Ronny and I have been best friends for 10 years since we were 11. We grew up together and went through puberty together. Now we were going to college together, had the same majors and would be rooming together. Ronny was straight and he was the only one of my friends that I told that I was gay. I knew that he didn't care about my sexual preferences but I also knew that he would never do anything sexual with me. He just wasn't into that scene. I had this secret crush on him so knew that our time together would be interesting for both of us

Ronny was 5'9', 21 years-old, jogger-type, six-pack chest and strong legs and from what I could see when he got out of the shower was that he had a fairly large dick even though I only saw it soft.

For as long as we knew each other I wanted to suck his cock. In the bedroom while we lived together I would have the bottom bunk and he the top. I would rub his legs sometimes as they hung over the side of the bed when he was getting up. Rubbing his legs was all that he would let me do to him and then only for a few seconds. I think he knew that I wantwd to do more so he would quickly jump down and out of my reach.

After a full year of playing our cat and mouse game I finally got him to go out with me and some of my gay friends on campus to an off-campus bar. We all had a great time, playing pool and guzzling beers. Ronny must have been feeling a little wasted because he let down his macho guard when he touched his dick through his running shorts playfully letting it be known to all of us that it was off limits and no one should try for it. We got down to some serious drinking as the night wore on and finally my other friends called it a night and left because they had a chem final the next day. Ronny and I had two more drinks and then staggered home together. We were both drunk by the time we reached our dorm. Once inside, Ronny flopped down on the couch. I sat on the end and lifted up his legs placing them back on my lap. My dick immediately hardened as I started massaging his legs. Eventually, Ronny turned over on the couch. I continued rubbing the inside of his legs stopping just before the end of his shorts. Then I began to massage his back and neck.

Finally, I managed to put one hand on each side of his butt and massaged his inner thighs creeping closer to his butt. When I did Ronny rolled over and sighed. As soon as I realized that he was in an open mood I knew that my fantasy was going to come true. I rubbed his chest and upper arms, under his T finally moving downward to the prize I really sought. I felt his hard dick as my hands 'accidentally' rubbed his shorts. Immediately I placed my hand over his dick. A muffled moan came from Ronny. When I looked up his eyes were closed. He did not protest when I began to take his shorts and T off. He was not wearing any underwear so I took his cock in my hand and noticed how perfectly straight and nice it looked. He was lengthening out to 7.5 inches which fell on his a flat stomach. For a while I continued to massage his body and played with his cock in my oiled hands. Then I swallowed his cock deep down my throat and started giving him a great blow job. He pumped into my mouth fairly hard sending his pole deeper down my throat. I enjoyed every moment of it. Then he lay back pretending to be asleep most of the time and occasionally moaned in approval as I licked every inch of his body below his waist.

Ronny would hold his dick in his hand as he thrust it hard and deep into my open mouth. Finally,

he came into my mouth with heavy thick squirts that went right down my throat. I had already came twice without touching myself the first time and then jacking off the second time.

He sat up suddenly as if awakening from a dream and said 'Wow what just happened?' I said something like don't worry I had wanted to do it for a while, and that was the end of the night. I guessed that he wanted to keep up his straight image and not accept the fact that he really enjoyed having gay sex.

He crawled up into his bunk and I fell on mine reliving the great time that I just had. It was too bad that he did not feel the same way. The next morning he stirred and dangled his legs over his bunk as usual. When I did not rub them he asked what the matter was with me because I did not rub his legs. With that, he jumped down and faced me in my bunk. He was completely naked and had a massive hard on pointing at my face.

'As you can see I have this problem. You didn't do such a good job draining me last night so why don't you finish the job now.'

I wanted to talk about things and ask why the change in him. But when I opened my mouth to speak he shoved his cock down my throat and ordered, 'Suck me.' I did with great gusto. We never talked about what happened but we did get together a lot. I loved sucking him and being near him. After our last session together, he said, 'I've been studying how you give me pleasure by sucking my cock. I think it's time for me to reciprocate and give you pleasure.'

To be continued.



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