This is a continuation of the story of what happened between me and Greg when we roomed together in college. We became good friends after our school encounters and were spending a summer together. Greg and I were hanging out together with nothing to do. We were bored.

Greg stopped by to pick me up at my house one morning this past summer. I had some errands to run so I decided to follow him in his truck in my car. We went to our local park and parked at one of the small ponds there. I got out of my car and walked around his truck and opened the passenger door and slid in to sit on the seat besides him. We were just shooting the breeze talking about nothing in particular. After a little bit he started the engine and we drove down the road heading to our favorite place among the tree. No one could see us there unless he was walking. I noticed that he had dropped his right hand into his lap while left hand was on the steering wheel. I also noticed that he was squeezing his pride and joy under his jeans. When we stopped he reached down and slowly unzipped the zipper letting loose his semi-hard cock. As usual, he had no underwear on. He then unfastened the snap and spread open the top of his levies leaving everything open to the summer breeze flowing in through the open window. He looked over at me and said, 'well?' With that I released my dick and was stroking it bring it up to its normal size and length. It felt good releasing it from the confinement of my tight pants. Greg reached over and began to stroke my cock slowly. He did this a few times making me as hard as it would go. Meanwhile, his giant dick was now in my left hand stroking him like he was doing to We often jerked off together but had not done so for over a week. Of course we each got our rocks off several times a day alone but being together was better. But I had misgivings about our 'special' times together. I didn't want people to think I was gay. In fact, after the last time I swore that I wasn't going to see him again, but here I was with him again. I just loved what we did to each other. It bought back memories of the good time we had as roommates. At times it just feels right. I looked down at his hand as it moved up and down on me. I could just watch him all day jacking me off. There we go down that road again, both of us playing with the other's dick. Soon I felt myself getting ready to come. I told him to stop for I didn't want to come yet. I had better plans. We both wanted to prolong our pleasure so released the hold we had on the other's cock.

We drove again as we fixed our pants capturing our dicks again behind our zippers. I could tell I was hot because I felt the pre-cum as some of my juice was leaking inside my pants. We found no other cars at anther spot. So we parked and locked up the truck as we got out and headed toward the hiking trail ahead of us. We did not say a word to each other as we hiked up the trail heading to our spot. Greg had once again unzipped his pants letting loose his giant dick out to the fresh air around us. He made sure I saw him playing with it. I kept mine inside my pants, but I was hard also. Once we left the path, we headed down the hill directly away from the trail toward the little creek that separates in the park. As I crossed the gully of running water, I slipped and fell into the creek getting wet. Greg was concerned that I had hurt myself on the rocks. I assured him that I didn't. Once across the creek, we then went up the hill about fifty feet. We decided to stand behind a fallen tree given us some place to duck behind if anyone found us. I found a tree branch that would support my weight after I had dropped my pants to my ankles, I sat down facing him. I brought my dick up to its full size with my right hand by slowly jerking back and forth. With a quick swipe with my index finger across my cock's head I released juicily pre-cum which I brought up to my waiting mouth.

Meanwhile, Greg had also dropped his pants and after pulling his dick a few times, positioned himself directly in front of me. He was watching the area behind me looking for anyone that could have seen us in the thicket. Meanwhile I leaned forward and cupped his giant balls in each of

my hands. I leaned forward and took his dick directly into my open mouth for the first time.

Tasting that large hunk of meat was real pleasure on my part and I could tell that he enjoyed it well from the moans of pleasure escaping from his open mouth.

At one time I thought we would just jack the other off because that is all we had done in the past. We talked about giving head to each other and both of us agreed to give it a try the next time we played around. But I chickened out. Greg had blown me before but I would never blow him before this moment. I had thought about sucking his cock and how much I had enjoyed it a lot when he blew m e and finally decided to go for it and please him how he had pleased me. I couldn't control myself this time. Here I was sucking away like I knew what I was doing. I had each of his giant balls in my hands as I was pulling and pushing his giant sack back and forth and both stroking and sucking his cock like I was milking a cow. I was sucking his giant dick deeper into my mouth. The tip of his dick was hitting the back of my throat. The sides of my cheeks formed a vacuum around his beautiful hunk of meat. There was no taste, just pure pleasure on my part and I'm sure he was experiencing pleasure also. I pulled his dick out of my mouth until the tip hit my teeth and I shoved it again all the way in letting it slide through my lips. I kept up this pace up, suck, suck, suck, back and forth, back and forth, etc. His dick was wet with my saliva. His dick was getting harder and harder and I was sucking away keep up a very

fast pace. It seemed as though his dick was twice the size it was when I started sucking. I couldn't stop now even if I wanted to. I was enjoying it too much. I opened my eyes and looked at his face. His eyes were closed. He was no longer watching the hill behind me at all. He said several times, I'm coming, I'm coming and them he said something that I didn't understand. I said, that's alright, let it come. All of a sudden, my mouth was filled with his juices, it was flowing right out of his pee hole into my mouth. I swallowed his first load and then a second mouthful came and his cum filled my mouth. Surprisingly, there was no awful taste just a warm feeling in my stomach.

I thought about the times I had jacked off and had tasted my own cum. I think our juice looked the same but tasted differently. I heard that your cum taste if affected by what you eat. His was sweeter and gooier. I decided to change my diet to what he was eating.

After he came I held his softening dick in my hand and examined it. His dick was still nice and long. He pulled his pants up and his put his dick away. My pants were still down by my ankles and my dick was just there, semi-hard, and oozing precum at the tip. He said that we had to walk back to the truck because he had to get home. I kept my bobbing cock out as we walked. I played with myself all the way back until I felt myself ready to cum. I called to Greg to watch me as I came. He did one better, he turned back to me as he took me in his right hand and jacked me off right there on the path. When I came, my juices just rolled out of my pee hole. He quit once I stopped pumping out my juices. That was good, but I thought a blow job would have been better.

When he stopped to drop me off I said to Greg that we should practice our oral skills on each other some more. He agreed but added that we should try 69 ing and that I would be much more enjoyable if we blew each other at the same time instead of taking turns. 'Amen to that idea!' I chimed in. And that could lead to other new adventures. We were still both students after all and shouldn't students try to learn something new all the time?

To be continued...



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