About a month after 'retiring' from the rodeo curcuit, Josh and Brad resigned as members of the PRCA, Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. They soon received a letter from the president of the association refusing to accept their resignation. In the PRCA monthly news letter he strongly criticized the homophobic attitude of some of the members and said that everyone regardless of sexual orientation was welcome and stern sanctions would be imposed on any member that degraded another member. He asked members to write to Josh and Brad in care of the PRCA and that he'd forwrd the letters to them.

One day as Josh and Brad were going through one of the batchs of mail, Josh spotted the return address on one of the envelopes. It was from Dave Simmons, one of the most vocal guys against gays when Josh and Brad came out.

'I wonder what he has to say?' Josh said as he showed the envelope to Brad.

It was late afternoon, and all the hired help had left and Josh and Brad were relaxing nude out by the pool enjoying a cold beer.

'Open it and find out,' Brad said with a smirk.

'Smart ass,' Josh threw back at him as he tore open the letter. He began to read.

'Josh and Brad, I hope this letter finds you both well. I first want to apologize for my behavior and the way I treated both of you and the name calling. I sincerely feel bad about the things I said and did. I will be passing through your area in two weeks and would like to stop by and apologize in person and try to explain why I acted as I did. Let me know. My cell number is 906-555-1246. Dave'

'What do you think?' asked Josh.

'Baby, if we say no to him coming by we're no better that any of the rest of them.'

'Your right,' Josh said as he picked up his cell phone and called Dave.

'Dave, this is Josh Rivers. How's everything going?'

'Going good. I really wondered if I'd hear from you after the way I treated you and Brad.'

'Hey, man, that's water under the bridge. That's the past. We concentrate on the future. When are you coming through?'

'Actually, I'll be near you tomorrow.'

'Great. How long can you stay?'

'Josh, I don't want to impose on you two. I thought I might stay a few hours then be on my way.'

'Nonsense. If you can we'd like to have you stay over the weekend.'

'I can. are you sure you don't mind?'

'If I did, I wouldn't have offered.'

Josh gave him directions to the ranch and said that they would see him Friday afternoon.

All the hands on the ranch knew that Josh and Brad were gay lovers but didn't care. They were also aware of their love for being nude and had seen them that way on numerous occasions.

Friday morning, as the hands arrived, Josh strolled out to the barn nude and told them that when they were done for the day that they could take the weekend off and but to be back Monday morning ready to work.

About three that afternoon, Josh saw a truck and trailer coming up the road and knew it was Dave. He waited out front and as the truck pulled up, Brad walked out.

'Hey guys,' Dave said. Josh and Brad greeted him with handshakes and hugs.

The took him to the barn to get his horse settled in and then returned to the house.

'Nice place you have here,' he said.

'Thanks. We finally got things arranged the way we wanted, although Brad fought me about some of it.'

'Who won out?'

'Well, let's just say that there was a lot of compromising,' Brad told him.

Once settled in the den, Josh brought out a round of beer. Dave thanked him and said, 'You don't know how close I camt to calling and saying I wasn't stopping by.'

'Why, for God's sake?'

'I'm am embarrased for the way I treated you two. Your announcement broght back some things from my past that I thought I had resolved. I have never told a soul about it but I know I have to get it out in the open, and I think you two, most of all, will understand.'

'Dave, you really don't have to explain anything if you don't want to>'

'Yes, I do. Back when I was a senior in high school I decided I wanted to try rodeoing. During spring break I was thumbing to Omaha for the big rodeo there. I was planning on roughing it with sleeping bag and all.'

I was eighteen and my folks agreed to let me go alone. I got a ride with this guy in his mid-thirties. After a few hours, he said he was nearing his house and I was welcome to stop and have something to eat before I went on my way. I did and that's when things happened.'

'Once inside he put something in my milk and knocked me out. When I woke up I was naked and tied in a big bed. I had movement of my arms but not enough play to untie myself. Then he started.'

'Damn, Dave, I'm so sorry. What happened?'

'He started kissing me and made me kiss him back. If I resisted he threatened my parents. He was gentle and never got rough, but I had never done anything with another guy. He kept me there most of the week. By the time it was over, I was sucking him, he was sucking and fucking me. We'd kiss and make out. But the thing was, by the time he let me go, I was loving the hell out of all of it. I tried to put it all behind me and forget it. I was convinced that I wasn't gay. But all these years, I still wondered.'

'Then when you two came out to us, I snapped. I saw how happy you were and how miserable I was. Can you ever forgive me for what I said?'

'It's in the past. Let's look forwrd. There is nothing to forgive.'

'Since that night, I've been taking a real good look at myself. I had to know for sure which side of the fence I was on. I went to some gay bars and went home with a few guys. All the pleasure I remembered from the past came flooding back. Guys, I've finally come out to myself and now I have with you. I'm gay.'

'You know, you didn't have to tell us what happened.'

'Yes, I did. I had to get it in the open and it wasn't as hard as I thought it might be.'

'Dave, while he had you did he forcably rape you?'

'I guess you could say that. At first it was against my will but I was in no way able to stop him. However, he was very gentle and took it slow. Like I said, by the time I left I was wanting him to fuck me and let me suck his cock.'

'Wow,' Josh said as he stood upand paced the floor.

'Can I ask you a question and get an honest answer?' Josh said to Dave.


'Were you hoping to come here and end up having sex with us?'

'Yes and no. I've thought about you two and how hot you both are. I figured if it happened, it happened. If not, no problem. I damn sure don't want to cause any problems between you two.'

