It was a dark night, and route 66 seemed particularly barren and ominous. But on this night two other worldly creatures were traveling in search a little . . . fun. They were riding in a dark blue van and they were . . . worn from last night's festivities. But what do I mean by other worldly creatures? The two men seemed normal enough. Both were extremely handsome; muscular, toned and perfectly tanned. The driver, who wore a suit, had jet black short hair and the passenger sitting next to him wore a green soccer outfit and had short brown hair. They both looked serious and eager for . . . something. Slowly, a smile stretched across the drivers face as he looked at the passenger.

"I'm bored Laith . . . I want to have some fun . . . ", he said in an inhuman voice.

"We are running out of time Morpheus, if we don't find a new disguise soon our cover will be blown", the brown haired man responded in an identical voice.

"You know what they say about all work and no play Laith", he responded in a sarcastic tone. "I'm sick of these skins anyways, lets just have a little fun . . . it's such a long drive".

With that he reached over and grabbed Laiths crotch eyeing him seductively. Laith groaned and put his right leg up on the dashboard. "wha . . . you . . . ugh" he muttered. His muscles tensed up as he allowed Morpheus rub his cock. Suddenly his eyes opened and they were a weird yellow color. The car swerved a bit, but Morpheus didn't care . . . there wasn't anyone on the road anyways. Laith let out a deep grown before reaching over and rubbing Morpheus' cock. Laith leaned back, every muscles sensing up in his body. His shoes were wiggling awkwardly until suddenly claws burst through the leather.

"ugh, Morpheus . . . I'm gonna . . . ruin my . . . "

Starting to groan himself, Morpheus pulled the van over to a screeching halt on the side of the road. He reached over, grabbed Laiths face and kissed him passionately. Their faces pressed against each other as they kissed. Laith suddenly ripped Morpheus' white dress shirt open and pulled both the suit jacket and shirt off and threw it in the back seat. He admired Mopheus' smooth muscular body before taking his own shirt off. Morpheus violently dropped the seat and mounted Laith. They kissed again while gyrating up against each other.

Morpheus undid his belt and pulled out his human looking cock. He looked at his hand as inhuman nails protruded from his finger tips. He dug his finger tips into the skin of his cock and peeled it off like an old condom. Laith with an eager look on his face pulled his pants down and lifted his legs up over Morpheus' shoulders. With that Morpheus lunged his cock into Laiths human looking ass with a deep growl. Morpheous came down and kissed Laith, he bit his bottom lip and pulled. Laiths face stretched as Morpheous pulled back before letting go; Laiths face snapped back into place. Laith screeched with pleasure as Morpheus pounded him. They intermittently kissed as there passion increased with each thrust. As they came closer to cumming, Morpheus let out an inhuman roar and his human teeth popped out like some dentures an old man would wear revealing sharp pointed teeth. Their bodies were glistening with what seemed to be sweat, the muscles squirmed with each movement under their perfectly smooth tan skin.

Suddenly they both let out a scream. Laith dug his feet into the ceiling of the van as there was a loud ripping sound. A long green scaley tail protruded from Laiths tailbone area poking a hole in the seat behind him and wrapping around the passenger side mirror through the open window. They both screeched, with one final thrust Laiths tail broke the mirror as both bodies relaxed and fell limp on each other. Everything was silent except for the inhuman breaths from both Morpheus and Laith. For a second they just looked at each other with these yellow reptilian-like eyes that seemed to glow in the moonlight.

Suddenly two bright lights shined at them through the drivers side window from the opposite side of the 4 lane highway. They heard the rumble of two motor cycles go off as the lights approached them. Morpheus jumped off of Laith and pulled up his pants. Laith retracted his tail with a grunt and pulled up his shorts as well. They both looked at each other to see if there was anything blantently obvious about their human appearance. As the bikes crossed the median and turned on there blue and red flashing lights. Laith picked up the fake teeth from the floor and gave them to Morpheus. Morpheus eagerly put them in as the bikes pulled up, one behind the van and one in front.

