I had been gay all my life but didn't realize it till about thirteen and didn't come to terms with it till I was 16. I had come out to the important people my family and friends after that and had only one person react badly, my best friend. Her name was Emily and we had been friends since kindergarten but she was really religious and after telling her we got into a horrible fight and never really got back what we had before.

See I used to live in a very small town in Alberta, Canada. It was a very traditional small town, with its strict church values, meaning it was totally homophobic, so I had been wanting to get away from there for some time. So after graduating high school finally at just 18, I was dying to move out and start college.

I spent all my summer searching for a place to live and a job in the city. It took me a whole month to find a job (at a trucking company as their shipper and receiver). I had wanted to find an apartment close by my college and job(and quick). By the next day I had found an apartment about ten minutes away from enough to each and desperately wanted it . I called the landlord and he had an open apartment, number 401, the only catch was I was going to have to live with a complete stranger, he said I had to meet the person, Ashley Murdock, and they would have the final say. So rushing to the city I went to meet my potential new roommate.

I finally got to the apartment building, it was pretty decent looking a big, tall white building with a sign that read 'Grey Valley Apartments'. I got out of my car and stood their looking at it. I adjusted my clothes, a red t-shirt and ripped jeans, making sure I looked as good as possible. I finally went inside the very white building and climbed four flights of stairs up to the fourth floor. I thought to myself 'Those should make moving my stuff here fun'. I walked up to the door of 401 and knocked on the door, waiting for this Ashley chick to answer. I was praying for her to like me and hoping she wasn't some psycho or some crack whore, I mean I could possibly live with her for who knows how long and I was hoping to making a new friend. As I was thinking all these things, the shiny door knob turned and the red door opened. To my surprise a tall, black haired, blue eyed guy was standing there. He must have been Ashley's boyfriend or something. . He had broad shoulders, a small waist and by the looks of his tight grey t-shirt a great pairs of arms on him also. He was so gorgeous.

He grinned and said 'Hi can I help you?' , he had such a sexy voice.

'Uh.... Uh yah. Hi I'm Myles, Myles Eastman, I'm here to see about renting this apartment. Is Ashley here?' I replied admiring the hot guy in front of me.

He laughed and said 'Yah, I'm Ashley, everyone calls me Ash, well except for my mom' I couldn't help but smile, 'Expecting a girl? Yah so were my parents.'

'In all honestly yah I was,'

'Well you got a guy instead, my parents dealt with it and I'm sure you can too, come on in,' he said I walked into the apartment and he closed the door.

I followed him into his living room while checking out his ass. He sat on his big couch and motioned for me to sit across from him in the other one. We spent the whole day talking and getting to know each other. I found out that he was an only child, 20 years old and moved into this apartment when he was 18. His last roommate didn't have a job and made Ash pay the whole rent, he had promised to start paying once he found a job. Ash finally got fed up with him and kicked him out after him not finding a job after six months. Then he started to ask stuff about me, I went through the usual, making sure to emphasize about my new job. Then he asked me this.

'So do you have a girlfriend?'the question struck me.

'No I don't actually','I replied smiling.

'Really! If you don't mind me asking, why is that?'

The minute that came out of his mouth I desperately wanted to tell him I was gay hoping that he was aswell. But thinking that was just a bit to forward and assuming he was straight I replied,

'Oh I just never had the time and didn't really like any of the girls at my old school,'I made sure to emphasize the word any just in case he might pick that up.

'I understand. So you seem like a great guy and not a psycho,'we both laughed, 'when can you move in,'

I replied with hopeful expression on my face, 'Uh, tomorrow to soon?,'

'No tomorrows perfect,'he said with a big smile.

I smiled back.

The next day, I had moved into my new bedroom . Ash was in the living room watching TV, a little tired from helping me move my stuff into the apartment. After setting up my things I flew onto my bed and just stared up at the ceiling and looked around my new room. It wasn't the biggest room, but it was perfect and all my stuff fit in it. Plus I finally made it out of that stupid fucking little town. I fell asleep thinking about what might be in store for me the nest day.

