I was barely 22 - in college, recently starting to explore my sexuality more. I mean, I knew I was gay, but I never really thought about what turned me on- I just like fucking and getting fucked by other dudes. But, after a breakup with my boyfriend, I had started looking into other scenes, with different fetishes, and realized that I was pretty into bondage and leather/rubber, either separately or together. So, I decided to go to a store I had seen in an alley of my college town- it's name was some bad pun, RubbUr Self. The store was in this big old warehouse in the industrial district of town. Anyways, out of curiosity, I decided to go by. I walked in, and immediately, I smelled that thick, heady scent. I knew I was making the right decision. I walked throughout the store, marveling at the different toys and outfits in display. I nodded to the attendant at the counter, a rather well muscled man wearing a tight leather tank top and camouflage jeans. Attractive enough, well tanned with some stubble, but nothing absolutely stunning. Maybe a 8.5 out of 10. I continued to browse, glimpsing myself in the mirror. I'm about 6'1" and 210 lbs. More slim than muscular, but with definition. I swim, so the chlorine dyes my hair blond and manages to keep me from growing much hair. I was wearing a simple grey t-shirt and some khaki shorts with flip flops. Under all that, I knew my Calcin Klein underwear hugged tight to my ass. I continued looking around, before seeing a leather straitjacket that totally caught my eye. It was black, with simple silver buckles, but something about it made me extremely horny. I walked over, and lifted it off the rack, surprised by it's weight. Then a voice behind me said "Need a hand?"

I looked around, startled, and saw a absolutely GORGEOUS guy. He was at least 6'4", with bright green eyes, short brown hair, some very sexy stubble, and a tan that wasn't as dark as mine but was solid. He was wearing tight jeans and a shirt that advertised the store, and clearly filled them out with his defined muscles. He also screamed manliness, his voice alone practically oozing sex. If the other guy was an 8.5, he was an 11. "Umm.. Su-sure," I stuttered, nervously floundering at the sight of him.

"I'm an employee, not some creep, don't worry." He laughed, mistaking my nerves for confusion and revulsion. He reached around me, brushing my shoulder with his hand, and sending flurries of excitement through my stomach. He helped me slide my arms into the sleeves, pulling them right against my back with surprising force. "Here, let me help you with these," and he started buckling the jacket up, securing my hands in with practiced ease "I'm Adam, by the way." "Nice to meet you," I replied "I'm Jaison." He was nearly finished buckling me up, when another voice said "Hey, have him try this on too." I twisted my head around as much as the straitjacket allowed and saw the guy from earlier. However, now that he was standing, I saw he was at least 6'8", with more muscles than I had realized, more muscles than even Adam had. He also clearly had a large package, showing through even his rather baggy pants. I at this I glanced down at Adam, and saw his dick and balls were EVEN bigger, and clearly outlined in his right jeans. I looked up again, and saw the man approaching with some sort of muzzle. "Umm... I'm not so sure about-" I started to protest, but Adam took it from him and slipped it over my head before I could finish. "This is Noah, by the way." Adam said, as I inhaled the heady aroma of the leather gag. I nodded in understanding as Noah reached around and tightened the muzzle onto my face. I was a little dizzy with the speed they were getting all this gear on me, barely even waiting for my consent, so I barely heard Adam's next words. "Let's get him out of his clothes." What!?! I shook my head feverishly, but They took no notice. Adam grabbed my t-shirt, which hung out the bottom of the jacket, and yanked, hard, nearly pulling me to the floor. My flimsy t-shirt ripped right off at the shoulders, slipping out from under the jacket despite its tight squeeze. Meanwhile, Noah unzipped my shorts and pulled them down. I tried to buck them off, but with my arms tied it did no good. Adam grabbed me in a bear hug, and I felt his powerful arm muscles contract as he whispered "Silly little faggot. You're all mine, bitch." I struggled, but it was practically half hearted, as these big muscle stuff groped at my chest. While this was going on, Noah slipped my underwear off, and Adam dragged me over to another part of the store where they had leather pants. They found a pair about my size, and forced my struggling and kicking legs into them. The pants were simple, tight black leather, with zippers in both the front and back, and, as I was soon to find out, a special add on. Noah walked off, telling Adam he was going to close up, and Adam agreed, and bent down and fiddled with my ankles. I heard a click, and realized there must be some sort of cuff mechanism built into the pants. Then Noah picked me up, carrying me in a firemans carry while groping my ass, and Adam walked off into the store. Noah carried me towards the back, during which I realized that the store was too small to fill the whole warehouse. He set me down, giving me a nice view of his laced up combat boots, which I appreciated despite the panic of my situation. He picked me up again, and carried me into the back of the warehouse. Adam caught up then, and was carrying a black rubber bag bulging with what appeared to be different toys. "Now..." He said, "Let's get started."