"Thissss is it, we may have what we've been searching for right in front of ussss" Laith said as he adjusted his shoes so that his claws wouldn't be sticking out.

"I hope they are good looking at least" Morpheus said as he checked his face in the mirror.

Both men looked worn. There faces seemed more . . . defined . . . there eyes a little more sunken than before they had sex, with their hair matted across a slightly more wrinkled forehead. Both Laith and Morpheus had their shirts off. They both still looked handsome, there muscular bodies slightly glistened in the moonlight.

"When I give the signal we jump them" Morpheus said in his human voice.

The police officers got off their bikes. They wore typical state highway trooper gear, knee high solid black boots and a white helmet. They approached the van, they looked curious and a little bit cautious. The officer who parked behind them walked to the driver's side and the one in the front walked to the passenger side. Morpheus and Laith looked at each other and smiled one more time before the officer on the driver side shined the light into the drivers side window.

"Could I ask why you made such a reckless stop to the side of the road sir?" said the officer, he looked puzzled to see Laith sitting in the seat next to him. "And while you are explaining that to me please get your license and registration please."

The other officer shined the light into the passenger window, right in Laiths eyes. Laith made a low deep growl and used his hand to shield his eyes from the light.

"Do ya mind . . . officer?" Laith said.

"I'm sorry officer, we were just tired and had to pull over for a nap before continuing our trip" said Morpheus. He looked at the officer and smiled pleasantly as he said this. The officer looked as tho he expected this. "Where are you headed?" He asked.

"Las Vegas . . . we have a wedding to get to . . . you see its just real hot tonight and I couldn't take it I guess. My friend here is going to the wedding to and well . . . I had to pick him up right after his soccer game" Morpheous said.

"I know exactly what you guys were doing. Could I ask you what is wrong with your fingers? Where you guys fighting?" Asked the officer, he shined the light right on his hand that was on the wheel. The skin from his finger tips were torn and his nails were still protruding from underneath. Morpheus winced and put his fingers in his lap.

"Oh, I just have some infected hangnails . . . not fun." He said playfully. Laith looked like he was gonna rip the officers head off.

"I'm gonna have to ask both of you to exit the vehicle slowly and put your hand on the roof of the van." Said the officer as he unhinged his pistol hilt.

Morpheus and Laith smiled slightly as they got out. They both stood side by side as the officers frisked them. They looked at each other and smiled. The officers grabbed there wrists and forced their hands behind their back. Morpheus looked at Laith and nodded. Without hesitation Morpheus spun around, flipping the officer. With a rip he freed his tail, allowing it to rip his dress pants to shreds and wrapped it around the officers neck. Laith just overpowered the officer grabbing his wrist and kicked him in the stomach launching him on the road. He was instantly knocked out.

"HOW DARE WE EVEN ALLOW THESE HUMANSSSS TO TOUCH US" said Laith. Morpheus looked amused at the limp corpse of the officer who tried to cuff him.

"Calm down Laith, it wasn't that bad, and look, now we have new disguises!" He said lightly. "Well . . . I have miiine . . . " He pointed to the road where Laiths human was thrown.

"Dammit, I thought he was dead. Don't tell me i'm gonna have to chase after this human." Said Laith.

"Well you better get going and find him, I'll set up our gear so we can finally get out of these meat suits." Morpheus said. "I hate these suits so much"

Morpheus ripped the rest of his pants off, kicked off his shoes and socks. The skin on his lower back was torn to reveal a long green scaly tail, much like Laiths. He walked over to the back of the van and opened the door. Laith growled and jumped into the forest like a ravaged animal. "I'll be right back" he said in his inhuman voice.

Morpheus pulled out a sliding white table from the back . . . it looked like a white tanning bed. He walked over to the officer on the ground and dragged him off to the side of the road. He took off all of his clothes, dragged him over to the weird tanning bed like machine and with one arm flung him inside it. The officer had buzzed light hair and was very muscular. He had a tattoo on his right shoulder. Morpheus looked at him one last time before shutting the bed and turning on the weird machine.

