As the Halloween party that I had been invited to drew nearer, I was getting excited about creating my costume. I had always wanted to dress up like a superhero! The party was going to be a mix of men and women from the greater nyc area, most of whom I would probably never see again, as I was visiting my friend Todd. I had spent a fair amount on a Robin boy wonder outfit(red shirt, green speedo trunks, utility belt, cape,gloves, mask, and boots). The costume came without tights, so I went shopping. I found a pair of tan tights that looked to be the right color, I tried them on. I pulled the silky, stretchy nylon tights up my legs and the rest of the way up, I immediately sprung a throbbing erection! The look and feel of the tights on my legs, ass, and cock was amazing.

I realized that I had better take them off before they got stained by the pre cum that I felt building it's way towards the engorged head of my penis(which I decided looked fabulous in tights). After carefully peeling them down my legs, which I now deemed of true boy wonder sexiness, I proceeded to masturbate, reaching a huge orgasm In mere moments.

Even though my legs were already quite muscular, I spent the next week doing some cycling at Todd's gym, I wanted to look extra hot at the party. Todd's boss was hosting the party. He was a super sexy mature man, and even though I was pretty sure he was straight, (a married guy, but that doesn't always mean anything) I was hoping he might notice me in my skin tight costume!

On the night of the party, I got dressed at Todd's apartment. He was meeting me at the party, as he had to work late. I put on the costume,and it looked awesome. I hadn't had the entire thing on, as last time I never made it passed the tights. I looked in the mirror, and was instantly hard once again. I pulled out my rock hard dick, stroked it less than 5 times, and proceeded to shoot cum on the mirror! Whew "Robin, you bad boy" I laughed.

Once at the party, I noticed several of the women, and a few of the men checking me out. As I had a few drinks, and chatted with people, I made a point of playing the role of Robin. I stood with my gloved hands on my hips, legs slightly apart. Even though I was at this party as a guest of Todd's, we were at opposite ends of the large lounge. I was having fun, meeting some new people. I still hadn't seen Todd's boss Rex.

Todd approached me after a while, and explained that he had a terrible headache, he was going home, but wanted me to stay and continue to have fun. A short time later, a rather tall man that I hadn't seen before this point approached me. There was another huge man standing next to him with a beer in his hand. The tall man spoke " Rex is hosting a small private party next door, he wanted to extend an invitation to you and Todd". I explained that Todd had just left. "No problem, are you in?" "Yeah", I said trying not to seem to excited. He said his name was Steve, we shook hands. "Follow me", he said as he headed towards a door that exited to the alley. I barely noticed that his buddy was following us out into the alley. "We're going in the back door of this next building. As we walked past the edge of the building we had just exited, we turned down a narrow passage between the two buildings.

That was when "Steve" and his partner each grabbed an arm of mine, pulling me roughly back against the brick wall. They were incredibly strong. I tried to pull free "what the..." I spouted.

That was when Rex stepped out of the shadows. "Well, if it isn't the boy wonder" he said sounding like a villain in the batman and robin series. Even though I was obviously in real trouble here, I couldn't help but notice how surreal the whole scene was.... Here's two goons holding me as I struggle in front of a man who meant me harm.

"So, it seams that our friend in tights here is a crime fighter in real life,...right detective?"

 "Huh?.. What are you talking about?" I said, totally confused.

"My sources have informed me that there is an undercover FBI agent sniffing around my extra curricular activities. Todd tells me you have asked questions about me specifically."

That's when it made sense. I had asked about Rex, but only because I thought the man was incredibly hot, and I was hoping to find out if he was possibly bisexual. Well, I've really done it now, I thought to myself.

"No, you have to believe me. I'm a real estate agent, not an FBI agent!" He seemed to ignore this. "I'm sure you're wired, and considering how your dressed(he said while looking over my skin tight costume) I'm guessing it will be in this utility belt", he said while reaching towards my waist. Once he was near enough, I saw my chance. I used the men who were holding me in place as my supports, I drew up both legs and kicked him as hard as I could. He fell backwards. With all my strength, I tried to pull free of the two men's grip on me, but couldn't. The thug on my right side pulled a pistol out of his waistband, and hit me over the back of my head. I immediately saw stars, and my knees buckled. Then I lost consciousness.