Noah walked me over to a large metal thing, which I couldn't really see from my angle. I twisted around, feeling more and more panicked after seeing how twisted Adams beautiful face got with that smile. Noah lifted me straight up and down, and I realized I was in a big cage. He grabbed a length of chain from the ceiling, and attached it to the back of my straitjacket, effectively leaving me standing on the floor, unable to sit down. I struggled, yelling into the gag "Mmmmphmm!" "Shhhh, shhhh...." Said Adam, walking up to me "I don't want to punish you. But I will..." At that I went dead quiet. "We planned this out ages ago. As soon as we saw a guy who we both liked, we were gonna do this. And as soon as we saw you, we both knew you were perfect." Adam walked forward, and placed his hand on my cheek. "Aren't you proud we picked you?" I shook my head vehemently, hoping they would still let me go. *Whack!!!* Adam slapped me viciously across the face, bringing tears to my eyes. "Too bad. You're ours now." And with that he walked out. Noah have me a sassy wink, walked up, slowly fondled my chest and balls, before walking out too. I was left alone in the semidarkness. I looked around, trying to get my bearings as much as my restraints let me, and what I saw scared me. There were tables with different spreader and holes for different positions, metal hooks and chains, and crosses for tying me up to. I shuddered in fear for what these two gorgeous hunks had in mind for me, but also shuddered in anticipation, because as scary as this was, the atmosphere was also erotic. I didn't feel safe, exactly, but I also didn't fear for my life. I waited there thinking, sweating in the right clothes, I'm not sure for how long, until the door opened and Adam and Noah walked in.

