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Through a haze of sleep, I became aware of a pressure at my asshole. It was a hot cockhead, creamy with lubricant, rubbing in tiny circles at my puckered portal. Roger's up! I thought with a smile and relaxed my muscles to welcome him into me. I was lying on my side; one knee pulled up to my chest. Roger had snuggled up against me on his side, one arm over me, holding me close. I was holding his arm. I sensed I'd never feel better than I felt at this very moment. Secure and in love. But I wasn't really kidding myself. Roger was a happily married man, who, on occasion, allowed men to buy his affections, like now, while his wife was out of town. At $100 per orgasm, and with his prodigious sexual prowess, a session with him could really add up to serious cash!

"Hi," Roger whispered, directly into my ear. His hot breath sent chills of pleasure through me. I snuggled back into his warmth and moaned, pressing my ass against the very hot, hard flesh knocking at my door. It slid in slowly until the flanges of the cockhead slipped passed my sphincter, which then clamped down on further intrusion. Roger moaned. I relaxed. The penetration felt marvelous. He didn't move, barely breathing, so I pushed my hips back at him and forced in more of the cock. Roger moaned again. I pushed again and felt the thick cockhead thrust against my prostate. It sent spasms of enjoyment through me. I pulled forward and then backed against his manhood more firmly, sending most of the cock in and again massaging my prostate.

"God, Roger," I sighed, "this feels fantastic! Your cock is pressing against my prostate gland. I feel it rubbing it. It makes me feel like I'm about to come again, right now."

"Relax," he said softly, in my ear, "don't work so hard. Let me do the work. You just lie still and enjoy it. I love this position, don't you? It's so intimate."

"Yes, it's wonderful. I love to feel your body pressing against me, like this. I love being held by you. I love the feel of you entering me. I want to make it feel great for you."

He chuckled, softly. "It feels great, don't worry." He shifted and drove the cock in deeper. Then he withdrew it slightly. I sighed. He shifted more energetically and really drove the cock in deeply. Instinctively, protectively, I began to lower my knee, pulling my asscheeks together against the intrusion of his thick cock.

"No, no," he hissed, softly, "keep your knee bent. It gives us better penetration. You'll like it more with your knee bent."

I relaxed and pulled my knee back up. He knew what he was doing, for both our sakes' and I wasn't going to disagree. And as he grew more passionate, as the pleasures of this fucking woke us both to higher intensity, he began a long series of thrusts and parries, working his tool in and out of me with amazing dexterity and surprising skill. I felt his heart beating faster and faster, felt his breathing at my ear get deeper, more labored, and more rapid, and felt his muscles tightening and clenching, as more and more of his energy was put into driving that splendid cock rapidly into me. He pulled me closer still and held me tightly, holding his cock in me to the hilt.

"I love you," he whispered.

My breath was drawn in, in surprise. Then I came! He could feel my cum hitting his forearm as it held me tightly. I couldn't control my orgasm. The spasms of blinding energy tossed the cum out wildly, spurt on top of spurt in one endless, fantastic stream. I hadn't even been holding my cock. Or pumping it. The orgasm was almost spontaneous. I shuttered in his arms and almost cried out.

Then I realized, with amazement, that he was coming, too. I seemed to be able to feel cum moving quickly through the entire length of his penis, spurting warmth deep into my bowels.

"My God!" I said, quietly, but with great feeling.

Roger nuzzled my neck and kissed it, passionately. And he didn't withdraw his cock! We lay together like that for a while.

"Draw your other knee up, Jack," he instructed. I did. "Now, let me pull you back, like this. Yes. Now, let's roll over so I'm above you, yes, like this. Does that feel ok?"

I was in a kneeling, crouched over position on the bed, like a ball. Roger's tool was in deep, his balls flopping against me. His legs were straight out and his arms were supporting his upper body above me, his hands resting on the bed at my shoulders.

"Yes," I agreed, "It feels ok. It makes me feel like a little boy, though. Know what I mean?"

"Well, now, this naughty little boy is going to get the fucking of his life!" he said, loudly, energetically. His whole attitude changed. Suddenly, we were just having fun.

I giggled, playing a role. He jabbed me, hard, jarring my whole body. This position was interesting. I grunted.

"Take that, you naughty boy," he said with a laugh. He jabbed me again, hard. His cock was really in to its maximum. I loved it. I rotated my ass, rolled my hips, pushed back against his thrusts, and communicated clearly that I was enjoying this position. And he got more and more energetic, really fucking me for all he was worth. Rocking me forward and backward with the strength of his fucking. Pulling his body forward as my impaled ass rolled upwards, then pushing his body back as my ass rolled back down. He became more and more breathless, fucking faster and faster, and suddenly, on an upward drive, my ass higher than it had been up 'til then, he shouted, "I'm coming!" He humped and pumped strongly, his body stiff as at the top of a push-up, and he poured cum down into me.

