Chapter 2: Motel in St. Louis

With my bag in hand I entered the motel room apprehensive to say the least. There were still those evil thoughts of what might happen to me lingering in my head. I decided to put those nefarious thoughts aside and get on with what I came for - sucking Dan's big fat dick.

As I began undressing I was eager with anticipation. My dick was full and still concealed in my clothing. I could feel it throbbing as I watched Dan shed his clothing. With each article of clothing Dan dropped to the floor he was revealing more of his stunning smooth body. At about six feet two inches he was bigger than an average man of the day. His well-defined pectorals showed off rather prominent pink nipples protruding from his areolas much like headlights on a truck. His arms and legs were larger than average with well-defined biceps and triceps as well as thigh and calf muscles.

From what I was seeing I suspected that he might have done some manual labor before he began driving truck. I'm sure my eyes widened when Dan dropped his drawers to the floor revealing a rather thick semi flaccid penis. I gasped and gulped more than once at the sight: a sight to behold. Although I'd seen it in the cab of the truck it appeared bigger as he stood naked in the motel room.

The damn thing must have hung at least six inches semi flaccid over his full scrotum. A scrotal sac filled with nuts at least the size of walnuts or bigger. I was eager to get my hands wrapped around his dick and play with his balls. I dropped my boxers to the floor displaying my package. My dick stood at attention awaiting a drum roll for a salute. Dan beckoned to me with a smile on his face. I moved forward into Dan's open arms: we embraced. Our hands began roaming all over each other's bodies. My hands were grasping his globes, squeezing them. A day riding in the cab of Dan's tractor without air conditioning had left our bodies with an almost pleasant ripe odor.

After a few moments Dan said, "Let's go take a shower to wash the road grime off, so we can enjoy playing around tonight."

Once in the bathroom Dan reached behind the curtain turning the mixer to warm, letting the water run until it warmed up before we got in. Once in the shower Dan stood behind me close enough that I could feel his semi hard member pressing into my buttock. The touch of his dick against my bottom was sending cold shivers through my body. He began washing my body and hair. The soapy slickness between us had caused Dan's dick to rise to the occasion as he continued washing my body. Then it was my turn to reciprocate.

At almost six feet I didn't have too much of a problem washing him. After cleansing each other, paying special attention to our genital areas Dan stood behind me again. I could feel head of his stiff member prodding my butt crack as his big hands roamed over the front of my body. I asked myself, was Dan going to try to take me anally right there in the shower? But for some insane reason I felt a complete sense of ease surrendering under his touch. I had wondered since we first discussed sex in the cab of tractor what it would be like for Dan to embrace me with those big mitts. Even though his hands were good size they possessed a sensuous touch. He whispered in my ear, "Roy, you have such a beautiful body. I love playing with it."


His thumbs began flicking my hard nipples as he nibbled my ear. I began moaning and threw my head back as he continued flicking first one and then the other nipple. He was kissing the left side of my wet face and ear as he continued playing with my nipples.

Then he whispered into my ear, "I see we both have something in common."

"Uh-huh," was all I good utter.

"Bet I can make you cum just playing with these babies."

I gulped again not saying anything. Dan spun me around. I was hard as a piece of steel. My dick was standing up between us like an ICBM ready to launch, jumping with each beat of my heart. Then the big man surprised me. He was on his knees in front of me. He grasped the throbbing shaft of my dick in his fist holding it steady to his mouth, so his tongue could began licking, caressing the head of my dick. He began licking the frenulum area first. Then I felt his tongue try to enter my urethral opening. My knees were becoming weak as he continued lavishing the head of my dick with his lustful tongue bathing, especially as he began circling the crimson ring with warm wet oral pleasure. I could feel his lips move over and then back off my coronal ring. Each time his lips pulled off my dick head his tongue was there to work its magic on the dome.