I got up around ten and had to go to the bathroom really bad. I walked into the bathroom and started pissing when the shower curtain shifted open revealing a very wet and very naked Ash. We both jumped and screamed a little. We just stared at each other for a sec, our eyes drifted down to each others cocks, mine in my hand from going to the bathroom. His was a very good size soft at least 5 inches. Then he grabbed a towel and I slipped up my boxers.

'Hey sorry man, I didn't realise you were in here,' I said a little embarrassed, as he but his towel around his waist I noticed a little bump in his crotch area.

'No worries, it just took me by surprise, I didn't here you come in,' he said walking out of the bathroom.

Quietly, as he was about out the door I couldn't help but mutter nice cock under my breath. He stopped, turned around and said with a confused look'What did you say?'

My eyes widened and just stood there for a moment trying to think of what would be a great substitute for what I really said, muttering ums and uhs searching for the right words.

'Come on Myles, spit it out,' Ash said a little impatient.

I just closed my eyes, breathed in and said, with a panicked look on my face 'I said nice cock,'

'That's what I thought you said,'

Ash walked up to me, grabbed my hair, and moved my lips to his and started kissing me. We explored each others mouths as we stumbled to his bedroom. He pushed me onto his messy bed and laid on top of me still kissing me. Our hands explored and caressed each others bodies, mine undoing his towel as his slid down my boxers. I then started kissing him lower first his neck, then his chest, taking in one nipple, I bit down gently and licked it and he moaned softly. I started kissing him again, slowly getting lower until I reached the darkness of his pubes.....

Then I woke up for real, a little sweaty and upset that all that was just a dream. A unreal memory. Ironically I did have to go to the bathroom. When I got into the bathroom I slid the shower curtain just to make sure he wasn't there and no one was. I released my bladder, and took a shower. I got dressed and went to go watch some TV, as I walked into the living room I noticed that Ash was asleep on the couch. And by his foot was a dvd case for gay porn.

I couldn't help but get excited, my hot roommate was gay. The way I saw it I had two options: One go into the kitchen and make myself breakfast and wait until he wakes up and hides his porn or wait until he wakes up and confront him and hope we could start something. After about and hour of watching TV Ash finally opened his eyes. I got up and picked up the porn case and looked him directly in his eyes.

'So you like some rough man on man action huh Ash?' I said with a grin.

'Well since you caught me, yeah I'm gay. I hope that's not a problem,' he looked at me with concerned eyes.

'No that's cool with me, to tell you the truth I'm gay too,'

'Really, then how about we get into some rough man on man action,'

I laughed inside at the thought of me a man at 18 as he walked over to me, grabbed onto my hair and pulled my lips to his and started our first kiss. We made out for who knows how long when he pulled down his boxers revealing his 6 inch hard as steel cock. At first I just stared at it, my stomach flew into knots. It was the first erection I had seen in person other then my own. I was a virgin and hadn't even kissed another guy until now. I slowly reached and took it into my hand and started to stroke it. Ash moaned softly and started to kiss my neck and rub my own hard cock, though through my boxers. Out of no where Ash grabbed a hold of my hair again, tilted my head back, and whispered into my ear,

'Do you want to suck my cock Myles,' He kissed me.

I thought to myself, do I really want the first time I kiss a guy to also the first time I give him head.... Screw it.


Ash then plunged my lips down on his hard cock. I then started to bob my head up and down his entire length.

'Fuck yeah, suck that dick Myles,'Ash moaned

I grabbed it and licked the head of his cock, then I licked all the way down his shaft and stopped at his balls. It was a strange smell at first, his manly odour. I took them in my mouth, swirled them around in my mouth, with Ash still moaning. I licked my way back up to the head of his cock and started sucking his member. He ran his hands through my hair as my mouth pleasured his cock. His cock started to swell even more and his breathing and moaning became louder. Before I even decided if I wanted him to cum in my mouth.

'Fuck yeah I'm cumming,' he moaned loud.

His cum shot into my mouth, filling it with his taste. Shot after shot of his thick, white load filled my mouth. After I sucked him dry I swallowed all of it down,he brought my head back up and kissed me.



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