Forward and back ,forward and back. The continous rhythm of rowing and the constant brushing of my hand against my cock was getting me beyond hard. My 9 inch shaft was growing quickly and if anyone were to pass by my excitement would be blatantly obvious. Thankfully my rowing partner Jack who sat infront of me hadn't noticed yet. If...when he did I was sure things were gonna get awkward.

His muscles rolled beneath his clothes and the sweat that dripped down his sexy back wasn't doing anything to help the situation. In fact it was only making my boner bigger.

Suddenly he stopped rowing and stood. He stretched before turning to me and his blue eyes widened in surprise. He could see my cock standing straight up but he didn't jeer me or call me a fag or anything , he just stared.

I was dying to touch it,to wrap my fingers round my shaft and wank it till I came. My fingers were twitching and I was just about to reach down even with Jack standing there when he moved forward and stopped.

He looked into my eyes and the lust in his was evident.

"You've no idea how long I've wanted to do this"

And with that he pulled down my shorts and slipped my head into his mouth. I didn't pull away ,it felt so fucking good.The way his tongue poked against my piss slit was unbelievable. The sensations it brought were heavenly.

He pulled me deeper into his warm mouth and soon his head was buried in my pubes.It was slightly ticklish having his nose rub up against my black hairs.

He bobbed up and down his tongue doing fancy twirls around my dick. I could hear slurping noises and groans from both him and me.

My muscles were beginning to clench and I knew I was gonna cum soon. He obviously did too as he reached back and inserted a finger into my hole. It felt so damn good and he slipped in a second. I grunted in approval and both his head and fingers quickened in pace.

"Awwh fuck I'm gonna cum Jack...Aww get off quick....AWWW UHHNN YEAH!"

He didn't slip off and I squirted my hot load down his throat. Thick ropes of cum escaped me and he swallowed them like a starved man. When he'd drained me dry he popped my cock out of his mouth and stood.

His cock was hard and it was HUGE.Ten inches at least. When he took it out from his shorts I think I might've drooled.It looked delicious!

He wrapped his hands around it and started jerking.Up and down ,up and down in smooth motions. His hand slapped against his balls while his other reached up beneath his top and started teasing his nipples.

"Your gonna eat my cum when I shoot you hear.Your gonna drink it down that throat of yours right?"

I nodded vigorously.

Soon he was groaning and hks hand picked up the pace.Quicker and harder untio he was moaning so loud you could'e heard it a whole state away.

His muscles clenched and he moved forward until his cock hovered just above my mouth.

Suddenly he shoved his shaft into my mouth a massive load began shooting its way down my throat. From what I could taste which wasn't much, the cum was sweet yet salty and I loved it.

When he pulled out his cock was still hard and mine which had gone soft was swelling again. The gym door opened then and in walked coach with nothing but a towel around his waist.

Water dripped down his hot body and when he saw us he froze.

"What's going on here?"

We didn't answer.

He dropped his towel and revealed a fucking horse cock.

"Come on boys.Come have a go with a real man"





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