As far as college roommates go, James and Dylan were about the worst match you could think of. Dylan liked to think of himself as a pretty open-minded guy, so when he'd shown up that first day of freshman year to find his roommate, dressed conservatively in khakis and a button down, hanging up bible verse posters on the wall, he figured they might not be best friends, but they could still get along. But James had taken one look at Dylan's tight jeans hugging his lean, athletic legs, and the rainbow pride patch on the knee, and from then on it was over.

Living with James had been nothing but torment. He often had groups of friends over to their dorm room, and James would talk loudly about his "fag roommate," as if Dylan wasn't even in the room. When James got elected president of the bible study club, he became even more insufferable, using photos he took from Dylan's Facebook of him and his ex-boyfriend to use in his lectures against homosexuality. He'd only been in college a couple months, and Dylan already felt like the entire school was laughing at him, while his All-American boy-next-door roommate grew more and more popular.

So it came as a complete shock to Dylan when, returning home one afternoon from a class that had ended up being canceled, he found James sitting at Dylan's desk, clicking through the folder labeled "XXX" on his laptop. He didn't seem to notice the door open, so Dylan silently walked up behind him, pulling his cell phone out, and snapped a picture of James and the video of three beautiful naked men on the screen. At the sound of the phone's camera shutter noise, James' head whipped around.

"What the fuck?" He demanded, hastily reaching to shut the laptop. The motion was clumsy, and he knocked a stack of papers off the desk in the process, which fluttered to the floor. Brown eyes quickly took in his roommate's smirk, and the phone in his hand. His face paled. "This isn't what it looks like."

"Oh yeah?" Dylan asked, quickly emailing himself the photo so that James couldn't just steal the phone, then tucking it away in his pocket.

"Yeah, I..." James paused for a second, trying to formulate an excuse. He bit his full lower lip as he thought. "I was looking through your sicko shit to get material for a bible club lecture. To show them what we're up against."

"That's not what it looked like."

"Well I don't give a shit what it looked like," James growled, rising to his feet. He wasn't much taller than Dylan, but far more muscular, with a broad chest and strong shoulders from his hours with the swim team. "It is what it is. Now you're going to delete that picture, or else."

"Or else what?" Dylan asked. "You'll humiliate me in front of the entire school? Been there, done that." He gave a small laugh, a twinkle of humor playing in his baby blue eyes.

James scowled. "Look, man, just delete it. I'm sorry about making fun of you, alright?"

"No, it's not alright. I don't think sorry is going to cut it this time."

"Well, what do you want, then?" James asked.

A smile played on Dylan's delicate lips. "You saw what was in that folder," he said. "I think you know what I want."

James gulped. A slight blush began to tint his tan complexion pink. "What? No way, what the fuck, dude? That's sick." His eyes darted around the dorm room like trapped animal, trying to find some other way out of the mess he had landed in.

Dylan moved to the door and locked it. "Says the guy watching a gay threesome... Look," he offered, "I'll ease you into it. Let me give you a blowjob. You can pretend I'm only of your good little Christian girls."

James cringed at the teasing tone in his voice. "Come on. Anything but this."

"No," Dylan said. "This is what I want. Now sit back down."

James hesitated for a moment, then took a seat in Dylan's computer chair. Dylan went to his dresser and grabbed a fistful of ties, then knelt by James' feet. "Put your hands behind your back," he instructed, waiting until James had obeyed, then tying his wrists with a red striped tie. He left the rest in a pile nearby. James flexed against his restraint, the large muscles in his arms bulging at the attempt, but the tie stayed in place. Dylan moved in front of his roommate, beginning to undo the buttons of his black button down. With each patch of smooth, tan skin he exposed, he would plant a kiss, then move onto the next button. Dylan's soft lips against his chest made James shiver, and he could feel his cock begin to get hard despite himself. By the time Dylan had made his way all the way down, leaving James' shirt open and chest bare, he was greeted by a large bulge pressing against James' jeans, waiting to be unleashed. "You seem to like this," Dylan noted, placing a few teasing kisses on the bulge through his jeans.

"Fuck you," James spat. But his cock twitched involuntarily, growing harder by the minute.

"Maybe when we're done here," Dylan laughed. He undid the buckle of James' belt, sliding it through the loops until it was free and tossing it on the floor. He undid the button and zipper, then grabbed hard and pulled, yanking them free of James' hips. The huge mass in his boxers was apparent through the thin fabric. He bent down and placed his open mouth on the bulge, breathing warm air onto James' erection. His roommate moaned in response. "You ready?" James said nothing, just closed his eyes, so Dylan took his boxers and slid them down off his hips. James' large, tan cock sprung up immediately as it was released, ready for action. Dylan had seen this cock many times, admired its size when James had been getting dressed. Seeing it up close, though, was something else. He admired the long, straight shaft, the veins running up and down it. He couldn't resist, he had to place his mouth on it, hungrily sucking at the tip.

"Ungh," James groaned, not anticipating the warm, wet feel of Dylan's ready mouth. He felt his tongue slowly slide around the head of his cock, making small, teasing flicks. The hair on the back of his neck rose. He shifted slightly in the computer chair, pulling again at his tied wrists to see if they'd slip loose.

