I'm Robert. Don't like Bob or Bobby or Rob or Robby. I'm nineteen. I

left the farm in Iowa four months ago. I know I left 'ol Daddy in trouble

as I am the only help he got. I just couldn't hack it. Look, I'm pretty

strong but I'm a little on the slim side, Dad is six feet three, a monster

of strength. The short story is that he abused me---not sexually but

physically. He's been crazy since Mom died. I just couldn't take it

anymore and snuck out at night with only a change of clothes and fifty

bucks I had saved.

I'm in California the last few days. Very nice, warm too. In fact I'm a

little overdressed for the ninety degrees outside. I'm proud that I stayed

only one night in a motel. I save my money and sleep in parks or in cars I

find that are not locked.

I discovered something about me and the world. Adults fall in lust over

me. I knew I looked pretty good but now I am beginning to see myself in

their eyes. Perfect skin, bright blue eyes, deep brown wavy hair

and---well I might as well say it, a big cock.

Yesterday I was hitching from Northern California, down the Pacific Coast

Highway. A limo, uniformed driver and all stopped next to me. The dark

rear window slid down and a woman leaned out. 'Need a lift kiddo?' I took

her to be around sixty, but well preserved...dressed real expensively.

'Gee thanks, Mam,' I said politely, and put my hand on the front passenger


'No, no, boy, come in back with me.'

Why not, I thought. Poor ol' gal can't help herself from lusting over me,

'sides it's hot out here and cool inside.

Once I was inside, sinking back on the good smelling leather seats, she

reached for a cut glass bottle in a tray in front of her. 'Drink?'

'Sure.' Oh fuck, this was some strong stuff. The ol' gal must have a cast

iron stomach.

'What's a handsome boy like you on the road all alone?'

'Jes going from here to there.'

She took my hand in hers, rings cutting in, and asked my name. I tol' her.

'Now Robert, I have a great desire to kiss you.' She pushed a button and a

dark window cut off the driver's view of the back seat.

I gulped. 'Mam, let me have one more of those cockltails to put me in the

mood for cock and tail.'

She laughed. Looked pretty good when she laughed. Pretty teeth. I kissed

her. Good kisser. She leaned down onto my lap and opened by pants zipper

with great skill. Musta done it before. My now hard monster leapt out.

'Oh my God!' she exclaimed and proceeded to slurp it into her mouth. Now

I've fucked girls, and I've been sucked by man, woman and, er, even beast

(I can tell you right here I've never sucked or been fucked). I know a

good suck from a bad one. She was pretty good--maybe a six. I hadn't

creamed for two days so I gave her quite a load. I came quickly 'cause I

didn't think of this little suck as something to make last. Just get off

and then get out.

She leaned back in her seat, her little tongue licking her lips.

'Absolutely delicious. What do you eat that makes your sperm taste so


I told her plenty of milk each day, no meat and lotsa fruits. (I laughed

to myself at the last one.)

She stroked my whiskerless cheek. 'You're a beauty Robert, would you like

to come home with me?'

'Thank you very much Mam, but ought to get on my way. Say, you been real

nice to me, do you think you could lend me some dough and be sure to give

me your address so I can mail it back to you when I get a job.'

She opened her designer purse, exacted some bills and stuffed them into my

hand. 'You got innocent eyes but you are bad, but in a nice way.'

Once the car left I checked the bills. I almost fell over. There were two

fifties and some tens. She just reached in and didn't even know how much

she gave me. I was really in the money. I patted my crotch saying out

aloud, 'You did real good today.'

That night I treated myself to a motel room, washed my clothes and took a

long hot bath, taking special care to wash lil' Robert, cleaning out every

fold inside the cover. I had to stop that 'cause he was getting hisself

excited and there no money in doin' it alone, but it is nice.

Next day was Saturday. I slept until eleven. The sun was streaming in the

window. It's goin' be a hot one. A nice day for a cool movie. The little

local paper in the room listed a rerun movie house right near the motel. I

didn't have to check out, I had paid cash last night.

It was a hot walk, about six blocks to the little movie house. I stood

outside and looked over the stills pasted outside. Suddenly I felt someone

near me. It was a great, wide, muscular guy, maybe thirty, cropped blond

hair and one tattoo on his bulging arm muscle. His presence was so

powerfully sexual that I felt a beating of air on my face.

He spoke in a deep rough voice that made me shiver. 'Thinking of goin' in?

I thought fast. He seemed to be taken with me. He had a great face,

almost baby-like, button nose, wide thin lips framing his very white, very

big teeth. He smiled, looking like a little boy.

In fact his smile made me dizzy, it was so powerful. With a slightly

hoarse voice I said, 'I'm a little short. I guess I'll skip the movie.'

'No, no friend, I'll stake you. 'Cepting I expect you to hang out with me


Well, I would follow him anywhere, partly to keep smellin' that manly odor

of fresh sweat and faint b.o. and to gaze at his powerful body. The few

dollars for admission wasn't much of a hustle but 'lil Robert said yes as I

said 'Okay.'

Once inside I thanked him and started to enter the auditorium. He grabbed

my arm with his ham hands and pulled me over to the refreshment stand.

