded me of puppy eyes. They were so sad and cute all the time. I walked up to his doorstep and began to talk to him.

'Oh my god. That must've felt bad.'

'It's alright. I don't need her. She's white trash anyway. Haven't I seen you before?'

'I go to Lakewood. My name is Ramon. I see you all the time.'

'Oh yeah! You're that guy that I see all the time. My name is Emmanuel. What are you doing around here?'

'I was going to Seth's house, but I don't want to now that your girlfriend might be over there with her drama.'

'Who said she was my girlfriend?'

'So you guys did break up, right?'

'I guess. I don't care. You want me to save you the crisis?'

'What do you mean?'

'You wanna come in? No one's home, as you could see from my ex, so it's just us. What do you say?'

My heart stopped, but quickly started again, beating with much speed. I was so shocked that he would invite me into his house when he barely knew me at all. I just smiled.


I slowly walked into his house and waited for him to lead me deeper into the house. He was a lot shorter than me and it made me feel more like an adult when I would come close to him. He led me into the living room, but then up the stairs. I watched as his ass peeped out of his shaggy jeans as he walked up the stairs. I wanted him so badly, but I contained myself. All of the doors were painted brown, but one was painted green. I figured that it was Emmanuel's room because he ALWAYS wore a green shirt to school. That is what made me so attracted to him. Well, that and his ass!

He opened the door and allowed me to walk in first. I had this captivating feeling that he was looking at my ass as I walked by him. I knew what I wanted to do, but I was still sceptical about what he wanted to do.

'What grade are you in Ramon?'

'Same as you.'

'Really? Thought you were a bit ahead, you look older. Well, you do look older.'

'I do? I get that all the time.'

'How old do I look?'

'Old enough.'


We sat on the bed as he looked at me. I looked at him, but not as I did when we were at school. At school, I could be in control, but while I was in his territory, I had no control. He looked at me as I looked away. I really loved the attention, but I was way too interested in something else than just attention.

'So, what do we do now to kill time?'

'I really had nothing planned. I just figured that it'll be nice to have someone that you just met in your house and on your bed.'

'What do you mean?'

My eyes locked onto him right after he said 'bed'. I knew what he was talking about now, and I really wanted him to give me a demonstration.

'Well, it's good to have a new friend, but it's even better to have friends...with benefits.'

'What kind of benefits?'

'You tell me.'

He leaned forward and started to kiss me, making me scream inside to get inside of his pants. I went along with him, waiting for the perfect moment to do so. When I felt like doing it, I slipped my hand into his pants and began to touch his package, squeezing and stroking him as hard as he was. He then laid me down and got on top of me when he took off my shirt. I took off his hat and began to kiss him even harder. I moved my hands down to his ass and squeezed it a little, but then I pulled his shirt up to the top of his waist and began to squeeze his ass when I slipped my hands into his green briefs.

I smiled as he kissed me, thinking of how pissed his ex would be to find him making out with another guy. I stopped thinking about it and continued to kiss him. He then took his shirt off all the way and revealed the unknown pecks that I never knew that he had. I looked at him with widened eyes, but with a big smile. I took the time to actually look at his frontal body, admiring the gorgeousness that was soon to be unclothed. I felt him poke me when he came back down to kiss me again. He kept it there, too, rubbing it against my body as a symbol of desire to be in my body except for out.

I saw him slip through the hole of his briefs right before it started to dry hump against me. I loved the body heat we created. It was like a hot sexy day at the beach with the aroma of Axe in the air. I loved the stickiness of his sweating body as he laid on top of me and dry humped me. He then stopped and pulled his pants off along with mine. He kept himself out in exposure, making me want to just lick him. He turned around and bent over far, squeezing and touching his ass and moaning intensely. I came up behind him and pulled his back up to my chest. I started to rub myself against his ass as I started to touch him.

He continued to moan as I licked the back of his neck and began to rub myself against him as if I were fucking him already. He started to moan even more when I started to spank him on the ass as I dry humped him. He then pulled down the back of his briefs only and bent over all the way. His voice sounded so much sexier as he said it as he moaned.

'You wanna fuck me, don't you? You wanna lick me? Oh, Ramon! Fuck me! Oh!'

I didn't want to fuck him now. I just wanted to have a taste at the bulging swollen lumps on his backside. I immediately began to lick his ass and bite it with so much vigor that I started to make red marks on his ass. I literally licked his ass like his cheeks were breasts. He just moaned, getting more and more excited. He pushed his ass out even more and allowed me to move my tongue over the hole of his ass, but not in it. I wanted him to wait and long for it. He moaned a lot more when I started to teabag his balls.

'Fuck me, Ramon! Please don't make me beg!'

I loved the plea of his voice when he said it and I wanted to tease him more, but I wanted to feel his ass pounding against my body as I fucked him with all of my might.

I started to rub myself against his ass again, expect this time I let my penis slip through the hole in my briefs and into his ass. I started pounding on his ass, hearing the sucking sound of his asshole as I went in and out of him.

I then stopped fucking him only to change positions: he laid all the way down and I lifted his legs above his head so that I could fuck him while I laid on top of him. I fucked him hard, making him moan louder and louder every time. I stopped because I felt like I was going to come. I then started to suck his dick like I wanted to earlier, except I did it slow and only on his tip.

After a while, I started to fuck him again, doggy style. I felt the jiggle of his blubbery ass on my body as it banged against me. I wanted to get deeper in him, feel almost everything inside of him, but my dick can only go so far and his ass cheeks weren't fully spread apart. So I spread them apart with my hands and pushed myself deeper into him. He moaned loudly as he pushed himself back into me. I periodically slowed down because I felt myself coming and I needed a distraction and throw my rhythm off. I smiled and pushed myself deeper into him. I felt myself start to harden, so I stopped fucking him and laid down. He positioned himself on my dick while facing me and went up and down on it. He started to touch himself as I fucked him, making me want to come so badly, but I didn't want to until he started to come. I always wait for my men to come. I could feel my prostrate starting to go. We were moaning now, breathing harder, and his cock stiffened just a bit. Suddenly, he gave a gasp and his cum erupted in white gobs down is cock head as he pressed it against my skin. I came in huge convulsions knowing we were sharing this moment together in a way only two men can know how.

He sighed and laid next to me.

'So, I guess we forgot to use a rubber, eh?'

'I guess so.'



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