The rock band manager gave Cody six tickets for the night's big rock concert. Cody took 5 of his bellboy friends to the packed 50,000 cheering fans' crazy night. After the concert ended, Mack invited Cody and his five friends to join them back stage. When the five band members who had the night before walked into Mack's room and witnessed the sex between Mack, Dirk and Cody, they became rock hard when introduced to Cody's five hot friends back stage.

One of the band members spoke up and said: "Cody, when we came in on you, Mack and Dirk making hot love last night and joined in by jacking off on you, we had no idea that you had such bellhop hot buddies. Man, we are horny as hell. Do you think that the guys might agree to a fuck buddy session?"

"Well, lets ask them. Hey guys, I had a rocking hot fucking session last night with these rock stars. It was the best sex I've ever had. Do you want to have a hot orgy?"

They all grabbed their crotches, unzipped their pants, pulled out big throbbing cocks and began to jerk off as they eyed the hot rock band members.

Well guys, I guess you have your answer. Pair up for a night of steamy erotic fucking sex," I suggested.

My buddies went over and picked out their sex partner for the night. They took off back to the hotel for a marathon night of sucking cock and fucking ass.

This left Mack, Dirk and I still back stage. Mack said: "Well Cody, you have made our band members very satisfied. Lets go to dinner. Dirk and I have a proposal for you.

"Sounds great to me, Mack," I replied.

We went to a five star restaurant and received a hero welcome. They gave us a private small dinning room so we could discuss the proposal in private. Dirk spoke up and suggested: "Mack and I are the leaders and decision makers for the band. After all that has happened, would you and your five buddies like jobs with us and travel around the world. It would be lots of fun."

"Oh shit yes, we would. I know how excited my buddies weer in meeting the band. They have talked about nothing else since you arrived at the hotel. What would our jobs be?"

This time Mack answered the question. "Cody Bud, you would take over as our managing scheduler and your fiends would go to the next concert site in advance of our arrival and be the set up crew."

After dinner, we went back to the hotel but I could not reach my friends as they had large "Do Not Disturb" signs on the doors. I could hear loud noises of moans, grunts, gasps and dirty talking.

"Well Mack and Dirk, I will talk with them early tomorrow morning."

The next morning my buddies jumped with joy when I gave them the proposition. We turned in our two week notices to the hotel and two weeks later we joined the rock band in Chicago for a two day concert.

For the next several weeks, I was swamped with scheduling arrangements as were my buddies, as we went ahead to the next sites for the band's concerts. We saw very little of the band members as we were on the road getting ready for the next concert in another city. The pay was excellent.

One month into our new job we were in Europe on tour. After six concerts in London, Paris, Rome, Athens, Berlin, and Stockholm, we got a three day vacation and break in Stockholm before the next tour.

My buddies spent the three days visiting the night clubs with their new lovers. They spent many hours sucking cock and fucking their buddies asses. I learned that they changed partners ever day. It was wild.

Mack, Dirk and I spent those times visiting the tourists sites, having great wine, great meals and becoming close friends. I became very conflicted, as I had for some time wanted a one man relationship. I had developed very strong feelings for both Dirk and Mack. It had become obvious to me that they both were competing for my attention. They were aggressive to see which one could do the most for me or show more affection. I noticed there had developed some tension between them. They used all kinds of excuses to get me alone from the other one. Each one made such comments as I love to be alone with you. For example, one day out at the pool when I was alone with Mack he said: "Cody, do not misunderstand me. I love Dirk. He is an essential member of this band. But, I have fallen in love with you. I've become jealous when he tries to flirt with you or get you alone. Don't forget that I was the one that invited Dirk to fuck you that night. It was a big mistake."

Later that day when I was alone with Dirk, he said: "Cody, Baby, I know you have noticed the tension between Mack and me. I want to be honest with you. I am in love with you. I lust after you 24 hours a day. I have never fucked anyone that gave me such a volcanic orgasm. And I just love being with you. You make me so happy. I want to marry you."

I felt so confused and even sad that Mack and Dirk were having such bent up tension because they both meant so much to me. What in the hell was I going to do? All three of us wanted a meaningful one on one relationship. We had passed that point about any three way sex between us. I had to resolve this awful ordeal.

Then the big moment happened on day three. Around 10 AM, Mack and Dirk dropped by my room. They looked very serious and nervous. I knew that it had come to ahead. Mack spoke first: "Cody, Dirk and I are here because we both are in love with you. We both want to marry you. Only you can decide this terrible choice. Let us take some of the pressure off of you. We have talked and decided that regardless of your choice, Dirk and I will continue to lead the band and be friends. Although it will be painful for the one that looses, we are adults and can accept the decision."

I took a deep breath, as tears ran down my cheeks and I said: "Oh my buddies, thank you so much. Yes, it does help me. I really want to spend the rest of my life with one of you. I hope my proposal does not sound really weird. There are many important factors and attributes in a marriage. I think it is essential to be totally compatible sexually. One's partner is responsible for giving you the ultimate orgasm. Since I love both of you and find you have great qualities, I want to spend my life with the one that makes me see stars when being fucked. I am really a bottom and I know you both prefer topping. So here is my proposal. Since I have had sex with each of you only once, I want a separate night with each of you and have you make love to me and fuck me raw. Then I will make my decision."

They both looked surprised but very eager to compete for me. I saw both of their cocks began to swell and make a tent in their pants. They both had big cocks although Dirk was a somewhat bigger.

They agreed and we flipped a coin. Mack won to be with me that evening and Dirk the next night.

