'No, damit, I said reddish-brown hair,

not red. Don't you people know the difference.'

'There are no people, at the moment,' a

female voice said over the communication's console, 'if you would

like a human representative one can be provided...'

'No, asshole, I just want what I

ordered. I want a model TIFF-100 with reddish-brown hair, blue

eyes, a slender finger and nice firm six inch tits. Do you

understand, asshole?'

'As I have stated many times, sir, my

name is not asshole it is representative 35 at the Dolly Glorious

Corporation, providers of sexual pleasure to the...

'Yeah, whatever. Just send me what I

ordered,' Jethzippy Horaliace slapped his hand on the 'contact'

button and watched the synthetic AI fade on his screen.

'Morons, the world if full of fucking

morons,' Jet seethed as he stalked his small apartment on the

439th floor. He stopped at the huge holographic window and

looked out at the city below. In reality his apartment was near

the center of his building, nearly a quarter of a mile from the

nearest window. But all apartments were treated to a holographic

view of what the outer apartments saw.

Northeastern, or what used to be known

as New York City ages ago, was a multi-layered city of contrasts.

On the bottom of the city lived the poorest people, those one

step from living in the gutters. Above the 1000th floors, up in

the sunlight, were the very rich of the city. The middle class

lived anywhere in between in perpetual darkness.

In the harbor stood the Japanese

mega-complex. Looking much like the Eiffel Tower it towered into

the sky and disappeared into space 20 or 30 miles above. Behind

it, fading off into the distance, were at least seven more

buildings just like it.

Nobody was exactly sure how tall JC1 was

since it continued to sink into the bay, but they continued to

add more stories to the huge central structure. What Jet did

know was that the complex was so tall that spaceships landed and

debarked passengers at the top of the structure in a manner

reminiscent of the Hindenburg in the first part of the 20th

century. It is said that passengers going from the uppermost

level to sea level, rode for an entire day or more in an

assortment of different elevators.

Under the sea was an entirely different

world, a world largely centered around shipping and receiving

cargo from other planets and bases around the galaxy.

As he watched a space ship rose up out

of the sea, a huge wave came crashing towards shore, but the

automatic barriers rose and protected the buildings perched atop

piers miles from the real shoreline. As he watched the old tramp

freighter struggled to pull free of Earth's gravity, still

dripping gallons of water from it's tail. Eventually it lit the

perpetual cloud cover formed by the greenhouse effect and glowed

as it pierced the cloudy layer and disappeared through open space

above. It was another horrible waste of earth's resources.

There were complexes similar to the Japanese complex before him

where cargo could be lifted by elevator to platforms in space.

This was the cheapest way, of course, so they continued burning

the resources that earth so badly needed. Jet's eyes went back

to the Japanese complex, wondering why they didn't offer to lift

cargo into space. Didn't they care?

'Morons,' Jet said looking at the

complex in envy. Only the elite of Japan's citizens lived there

now to get away from the European smog that hung over Japan and

the big continent, permanently obscuring the sky and any form of

sunlight which might try to penetrate. At least Americans tired

to keep their skies, and seas clean. Little good it did since

the rest of the world did what they wanted.

Jet knew a lot about Earth's resources

and how things worked, he was a government programmer for the

earth's central AI, or artificial intelligence core. It was

similar to a computer, but made from tons of segmented human

brain tissue. It was believed by some that a really good

programmer could communicate with the AI in such a way that it

could solve all of Earth's problems and dilemmas. Bull shit, Jet

thought to himself. He looked at the chronometer implanted in

the back of his hand and seethed at the delays. The TIFF-100

should have been there by now. The TIFF- 100 was the most

advanced Dolly ever made. Jet had been largely responsible for

it's programming, thus had free access to it's robots for life.

Dollies were used almost exclusively by Earth's residents now.

Dollies had been invented to help stop the venereal diseases

running rampant across the Earth. They had started as a plague

in China in the first part of the 21st century, then grown

expedintially worse doubling almost daily until they threatened

the entire Earth's population.

Dollies had made venereal diseases a

thing of the past. In fact man's subsequent seclusion had nearly

wiped out diseases altogether.

Ping, Ping the door chime sounded. Jet

and spun and faced the entrance to his apartment. The door had

been programmed to open automatically if his Dolly appeared. He

watched as a red haired TIFF-100 sex robot entered and looked

around in mock curiosity. It was all an act, a sex robot could

not be curious.

'What's up with the fucking red hair!'

Jet demanded, stomping up to the robot in anger. He reached for

her wig, but the insolent robot grabbed his hand and slapped it


'Naughty, naughty,' she said in a silky

smooth voice. Jet was intrigued, he had never heard such a sexy,

erotic voice in a TIFF-100 before. It certainly wasn't part of

his programming.

'Are you going to hurt me?' Jet asked,

going along with her program.

'Yes, little man. I'm going to hurt and

humiliate you. Bend down and lick my boots.'

'Are you kidding? I don't know where

those...' SLAP Jet felt the strong hand strike his backside. It

hurt, even through his uniform. Robots were strong.

'Ow, fuck,' he complained, rubbing his

burning ass.

'Get undressed,' the robot demanded.

'I won't.'

'Do you want me to rip your clothes off,

little man?'

'Go ahead, see if you can,' Jet said,

offering his paper uniform to the robot. She took it in her hand

and shredded it easily. She slid a rope out of her pocket and

backed him against the small bed. In a moment he was tied to the

bed, squirming in the chill air.

