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Rob and Will, as they were called by their family and friends were two hot and good looking guys studying in college. Both of them were of the same age and lived next door in a small town in Colorado when Rob shifted from LA to this town for starting a new life with his family, when he was just 8 years old. Soon they became best friends, as they were going for the same school, college and shared identical interests.

But there was a one thing which was not common in them, that is Rob was gay. He discovered this truth just after he hit puberty but went into a major denial that he is not. Day after day Rob started to realize that he is attracted to men than women. He tried dating girls to prove himself that he is not gay, but when he got the chance to spend a night with one of the hottest girls in the school- Tracy he just didn't fit the scene. When Tracy asked why he is acting weird, Rob made weird excuses to leave her home and left her without satisfying and neither proving him that he was not gay. Then Tracy got slight of doubt about Rob's sexuality and started spying on him. Which hot girl in this world would not like to sleep with a hot guy?

She tried to woo Rob with her girlfriends and most them succeeding in kissing him but none was able to go to bed with him. Then Tracy set up a plan to find whether Rob was Gay or not. She asked Rob one evening to come to a café to meet her as she wanted to talk to him urgently. As Rob was a kind boy he went without asking what the matter was about and when he got there, they started talking about college and in general and just then a good looking guy came and sat just behind Tracy.

He sat in a way as he could easily stare Rob. All this while when Tracy was saying something Rob just nodded her and started to gaze at the guy. The guy did the same; actually he even did more than staring at Rob. He stated giving a smile to him, put on a little show to flaunt his body. After a while that guy left signaling something as he left a piece of paper in a small plant near the café's door. Minute after this, Tracy got a call and said she had some emergency and left Rob. After she left Rob paid and went near that plant, took that piece of paper and put it in his pocket and left the café.

In his car he unfolded that chit, which read "if you want to have some fun with me then meet me at the top of the hill alone this evening at 8, I'll be waiting for you". Rob was shocked as well as surprised to know that a hot guy wants to have fun with him. He was in a complete dilemma as to what to do?

He went to home and lied on his bed thinking whether he should go or not. He has never dated a guy before and he has not founded an answer to his sexuality yet: whether he was straight, bi or gay. While he was lost in these thoughts he got a call from Will saying: "hey buddy no big plans this eve, wanna hang out together and catch a movie"

Rob doesn't know what to say, as he never rejected Will's offer for anything. But this time it was different, he got his very first date with a hot guy and his best buddy was calling him to hang out. He was thinking about what to say then, Will spoke "buddy are you there? Something wrong!!?

Rob: "nothing pal, got a bad headache, so wanna spend this eve in home alone. You carry on with your plan. Sorry"

Will: "are you okay? U never sounded like this!!

Rob: "I'm totally fine, but feeling low. That's it. You continue"

Will: "okay buddy, if you are not interested I won't force you, just rest and take care, see you soon, ciao"

Rob: "yes I'll. Bye".

Rob with a lot of courage decided to meet this stranger and to find the answer for his sexuality. So he got up, took a shower and worn the best looking clothes he had and left his home for the hill. His heart was pounding like hell and he was nervous so much that his hand on the steering was shivering. He came to the top of the hill and stepped out of the car to search for that hot guy. He was glancing near the road than he heard a car roaring at a distance from his car. He turned around to see whether this was the guy from café, and indeed he was. The gut stepped out of the car and started walking towards Rob. While he was walking, Rob scanned that hot guy's entire body and felt shivers and goose bumps.

The hot guy was wearing a black tight jeans and red sleeveless t-shirt to show off his body neatly. Rod was drooling to see his hot body. The guy came near Rob and stood leaning on Rob's car and unable to see or speak to him, Rob just looked at the ground. The guy put his hand around Rob shoulder and raised Rob's face to see him and said "hey, relax! Is this your first time?"

Rob felt goose bumps again as blood raced his entire body in anticipation of what will happen next. Again with lot of effort he spoke "yea, kind off and yours?"

"Nope, but I usually don't get attracted to college guys often, but there is something about you that made me do this"

"So are you gay?" Rob asked hesitantly.

"Yes" said that stranger" what about you?"

"Well, yes I am but no I'm not, I don't know!! Rob started to cry.

The guy hugged Rob so tightly that it gives Rob another round of goose bumps and shivers. Never ever was Rob close to a guy like this before.

He never hugged any guy except occasionally on his birthdays or in some parties' for meeting and greeting. He could feel the heat of this guy and his hot body pressed against his body. He was enjoying this but suddenly ocean full of thoughts came to his mind.

"Am I doing something wrong? Is this is the real me? Am I really gay? I never felt anything like this before, a girl never made me feel this before. What should I do?"

Then he pulled him off from the guys hug, said sorry and tried to open his car door to go. Then the guy did something that Rob would have never dreamt before.