All I could do was close my eyes throw my head back and let the shower water rain on me while Dan was performing the best oral sex on me. A blowjob such as I had never experienced before. Jim was a good cock sucker, but he lacked experience. This was a man and an accomplished cock sucker. Maybe that's why he'd asked me earlier if I had ever been with a man. Life is all about learning and the trip thus far had been an education in many ways. I was hoping that I would not cum as he continued polishing my knob, thereby spoiling a beautiful night.

Maybe Dan sensed that I might be on the verge of ejaculation. He eased his mouth off my hard member with a pop, stood up and looked at me before lowering his mouth to mine. We stood there pressing our hard wet bodies against each other. This was the first man with whom I'd shared a passionate kiss. Jimmy kissed me one time, on the cheek, before he departed. Boys didn't kiss back in the day. We stood there making out for a few minutes before Dan broke saying, "Let's dry off and take this to the bed. I can't wait to eat more of you up."

I hadn't even noticed that the water was getting cold. My blood was boiling with eager anticipation. My body was hot for more of Dan's attention. As we sank into the white sheets of the bed Dan was half covering my body kissing me passionately while playing with my nipples and rubbing his foot up and down my leg. I was moaning under his magical touch. His mouth went to my nipple where he began flicking the hard nub with his tongue before biting it with delicate caution so as to not hurt me. I began squirming and moaning as he played with one nipple while biting the other.

After about thirty minutes of foreplay Dan returned to my face where after a long soulful kiss he whispered into my ear, "Why don't we turn opposite each other in bed, if you want?"

"Okay," was all I could utter. Hell yes I wanted to turn opposite each other, so I could get my hands on that big dick of his. We turned facing each other's groin, lying on our sides. For the first time I was seeing Dan's erect eight and half inches of fat fuck stick in full bloom. We began fondling each other's dicks and balls. I knew I was not going to get all Dan's dick in my mouth, but my main concern was that I would not prematurely ejaculate.

I remembered how Dan had performed on me in the shower. I tried to duplicate his every move with my mouth and tongue. Even though we had dicks in our mouths we were moaning and squirming with pleasure as our tongues worked their magic on each other's dick heads. I was finally able to stuff all of Dan's huge dick head into my mouth, pulling my lips over and then backing off the coronal ring as Dan had done. I played with his balls while I sucked his dick. Damn, they were huge and full.

Dan initiated the move breaking our suck holds on each other to ask, "Do you swallow cum?"

"I have before," I replied, lying to Dan. "Do you want me to take all of your juice?"

"Only if you want to Roy, but I want to taste yours."

I replied, "I want to taste yours too Dan."

We went back to sucking each other. I didn't know what I would do when Dan shot his load into my mouth, something Jimmy and I or other boys had never done. Jimmy and I would signal each other when we were close and then finish by jacking each other off. That's the way boys did things back in the day, so I decided to play it by ear.

Once again my tongue started at the frenulum area. I let my tongue move to the piss slit where I found a slight salty tasting fluid. My tongue scooped out the precum before beginning to work its way around the prominent purplish coronal ring. Both of us had prominent coronal rings, but Dan's was definitely bigger, darker and thicker. I was sure if he could get that monster up my ass he would have me singing with joy as he fucked me. I could taste more of Dan's precum and sensed maybe he was about to ejaculate as was I.

Both our balls were beginning to draw up and within seconds of each other we began squirting our juices into each other's mouths. I couldn't contain or swallow all of Dan's nectar. I had semen running out of my mouth onto the bed sheets as I continued sucking Dan's dick. Neither of us would relent, letting go of the other's dick. We were trying to drain every bit of sauce from each other's full balls. Finally, we were both experiencing that sensitive feeling whereby we were forced to release the other's dick.

We rolled apart. Dan said almost out of breath, "That was one of the best blow jobs I've ever had Roy."

"Definitely the best for me," I replied.

We rearranged our spent bodies on the bed head to head again resting on the pillows. Dan made contact with my mouth where we found the remnants of each other's cum while kissing. Our arms and legs were intertwined and our feet and toes were rubbing up and down each other's legs. I lay there in a state of bliss as we drifted off into dreamland.




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