As he began to relax, he knelt behind me and straightened up. He pulled me by the shoulders and wrapped his arms around me .We were both kneeling on the bed.

"That was another great fuck. Christ, you're good, Jack. Are you getting tired? Do you want to stop?"

"Are you ok?" I asked, worried that this was his way of telling me he'd had enough.

"I'm great! This was only my sixth orgasm," he whispered at my ear, "but, before, that last time, it was already your fourth. Don't try to keep up with me, Jack. You won't be able to. It will wear you out."

"Roger, I couldn't help coming that time. You were in so deeply, and massaging my prostrate so effectively, that when you said, 'I love you,' I just exploded."

"Yeah," he sighed, remembering, "that was really something. You squirted all over my arm. The touch of your cum set me off and I came with you."

"And you think I want to stop? You must be nuts!" I laughed.

"Com'on," he said, tussling my hair affectionately, "let's go get some more steam."

We wrapped towels around our waists and, as he went to the steam room, I went to the toilet. When I entered the steam room, he was relaxed, sitting on a bench, naked, his legs wide apart, his arms spread wide over the back of the bench, his marvelous body gleaming with sweat. His balls were hanging much lower, I noticed, but his cock still looked partially inflated and interested. He smiled at me as I came towards him through the steam and gave me the once over. I saw his cock swell in response. It was like I could read his mind. I was turning him on. It was an incredibly exciting feeling.

I smiled back, sensing a swelling in my own cock, and sat down next to him, leaning towards him, my legs spread wide, our knees touching, his arm behind me. He crooked the arm around my neck and pulled my head towards his. "Gimme a kiss," he said huskily, looking me right in the eye.

It was another big surprise. I just wasn't expecting him to be so romantic. So loving. My eyes opened wide, my lips parted and his mouth lightly brushed them. It was electrical. Something passed between us on a breath. His mouth lightly brushed my lips again sliding passed them. I closed my eyes and sighed. His open lips pressed against mine. Our lips closed. We kissed. My arm went around his strong torso. His crooked arm relaxed and slid down my back, drawing me in tighter. I felt my cock harden. I wanted to stay like this forever. I love romance! I'm such a romantic!

His pulled his head back slowly, breaking the kiss. I opened my eyes and found myself looking deeply into his eyes. His expression took my breath away. I had never expected such strong feelings of love from him. Only one man ever looked at me the way Roger was looking at me now. The look told me he loved me, and realized I loved him. It told me that he wanted me, again, and that he knew I wanted him. I was at a loss for words.

"Let's go into the showers," he suggested, quietly. We got up and went out. Both of us were sporting erections. I was aware that there were no other guys around, and was glad we had come at such an odd hour.

Instead of going straight to the showerheads, Roger paused near the front of the big mirror. I followed his example and stood next to him. We were admiring ourselves in the reflection. We did look fantastic. Handsome, in great shape, about the same size, almost the same age, though I was a little older, and both with big erections.

Instinctively, I did something that, for me, was unusual. I slid down beside him and knelt at his feet, one hand on his thigh. I had never before sensed that I could take on the role of a slave, but from the earlier moment in this room, the memory of our mutual arousal when I was at his feet made me strongly want to do it again. I looked up through the mirror into his eyes. They were bright with excitement and smiling approvingly at my gesture.

"Clean my sweat off, Slave," he commanded gruffly, knowingly. "With your tongue!" he added, boldly.

So that's why he didn't turn on the shower, I realized. Aloud, I said, "Master, you are going to have the greatest trip around the world you'll ever have." His eyes open wide.

I picked up his foot. He watched in the mirror. I kissed it and then licked at the sweaty moisture covering his skin. It tasted lightly salty, clean and masculine. I amazed myself by licking his foot - licking it clean. I sucked gently on the toes, lapping between them. I had never thought I could do this, always feeling that it was demeaning, but I sensed he really wanted me to show my submission, my devotion, and my admiration in this fashion. So I found myself doing it with no hesitation even though it was so new to me.