He pulled Rob to hug him once again and planted his lips on Rob's and started kissing him lightly. The whole world started to dismantle in Rob's head as he was kissed by this beautiful stranger. Soon he gave in and started kissing him even more passionately and hugging him tight. He wanted this kiss to last forever but god has planned other way around.

Soon a random of car appeared at that site and cameras started flashing lights on these two guys kissing and they were scramming and yelling "Rob is gay", "Rob is gay". Rob pushed that guy aside and try to look what's happening but he couldn't open his eyes as car lights was hitting him. He couldn't believe what was happening around him. There were many people staring at him but girls outnumbered boys in that group. All of them were laughing and yelling "Rob is gay", "Rob is gay". Rob started to sob in an embarrassment and humiliation that he never felt in his entire life. Then a girl came near him and put a hat on his head that says "I'M FAGGOT". Rob looked at that girl and found that it was none other than Tracy. She was laughing and announced "today we have with us Mr. Robert Stuart, the first official gay in our school".

Rob couldn't control this embarrassment so he moved to get into his car. But it was too late, as all the guys over gathered near him and hold him by his arms. The girls started screaming "take off his clothes" and the guys did the same. One by one they started to tear his clothes. Rob was unable to do anything as he was sobbing very hard and the guys were strong and much in number. The guys took off his jacket first and tear his shirt next. When they were unbuttoning his jeans, a loud car horning sound filled the entire atmosphere. It was so loud and continuing that made everyone to close their ears.

Then a much anger and frustrated Will came out of the car and ran towards the gang that was holding Rob. He was so furious that he pushed some of the guys on to the ground and kicked their ass. The other guys backed off by looking at his red fierce eyes. Will gave his all energy to scream at them and break their bones. Rob was already on the ground, totally numb watching Will scolding at them. Will was the true hunk of the college. He was tall; broad shoulders, big biceps yet a handsome face and a gorgeous smile that not only made girls look at him but boys as well. No one had the dare in the entire college to fight or to just argue with Will. He was like The King of the college. Everyone obeyed him.

Will with a much louder voice screamed at everyone "no one will ever call Rob, a gay, faggot or queer etc., and nobody will ever discuss or share this incident with anyone in the college or at their homes either. If I found out that someone still talking about this incident then I'm gonna FUCK them till death! Understand? FUCK them till death! And who planned all this? I know that none of you came yourself here to harass someone. There must be someone who planned it and I'll count till 10 and whoever it is should come out or else I'll find out and trust me when I say this, the day I found who planned it, I'll kill them. Yes Fucking Kill them. So it's better for you to show up now or else have to face the real consequences."

Then Will started to count from 10 to 1. When he reached 1, he was blasting like a volcano. No one has the dare to speak or at least to look at him in this anger, so no one showed up. Then Will spoke up: "you are going to play with me, fine, I'll also play you. Your time has started now, whoever it is, get ready to be KILLED. Now leave you sick Bastards! Get lost before I start to beat shit out of each one of you".

Nobody ever thought that Will has a temper like this. They have never seen this side of Will before. So without wasting a second everyone disappeared like air.

Rob was almost fainted on the ground because of continuous sobbing and shock. Then tears rolled out of Will's eyes as he saw Rob in this state. His jacket was thrown somewhere, his shirt was torn and his jeans got dirt. Then Will kneeled down took out jacket that he was wearing and put it around Rob's shoulder and tried to talk but couldn't as he was crying. He tried to make Rob stand on his legs, but Rob didn't have that strength left in him so fell on Will's shoulders. Still crying, Will pull him up, took Rob in his hands, just like a Handsome Hero would carry his Girl in a romantic Hollywood movies. He took Rob up to his car and made him sleep in his SUVs' back seat. Rob now fully fainted. Then, Will take a long rope from his SUV and tied his car to Rob's Car in order to tow Rob's car. After this, he started driving towards their home and then rain started heavily.

Will didn't go to Rob's home; he took him to his home instead as they were no one in his home. He looked at Rob still fainted and took him to his room on second floor and made him sleep on his bed. He called doctor to make sure that Rob's okay and the doctor said that he will come in half an hour. Till then, Will took out Rob's clothes until he reached Rob's boxers and bought hot water and a towel to clean him and give him some heat as it was getting cold. He cleaned his best friend, still crying but there were signs of Rob getting consciousness as was reacting to the pain. He then put his clothes on Rob and then went to receive Doctor who was at his door.

Doctor inspected Rob and told him that he might have suffered a panic attack and because of this he fainted. He gave medicines to Will and told him to take care of him and not to let him walk for a day and left.

Will still had tears in his eyes as he couldn't believe what has happened. He then heard Rob's phone ringing and saw that it was his mom and then decided not to tell what had happened, he answered the phone casually and starts walking towards the living room not to disturb Rob. He told her that he was in his home playing games, now he is sleeping and will make him call her as soon as he got up. While Will was on the phone, Rob got consciousness and tried to see where he was? He was still feeling dizzy but he realized that he was in his very buddy Will's room. Then suddenly he realized what had happened and starts crying again thinking that he has lost everything, his life is ruined! What his classmates will do when he goes to college tomorrow? What his parents will think of him and what the society will think of him? Will they accept him as gay? NO! Then he decides that he has only one solution to all these problem. SUICIDE!

