Roman peered in at his hardon. He wished he had more hair around his dick, like his Dad, but now that he knew what to do with it, he was excited. He reached in, and pulled it out, letting it stand straight out in front of him. He moved it around, studying the head, and the shaft, and brushed his finger tips along the bristles of hair that were at the base of his dick. He reached under, and pulled his ball sack to the side, so he could examine them. There was a little bit of peach fuzz, but not much. He liked the feeling that was going through his groin, while he examined himself. He liked being hard. It felt powerful, and the little surges of energy that shot up his abs from within, felt amazing. He clenched his fist around the shaft, and started moving it up and down, just like he saw his Dad do. Wow, it felt amazing! He was wondering why Toby had his girlfriend do it all the time, when it felt really good doing it to yourself.

Roman was really getting into his new found fun, when all of a sudden, he felt like he had to pee. he moved to the toilet, and the white stuff started to spray out. He let out a little gasp as it rushed out. It was the best feeling he'd ever experienced! He watched the little sprays splatter against the back of the toilet, and into the water. The little blobs of white stuff spread out in the water, and floated to the bottom. He thought it was really cool. He kept moving his hand up and down, but it started to hurt, so he stopped. He heard his Dad knock at the door and ask if everything was alright. He assured his Dad, although his voice squeeked when he answered, and he felt a little embarrassed. He hurriedly showered, and toweled off. He had just pulled his t-shirt over his head when his Dad knocked on the door again, asking to come in. Roman let him in, and scooted past him.

The car ride was agonizingly long. Much longer than the trip down to the Keys. Roman fell asleep right away, and woke up a couple of hours later, with his Dad listening to talk radio. His Dad asked how he slept, and he shrugged and said it was alright. Inside, he couldn't wait to get home and make himself cum again. He loved the feeling. His Dad asked if everything was alright, and Roman assured him that it was. He said he had a great time. His Dad asked what had happened in the bathroom, and Roman quickly said nothing. But his Dad continued to ask him about it. Finally Roman admitted what had happened and what he had seen his Dad doing. He told him it was an accident, but that he tried it in the bathroom, and it felt really good. His Dad laughed and told him it was perfectly normal, and not to feel embarrassed by it. He did it all the time, and Roman could too, now that he knew about it. Roman asked why he didn't have as much hair as his Dad down there. His Dad seemed really proud to tell him about puberty and how much hair would grow, and how big his dick would get. He had heard a little bit about it at school, but never payed attention. He really liked being this open with his Dad. He also learned that you could use lotion and lubricants to make it feel even better. His Dad explained sex, and how one day when he was older, he would meet someone he felt comfortable enough to have sex with. He explained that the cum that came out could make babies, and that it was important to always use a condom, to make sure that didn't happen until Roman was ready to be a Dad just like him. Roman was overwhelmed by all of this, and his Dad gave him a pat on the back, and joked that he had a lot of fun making Roman.

His Dad was going into detail about procreation and how good it felt to release his cum, knowing that a baby would result. He said that He and his Mom had sex as many times as they could, even after they knew they were going to have Roman, because it was so much fun not having to use a condom. His Dad adjusted himself in his seat, while he explained this, and Roman noticed a hardon along the leg of his Dad's shorts. He giggled, and his Dad looked over, and noticed Roman staring. He laughed too, and said anytime he thought about making more babies, he got a hardon. He said he had to pull over and take care of it. He stopped at a truck stop, and asked if Roman had to go in too. Roman did have to go to the bathroom, so he followed his Dad in. He went to a urinal at the end, and his Dad went into a stall. He heard his Dad unzip his shorts, and let out a little sigh. He was standing still for a few minutes, and Roman wanted to see his it worked standing up. He went to the stall, and knocked. His Dad cleared his throat and asked if he needed the keys. Roman asked if he could see it. His Dad waited a moment and said it wasn't a good idea. Roman started to walk away, when the stall door opened, and he turned to see his Dad motion for him to come in. He walked in, and saw his Dad's hardon standing straight out from his shorts. His shirt was tucked up, and he could see hair on his stomach, and the bushy hair around his Dad's dick. He studied the lines, and the hairs, and the head that was dark, and full. He was awed by the site. His Dad said this was a private moment, and to not share with anyone what happened.

Roman gulped, and watched his dad quickly move his fist up and down the shaft. He whispered to Roman, that it's always more fun with lube, so you could use your own spit if you had to. His Dad spit in his hand, and put it back around the shaft. He moved it faster and faster, and aimed toward the toilet. Shortly after, Roman saw the white cum shooting out of his Dad's hardon again, but it made a big mess, shooting all over the handle, and the piping behind the toilet. It even went all over the seat, and around the bowl. Roman couldn't believe how much of it came out. His Dad was breathing really hard, and had his eyes closed again, with his teeth clenched in that happy grin he saw before. Roman didn't understand why, but he wanted to reach out and touch it. He quickly reached out, and moved his palm over the head of his Dad's dick, feeling the cum spread across his smooth skin. He lookedup, and his Dad had a shocked look on his face, looking at Roman. Roman liked the feeling, and did it again. His Dad stuttered, telling him to stop, and then his eyes closed, and he fell back against the wall, as more cum started to shoot out! It sprayed against Roman's arm, and on his shirt and shorts. He stepped back, and watched more cum spray out of his Dad. He had no idea you could shoot that much of the white cum. He looked down, and couldn't believe how messy it looked.

His Dad hurriedly zipped up, and told Roman to stay there, leaving the stall. He came back with wet paper towels, and started to clean Roman's clothes with it. He told him he had to get some clothes for Roman to change into, and left him alone again. A few minutes later, his Dad came back in with new shorts and t-shirt. Roman quickly changed, and his Dad took his wadded clothes and went out, to put them in the trash. He came back, and told Roman to wash his hands and arm. They left quickly, and his Dad explained how this should never have happened, and that Roman should not have touched him there. Roman was confused, since his Dad obviously liked the feeling, and he did too. They didn't talk for awhile, until he saw the sign for Jacksonville, and that they had another hour til they got home. His Dad asked if he had any questions, or anything he was curious about. Roman didn't have any questions, and promised never to tell anyone what had happened. He felt a new connection to his Dad, although he didn't like the feeling that he had done something wrong.

Years passed, and Roman never told anyone about what happened that day. He was now a grown man, who exceeded the height of his Dad and brother, and fully developed with his own chest and stomach hair, and a thick bush of blonde pubes that he treasured. He was naked as much as possible, and enjoyed being looked at. He and his wife had a son, who would soon be a teen. Roman vowed to spend as much time with, and was completely honest with his son, and had an open door policy. He tried to expose his son as much as possible, so that the questions would be answered in their own time. There was one night his son had walked in, seeing him naked, toweling off in the bathroom. He explained with ease, that he would develop into a man just like Daddy, and that his body would look similar to his. His son smiled and took him at his word. There had been another time, his son had heard him and his wife having sex. He had to explain what was going on, and that when his son met the right person, he'd enjoy the experience as well. Thinking about making another baby, he grinned, and reached down, into his boxers, taking hold of his hairy hardon...



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