'You are going to eat my pussy,' the

robot demanded.

'I don't eat robot pussy, I never know

who's fucked it before. It could be full of cum and


'It is. I have a huge rubber bag inside

my abdomen where I store the nasty cum you humans put inside me.

I save it there where I make nasty little men like you drink it.

Like it or not you are going to eat me. If I don't like the way

you eat me, I'm going to stick a hand up your ass clear up to my

elbow. Understand?'

Jet shuddered in passion. 'I... I won't

and you can't make me you nasty little robot bitch. Come and


'Ok, have it your way,' the robot said,

placing the tips of her fingers against Jet's asshole.

'Ok, ok, I'll do it,' he finally said.

She jumped up, throwing a leg across his face. When Jet felt the

warmth and wetness against his face a chill ran up his spine when

he began to suspect that this robot might be a human. That was

crazy, of course, there were so many laws against human sex, that

nobody would take the chance on getting caught at it.

'You aren't human, are you mistress?'

Jet asked tentatively.

'Don't insult me little man or I'll hurt

you good,' she said, feeding her pussy to his reluctant mouth.

When he turned his mouth away she grabbed his hair and turned his

head while she stuffed her pussy into his mouth. He enjoyed the

taste despite himself. In a moment he was eagerly eating the

robot while she crooned and sighed above him. His tongue probed

deep into her pussy, then stroked her clitoris. She gasped and

humped against his face.

'Enough, little man. I have a two-way

strap on dildo here that will make you scream for mercy. I am

going to fuck your brains out, little man. Do you hear me?'

'Yes mistress, fuck my brains out,' Jet

said humbly.

She untied his ankles and wrists and

made him roll over. In a moment she opened her bag and retrieved

the strap-on dildo, inserting the crooked dick into her pussy,

and leaving the straight one for Jet's ass. She greased the head

while making erotic moans of pleasure, then climbed up on the bed

behind Jet and positioned the dildo in his ass. With a brutal

thrust of her rigid dick, she entered his ass. Jet screamed,

lowering his face to the bed. She ignored his muffled sobs and

she stroked the dildo in and out of his ass. The loose strap

allowed her own dildo to stimulate her pussy as she fucked Jet in

the ass. It was the perfect way to get things started.

'Do you like this, whore?' the robot

asked as she grunted and groaned on Jet's back.

'Yes mistress, I like it a lot. Harder,

mistress, please.'

'I'll give you harder, you fucking

lesbian bitch,' she said, slapping her hips against Jet's ass.

'There, bitch, there's your harder. Do you like that?'

'Yes mistress.'

'Will you like it enough to give me a

blowjob when I'm done?'

'What?' Jet asked in horror. He

certainly wouldn't give her a blowjob after she had fucked his

own ass.

'You heard me slave, I want a


'No way.'

'What!' she screamed, slapping him on

the back of the head.

'I said no. Now get off me bitch,' he

yelled, struggling.

'Not yet, I haven't cum yet. I'm coming

now,' she cried, pumping his ass harder. 'Oh fuck, I'm cumming

so hard,' she said and ended with a long, drawn out scream. Jet

waited patiently while she grunted in the throes of orgasm, then

lifted up to look back as she relaxed.

'My turn, let me fuck you,' Jet pleaded.

'No, I think a blowjob is in order,' she

said with a smile.

'I told you I ain't doing that,' he said

with finality. She slapped him hard and grabbed his prick. It

was standing out like her own fake prick, but his was decidedly


'Not you, you fucking slut, me. I'll

give you a blowjob.'

'Ok, but no biting this time. You bit

me last time,' he complained as she sank to her knees at the side

of the bed and untied him. He sat up with a sigh and she put her

face into his lap. Jet groaned at the first contact with her hot

red lips. Again he suspected, just a little, that this robot

might be human. He shuddered at the decadence of such a


'You taste like you've been fucking

another robot, you little slut,' the robot said in a stern voice.

'Have you?'

'Sylvia... I mean mistress. I never get

fucked by anybody but you. Don't stop.'

The robot bobbed her mouth up and down

on his prick as her hand stroked it's base. Jet felt his balls

begin to burn and in a moment his hard, throbbing cock began

spewing cum into her hot, red mouth. He moaned as she drank down

his cream, then looked up at him, smacking her lips. Suddenly,

Jet was sure. This was a woman, no robot.

'Your human!' he accused, pushing

himself back on the bed until his back rested again the wall.

'Of course I am. For the first time in

over a hundred years, a human has fucked another human. How did

you like it, little man?'

'NO!' Jet's screamed at the top of his

lungs. His eyes began to roll up into his head and saliva

dripped from the corner of his mouth.

'Oh John, that's gross,' the woman said

with a giggle.

'My name is not John, it's Jet,' he said

with his lips barely moving.

'If you keep it up I'm going to get a

camera and take a picture for the neighbors,' she said with a

laugh. John sat up suddenly and laughed, wiping the saliva on

the back of his hand.

'Pretty good, huh?'

'Not bad, Jethzippy, not bad at all. But

next time you can be the sex robot and I'll be the human,' Sylvia

said, heading for the big screened flat tv to turn off the fake

city landscape they had downloaded from the internet.

'No way. I found a new picture, a

picture of an alien harem. I thought we might invite a few of

your female friends and your sisters,' John said with a sly


'John, you asshole,' she started for him

with clawed fingers. Robots grew angry rather quickly, even in

the 21st century.


Michael Shuler

[email protected]


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