There was a very handsome latino kid there. 'Hey Julio,' said my big guy,

give me the key to the off duty room.'

Julio gave a blinding smile. Gee he really was cute, for a guy. Walt,

that was his name, continued to pull me along and up the stairs to a door.

He opened it, dragged me in, locked the door and stood in front of me.

Tell the truth, I sort of liked his pushing me around. I didn't have to

think and I was beginning to trust him and secretly hoped we could get it

on so I could see him stuff.


'Robert,' I said and smiled friendly like at him but he kept his face kinda

stern. Then with one gesture he pulled my tee shirt over my head. He

stared at my chest, licking his lips. Then he passed his big warm hand

over my right pec. This made me grunt in surprise.

'You got one perfect chest. No hair, pure pink white and tender. I knew

when I saw you in front that you were a hot twink who needed to take

orders. Here's my first order: take off your pants and lean over that


Almost like a zombie I did what he asked. I had no underwear on, it only

makes for more to wash. I was naked, my big cock looking a bit small and


I leaned over the table but I turned my head back to see him removing his

pants. 'Look I hope your not thinking of.....fucking me. I never have,

never will, never want that.' I started to get up but his hand on the

middle of my back effectively held me down. Then I let out a long '0-0-0'

sound as I felt his hand stroking my ass and slipping into my crack to

tickle my ass hole.

'This must be the most handsome ass in the United States. Perfect, not

even a birthmark. You got such good ass muscles that I can see right into

your crack to your anis.'

He leaned forward and then I felt an electric shock as his slippery tongue

began to lick my asshole. I began moaning like a bitch, it was so good.

'You like that boy, I knew you were into your ass but didn't know it. Wait

til you feel my cock sliding in. I have the perfect cock for a first timer,

long to reach and thin so if won't cause pain. I promise you will have a

happy ending.'

Now he slipped his tongue into my ass and was fucking me with it, like a

small cock. I realized I was really being fucked and I had lost the game

already. Now the head of his cock was knocking at my rear door.

'Open up baby boy. You know your aching for my dick to slide in.'

I tighened my ass hole, fighting him. Suddenly he gave my right ass check

a stinging slap. I opened up. He slid in. I howled with pain. 'Stop it

Daddy.' I said without realizing it. He laughed. He liked that.

The pain began to ease up as my canal stretched. Now he was moving in and

out and he was passing over my boy G spot. I began moving to meet his

strokes. He was laughing with pleasure at my surrender.

Just than the door knob rattled. 'Who's that?' Walt called out.

'It's Julio. Can I join the party?'

'Yeah sure.' He whispered in my ear 'He's real hot. You'll enjoy him.'

Julio came in rubbing his bulge, his eyes shining. He dropped his shorts

and slipped off his shirt. He was great looking, pretty tan, nice

swimmer's muscles and a long slim cock just beginning to rise to the

occasion. His deep lavender ball sack hung long between his legs. He came

close, took his cock in his hand and wiped across my mouth. I opened my

lips like a good boy. He slid in right up to his pubes. They smelled so

good, like Irish Spring mixed with a spicy man's odor. His cock was going

further into my throat. I never thought I would ever suck but I was suck

crazy now, stroking and squeezing him with my throat muscles. He was

babbling in Spanish and calling on all the saints he knew. Meanwhile Walt

behind me was moaning loudly. 'I near coming boy. Are you ready to take

my hot soup?'

My mouth was full but I spoke in a muffled voice. 'Yes, yes, cum in me.'

A moment later he fell over my back as his cum made him weak. I felt my

insides being pelted with not slimy cum. My knees began to feel weak. I

hung onto Julios 30' waist and around his elegant ass cheeks. He began

crooning and speaking unintelligently. Suddenly he froze and delivered

buckets of cum into my sucking mouth. Whore boy that I had become, I

swallowed it all.

The three of us disengaged and slid to the floor. We were really spent.

Finally Walt said to me, 'Get dressed and take a seat last row under the

balcony and wait for me, I have some fucking business with Julio's ass.'

Julio sat up. That got him energized. He took the place I had been at at

the table and he was already breathing hard and wiggling his ass. I got

dressed and left them. I found the seat Walt had suggested, sat down and

was asleep in a moment. I'm not sure how long, but Walt was sitting next

to me and as I awoke he pressed his hot lips on mine. He spoke into the

kiss, 'I know you didn't come. I'm going to fix that now.'

He slid down between my legs, pulled my shorts down and began a slow

suckling. It was fabulous. I hung at that stage just before orgasm but

not over it. Finally I couldn't stand it any more and Walt sensed it. He

began more serious sucking and I slipped into orbit. If you asked me where

I was or my name I couldn't answer. This was my usual cum, I became half

out of it, my cock running the show. Six hard spurts landed in Walt's

slurping mouth and he swallowed it all. 'You really cum boy, but I loved

all of it.'

I was really knocked out and when he sat back up, I rested my head on his

big chest. He heard me mumble something. 'What's that you said?'

I answered softly, 'You can call me Bobby if you want.'

He patted my head as if I was a pet dog. 'Good boy.'



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