"Like that?" Dylan asked, pulling James' erection out of his mouth just enough for him to talk, letting his lips graze against the sensitive tip still as he spoke. James shook his head, sending dark brown curls bouncing against his forehead, but the drip of sweat forming there gave away the true answer. Dylan lowered his head back onto his cock, still not going any further than the head. He wrapped his lips tightly around it, sucking gently, and he could feel James' hips buck up towards him slightly, trying to push deeper into Dylan's mouth. At this, he pulled back, continuing to tease just the very tip. James gave a low groan, squirming in his seat, pulling hard at the tie that bound his wrists.

Suddenly, Dylan lowered his head, sliding his lips down James's large cock, down past the head onto the shaft, until his lips circled the base of his cock. James's eyes went wide, and his mouth opened with a gasp. He thrust his hips up against Dylan's face, trying to push his cock in even deeper. Dylan's slender hands took his hips and helped him thrust, burying his shaft in the warmth of Dylan's mouth. He slid his tongue up and down, up and down, stroking the shaft with slow, wet licks. He listened to James's breathing quicken, coming in sharp little gasps as Dylan worked his magic on his throbbing erection. He felt his cock throbbing, the pressure of his orgasm building in his balls. He looked down at his roommate, seeing only to the top of his slicked-back blonde hair, bobbing up and down as he thirstily sucked James's cock.

Then suddenly, Dylan stopped, straightening up. "Fuck," James moaned weakly, his body begging to continue. But his roommate gave a mean smile.

"Thought you didn't like this," he said, sliding the palms of his hands up the expanse of James' tan chest, tweaking a nipple with one forefinger and thumb. "I should stop."

James shifted in the chair, saying nothing, although his full lips were parted, his breathing heavy. His need was obvious.

"Do you want me to stop?" Dylan asked, letting his hands trail lower, fingertips just barely brushing over James' hips and down his muscular thighs. At his touch, James' cock twitched, begging to be back in Dylan's mouth. James said nothing for a moment, then shook his head. Dylan took his cock back in his mouth, working the length of it with his tongue. He ran his tongue up the veiny shaft, feeling it pulse. James' hips rose up, shoving his erection deep into Dylan's throat, making him gag for a second. But Dylan wrapped his lips around the cock hard and kept going, nodding his head up and down until he felt James' cock throbbing, ready for release, and he quickly pulled off. "You like this," he said.

James said nothing.

"Say it."

Still nothing.

Dylan picked a pale blue silk tie from the pile on the ground, wrapping it gently around the base of James' cock. He slid it slowly up and down with his hand, the cool, soft fabric sending a shiver down James' spine. "I'm not going to keep going until you say you like it."

James was silent for another moment, biting his lip to fight back a growing moan at the barely-there teasing touch of the silk. The moan slipped from his lips, and Dylan quickly pulled away, ceasing all sensation. "Fine, fuck, I like it," he gasped, trying once again to push his hips up towards his roommate's fuckable face.

"Sicko," Dylan teased, taking the tie and placing it over James' eyes. He moved his mess of brown curls out of the way and tied a tight knot at the back of his head, leaving him blindfolded. He could see the muscles in James' body tense as his senses were cut off. He couldn't see what was happening as Dylan lowered his face down next to his cock, running just the very tip of his tongue in small circles over the tip, then down the shaft, then finally licking one ball and sucking it into his warm, wet mouth. He moaned lowly, pulling desperately at the tie that still held his wrists firmly behind his back. The fabric dug into his skin as he pulled, but the knot stayed fast.

Dylan circled his fingers around the base of James' cock and placed his mouth just over the tip. He waited like this, letting James feel the tease of his warm breath, letting the anticipation build in the blindfolded dark. Then he plunged his mouth down, swallowing the length of his roommate's enormous erection. The shaft throbbed in his throat as he moved his mouth up and down, hands gripping James' strong hips for support as he fucked his face on his cock. His lips slid up and down the length, threatening to milk the cum out of James' balls. James groaned loudly, feeling his cock tense and throb, so close to the point of release. He couldn't see what was going on, but his other senses felt heightened. The touch of Dylan's soft, warm tongue caressing the head of his cock as he came up for breath threatened to push him over the edge.

But suddenly Dylan pulled away, giving one last lick to James' cock as he did. "Do you want it?" He asked, the air from his words torturously teasing James' erection. He blew a soft stream of air at the tip, and James tensed, moaning.

"Yes," he answered. "I want it."

"Not good enough," Dylan said, smirking. "Beg."



"God, fucking please," James begged, hips squirming desperately in his chair. "I need it. Please."

Dylan ran the tip of one finger along James' cock, watching it spasm in response.

"Please. Fuck. I want it. I want you," James' voice was raspy with need. A bead of sweat dropped from his strong forehead. "I need you."

At that, Dylan finally lowered his mouth back onto his roommate's huge erection. Almost as soon as his lips touched the tip, he was rewarded with the first shot of cum, warm on his tongue. He slid his head further down, taking the length of his cock in his mouth as it pulsed and throbbed, shooting huge loads of cum down Dylan's throat. He swallowed all of it, waiting to lick off the very last drop. A soft moan escaped James' lips, and they settled into a smile.

Dylan stood, straightening his hair. He looked down at the muscular figure of his roommate, still tied and blindfolded to the computer chair. "Thanks," he said, planting a kiss on James' lips. "I've got to go, though, your bible club is coming over, aren't they?"

He watched as the smile quickly fell from James' lips. "You wouldn't... you fucker."

Dylan smirked, taking the phone out of his pocket to look once again at the photo that had gotten him so much. Silently, he walked out, leaving the door to their room open behind him.



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