The road seemed entirely too long as I drove to work on a Sunday morning. Even though I'd driven it countless times, I never worked on Sundays. Needless to say, I was a little pissed.

Let me really start by telling you that I work in a cave. I've worked there since I was 17, and now I'm 24. My name is Logan, and I'm just out of school. I played football for 5 years in college. Tight end. If you know anything about football, then you should know what I look like. My body was fantastic, and I got plenty attention from girls. But I wasn't interested.

I like guys.

People don't know that about me yet, but I'm not exactly hiding it either. If a girl asks me out, I just tell them I bat for the other team.

Anyway, back to my original tale. The reason I hate Sundays is because there is absolutely NOTHING to do. We never have tourists come in, and the managers are never there, so most of the time we just mess around and talk or read books.

When I arrived to open the cave up for the day, I was the only person there, making me even more furious. The last thing I wanted to do was spend an entire day in this place by myself.

Even though I really didn't want to, I dragged myself into the gift shop and began to unlock everything and get the money counted...pretty simple stuff. As I was putting the money in the register, I heard a car door. I was surprised that we actually might have a customer, when Stone walked in.

I know what you're thinking...a guy named Stone works at a cave? Yeah, I think it's kind of silly, but he gets a lot of tips and impresses the young women quite a bit.

He's kind of become a 'little brother' type of mine. He started about two weeks ago, and is still kind of nervous. He's incredibly handsome and just fresh out of high school. He'll be 19 in about a week. He's got short dark hair, beautiful blue eyes, and is on the slim side, but he's well built with muscular arms and a really awesome butt. Needless to say, I want him something fierce.

'Logan, I am so sorry I'm late! I got stuck behind a truck, and...'

'Stone, it's fine. We're never busy on Sundays and I really wasn't worried about it anyway. Besides, I didn't even know you were gonna be here today.'

'Yeah, I never work Sundays. Are we busy?' he asked me.

'Not at all. It's a total ghost town. We'll be lucky if we even have one customer today,' I replied.

He sighed a little and went into the back to clock in. I watched his tight behind the whole way.

He clocked himself in, and moved to check the schedule. 'Looks like it's just you and I today!'

'What?' I asked, kind of starting out of fear of him noticing me stare at him.

'You and I are the only ones scheduled for today! That's exciting, huh?'

Oh my God, an entire day with just me and Stone? My heart was pounding already. I had to try and make a move today. I know it sounds creepy, but I really feel like he's gay. I think he's just more forward with it than I am. I finally found my voice again...

'Yeah, that's awesome! Looks like we'll have some time to get to know each other.'

Yeah, that seemed innocent enough.

Stone made his way back to the front counter, and appeared on the other side, opposite me. Directly across from me. Sigh.

'So, why don't we have customers on Sundays?' he asked me imploringly.

'Well, no one really likes to visit places on a Sunday,' I responded. 'You know, people have church or want to sleep in. And it's a family day, or something. Today's going to be boring, so just buckle in.'

'Damn, I was hoping to get some extra practice in today. I know I can do tours on my own, but I really wanted to, you know, fine tune my craft, so to speak,' he crooned. I laughed. Not because I was hoping he'd notice, but because it was funny.

Suddenly, I was struck with an idea.

'Hey, why don't we just lock the door, you know, in case someone does come by, and I can take you in the cave and show you some things that aren't on the normal tour?'

Stone nearly wet himself from excitement.

'Would you really? That would be just fantastic!' he almost shouted.

'Okay, calm down,' I said. 'Just grab your flashlight and let's go!'

He ran away from me as fast as he could. Just why on earth was he so excited?

I ran over, flipped the sign over to 'CLOSED' and bolted the door. Just as I turned around, he was behind me, and I thought I caught his eyes moving up to mine from my ass.

'You ready to go?' I asked.

'Yes! Let's go!'

I could almost feel him trembling with excitement as we walked the short distance to the cave door. I wondered why he was so excited...I really wasn't going to show him much, but eh, he's only 18 and must be easily excited. I didn't care. I was spending time with a hot 18 year old.

The door creaked slightly, and immediately I felt the chilly air of the old cave. I shivered slightly, and so did Stone. I thought it was adorable. Well, it was either I really liked this guy, or my lust was getting high.

Either way, I didn't care.

We crunched our way along the path, me leading with his flashlight. I didn't bother with the lights, seeing as we were going off the tour route and into the 'wild' portions. Soon, we came to a place where there's a beautiful rock formation that's still 'alive' and forming. To me, it seems like old news, but to Stone, it was the most impressive thing he's ever seen.