I'm not sure how long I was out. The next thing I was aware of was the smell of old carpet. My eyes focused, and yep I was laying face down on the carpeted floor of an old panel van. As I came to more fully, I tried to get up. That was when I realized my arms were tied at the wrists. I felt hands grabbing my ankles, pulling them together. Then the prickly feel of hemp rope fibers poking through my tights. I lifted my head, and saw Steve tying a knot in the rope. My survival instincts kicking in again, I drew back my legs, (which failed to carry me to safety earlier) and kicked Steve square in the chest. He dropped the ends of the rope as he fell backwards gasping for air momentarily. I kicked out of the unfinished knot, and got to my knees. My head was still spinning from being knocked out earlier. I looked up to see Steve's hand with a white rag in it coming towards my face. "Nap time isn't over yet, Boy Wonder", Steve said with an evil grin.Already woozy, and tied at the wrists, I was no match for the strong arm holding the rag over my face. I went limp, falling back against Steve as I blacked out.

Apparently the van I had woke up in was merely transportation to a more useful space in which to hold a kidnapped costume party superhero. Before I even came to, I could feel pain in my arms and legs. That feeling you get when you have been sleeping on one side too long, and your body takes over and makes you roll over. But I couldn't move. As I woke up from the chloroform knockout I found that I was tied spread eagle on some sort of exam table. I looked up, and the goon who had konked me over the head earlier was standing over me. He was smiling a creepy smile, coupled with that blank look that people of limited intelligence have. Very unsettling. "I told your boss, I'm not a cop!" I said, struggling against the ropes that held me.

"He will find out for sure, don't worry" the goon said stepping closer, and placing a thick fur covered hand on my thigh. "And anything left of you after that belongs to me as payment for carrying you all the way in here, and taking such good care of you" he said while running his meaty paw down my nylon covered leg towards my ticklish ankle. My leg twitched involuntarily as he reached my lower calf. His smile wider yet, and then I noticed the enormous bulge in his khakis. Holy crap, the big man's cock was fully erect! He slid his hand lightly back up my leg, this time continuing until he reached my crotch. His fingers sliding between my tights, and my green speedo trunks, where they stroked the head of my penis once before he removed his hand. Even though I was frightened and angry, this brute's hand on me had its affect. I could feel my penis beginning to swell. I was ashamed and angry at myself for getting aroused by this caveman with body odor. Then he leaned in close, his face close enough for me to smell his breath. He whispered in my ear. "Maybe if you call out for Batman, he'll come to your rescue hehehe". As he spoke, he reached down and squeezed my cock painfully hard. "Come on, let's hear you say-Batman, help!! He he he". No longer feeling aroused, I turned my head and spit in his face. He drew back, and backhanded me hard enough to make me see stars. Once I could focus my eyes again, I saw him grabbing at his own bulge. He winked.

That was when Rex walked in. "Ahh, you're awake!" He said with a cheerfulness that made me even more afraid of him. "Let's get down to business, shall we? I see you've had a chance to meet Ben. He is going to help you tell me everything I want to know. I think he may be a bit fond of you, making sure you are nicely secured to this table." He said with a wicked laugh. "I am sorry that I don't have a giant saw to threaten you with, or an enormous bbq grill, like the real Boy Wonder would be tortured with" he said, laughing again.

Ben then rolled a cart in my direction, it had some sort of electronic equipment that looked medical in nature. There were dials and an led screen, but the wand with the thick rubber cord is what caught my attention. Rex spoke again. "This is a fun little toy, it can go from a tickle to a shark bite at the turn of a dial. But, before we play with it you could just tell me what you already know, and who you report to." I tried to explain again that I was not who he thought I was.

"Ben, show our friend what it does." Ben grabbed the wand, and turned the dial up a few notches. He touched the tip of the wand to my right wrist. I braced myself for pain. What it did instead was a strangely pleasant tingle, very electric. The hair on my forearm tingled, and stood on end. Then he moved to my armpit, both of my nipples stood up, visible through the spandex robin tunic. As pleasant as this felt, I just knew it would turn to pain. This was electricity, after all.

Next, he placed the tip of the wand below my navel, but above the top of my speedos. The sensation was overwhelming, as the current seemed to go straight into my penis. I moaned in pleasure, unable to do anything else. My cock throbbed harder than it ever had in my life. As it stiffened, the feel of the silky nylon tights gently stretching against it as it made its way pointing north was unbelievable. I let out another moan, my hips rocking, thighs flexing. I was lost in the feeling, enjoying the feel of the skin tight Robin costume on my body. I felt an orgasm building in my loins. I momentarily seemed to forget how serious my situation was. Ben saw I was about to cum. He pulled the wand away. I regained my composure. I noticed that Ben's erection had returned, with the addition of a pre cum spot on his pants. That may not end well for me, I thought.