After dinner, Mack took me to another hotel where he rented a suite with a big round sunken tub. He had candles all around the suite with varying flavors of sexy scents. He grabbed me, took control, slowly removed my clothes, put me in the warm tub, showered my body with massage oil, and began tongue licking my body. He used his tongue to exploring ever inch on me. He stuck his tongue in my ears, kissed my eyes, rammed his hot tongue down my throat, licked the bottom of my feet, sat me on the side of the tub and licked the bottom of my feet, sucked each toe and finally he washed my asshole with his wet tongue until I was about to faint. Then he came down on my rock hard cock and started to suck my cock like it was ice cream. He sucked my pre-cum out of my piss slit while he drove a wet finer up my ass. He was like a wild tiger. He wanted to make me see stars and become my husband.

After I was about to come, he took me out of the tub, dried me off with such a slow sexy use of his hands and finally he put me on the bed on my back. He took a long time to rim my ass, sucked on my balls, put my nuts deep in his mouth and finally he lowered his mouth and lips on my cock and took my boner all the way into his mouth. He rotated between moving slowly on and off my cock and using great speed to do the same. The blowjob was heavenly. He used his salivating mouth and lips to surround my aching cock. Finally, he grabbed my nuts hard and drove my cock all the way into his watering mouth. The feel was so intense that I exploded with a powerful orgasm. He sucked in my cum until I stopped ejaculating. He came off my cock and spit the big load in my mouth, kissed me and sucked the cum back out.

He immediately took my legs, put them up beside my face, pulled hard to get my ass on the edge of the bed and thrust his big cock all the way to its base with one thrust in my ass chute. He began to pound my ass as if his cock was a ramming rod. I had never been fucked so hard. He did not last long when he shot one stream after another deep in to me. He pulled out, sucked my ass and kissed me. We spent the night and returned early the next morning for breakfast to our hotel.

The next night was Dirk's turn. Could he top this incredible fuck with Mack? He was ready to try. He took me to the top condo on a high rise that over looked the city of Stockholm. The lights weer beautiful. The condo was owned by one of his friends who was a gay xxx producer of films. He placed me in front of a glowing fire place that emitted many colors of light. He placed me on a soft sofa with the most sexy classical music. He began to show videos of the hottest Swedish gay studs one could imagine. They performed sex acts and positions that seemed almost impossible. Soon we both were hard as steel. I recognized one of the studs with a big dick named Bjorn. I needed to get out of my clothes that were now soiled with pre-cum. Dirk was so good at reading my mind. He began by removing my shoes, socks, pants, shirt and finally my briefs. He kissed my lips in a very soft seductive ways. He spoke soft sexy suggestions of what he was going to do to me in my ears. I was so turned on. I wanted him to do all those things to me. I had never been more horny.

He took me by the hand and we went out on the balcony in the fresh air. He put me up against the rail, knelt down and began licking up and down my hard cock shaft. He was so precise and thoughtful as he gave great attention to my big shaft before he began to lick my balls. He fingered my ass as he gave great attention to my nuts and cock. Finally, he used his lips to close around my cock head and held his lips tight there as he finger fucked my ass. The tight lips on my cock head built great intensity in both my nuts and cock. After some 10 minutes of making my crotch hot as hell, he slowly took my cock all the way down his throat. He decided to slowly suck my cock and come off and back down very tenderly. I had never had such special attention to my cock during a blowjob. This blowjob was even better than the rough one by Mack. The fresh air blowing on my cock and his wet lips were beyond erotic. There was something so special about the light red pubic fuzz that had me so hot. The pubic hair sent off a special odor.

When he felt my cock head swell deep in his throat, he was so aware that I needed to come. He closed his lips tight on my cock, grabbed my balls, pressed hard and even got a finger near my ass. I blasted a huge load in his mouth that he swallowed. He again gave me the most tender soft kiss. I loved the smell from his breath.

He took me to the bed and had me get on my stomach. He put a sexy xxx gay pillow that had been used in one of the films under my crotch that really turned me on, he spent about five minutes licking up and down my ass crack, ran his really big cock up my back all the way to my neck several times, actually ran his cock under my arm pits, and told me that his cock loved my whole body. WOW, this was the hottest thing possible. Finally, he whispered in my ear: "Baby, my cock "Rocky" ask permission to visit your ass. Can he fuck you?" Hell, this made me rock hard again. Dirk knew how to make me crazy for his cock.

I whispered with great lust: "Rocky, please fuck me. I want you inside me."

I felt Dirk drive his very big cock all the way into my ass. Soon he began to slowly move in and out of my ass. He used his cock to touch my ass walls, rube across my steamy hot prostate and reach a depth of my ass never before explored. I begged him: "Oh Baby, fuck me. Give me your seed. You win."

Those words so excited Dirk that his cock seemed to grow several more inches as he shot a river of ropey cum deep into my inner man pussy.

He pulled out and gave me his cum covered cock to clean with my tongue.

We spent the night at the condo as we watched the lights over the city. And I said: Dirk, I love you so much. You made me stars when yuo made love to me. I want to marry you. I will tell Mack tomorrow my decision."

Dirk started to cry, he dropped his tears on my cheeks as he began to kiss me. Soon I felt both of our cocks swell again as our bodies touched. I had made the right decision. Dirk was the one that set me in orbit. He was so kind and gentle. I did respect and admire Mack---a great guy but Dirk was the one for me.

The next day I met with Mack as I saw he was nervous. I kissed him and told him my decision. He was so kind and supportive. We went and met with Dirk and Mack congratulated him. We would continue to work together. We asked Mack to be our best man. He said he would be very honored to do so.

I thank Salish for his suggestion.

Peace and the End


Naughty Eric


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