Ronny is a Twin By Entonces This is a true story and the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

When I was in my twenties I had a great body that came from hard work. I may not have been the most handsome man around but I made up for that by being a good talker. I am very ambitious and am a front runner at everything I did. I was working my way into a management position in a grocery chain centered in Los Angeles California. In a short four month time I went from a stock clerk to running the store operations over night.

One night my team had a very heavy work load. We received two forty foot semi-trucks loaded with stock that had to be put on the store's shelves. My style of leadership is to set high standards for my team as well as myself. I consider that I am like a baseball team captain and I too had to bat well enough to make a home run. This night I asked one of my teammates to go the extra inning and he did very well. When the work was done I tried to show my appreciation for the work that Ronny accomplished by offering to take him to breakfast. "Yo Ronny lets go get something to eat or would you rather have a couple of beers."

He answered; "My brother is waiting for me in the car can he come too?"

Thinking of the saying in for a penny in for a pound I said yes.

We clocked out and went to his car. To my enormous surprise Ronny had an identical twin brother! I was about to have breakfast with two copies of a very hot looking mixed race man. I have stated before in my other stories that I don't wear my gay side on my shirt sleeve. I also followed something that my father taught me while I was in my teens. He said, "Son while at work; keep your dick in your pants." I will wager that he never had to deal with identical twins. I thought that Ronny was gay too. But confronted with only one hot man, it was easy for me to resist flirting. Besides if I showed my cards then who knows how much he would say about me. Having a sexual relationship with someone I am working with can be a problem I didn't want to deal with.

During breakfast I learned that these two were doing something way not Kosher. When Ronny didn't feel like working Donny would come in his place. Here are two guys holding down one job. Now we both had a secrete that had to be kept. So I started laying hints about my personal self. Donny caught on the quickest. I already knew that with twins, one is normally the dominate, while the other is the follower. It was odd that Donny, the follower, spoke up and asked if I wanted to go to bed with them. Ronny piped in and expanded on the idea with; "Do you want to join in or simply watch us. We get that a lot. Of course I wanted both, in fact it would be a kick to be the meat in their sandwich. This was what we proceeded to do.

I was happy that they had a car. Los Angeles can be expensive place to live particularly my place. I decided that a great home was far more important than a car because of two things. The impression lasted longer and my private fuck lair set the scene for my sexual adventures. The guys I brought home always loved being at my place and it suited my style as well. In my bedroom was my California king size play pen. I could go through all of the Karma Sutra positions and never reach the edge unless that was what I wanted to do. I like my exercise to have a purpose and sex does a good job at keeping the 8 pack ripped. My abs are strong to this day and my belly flat.

Allow me to digress a bit before I get down to the juicy stuff. My apartment home was two blocks away from the City of Beverly Hills. It was on the first floor but actually it was on the third level. There are two floors underneath my place that are used for parking. Looking out from my balcony I could see downtown LA to the east and the Santa Monica pier to the west. I had what is called a helicopter view of the city. My place cost me more than half of my regular income so I worked as much overtime as I could. I furnished it in what was stylish at the time and known as industrial. It looked modern and was dominated with loads of chrome and glass. I knew that if I could bring a dude into my liar that I was going to do some fucking before he left. My home had that effect on people.

Getting back to my story, the twins entered and were very impressed. I did the necessary showing around but did not allow either to get comfortable in the living room. I set my top end stereo to play music and guided the party to my bed. I was curious to find out if twins felt different. I could only learn by sampling both of their holes. Having two men at one time was a first for me but I can be very imaginative. Sadly it became apparent that both of these guys wanted to be on the bottom. I am a top mainly because there are so many bottoms. I have no real objection to getting fucked, but guys like me simply don't attract other tops. So I went to work on the first twin to get into position. He got on his stomach and poked his smooth ass invitingly in the air. I hopped on and drove balls deep. Once I had him thoroughly skewered on my dick I sucked in his brother's cock. This soon became tiring for my back in that I was extremely arched so I had the bottom role over and had his legs held up by his brother. That in turn placed the one that I was sucking low enough so his brother could tongue his ass. You may notice that I am not using any names. This is because I could never tell them apart until I had my dick in their ass. The dominate one must have gotten around more than the follower because he is slightly different in the tightness department.

Soon it became time to change up. I had the one that I was sucking kneel on the edge of my bed with my cock planted deep in him while the other began to suck his rod. With him I went for the long stokes after all he was getting the best of this trio action. I pounded into him with full power. I even pulled on his hair so his butt poked at me and his back was arched. He let out a long gasp as I worked his ass over good and hard. His brother never let up on his sucking. I would be years before I could watch twins fuck each other again but this was my first time seeing such incest in action. I switched the twins around again and had the sucker begin to fuck his brother's well used hole. Once he was making good strides I entered him again. My instructions were that he do all the motion and I would stand there while his ass slid on and off of my dick. He was in the position that they denied me. I wanted to be in the middle but they were more interested in riding my dick. I told him to go for completion. I love the feel of a guy cumming while my dick is buried inside him. You can fell the pulsing on all sides of your cock when that happens. Most guy's holes grip tighter too while they are cumming.

When he was spent I had the other twin hop on my dick as he in turn road his brother's ass. But his brother couldn't take any more pounding since he was spent so I had him lay back so his brother's balls swung over his face. I proceeded to go for my completion. I asked my catcher to work on his cock so he could get off too. The whole scene was too much for me to hold out longer than 10 more minutes. I began to explode inside his firm ass. There was so much of my man juice that it began to leak out and run down his leg. I was still cumming. This was one of the longest orgasms I can remember having. He must have felt my warm juices inside him and he jerked out a load that hit his brother's belly button. This was a good distance from where his balls were over his brother's nose. The second squirt was not as strong and proceeded to paint his brother's face. I was still inside an enjoyed a second gripping, pulsing sensation around my still firm cock. Once he was complete his brother was blinking from having a fresh load of cum all over his face. I said "let's clean him up." He extracted off my rod and took one side as I licked the other side of his brother's face.

Our two hour romp was over, but my second lesson on twins was about to begin. I mentioned before that twins are dominate and follower, they are also the same in who they like. I was to service these guys for the next few years. Even as I moved on up into a better position in the same company I never had to worry about them outing me because I kept their secret too. They were a joy separately and together. I will always wonder about this. These twins were comfortable fucking each other, so what did they do when they were alone?




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