As I waited behind the secret door, I heard the boy wonder enter the room. I knew the ambitious, overconfident young do gooder couldn't resist trying to go it alone. Bruce Wayne was away on an important business trip, which served my plan perfectly.

I had sent a message anonymously that important clues could be found at this address regarding the whereabouts of cat woman. I knew Robin would love to capture her, being the red blooded young man he was.

I watched through a two way mirror, as he cautiously walked around the room. Soon he would be mine, his gorgeous body my plaything! My penis stiffening at the sight of him.  He was becoming a man, a fine growth of light brown hair now covering his partially gloved muscular forearms. His shapely legs covered in stretchy tights that accentuate every delicious curve.  Even soft, his manhood making a nice size bulge in his green speedo trunks.

Then he walks over the cabinet, which I have rigged. He turns the door knob, and as he begins to pull open the door a spray of white vapor engulfs his face. He staggers back, managing to get out "Uhhh....knockout gas" before passing out, and falling to the floor. I emerge from my hiding place, and stand triumphantly over the unconscious young hero.

I take a moment to admire my catch, then I snap a cell phone picture of Robin knocked out, and helpless on the floor. It is the first of many Batman will receive documenting the deflowering, and eventual turning of his precious Robin. Now that I've handled the business end, it's time for pleasure. I kneel down next to my new toy. My hands caress his muscular thighs, enjoying the softness of the tights over the firmness of his shapely legs. My cock throbs in my pants. My hand finds its way to the bulge in his trunks. I slide my fingers between his speedo trunks, and his tights. My fingertips stroke his sleeping penis, circling the fat head. It begins to respond to the stimulation,thickening beneath my fingers. The boy is so virile, that even while unconscious, his penis is ready at a moment's notice.

I realize that if he comes to right now, I would have a problem. I stop groping his delicious body, and set about getting him tied up. I tie him in a standing spread eagle, each limb secured. While tying his wrists, I take a moment to feel his powerful arms, which are now safely secured. When he comes to, I'm sure he'll flex and struggle, I can't wait to hear him grunt.

But now It's time for another picture. I pull Robin's speedos down his thighs a bit. His penis, though not hard, is still slightly fluffed from my gentle caressing earlier. Every detail is visible through the thin spandex tights. I stand back a few feet, to get a full frame pic. His body upright, but stretched out, head slumped forward. This should get Batman's blood boiling I think, the boy's delicious package exposed like this.

I'm now so hard that pre cum is seeping from the head of my cock. I walk behind Robin, eying that muscular ass. The seam of his tights nicely dividing each buttock. I remove my pants, freeing my throbbing erection. I can't resist grinding it in his ass crack, the feel of his nylon covered ass is heaven. My face inches away from him, it's as if I can smell his masculinity. I reach around, once again stroking his virgin cock through the tights. It immediately responds this time, becoming fully erect. Then, he utters a soft moan, as he begins to regain consciousness. Still unaware of his surroundings, but responding to my skilled hand, his hips begin to flex. His buttocks seem to massage my dripping cock. I was planning on shooting my first load in the boy's mouth, but the pleasure is so pure. I explode, shooting cum all over his ass crack, painting his tights with a huge wet spot.

I grab my camera, and snap a picture. Then I walk around to the boy's front, and snap a picture of his full blown erection. I wonder, has Batman seen this sight? I'm sure Batman has feelings for the boy, it's obvious in the way he protects and coddles him. But I suspect Batman is waiting for the boy to turn 21. That's why it will be so much fun to steal his virginity.

Robin's head began to move a bit, lifting up. "Uhhhh, what happened? " mumbled the still woozy hero. Then..."ughh, who are you?" As he realizes that he is tied up securely. He strains against his bonds, grunting and flexing. I laugh, "save your strength for me, boy wonder." Although your even cuter when you flex those arms" I say, squeezing his biceps.

"Why are my trunks pulled down, what have you been doing to me, you fiend?" His erection long gone now. My cum drying on his ass, gluing his tights to the skin. I reach behind him, touching the wet spot. "Just target practice, my hot young friend." The next load will be in your boy pussy".

"You sick freak!" He spouts, struggling again. "Wait until Batman finds me, you'll pay!" He says, defiantly. I return with,"by the time I'm finished with you, batman will have nothing to do with you. You'll be tainted, and undesirable to him."

