By Mighty Mouth

       My name is Matt. I am a 35 year old college professor. I teach philosophy at the local state university just a few miles from my house. I say “house,” but I really should say farm.  I live on a twenty acre farm, with an old farm house and a barn. Of course I don’t farm, but I was raised on a farm, and can’t get it out of my system.

            About a half-mile from my farm there is an abandoned rock quarry that has filled with water and has become a swimmin hole for people for miles around. I say people, but only males go there, and many of them swim nude. I was on my summer break, and I decided to take a walk to the quarry to check it out. It was 10:30 a.m., and already hot. It promised to be a blistering day. Usually there is practically no one at the quarry early in the morning.  Most go in the afternoon. But I only visit it in the morning, for reasons you will know shortly.

            I don’t go there to swim. I go there to ogle, and try to get a dick to suck. There is a lot of underbrush, making it convenient to take a nude guy into it and suck him off. I could have worn shorts and a t-shirt, but I like people to thing that I am a farmer. So I dressed in my bibb overalls, my checkered shirt, and my straw hat.  The overalls also protect me from getting scratches in the bushes. I took along my thermos jug of ice water.

            When I got to the quarry, all sweaty, there were only two persons there. They were two boys who looked to be about eighteen years old. They were carefully not swimming too far from the quarry bank, because in the middle it is deep and very dangerous. They saw me arrive, and I yelled out, “hey guys, how’s it goin?” They answered OK and didn’t seem too interested when I sat down on a rock near their neatly-folded clothes.

            After a few minutes of frolicking, they came ashore, and sure enough there were naked.  More rewarding was that they had bigger than average cocks. I’m not good at judging cock length, but I’ve seen and sucked so many dicks that I know what is average, small, or large. One was about five feet ten, and had dirty blond hair.  The other was about five nine and had black hair.  Both had decent, semi-muscular bodies. From farm work, no doubt.

            When they came out of the water, they didn’t seem embarrassed or shy in front of me.  After all, I was dressed like a plain old farmer, so they couldn’t know that I was a cocksucker in disguise.

            While they were drying off, I started the conversation by asking, “You guys come here often?”

            The blond answered, “No, we live too far away, and neither of us has a car.”

            I introduced myself and the taller one, who seemed more aggressive, said “I’m Bill and he is Will. We both have the same name, but since we are buddies our friends use these names for us.  And we use them with each other.”

            Getting right to the point, I said, “Have you heard of a guy who comes here in the mornings to suck dick?’ Blondie replied that they didn’t know about it. It was hard to gauge their level of interest, but at least he didn’t answer, “Oh fuck that shit, I’m not interested in having a man suck me off.”

            So I continued my fairy tale by saying, “They say that he can take the biggest dicks all the way down his throat and never chokes. This remark got their attention. They seemed in no rush to get dressed, so I said, “I’ll bet you wished that cocksucker was here today.”

            Bill replied, “Ah, I donno.” What do you think Will?”

            To my surprise Will answered, “I’d be game.”

            So I sprung it on them. Well the cocksucker is here, sitting on this rock. They looked at me with stunned expressions.

            “You?” Bill almost shouted in disbelief.

            “Yes me, who wants to go first?”

            “I’ll go first,” Bill announced boastfully.  “But shouldn’t we go into the bushes?”

            I told him, “I don’t see the need to do so. There is nobody else here.”

            Bill nodded “OK”

            I said “Come on over to this rock I’m sitting on and just give it to me.”

            Bill practically lept to the rock, and as soon as I swallowed his already-swelling dick, he swooned, ‘That’s fantastic.” I suddenly realized that I was between a rock and a hard cock.

Will watched with wide-eyed wonder while I devoured his friend’s prick. His cock was getting rock-hard. With my great oral technique, Bill came very quickly.

            Will then said, “now its my turn. I want to find out if it feels as good as you say, Bill.”

            Bill then got dressed, but watched intently while Will got sucked off. “Wow, you’re right.  This is awesome. How can he take my dick all the way down his throat?” Will came as fast as Bill, taking no more than four minutes before he blasted a generous load down my throat.

            Bill then asked, “When can we see you again?”

            “Whenever you want,” I eagerly replied. I only live a half-mile in that direction, pointing to the woods nearby the quarry.

            “Well, we live in the same direction too” Bill stated.

            So I issued an invitation. “Then come with me, I’ll show you were I live.” Along the way I told them about my swimming pool, and said they could skinny-dip there anytime they wanted.

            When we got home, the boys admired my set-up. I gave Bill my phone number, and explained that he should always phone before dropping by.

            And so Bill and Will became regulars. Some days I would prepare lunch for them, and they ate nude beside my pool.


Mighty Mouth


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