Rex looked at Ben, and nodded. Then Ben turned the dial several notches, and placed the tip of the wand at the same spot near my navel. The pain was paralyzing. I moaned again, but in pain this time. Rex asked "who are you working under, what do you know? I couldn't even speak, the pain was too great. I pulled frantically against my binds, grunting and moaning in agony. Ben was obviously enjoying this, his free hand stroking his erection through his pants. Rex spoke again. "Crank it up more! He will talk." Ben did as told, and moved the wand up to my chest. The pain was overwhelming, and I passed out. When I began to regain consciousness, I sensed movement. Then I realized I was being carried down a dimly lit hallway, cradled in Ben's massive, fur covered arms. My face nestled in the thick rug of brown fur covering his broad chest, the hair catching a small amount of drool that streamed from my mouth. His man smell even stronger at this proximity. I am a smaller man at 5'6", but the giant man carried me as easily as a small child. I lifted my head, it felt like it weighed 1000 lbs. "Welcome back, little buddy" he said. "Good news! Right after you fainted, Steve informed Rex who the cop was. So you were me!"

As I tried to get free, my muscles failed me. I felt incredibly weak, my muscles trembled when I tried to move. "Don't bother, it will be a while before your strength returns. It's from the electrical current you took. Don't worry, I'll make sure you get everything that you need in the mean time, hehehe." He said, as he lowered my spent body to a stained mattress on the floor in the room we were now in." Since I don't know how soon you'll regain your strength, I'm taking no chances." He handcuffed both of my wrists together, then secured them to the bed post. "You have a nice body, I bet you would like to take a swing at me" he said while he felt the muscles in my forearms. "You have no idea how hard it's been to patiently wait for Rex to turn you over to me. Carrying your gorgeous limp body in your sexy costume, my hands all over you...grrrr. Now I'm gonna make you my boy, Boy Wonder!" He pulled my speedo trunks down my legs, removing the green boots next. "Let's both get more comfortable." He ran his huge, hairy hands back up my legs. "Let's leave these tights on you for now, daddy likey!" He then took off his shirt, and I realized how much the man resembled a gorilla. The brown fur started at his full beard, and covered his torso and arms. Then he took off his pants, revealing the enormous cock that had bulged in his khakis. Fear made my blood run like ice water through my veins. I tried again to get away, but nothing... Every effort was exhausting, causing me to get light headed.

Ben then approached me, getting on the mattress. He knelt next to my head, and I could smell that fat cock. It was at least 8 inches, looking like a small arm. He rubbed it against my face, smearing pre cum on me. Then he crammed it in my mouth, I gagged as he kept pushing it in deeper. I couldn't breathe, my body began to flail as I gasped for air. He finally pulled out. "You'll learn how to suck, boy. And you'll like it." Next he reached down, and began stroking my thighs lightly.The feel of the stretchy nylon tights between his hands and my flesh had the same affect as earlier. My penis rapidly stiffened. He seemed pleased by my reaction to his touch, and his hand moved up to the growing bulge in my tights. "You need a good fucking, don't you? Let's face it. You've fought back as best as you could this whole time, but I think you secretly like being man handled and tied up." His hand continued stroking my cock, which was now seeping pre cum like crazy. I moaned in pleasure, not wanting to encourage him, but unable to stop it. "See, daddy knows what boy wonder needs" he said, while grabbing me by the waist and flipping me over face down. The handcuffs on my wrists tightened up he did this, and I whimpered a bit in pain. "Oh, you'll be making more noise soon", he said climbing on top of me. His fat erection now pressed into the crack of my ass, the pre cum seeping through my tights. He pulled my shirt up, and rubbed his hairy chest against my back. Then he bit at my neck, and I let out another moan in pain. I was frightened at what may be next, but at the same time I was so aroused by the feel of his fur on my back, and that hard cock grinding on my tights. "I got to release a little pressure, boy. When I open your hole later, I want to be able to take my time". He rode my crack for a few more seconds before coming explosively. His hot jizz shot up through my crack, soaking my tights and making it half way up my back. Then he laid on me, smearing that cum into his belly and chest fur. I was so lost in arousal that I actually hoped he would make me lick it off of him.

What was wrong with me? This guy needs a shower, and definitely is a few cards short of a full deck, but he had me in ecstasy.