Their outfits would have made my jaw drop if the muzzle wasn't covering my mouth. Adam wore a thick black leather apron, with a built in chick and ball sheath, showcasing his absolutely HUGE cock and balls. He also had on black rubber wading boots, and a tight rubber executioner hood on his head. On his hands were a pair of thick, long, industrial rubber gloves. He was otherwise completely naked. Noah, on the other hand, wore a tighter version of his camouflage pants, and and leather harness over his bare chest, which was covered with thick, dark, curly hair. On his head was a black gas mask, strapped tightly over his face, with his blue eyes showing through. He had in small leather riding gloves. They both looked like they had stepped straight out of my fantasies and into reality. I swallowed, and started breathing again, realizing I had stopped. They walked forward, and without saying anything, Adam unzipped the from of my pants, letting my cock and balls flop out, accompanied by the smell of my stale sweat. He started fondle me, while Noah walked over to the bag Adam had left earlier. Noah pulled out what looked like an ordinary dildo, and I relaxed. Dildo play, I could handle. He walked around to my back zipper, and unzipping it, started playing with my ass. He pulled some line out of the bag too, and after living up my ass, he slid the dildo right up. However, he then flipped a switch, and it started vibrating. I moaned in pleasure, with Adam touching me and the dildo up my ass, all while looking into Adam's green eyes. I was crazily horny, and wanted more right away. Adam then stopped, and reached into the bag, leaving me with a massive hard on, groaning in need. He walked back, with an unknown object in his hand. He showed it to me, and I realized it was another vibrator. He placed the top on my balls and cock, and the buzzing traveled throughout my whole body, from both my ass to my cock. I moaned and twisted, feeling like I was going to cum any second. Then he stopped, pulling away, and Noah yanked the vibrator roughly out of my ass. "We aren't going to let you off that easily," said Noah, his voice muffled by his mask. I groaned into the gag, begging them to touch me, to let me finish. But they wouldn't, and I say there twisting and turning as they watched. "Uumph, he is hot," said Adam. "Let's fuck the shit out if him." He walked around, and, with my already lubed up ass, shoved two gloved fingers deep inside me. I groaned in pleasure, and Adam chuckled in his deep voice. Noah walked around to the front of me, and fondled my chest through the jacket, groping at me with his other hand. He lifted his hand, and his tight little riding gloves were practically dripping in precum. He slid them on top of my gag, letting the precum drip down behind my gag, mixing with my saliva, tasting salty and warm. "Yeah, bitch," he said "Taste it." I cried out as Adam shoved a third finger into my ass, stretching me farther and farther. I slid my ass back on to his fingers, trying to get him to go deeper. Noah continued stroking me, but avoided touching my cock, making me hornier and hornier, but never jacking me off. My erection got harder and harder, and I felt like I was going to burst. Then, just like before, they both stopped, pulling away abruptly, just before I was going to cum. I screamed and swore at them, begging them to let me cum, but my gag muffled all the cries. They backed away and watched me struggle, and I saw Adams devious smile through his hood. I struggled, swinging about wildly in the chain, but to no avail. I slowly slid away from the edge, grudgingly letting the sexual energy fade. As I calmed down, Adam came up to my face and started unbuckling my gag. He slipped it off, and I started to yell, but he covered my mouth with his hand. The same one that had been up my ass, and was still covered in a warm mixture of lube. I yelled, but the thick rubber stifled my screams. Noah walked up with a different gag, and they fitted it to my face. As it slipped into place, I realized it had a ring that forced my mouth open. It reduced my screams into frenzied moans that only seemed to make my tormentors hornier. They then lowered me from the chain, and carried me over to a low lying bench I had seen earlier. They unlocked my straitjacket, and let me out. They then slid my leather pants off, leaving me naked except for the gag. I was soon strapped into the bench bent over on my stomach, my head facing forward. Noah walked around to the front if me, and unzipped his penis from his camouflage pants. He walked up to me and waved it in my face, sliding it around my nose. He then took his gloves, which still had my precum on them, and slid them into my mouth, fingerfucking it the way Adam had my ass. Adam, meanwhile, reached under the bench and slid my junk through the hole in the bottom of the bench. He slid my foreskin up and down over my uncircumcised cock, making my moan again and again into Noah's fingers. Then, Noah switched his fingers out for his thick 8" cock, sliding in and out of my mouth, fucking my throat. His bushy pubic hairs tickled my nose, and he shoved himself inside me, gagging me, then letting me breath. "Yeah bitch, worship my cock," he moaned throatily. Adam switched behind me, and started fingering my ass agian, only with four fingers now. I moaned, feeling doubly penetrated, while my ass stretched farther then it ever had. Then he switched too, starting to slide his cock inside me. I felt so full, I moaned onto Noah's cock, looking up at his gas asked face. "I'm only halfway in, don't give up yet," said Adam. I moaned, both in excitement and in fear, because I remembered how huge his cock had looked earlier. He slid further and further into me. All while Noah fucked my face. Eventually, I felt his pelvis press up against my ass. Adam had to be at least 11". He reached around with his gloves hand and grabbed my cock, using it's stiff base almost as an anchor for his fucking. It went from a slow, gentle motion, to a frantic, yet rhythmic pace that matched Noah. I felt so complete, spit roasted on two huge muscle studs cocks. I moaned, and as they both sped up, I felt a heat kindling in my balls. Adam's big hand felt so good in my cock, and his cock in my ass while I gazed up past Noah's cock in my mouth at his gas masked face, all these feelings combined, and I came hard and fast. My cum flew up from my cock towards Noah, and splattered into his pants. This was the final straw for him, and he came in my mouth, his hot cum spurting into my mouth. There was so much, I had to drink it to avoid choking on it. The salty heat flew down my throat, tasting so good. I shuddered, my orgasm continuing even after I finished cumming, as Adam came into my ass. His white hot seed spurted deep inside me, and I felt truly whole. I was theirs, I was their slut, and I wanted them to own me forever. Noah pulled out of my mouth, and slid his gas mask up, letting it rest in his dark hair. His face was sweaty, and he grinned at me, wordlessly expressing his joy. Adam pulled out of my ass, and walked around, dragging his hand in my body as he did. He bent down and kissed me, tasting Noah's cum on my lips. He than kissed Noah, and afterwards slipped his hood off. "Alright, bitch." Adam said, " Time for a shower."



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