As I knelt in a ball, licking his foot, I glanced into the mirror. The slow movement of his hand on his large cock was the first thing to catch my eye. He was jacking off! It looked spectacular, fist pumping, balls swaying over my head. I looked into his face. His expression was one of complete pleasure. As he looked into my eyes, he tugged the foot from my grasp and then replaced it with his other foot. With an eagerness that surprised me, I ministered to that foot with even more tenderness than the first, feeling my hair rubbing against his shin, sensing the rhythmic movement of his hand on his cock as his leg relayed the motions down to me. Finally, I kissed the foot and placed it back on the floor.

He spread his feet wide apart and took a bold stance above me, hand still pumping that big cock. I glanced in the mirror. He had one hand on his hip. It was an arrogant stance, but an extremely sexy one. I slid my tongue onto his shin and lapped at the flesh, sliding my mouth up to his knee. I did one leg at a time. Then I went behind him and did the calves, but not quite up to the back of the knee, because I knew how sensitive it is there. When I finished both calves, I kissed the back of one knee. He sucked in his breath with enjoyment. I lapped at the area and then did the back of the other knee. At first contact, he hissed with delight. I glanced at the mirror and saw that his fist was moving faster on his cock. I raised myself and slid my tongue up the length of the back of his thigh right onto his muscular buttocks.

"Oooh!" he called out, feeling the sensual pleasure of my rough tongue on his smooth ass.

I kept my tongue moving; lapping up moisture; sliding onto the other cheek and then downward onto the back of his thigh to his knee. But immediately, without breaking contact with flesh, travelling back up the thigh, onto the buttocks, over to the other cheek and back down the other thigh.

"Christ, that feels good," he admitted, in a strained voice, thick with emotion.

I moved to the front and licked his bulging thigh, drawing my flattened tongue up the firm flesh towards his groin. As I neared his scrotum, he began to suck in his breath with a hiss. At the top of the thigh, my tongue veered and lapped at his balls, deftly sliding up between the inner thigh and scrotum, then sucking a testicle onto my lips and kissing it. His pumping movements were much stronger. My head shook from the jarring his hand caused as he pounded into the base of his cock.

"Oh, God!" he yelled, "I can't hold back."

I looked up. The big cock was being pumped Inches from my eyes. It stood above me looking huge. Suddenly the pumping hand stopped, tight around the base, touching my nose. I saw Roger looking down at his cockhead. I was looking up, as it seemed to expand. A jet of cum burst out, rose into the air and then fell. It hit my forehead with a resounding splat. It kept spurting. Most of it landed on my face as I licked at the large testicle. We looked at one another during the orgasm. It was astounding.

I slid the ejaculate into my mouth with my fingers, swallowing it with extreme pleasure. My face felt sticky and I started to get up, thinking that he was finished, but he dropped his free hand onto my shoulder and said, "Let's keep going. This feels too good to stop, only half way around the world."

"Oh, yes," I agreed, quickly. "Guess we should do it while our passports are still valid." We laughed. He shook his still stiff cock and some cum flew off, but then he just started jacking off again as if complete refreshed. His sexual powers were remarkable. He was going for a second orgasm in a row.

I licked his legs clean and, avoiding his balls, lapped at his belly, tickling his tiny navel with swirls of my stiff tongue, feeling his muscles contracting reflexively at the sensual touch on tender spots. Then, as I rose, I sucked his hard nipples, laved his big pecs, washed his shoulders, and headed for his armpits.

This was another area new to my sexual explorations, like his feet. My hesitation was very temporary and I found immediately that the odor of his armpit was inviting, neither sour nor harsh. It was masculine and, by this point, reflecting of the subtle bodily tastes I had discovered on my journey around his "world". The hair was finer than his cockhair, and was very moist. He groaned as I lapped at the pit until my tongue polished every surface.

I was standing against him, and his flailing hand was rubbing against my erection erotically. He switched hands and I slid my tongue across to his other armpit. It somehow tasted better than the other, probably because it was no longer new to me and I could now fully enjoy a treasure I had not know how to appreciate in the past.

I licked his neck and upward onto his chin, causing him to giggle with delight, them I went around and bathed him with my tongue from neck to thigh, not avoiding his rounded asscheeks but giving them more attention than most other parts of his body. He responded excitedly at my touch. More and more of my focus was on his ass, and then on the crack of his ass. Then, coming up from his inner thighs, on his asshole.

This was the biggest step of all, for me. I had always told myself that licking an asshole was a dirty job. Leave it for someone else. But as I spread his muscular cheeks with both hands, feeling him lean forward to open the access to my tongue, looking at the round, puckering flesh of his asshole, I realized that my growing love for him would be proven by kissing him on that sensitive spot. So I did, my moist thick lips sliding against the firm tissues lovingly.