'Oh my God, that is so cool!' he exclaimed. 'How did you find this, and why don't we show people?'

'Well, I found out sort of by accident. I got lost on one of my first days here, and I found it. I spent hours here, and finally they sent someone in looking for me. I felt so embarrassed when they found me. But I managed to walk away from this formation. I've kept it a secret ever since.'

'Really? I think it's great! Thanks for sharing this with me!' he said.

'No problem, kid,' I replied. I tousled his hair. 'You're an awesome guy.'

'I think you're pretty awesome too,' he said. 'I'd hoped you felt the same way about me. I'm trying so hard to fit in here.' He sounded almost sad. I moved in closer to him. I put my hand on his shoulder and said, 'You don't have anything to worry about.

And then I kissed him. On the mouth. He responded eagerly at first, but then pulled back.

'What are you doing?' he asked, looking startled. Normal people might be ashamed at this point, but I was in sex mode.

'Are you kidding? Don't tell me you're not interested.' I took my shirt off, revealing my abs and pecs. His eyes immediately traveled down over my body, stopping at the V leading down to my jeans.

Then, as if someone had shot him out of a cannon, he leaped on to me, and his mouth found mine. Luckily, I caught him, but I wasn't focused on that. I was focusing on my tongue locking to his, searching every corner of his mouth with my tongue, and the rapid bulge growing in his jeans.

After a heavy make out session, I set him gently down, ripping his shirt off and his jeans, leaving him in his boxer briefs. He took off my jeans, and upon noticing I wasn't wearing underwear, he made a shocked noise at seeing how big my cock was. Erect, it's 9 inches. He got down on his knees and looked up at me, a plea in his eyes.

'Go ahead.'

That was all I had to say. He took my manhood into his mouth.

'Oohhh, your mouth feels so good!' I exclaimed. It had been almost a year since my last sexual encounter.

Man, he knew how to suck a dick. He'd go faster and faster and then he'd slow way down, making the tension almost unbearable!

After a minute or two, I pulled him back up to me, kissing him for what felt like an eternity. My hand found my way along his strong back and down into his underwear. My long finger found his hole, and he gave a small squirm of pleasure. He removed his underwear and then I sat against the wall. He looked slyly over at me, and after seeing my confused look, he took the discarded flashlight and clicked it off.

We were left in complete darkness. I heard some shuffling, and soon he found me again. As if it took no time at all, his hand wrapped around my 9 inch member and soon, he sat directly on it, making me moan with immediate pleasure. His mouth found mine again, and he began moving up and down. Slow at first, and then he moved faster.

There we sat. Two horny guys fucking as if their lives depended on it. I'd been dying to do this with Stone ever since I laid eyes on him, and here he was.

God, his ass was so fucking tight! The both of us continued moaning, seeing as we were in an abandoned cave, we knew no one would hear us.

I could feel my seed rising up deep within me. As I tensed up, he began kissing my ear, and pleasure like I've never felt hit me. Soon, I let out a roar of immense joy and splattered Stone's prostate with my cum.

Not long after, I felt him tense as well, and soon my washboard stomach was covered in cum. He climbed off my cock and sat next to me, kissing me the whole way.

His lips released mine, and we were both panting as if we'd run a mile.

'Goddamn! You're an amazing fuck!' he shouted. 'I've wanted that dick ever since I started here!'

'And now you have it, boy. It's yours whenever you want it. As long as I can have that tight ass of yours,' I replied.

'I'm glad you said that,' he said. 'Because I'm never letting your cock go. It's mine now.'

Who knew he was such a controlling guy! I was completely okay with it, though. I had a feeling I'd never get over Stone.

I leaned over and whispered in his ear.

'You can have me.'

Once again, as if we hadn't been fucking for the last ten minutes, he jumped on me again, only this time he let me lead. My cock was pumping in and out like a jackhammer, and he was moaning and moaning like he was in a car on a bumpy road with bad shocks. He came within two minutes, and me within three.

Damn, this boy knew how to turn me on!

After collecting our clothes, we walked back to the gift shop naked, hands clasped together. We showered in the bathroom meant for campers in our campground, and then we got dressed in silence.

As I expected, no one was in the parking lot, and no one had called. We were totally alone, and it had only been about an hour.

He sucked me off two more times that day, and we promised to keep our relationship a secret.

We requested to work every Sunday from then on.


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