--------------------------- ----

Laith climbed the tallest tree and sat there silently listening. His eyes were bright yellow and snake-like. He turned his head slightly to the side like a lizard would; he clenched his jaw as he listened, the many inhuman muscles slid under his face. He stuck out a lizard-like tongue to see if he could catch the scent of his human suit. He could hear heavy breathing close by. He jumped down from the tree, his muscles tensed up as he made an inhuman bound up on a cliff close by. With a rip he let his tail out and his claws on both his hands and feet rip from his human confines. His soccer shoes and socks fell to the ground in shreds along with bits of human skin.

There was a rustle in a nearby tree, the officer was talking on a radio. With a growl Laith jumped up the tree and threw the officer to the ground. He jumped to the ground and mounted the officer while laughing evilly. His giant lizard like hands enveloped the officers shoulders. The officer screamed in terror as he was pinned down by Laith.

"Awww, are you sssscared human?" said Laith. His face was contorted in a twisted smile, making his young handsome face more wrinkly. He bent over and licked the officers face. "Ya know I'm going to wear your sssskin!!!" With that his tail slide over his shoulder and like a dagger, slide down the officers throat choking him. He began to struggle, trying to reclaim air. Laith began to grind up on the officers body as he slowly began to die. When the officer finally stopped moving he sighed and threw his limp body over his shoulder and made his way back to the van.

------------------------------ ----

Morpheus heard a rustle in the woods before the officers limp body flew from the bushes and limply landed at his feet. Laith emerged with his yellow eyes glowing; his inhuman tail, feel and hands were exposed.

"Had some fun I see?" said Morpheus.

"Maybe, like you said, it'ssss been a long ride and we needed some fun" He responded in a sinister tone.

Morpheus opened the white tanning bed-like machine and pulled out the empty suit of the human. It was wrinkly and had empty eye sockets and roughly the same size as Morpheus. Laith threw human's dead body, after undressing it, into the machine and closed it causing it to glow. He began ripping/taking his soccer outfit. He had trouble getting It past his sharp lizard-like nails of his hands and feet. They both stood in front of each other naked. Morpheus had his lizard tail and hard scaly cock revealed, and Laith had his tail, hands and feet revealed. They looked at each other and smirked. Morpheus raised his hands behind his head, Laith started to do the same.

"Hang on, wait just a sec . . . I want to take it off for you babe." Morpheus said with a handsome smirk stretched across his smooth face. Laith smiled and put down his hands and just watched. Morpheus's eyes glowed as he dug his fingers into the back of his head. His head slightly tilted back and his eyes rolled back as you heard a meaty ripping noise. He began to slowly pull at the tear in the back of his head, his scalp and ears began wrinkle and slide apart to reveal smooth green scales underneath. With a low growl Morpheus's face became stoic as he pulled the skin apart, his face began wrinkle and become distorted, his eyes became hollow and dark. His handsome features slide down and apart, his neck wrinkled. He pulled his face down past his chest, there was another rip and the tan skin started sliding off his shoulders. The skin on his arms began to wrinkle. A hideous lizard face emerged from behind the skin. He began to shift his shoulders and wiggle his body so that the tight human skin would easily slide off his body. The skin wrinkled and balled up at the waist, his human abs were pushed aside to reveal inhuman off color green abs. He pulled his human skin down like you would a tight pair of pants. With a hiss, Morpheus stepped out of his human skin to reveal a humanoid like lizard. His tail whipped out behind him as he sighed inhumanly, letting his tongue slide out of his sharp toothed mouth.

"Aaaahhhhhsssssssss, finally!!!" He said in triumph.