"Oh! Man!" he said with a husky voice, "no one's ever done THAT to me before." He pushed his ass against my face more forcefully. He loved it.

I was in no position to tell him I had never done "that" before, either, but I realized that as a communication of my submission, my obedience and my love, kissing his ass had become an easy task for me. Any inhibitions I had had up to a moment ago vanished.

My tongue came out and lapped at the tissues, circling the hole. The tastes were clean and exciting and not what I had expected. I poked my stiff tongue into the hole. There was great resistance, but Roger moaned, pushing back against my tongue. I flicked my tongue in and out, finding that it went in a hair's breadth further each time. My lips were sucking at the flesh, my tongue going crazy. It stiffly poked inwards and found the resistance of his anal sphincter to be a real challenge, something to work to overcome. The tightness of his butt hole massaged and tickled my tongue with sensations that I had never felt before. I liked it. I kept it up as I found his resistance breaking down. My tongue was accepted farther into his rectum than I had imagined it could go, farther than I had imagined I could thrust it. My tongue felt longer than ever before. I fucked it in and out, sensing an honest pleasure in it for both of us.

Roger whispered, "I never knew it could feel like this." I didn't know if he was talking to himself or to me.

I was spreading both his cheeks while trying to pull him into my face. I realized, suddenly, that my cock was very hard, really stiff and, in that instant, knew that I had to get into him. It would be the only thing that would satisfy me. I pulled myself up taking a hold on his hips, and slid my erection up slowly along a thigh until the cockhead made firm contact with his asshole. He stiffened. I spit in the palm of my hand and moistened his asshole and then my cockhead. I pressed against him, more firmly this time. The glans eased in about a quarter of its length.

"Oh, shit," he groaned, "I've never been fucked, man. It won't work." But he didn't pull away from me.

I bent him over, as he had done with me, and cautioned, "Relax, man, just relax." I felt him exhale and knew he was being cooperative. I eased my cock forward. Another half-inch or so slid inward. He started to rise up. I pushed him back down firmly and said, "You can take it, man. It won't hurt if you push against it like you're taking a shit. Try."

I felt amazing pressures as his flesh swelled towards my cock. The entire cockhead slid in before the sphincter clamped around its flanges. Success! I thought to myself.

Roger started to plead, "Stop! Stop! You're going to hurt me," but I calmed him down by laughing and saying, "Roger, I'm in. I'm not hurting you. Think about it. It feels great!"

"No. It doesn't," he replied harshly.

"Really?" I asked, calmly. Inwardly, I was at a point hard to control. He was so tight and so hot that I thought I'd come with no further ado. It was taking every ounce of concentration I could muster to keep from ignoring him and simply fucking him and cumming. But I wanted him to find pleasure in this, too, so I found the restraint I needed.

He thought about it for a moment. He looked around and suddenly caught my eye in the mirror. I smiled. I must have looked like I was in heaven, because his expression changed when he saw me and so did his attitude. He relaxed. He smiled. He gave me the look, again, that melted my heart.

"I love you," I said, quietly, honestly. "I want to be inside of you, like you were inside of me. I want you to feel my love inside of you."

"Yes!" he agreed, softly. "Fuck me. It feels unbelievable. I've never felt anything like this before. I want you to do it. You're the only one I'd let do it. Let's see what it's really like." He pressed back against me, forcing my cock in another inch.

"Oooh, it does hurt, though, Jack," he admitted, trying to pull forward but caught in my grip.

"Let me do the work," I instructed, mimicking what he'd said to me earlier. "It won't hurt if we do it right. Relax. Just be still for a moment and get used to my cock in your chute, man. You know what it feels like when your cock is up my ass. You like it. You want ALL of it up there. So, now, imagine how I must feel with my cock up your ass. We can take the time to get all of it in there too. Take deep breaths. Open your ass to me. Relax!"

It was working. He made a conscious effort to relax. He took deep breaths. He didn't move. Then, gradually, cautiously, he began to ease himself back against my stiffness. More of my cock went in. He stopped for a moment and then tried again. We watched in the mirror as more slid in and then some more. I was in about halfway.

"Christ," he said, excitedly, "look at that cock push into my ass, man. I never thought I'd see it happen. What a sight! What a feeling!"

"It doesn't hurt." I stated, confirming for him what he already knew. I had to concentrate very hard to keep from taking charge.

"I can live with it," he admitted. "But I'm afraid that it will hurt bad if we keep going."

"You're in control," I pointed out. "You can stop any time you want to." I tried to keep disappointment out of my voice.