I reach into a black bag, and pull out a vibrator. "What's that? What are you doing?" He asks, much less confidently now. I stand in front of him, and place the tip of it on his inner thigh, just  above his knee. Then I slowly work up his inner thigh until it's inches away from his cock. As I get closer, I can see his penis is already fattening, straining against the stretchy tights. By the time it touches his testicles, his cock looks like a snake under a blanket, moving and growing before my eyes. He lets out an involuntary moan, as I slowly drag the vibrator up his rock hard shaft. He is panting now, and a small spot of precum appears on his tights. "Feels good huh, boy?" "Wait until I get free, you'll be sorry!" He says. I laugh, turning off the vibrator. It's not time for him to come yet.

I step back, grabbing my camera. Then I come in closer, to get a pic of the pre cum spot at the head of his swollen cock. After that I put my finger in the wet spot, then up to my mouth, licking it. "Mmm, the sweet taste of virginal nectar" I say, standing inches away from my captive.

Robin, who now has regained his composure, after nearly coming from the vibrator, decides this is his chance. He draws his head back, and head butts me as hard as he can. I see stars momentarily, and then rage sets in. I pull back my fist, delivering a hard right hook to his jaw. His head snaps back, then rolls forward as he blacks out. A small drip of blood runs out of the corner of his lips. I realize this is a hot look for him, my cock is once again at full attention. I snap another pic of him knocked out with a bloody lip.

I wasn't planning on him being unconscious at this point, he brought that on himself. When I enter him, he needs to feel it. I take the opportunity to rip his speedos the rest of the way off. Then I rip a hole in his nylon tights, allowing me access to his sweet boy pussy. I begin fingering his hole. Even while unconscious, while he's the most relaxed, it's tight. It will never be the same after my fat cock ruins him. About the time a get a second finger in, he begins to regain consciousness, groaning. I lean forward now, my mouth next to his ear. "Did you learn your lesson?" I say, biting at his ear.

"You'll never get away with this!" He says in a self assured tone of voice. To which I answer "you seemed to enjoy what I was doing until I stopped. Batman, or any man has never brought you to the edge of orgasm like I did." "You used a torture device on me, you fiend" he says, justifying his body's reaction.

"No, Robin, I think you want me." I say, pushing the fat head of my engorged cock inside the hole in his tights. I rest it up against his puckered hole. Then he hears the buzzing of the vibrator, as I bring it around the front of him, finding his cock once again. After a moment or two, he is fully aroused again. His hips begin flexing, my cock riding his crack, staying hard for what's next. His breathing begins to shallow, and  even though he's trying to suppress them, I can hear moans of pleasure.

Once again, I take away the vibrator before he can cum. I reach up inside the hole I've ripped in the crotch of his tights, and pull his precumming erection back between his legs. I pull firmly back towards me, he moans. "Don't you cum yet, boy!" He manages a defiant, breathy, "Never!"

I lean forward, and whisper "ready, boy wonder?" Then I spit on my finger, lubing his hole. He squirms, his cock begins to soften a little in my hand. I let go of his dick, and grab his hips. I push the head of my dick just inside on his hole. No longer cocky, he pleads. "please, no, oh please don't!" Whimpering a bit while I push a little further. Then I draw back, and plunge my fat cock all the way in.  He lets out a high pitched, almost feminine moan. Then in nearly a whisper, "" before fainting from the pain. The feel of his tight hero boy hole around my cock is heaven. I plunge about four more times into my limp fucktoy, before shooting deep into his ass.

I pull out, then put my pants on. I grab the camera, and go in for a close up shot of my cum oozing out of his stretched out hole. As spread open as it was with the hole in his tights, and all the cum, it almost looks like a pussy now. Batman will fume over this, ha ha ha!

Before leaving, I decide to do the boy a favor. I get down on my knees in front of him, and grab his cock. He has recovered from his fainting spell, but is so ashamed of having been fucked by a man even before a woman, that he won't make eye contact. He is beaten. I stroke his beautiful cock lightly, and it stiffens immediately. I put it in my mouth, and he cums in mere moments. His whole body quivers, as his delicious hero cum shoots into my mouth.

At this point, he makes eye contact. We both know he belongs to me now. But, I simply put the address where he can be found in the email to Batman, along with the pictures. Then I leave.

Batman will face his own trap, one of a different sort....




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