Laith eagerly watched, becoming aroused, which became apparent as his human looking cock became hard. His inhuman snake-like tongue could be seen sticking out from time to time in anticipation. Morpheus walked towards Laith, kicking his old human suit aside like a pair of old jeans. The empty wrinkly sac of skin flew under the van. He walked up to Laith and wrapped his tail around him and pulled him close. Laith's handsome face smiled before Morpheus kissed him. Morpheus human like, scaly face, pressed against Laiths handsome human face as they kissed. Laith shuddered as his muscles grew tense, he groped Morpheus as they became more passionate. Morpheus ran his scaly hands up Laiths human back before he dug his black sharp claws into the skin. He slowely, while kissing Laith, pulled his soft smooth tan skin apart to reveal bright green scales underneath. Laiths tail moved around Morpheus's cock and began to message it while they kissed. Morpheus then bit down on Laiths human lip with his sharp teeth and began to pull back. Laiths handsome face stretched as Morpheus pulled on it. His skin was stretched so far that his eyes began to stretch awkwardly to reveal green skin underneath. Morpheus growled as Laiths face made a ripping/snapping sound. His handsome human face ripped apart making Morpheus's head snap back. Laiths human face was torn apart from his upper lip to his hairline. Morpheus held the part of Laiths human face in his teeth. Laith let out a laugh. He looked admiringly at Morpheus before continuing to kiss. Gradually Morpheus began peeling back the rest of Laiths human face. He pulled his back skin apart as Laith shifted his shoulders so that the skin just slide off his scaly body. Before long, Morpheus released Laith so that he could pull off the rest of his human skin like a pair of swimming tights and tossed it aside. Laith sighed as the Machine with his human victim in his stopped.

"Ok, funs over" said Laith as he pulled his skin out of the machine and held it up, the humans hollow eyes stared back at him.

Morpheous picked up his human skin and opened the back. Before putting them on they made growling noises as their tails and sharp claws retracted. They marveled at their green smooth scaly reptilian bodies one last time before they stepped into the backs of their human skins. The skin stretched and wrinkled as they pulled it over their reptilian feet. They wiggled their toes in the humans toes and continued to stretch the skin over their legs. They moved their legs and tensed up their muscles so that the skin would easily slide over their scales. They stood up and began to pull the skin up their rippled stomachs. They soon pulled it up over their shoulders so that the human faces were limply down over the chests of their human bodies.

"Grrrr . . . I hate these disguises so much . . . I hate not being able to see your face Laith" said Morpheus.

With that they both pulled the necks over their heads and pulled. The neck skin stretched over their inhuman features until they pulled it beyond the chins of their human faces. The faces wrinkled as they adjusted it over their own features. They pulled on their necks so that the masks were completely over their heads. They cocked and rolled there heads so that the skin settled over their real features. They began pulling and adjusting the handsome human features so that they would look wrinkly and awkward. Before long the human faces looked settled and normal and smooth. Laith pulled out a devise from the back of the van and held it over the opening in the back of Morpheus's naked human-looking body. The hole sealed itself as he waved it over, the green scales disappeared under the tan smooth human skin. Morpheus did the same to Laiths back.

"Ugh, they are so tight . . . I hate thissss sssooo much" said Laith.

The looked at themselves in a mirror on the back door of the van. The flexed and messaged out any imperfections in there perfectly chiseled handsome human disguises. Morpheus had a buzzed military style hair cut and Laith had sandy blond short hair. Laiths skin had more of a tan than Morpheus's, but Morpheus was bigger, giving him more . . . room. They messaged there handsome faces one last time before admiring each other. Laith stepped up to Morpheus as Morpheus ran his fingers through Laiths blond hair. They smiled before kissing each other passionately again. Laith then ran his hands down Mproheus's back and clenched his butt, Morpheus let out a low deep growl.

"No, we can't get side-tracked, we have things to do, people to wear" he said after breaking the passionate kiss and backing up.

They both laughed as they gathered up the officers clothes. They pulled on the pants and tight leather boots and their shirts, leaving behind the old skins and underwear. They pulled on their helmets before straddling the bikes and starting them. On Laiths bike, the radio went off; "we have a 911 call in a frat house off of route 66, we ask the closest respondents to please take the call". Laith and Morpheus smiled at each other before Laith picked up the radio.

"We'll be right there" he said. They kissed each other one more time before starting their bikes and riding off. Before they were out of view the van closed its doors and hovered over the forest before disappearing. All that was left was the handsome skins that they once wore . . . there empty eyes staring at the red horizon . . .



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