About a year ago, a new couple moved into my street. They're both in their early thirties; she is a nurse, and he is a solicitor. She's sexy as fuck, especially in her nurses outfit, but he, HE is a different story. He's 6ft with blonde hair, blue eyes and is a fitness freak. Such a fitness freak, in fact, that he has his own personal gym in the workshop at the bottom of his garden; and this is where the story begins.

When they first moved in, he knocked on my front door to ask for a hand with some heavy gym equipment that he couldn't lift alone. I jumped at the chance to spend some time with him and followed him next door. We lifted the treadmill in and introduced ourselves properly, 'I'm Alan' I said 'pleased to meet you', 'Will' he said and we shook hands. Just touching his hand made me quiver and I was absolutely infatuated from then on. We chatted for a while about the move and what we both did etc. and I ended up helping him set up the entire gym. He must have noticed my athletic body through my clothes and said 'you look as though you work out Alan, do you use a local gym?', 'I do sometimes, probably not as much as I should but I keep fit by swimming mainly'. 'Well' he said 'as a thank you for your friendly welcome to the street and your help, I'll get a key cut for the workshop and you can use my gym whenever you want'. 'Thanks Will' I said 'That's really kind; I'll take you up on that offer!' We said our goodbyes and that evening he dropped the key round like he said he would and I was delighted to be friends with the HOTTEST guy I had ever met!

About a month passed and I would use Will's gym occasionally when he and Helen were at work so I didn't get in their way. One hot summer's day, I was working out, wearing my usual white vest, with football shorts and no underwear, (I love going commando), when Will walked in wearing a very similar outfit, ready for a workout. My God did he look gorgeous!! His long legs were tanned and his thighs were so thick and powerful, his torso with its tiny waist and broad shoulders was a perfect V shape and his underarm hair was moist from the warm weather. I just wanted to lick and suck every inch of his glorious body and make him quiver with arousal, but I played it cool and said 'Alright Will? You finished early today?', 'Hi Al, yeah, needed to get out of the office so pretended I had a dentist appointment' he replied 'do you need a hand with your sit ups?' I accepted his offer and lay back on the floor with my knees raised and Will held my feet down.

I started my four sets of fifteen sit ups and realised that Will's eyes were transfixed on something, and then it occurred to me that my cock may have fallen out of my shorts. I carried on and Will's gaze was definitely fixed between my legs - I began to get really turned on and felt my dick begin to swell. Will looked up, into my eyes and as I finished my last set and sat up, I caught my first glimpse of his massive slab of meat, hard as stone, ready to burst out of his little black shorts. My cock swelled until it was ready to explode and we both sat there staring at each other, not sure what to say or do. Then, Will lunged at me. With his right hand he grabbed my throbbing cock and started rubbing it really hard, then, with his left hand he pushed my head to the floor and shoved his tongue down my throat. Will obviously liked it rough, which I loved and he had definitely done this with a guy before!

I didn't have time to think before Will ripped off his shorts; his massive prick sprang up and was the most perfect cock I've seen. It was huge - I'm big at 9 inches, but this was much bigger and it was really thick and juicy with a plump and meaty bell end. At the base there were a mass of well groomed blonde pubes, but the cock and his egg sized balls were clean shaven and inviting me in. Will spat on his cock several times, then crouched over my face, thrust it into my mouth and down my throat so that my nose was buried in his pubes, that had that sexy smell of testosterone and sweat. His powerful thighs sandwiched my head and he started to fuck my face. As he moved in and out, his balls slapped my chin and made the most amazing, horny sound. I was gasping for breath but this was too good to bring to a premature finish. As Will withdrew from my mouth, he squeezed his cock and a huge wad of precum oozed from his helmet and coated my mouth. He quickly said 'let me taste it' and once again shoved his tongue down my throat and licked up his own juices.

When he pulled away, a long string of sticky precum stretched between our lips then he spat it on his cock and said 'turn over'. I knew what was coming, so I did what Will said and turned onto all fours; he spat several times on my hole and then he plunged his 10.5inches, balls deep into my arse. It felt so good! There could have been two cocks up there, he was so big! As he thrust back and forth and massaged my g-spot, streams of thick precum were running from my long, hard cock. Will's monster was squeezing every last drop from my prostate. Will was moaning and groaning and I felt his body tense up, 'I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum!' he said, and with that he let out a huge yell of pleasure and burst after burst of hot, sticky, gooey cum flooded my arse hole and half my intestines. Will pulled out and lay down on the floor, 'sit on my face Al, sit on it'. I did what he said and as I lowered my arse over his face, he stuck his tongue into my ring and started to drink up every last drop of his cum. As he slurped on it, he reached around my front and started to yank my huge, rock hard cock ferociously. He was so vigorous that I was ready to climax within seconds. As his tongue pleasured my back side, his hands stroked beyond the point of return and I let out a yell and ten jets of sticky, salty cum erupted from my meat and sprayed all over my stomach, chest, neck and face.

Will moved from beneath me and crouched between my legs. He spat the mouthful of his cum that he retrieved from inside me onto my chest and then he shoved his cock into my mouth for the last time to withdraw every last drop of jizz. Will, then did the same to me, milking and squeezing my prick so hard. To finish off, he licked every centimetre of my upper body until he had both our entire loads in his mouth and spat the lot into my open gob. It trickled down my throat and tasted so warm, thick and salty. We kissed and lay there for a few minutes before we both got dressed; there was no need to finish the workout after that, so I went home, had a shower and savoured the memory of my raunchy encounter.


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