The story begins when two of my college freshmen roommates, who grew up on ranches, are planning to attend today's (Saturday) finals for the roping and riding rodeo in Omaha, Nebraska. Aaron and Matt, my roommates grew with horses and cattle and have a love for the rodeo. As a city slicker, I have never been to a rodeo.

Matt says to me on Saturday morning: "Tag, get up. It is 8 AM and we want you to go with us to today's national rodeo finals. You will have a great time."

I jump up and shower and have a bowl of cereal with my buddies.

I am so excited about attending the Rodeo. Although my roommates do not know that I over heard them in a conversation yesterday, I did hear them talking about having had wild steamy sex three days ago with three Rodeo cowboys. I also learned that they were planning another session after today's events.

While listening to my roommates horny conversation, I was rubbing my rock hard swollen 8" cock while leaking precum. I was lusting after hot guys as I listened to the details of their sex orgy. Matt and Aaron do not know that I am gay or that I am a virgin. We have been roommates for only two weeks.

Also a few days ago I learned more about my roomies. They came home from class and thought I was at the gym working out. I was actually next door studying with my friend Jeb for a test. Soon we heard them talking through the thin walls.

Matt says: "Aaron I want you to suck my cock and then I want you to fuck my ass. It has been five days since you fucked me. I want you to pound my pussy with your hot boner. We must hurry before Tag gets home."

We hear then take off their shoes and we assume all their clothes. They both are big farm boys.

Matt is 6'3" tall, blond hair and blue eyes, weighs a rock hard 200 pounds with muscles in all the right places. He is one gorgeous stud from his days as a ranch boy. I had over heard him tell Aaron that he had a cut 8.5" cut cock.

Aaron is equally a farm boy hunk. He stand 6'2" tall, weighs 195 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes and sexy line of brown hair from his chest to his crotch. He has large arms and legs/thighs from his years on the farm. I had heard him tell Matt that his uncut cock was 7.5".

Soon we hear both guys moaning and talking dirty. Matt orders Aaron to: "You bitch, suck my cock harder. Go all the way down on my aching cock. Take it all. I will make you gag. Taste my cum."

Soon we hear Aaron say: "Matt, you bitch get down on your back on the floor. I want to pour lube up your ass and on my cock. No mercy, I will fuck you hard and long. Take it all. How do you like my hard cock up your ass?"

In a few minutes, we hear cries and moans. Aaron, yells: "You are making me come. I am cumming!! Matt says: "Oh, baby, I am cumming. Here is my huge load."

My study partner, Jeb, and I are now rock hard. we have taken our swollen cocks out and are jerking off. Jeb with his 7.5" cock and my 8" cock start erupting with large loads of cum on our pants. I clean up and go to my room acting as if nothing has happened.


Matt, Aaron and I find our seats at ring side. We watch one event after another until the competition is down to the two finalists. Hank, last year's champion, will compete with Duke, a three time national champion. The final event is riding two wild steers. Neither steer has ever been ridden successful in competition. They are mean animals.

Hank goes first. As the gate opens, the steer soon bucks off hank while wildly bucking.

It is now Duke's turn. WOW! What a hunk he is. He is tall with dark features. I would learn later that he is Italian. He is 26 years-old and started the rodeo circuit when he was 16. He looks as if he has been poured into his shirt and pants. He is wearing a black cowboy hat and black boots.

I dream of being ridden by this gorgeous hunk.

Duke climbs on the steer called "The Killer" and the gate opens. The steer is mad and bucking wildly while trying to throw Duke against the gate. "Killer" is no match for Duke. He rides the steer far past the set time. The crowd goes wild as Duke is once again the national champion.

Matt and Aaron inform me that we are going to meet their three cowboys friends in about 20 minutes at a bar and that Duke will also being joining us. I am so excited. I know what Matt and Aaron are up to from my over hearing their conversation earlier.

At the bar, we exchange introductions, order pitchers of beer and start talking about the day's events. Soon Matt and Aaron inform em they are going out on the town with their three friends including Hank. Oh, right. I am left with Duke.

We order another pitcher of beer and talk about his victory. Soon I am delirious when Duke suddenly puts his hard leg up against my leg and begins to rub up and down my leg. I respond by pushing back. I am now rock hard. Is this stud going to fuck me today?