Ben got up, and used the flannel shirt he'd just took off to wipe off his monster dick. Amazingly, it was still erect. "Wait here", he said laughing sarcastically. "I'll go get our toy!" As I laid there with his cum drying on my tights, gluing them to my ass, I hoped he wasn't referring to the wand that already had reduced me to a quivering mass of useless muscle.

He returned a short time later, rolling the cart with the machine. "Don't worry boy wonder, I'll only use the force for good, hehe." He got back on the mattress with me, delivering one firm swat a crossed my ass. I let out a moan of pain. "I'm gonna fuck that sweet little ass, do you want that boy?" I replied "NO!" He spoke again, "that's what our toy is for". He reached down, and ripped the crotch of my tights open. His thick finger pushing into my hole, I tried to clench down denying him entry, but it was more painful. He held his finger up to his nose. "Mmm, your pussy smells good!" He held it up to my nose next. "Daddy's gonna get that." I had never seen a cock that fat, I was scared to death.

Ben plugged in the machine and turned the dial, I couldn't tell how high. He grabbed the wand, and got on the mattress. I braced myself, hoping that if he had it cranked, I might be lucky enough to pass out sooner than later. Ben placed the tip of the wand on my left ass cheek. It felt as it did the very first time. It was like an electric massage that spread deep into my body. He moved it around my ass, reaching the hole in my tights. The pleasure was unbelievable, my cock was so hard it felt like it could pound nails. My ass rocking back and forth, as I humped the dirty mattress under me. "You're like a cat in heat, boy! Now, if you want me to fuck that boy pussy of yours, you have to ask for it. Do you want daddy's cock?" As overwhelmed with lust as I was, I still didn't want that horse cock splitting me in half. "NO, Please..." I begged. Ben laughed. "You will, trust me".

Ben pulled the tip of the wand away for a moment. He reached over and grabbed a bottle of lube, putting some on the wand. "This may conduct the current better" he warned. Having had a moment to regain some composure, I clenched up my whole defensively. It didn't matter. Once the tip of the wand reached the ring around my spinchter, the waves of pleasure were all I knew. I barely recognized my own moans. "Ooauuh, Ooauhh" as I humped the mattress again, drooling on the filthy mattress. The wand was like a key unlocking my spinchter. As Ben pushed the tip into my hole it seemed to open on it's own, welcoming the intrusion. He had about 6" of it in me now, and I was riding it. My ass rocking side to side, front to back. I couldn't have stopped if I wanted to. Every time it neared my prostate, the tingling would shoot through me. Every hair on my body stood on end, tingling.

Ben saw that I was about to come, he pulled the wand out of my hole. It felt like a hungry mouth, wanting to reach out after it. "Well, we are done with that." I laid on the mattress, face down panting in a pool of pre cum. He slid two fat fingers in me. "Do you want something, Boy Wonder?...Well?" I was defeated, a true disgrace to all superheroes, real or fake. In a small, weak voice..."fuck me, please". "I told you I'd have you begging" he said, as he mounted me.

As Ben pushed his massive cock into me, without the electric pleasure of the wand, the pain was unreal. Had I really asked for this? Instinctively, I tried to pull away (as best as I could while handcuffed), but he now had one hairy Popeye-like arm around my midsection, and one around my neck. He rode me hard, grunting and breathing hard in my ear. Deep inside me, his cock found my prostate. The stimulation pushed me over the edge, I began moaning and rocking side to side. I came hands free, soaking the front of my tights. His cock felt like a freight train in me. Ben spoke,"I like a little breath control, boy. We'll call this chapter two of your training." Ben drew the forearm around my neck tighter, as he quickened his pace fucking me. The lack of oxygen was having it's affect. I was feeling light headed, the room seemed to dim. My head hanging forward, face resting on the furry forearm that was cutting off the blood to my brain and limiting my breath. "That's right boy, I own your pussy now" he said, his voice sounding like it was coming from far away. As I lost consciousness and went limp, he shot his load deep within me.

When I came to I was laying in the alley, between a dumpster and the brick wall of a building. It was almost dawn. My boots were back on my feet, and my speedos were pulled back up. They mercifully covered the hole in the crotch of my tights, which were cum crusted to my shriveled cock now. Laying next to me was my utility belt. I checked to make sure my car keys were there, and found a small piece of paper. On it was a phone number, and nothing else. I knew who it had to belong to. The nerve, I thought! How does he know that I won't go to the police, I thought? But he knew I wouldn't. I was getting ready to throw it away, but I kept it instead...



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