'Okay, everything is out in the open now,' Brad said. 'We're all gay. Dave, how do you feel about nudity?'

'Huh? Man I love being nude, especially outdoors. When going from one rodeo to another I try to find spots along the way to camp nude.'

'The reason I asked was that Josh and I live in the nude most of the time. Care to join us?'

'Fuck, you bet. Do your hands know anything?'

'Oh yes, they know all about us and have no problem with it or our nudity.'

The three guys stripped down and after getting fresh beers, walked out to the pool. As they sat and talked, a couple of the hands walked up and told Josh that everything was done and that they were headed out. They never acted as if the three men were totally naked.

Once the hands had left, Josh couldn't help but notice that Dave casually checked out both his and Brad's packages.

Josh looked at Dave and said, 'Dave, if you wnt them go for it. We won't mind in the least.'

Dave blushed a little then slowly got up and walked over between them and squatted down, taking one cock in each hand. As the cocks began to stiffen, Dave began stroking them. 'Fuck man, I can't believe I'm doing this, but since I 've admitted to myself that I'm gay, I've dreamed about it.'

'They're all yours,' Brad said. 'Have fun.'

As Dave stroked the two cocks, precum began oozing out the tips. He delicately licked it all off before first swallowing Josh's cock all the way. After sucking Josh for a few minutes, he turned to Brad and swallowed his. He was going at it like a starving dog. He returned to sucking Josh for a minute, then without warning turned ans quickly sat on Josh's cock with only spit as lube.

Looking at Brad he said, 'Come fuck my face while he fucks this horny cowboy's ass.'

As Dave bounced on Josh's cock, Brad eagerly fucked the hot mouth that was devouring his cock. Before long, neither man could hold back and both came into dave at the same time. As Josh filled Dave's ass with his huge hot load. Brad filled his mouth. Dave eagerly swallowed every drop, then licked up any droplets that came out later.

'Guys, that was fucking fantastic,' Dave told them. 'I'm glad you invited me for the weekend.'

'After that, so are we,' Josh said.

They all kissed passionately and soon were splashing like kids in the pool.

Josh looked at Dave and asked, 'You ever been sucked under water?'

'No but there is a first time for everything.'

With that, Josh smiled and took in as much air as possible then went under. Seconds later, Dave's eyes grew big as he said, 'Holy fucking shit, I don't believe the way that feels.'

It didn't take Dave long to cum and just as Josh was about to come up for air, Dave climaxed. Taking the load in his mouth, Josh held it and came up and quickly kissed Brad, feeding him part of it, then kissed Dave feeding him some.

After Dave swallowed, he smiled and said, 'I haven't had anyone feed me my own cum since that guy that started me. That was fucking hot.'

They paused for dinner then it all began again. Dave seemed to be making up for lost time. Throughh out the evening, there was sucking and fucking. At one point, Dave asked Josh and Brad to double fuck him. He said that a couple of young brothers he met a few weeks prior had done it to him and he loved it.

After they double fucked him and both shot their loads up his hot hole, Josh looked at Dave and said, 'Man, I have to hear how you got two brothers. Start talking.'

Dave laughed and began his tale.

'About two weeks ago I was driving down a back highway looking for a place to camp for the night. I had a flat on my horse trailer and the jack was acting up so I walked over to this farm house about two hundred yards off the highway. I knocked on the door and there was no answer. As i headed to the barn, I could hear moaning. As I stepped inside the younger boy was fucking his older brother like a pile driver. They saw me and never stopped. The older looked over finally and told me to either get the fuck out or strip and shove my cock in his mouth.'

'What did you do?'

'Fuck, I stripped and shoved my cock in the older boys mouth. The younger filled his ass as I cum down the olders throat. They kissed and shared my load. They were eighteen and nineteen and hot as hell. They asked what I wanted and I told them. They said their dad would be back in a couple hours and we could use their jack. They even told me about a side road where I could camp if I didn't mind them visiting me. Told them not at all.'

'Well, their dad returned just before dark and we got the tire changed and i headed fot the side road. Sure enough, about two hours later here they came. When they climbed out of their truck they were both naked. We started having sex, with them both sucking me and me sucking them. Then I watched them have a 69 for a while. Then they said they wanted to fuck me. Well the older was on his back and had me sit on his cock. Then next thing I knew the younger was behind me pushing me forward. Suddenly, I felt his cock entering me and before I knew it they were both inside me fucking away. It was a fucking awesome feeling when they both shot their loads at the same time.'

'Damn man, that's unreal. Did their dad know of their activities?' Josh asked.

'They said yes and that since their mom died almost a year ago they have been taking care of their dad's sexual needs.'

'Oh shit,' Brad exclaimed.

Dave later began telling them about other contestants that he had found out were bi or gay. Most of the bi ones were married and played on the road when their wives weren't around. Brad asked if he'd managed to get any of them. Dave said he had and that they were wild as hell in bed.

That night, instead of Dave using one of the guest rooms, he shared the bed with Josh and Brad. The entire weekend was filled with sex. By the time Dave left on Monday morning, all three were wron out.

'You don't know how much this weekend has meant to me. I feel so relieved to have it all out in the open with you.'

'Dave, please know that you have an open invitation to visit anytime you want to,' Josh told him. 'You don't need to call. Just show up.'

Over time several other of their former competitors showed up for a visit. But it was Dave who always livened things up. He began coming by three to four times a year and Josh and Brad loved it. As time went by, Dave got wilder and kinkier, even getting raunchy, but that's another story.

Until Then....



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