Duke begins to look into my eyes with such a seductive glance. Before long Duke says: "Tag, you seem to be enjoying my leg on yours. Am I correct? You really turn me on as I really like blond twinks."

I am so eager to be fucked by this cowboy as I respond: "Oh, yes, Duke I have often had a fantasy of being fucked by a cowboy hunk like you."

Duke jumps up, pays the bill, grabs my hand and says: "Tag, lets go to my hotel. I want to ride you as I rode that steer today. I want your ass now." My cock has its own mind and is wanting Duke's mouth around this hot cock.

When we get to his hotel room, we break a record in getting out of our clothes. WOW! What a man.

I tell Duke that I am a virgin that excites him even more. "OMG, my cock will be the first one to pound that beautiful ass.

Duke is a beautiful dark Italian with a handsome sun tan. He has black hair, dark blue eyes, a light thin stream of black hair running from his neck to his crotch, and a huge 11" uncut cock. He has a huge cock head, thick shaft and balls the size of oranges.

He smells so manly after a day of Rodeo performing. I love his manly smells and I want him now.

I am a 5'7" tall, curly blond hair, blue eyes and weigh 145 pounds guy. The type of twink Duke loves. I am in terrific shape as I work our each day and for my size I have an unusually large 8" cock with a pink large cock head and above average size balls.

I ask Duke to let me kiss and suck his huge arms/biceps and suck the sweat from under his arm pits. He loves the idea. I spend several minutes on each huge muscled bicep and then clean his hairy arm pits until they are shinny clean. What a great odor and turn on.

Duke then picks me up in his arms as if I were a feather. He grabs my ass and I put my hands through his hair. He takes his huge lips and plants sloppy kisses on my mouth. Soon he enters my eagerly waiting open mouth and we French kiss. Our mouths are over flowing with spit as it runs down our chins. What a great kisser he is.

Next Duke puts me down and has me lie down on the floor on my back. He gets on top of me and starts dry humping me as our wet precum cocks slide across each other. He resumes kissing me as our wet hot bodies are rubbing against each other.

We are breathing hard as I feel my pulse rate increase and I can feel Duke's heart beat running at a fast rate on top of my chest.

In about 15 minutes, Duke moves up to my face and places his crotch across my mouth. He takes his huge legs and presses them against the sides of my head. He thrust his 11" cock into my mouth. I am so eager to suck this hot cock that I swallow his entire cock deep into my throat past my tonsils. I suck him for a long time as I taste his leaking cock head and all the spits makes for a fucking great cock sucking session.

Before he comes, he pulls out and goes down on my cock. He licks my shaft and balls and then he devours all my cock over and over down his huge throat. He is the greatest cock sucker.

I t is now time for Duke to ride me as if I was a steer. He lubes my clean douched ass, lubes his cock and has me lie on the bed on my stomach. He spreads my legs far apart. He runs his monstrous cock up and down my ass crack and then says to me as I feel his cock enter my ass:"My new bitch, you know what is about to happen. I am going to ride you as if you were the wildest steer I have been on. You will not be able to throw me and my cock off you ass. Your ass will be so sore that you will walk funny for days."

Then he starts pounding my ass as he drives all the way in and out many times. I am now no longer a virgin. His cock is so slick and wet that he can slide in and out with no problem. After a long fucking he is nearing a climax as I feel his balls rise and his cock head swell. He moans and says:"You bitch, take my huge boner. You whore, take it all. You are my bitch. I am going to drown your ass with my cum."

With those words, he erupts blast after blast into my man pussy. When he is spent, he surprise me by leaving his spent soft cock in my ass. He refuses to remove it as he lies flat down on my body and begins kissing and licking my neck, ears and tits. We spend 30 minutes feeling each other's hot bodies until I feel his cock swell again to full erection. He is ready to go again as he pounds my ass that is being lubed by all his cum that has not escaped my ass. I too am hard again.

Before long, I feel the cum shoot from my nuts onto the sheets as Duke fills me with another huge load of cum. When he is finished, he pulls out and feeds me his cum covered cock. He fingers my ass to give me more of his cum. He turns me over and sucks the cum off of my cock. We kiss and share all the cum.

We shower and go back to the bar to meet my roommates.



Naughty Eric


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