He moved his head and caught my eye in the mirror, again. "I'm not stopping, Jack. I told you I love you and this is the best way I can think of to demonstrate that I do love you. I don't know what happened to me today, and I'm not going to try to analyze it right now, but I want you to fuck me!" His voice was calm and low. The words were said with feeling and emotion. He meant what he said. My head was swimming.

He resumed the pressures and watched as the cock disappeared in one graceful slide. I was in all the way.

"Now what?" he asked.

"Christ, you're hot, Roger. Let me try to draw some of it back out." I tentatively pulled back. When he started to react physically, tensing up and acting nervous, I stopped and pushed back in. We did that several times, each time slightly more forcefully. Each time it felt a little better to both of us. So I became less tentative. Each stroke became longer. Each stroke found less resistance. Each stroke got Roger hotter.

"Hmm," he said, "I think I've been missing out on something, here."

He started pulling away from my strokes, pushing against the return, making the movement in his tight channel lengthier and more energetic. His tightness seemed less like a reflex and more like a clinging, as though it had suddenly become more enjoyable and he wanted to grasp my cock with his ass muscles. This stage of the fucking lasted a long time.

"Look, Jack!" he suddenly called out. I looked into the mirror and watched his hand move to his erection. He only touched it and cum started to spew out of it, splattering the mirror. It jetted wildly, spurt after spurt, splashing onto the mirror and slowly trailing downwards. As he came, the spasms and jolts against my cock were so intense I thought I'd come again. But, after I'd had so many orgasms, I guess my staying power was greater than I expected.

After that, we became a fucking machine. Something happened internally as he came and he was able to take my cock with no difficulty. We jabbed at one another, humped and fucked, rolled and rotated, pushed and parried like two wild men. We circled and danced together in front of that mirror, looking and fucking. Fucking and looking. It was awesome!

He grabbed my right hand and pulled it onto his cock. It was hard, again. I used my grip to pull his ass completely onto my cock and then pumped it and my ass. I loved the feel of jacking him off as I fucked him. It was like my cock had a big extension on it and my hand had to reach out further to jack off. His cock was only slightly larger than my own, and my jack-off technique seemed to fit right into his pleasure. As he got firmer and firmer, I realized that, once again he was heading into an orgasm. That thought brought me to the peak of my passion.

"I'm gonna fuck my load into you, man," I whispered.

"Oh... Oh..." he called out, suddenly, "just hearing you say that is bringing me off, Jack. I'm..." his body stiffened, "...I'm... ...coming!" I felt his cock spasm in my hand and saw a bolt of sperm flash out onto the glass. At that same instant, his ass grabbed my cock in a vice-tight grip and sucked the cum right out of me. Muscles, that I never realized I had, came into play seeming to take hold of my cock and vibrate it. I pumped cum so far up his ass I thought it would come out his mouth.

"Oh, God, Oh God, Oh God," he kept saying over and over as we came.

I remembered that he had pulled out to show me a cum-shot, and realized that he liked seeing it, but I was totally unable to break the incredible contact with him. I shot off 'til I was exhausted, 'til my cock started to deflate. Then it began to slip out.

We looked at each other as we felt the connection slipping away and saw that we both had such sad expressions on our faces that we both began to laugh, in unison. He turned around and grabbed me and we hugged one another.

"You two seem to be having fun," a soft, effeminate voice said, quietly, from the doorway. It was the attendant. He was standing there with a bulge in the shorts he was wearing.

Roger looked at him and laughed harder. "This isn't fun," he said, "it's love."

"Wow. How lucky! I guess I'll leave you two alone," he said and withdrew.

Roger went to the toilet and then we showered together. We had just gone back to the small room to rest up when there was a knock on the door. The attendant was standing there with a cloth-covered tray.

"I ordered some take-out for myself," he explained, "and, since you two have been so busy, I thought you could use something to eat, too." He handed the tray to Roger with a big grin and backed away with our surprised thanks.

Just the rich smell of the food made me realize how ravenously hungry I'd become. We carefully gobbled up two huge, Italian meatball sandwiches with green peppers, caramelized onions and spicy tomato sauce. The delicious sandwiches were meals in themselves. We also drank sodas and had chips, and we finished with cookies and milk.

"Ah, that was really great!" Roger said, rubbing his belly and stretching out on the bed. "Come lay down next to me, Jack." He patted the bed invitingly. "I feel terrific." He stretched out his arm and I nestled against him, contentment spreading throughout my whole body!

Well, my friends, I've just gone over my limit of 5,000 words, so I'll stop for now. We had set out to break Roger's record of 14 orgasms in one day, and I'll let you know if we made it. What's your guess?


Jack Sofelot


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