Yes, Suicide! He then decides to suicide and look at the room to find something to kill himself. But there was nothing. Then he saw the street light coming from the window. Jumping off the window is the only way to suicide now, he thought. He then tried to move himself up from the bed but couldn't. He tried again but no results. He didn't have the strengths to get himself up from the bed so that he could walk near window. Then he took few seconds to gather all the strength he has and tried. This time he got up of the bed and leaned to the adjacent reading table.

Through the table he moved himself and got hold of the curtains of the windows. By doing this he pushed the water jug that was placed on the reading table and then with the help of the curtains stands facing the window. Back in the living room Will was still talking to Rob's mother, he heard noise from his room. He then thought the Rob might be up and with this excitement he told her that he'll call her soon and ran towards his room. By this time Rob was standing in front of the window closing his eyes remembering all the memorable moments that he had spent in his life so far. Then with one attempt he put his leg on the window and lean forward to jump and at that moment Will enters his room seeing Rob jumping from the window he screamed: "Rob NO! NO!" but it was too late. Rob looked at Will with a smile on his face and jumps of the window from second floor.

Doctors are examining Rob in the operation theatre, while in the hospital lobby Will is sobbing so hardly that he was having difficulty in breathing. There were Will's parents, Rob's parents and other neighbors' waiting for doctor to tell what happened to Rob. After a while, doctors came out of the OT and said that they have done their job and now it is up to god! Because of continuous bleeding and a hard hit on Rob's head, it was really difficult for the doctors to save him, but now they can hope only for 2 things to happen: Either Rob would regain his consciousness or slip into coma. Hearing this Rob's mom broke down and Will couldn't believe what he was hearing and ran towards the room they were shifting Rob. He just froze seeing Rob's face and made him to sob even more.

He started to blame himself for all these, if had not left him alone in the room, these thing couldn't have happened. He just started to bang his head towards the door and then Rob's father got hold of him by his collar and asked what happened. The police also appeared on the scene as it appears to be a suicide case. Then Will remembered all the things happened so far and if he tells them the truth, Rob would again try to commit suicide. Deciding not to tell them about all these things, Will decided to make up a story instead. He told them that he and Rob were playing video game, as he was continuously losing in every game so started to fight with Rob. One thing led to another and Will pushed Rob so hard that Rob lost his balance and fell out of window.

Hearing this Rob's father got very angry and started to beat Will in front of everyone. Police stopped him and took Will into custody by reporting attempt to murder. Will accepted everything as he was barely in a state of attention to grasp what was happening around him, but when cops told him that he has to come to police station, he just started to scream that he won't leave Rob.

Then he rushed towards the room where Rob was and started sobbing by hugging Rob. He was holding Rob so tight against his body that Rob started to move his body. Will didn't notice this and continued sobbing even harder. Than the monitors started making beep noises which alerted Doctors that something was wrong, so doctors and nurses' came running to the room and with much difficulty made Will leave Rob so that they can see what was wrong.

Rob's blood pressure was rising very high and his heart pulses were dropping drastically so Doctors started treatment immediately by giving him injections and much to their surprise Rob opened his eyes and started responding to the treatment. He tried to move his body but Doctor told him to stay in that position so that they can analyze his condition. Then doctors told Will and his parents that Rob got consciousness and is out of danger. Hearing this Will rushed towards Rob and so did his parents. Rob was having a pale look on his face and had a hard time to realize that he was still alive. Will jumped towards Rob and started kissing Rob on his face. Then Rob parents had to interrupt this scene as Rob's mom hugged him and asked how he is feeling. Rob nodded yes and looked at Will who was full of joy and happy tears. Then police stepped in and asked what happened. Rob again looked at Will don't knowing what to tell but then Will interrupted by telling the story once again, but the police continued the story and asked Rob was this all True?

Rob looked at Will once again and Will wink at him to say yes to the story. While Rob was grasping all this in his head the Police assured him that there was nothing to be afraid of and told him that if it's true then they'll took Will into custody by reporting attempt to murder. Hearing that Rob Will go to jail, he got a shock then he suddenly spoke:

"No, that is not true. I fell out of the window and it is entirely my fault not Will's. Don't arrest him please he didn't want to kill me" and started to crying once again. Police reported everything and left the room by wishing him to get well soon. Hearing the truth Rob's father realized his mistake and hugged Will, crying and asked him to forgive his mistake. Rob was still crying and couldn't believe what was happening in his life. Than Docs advised him to take rest and asked everyone to go out of the room giving permission only for one person to stay with him. Rob's mom told authoritatively that she'll stay but Rob asked her to go home, bring him some food and clothes and requested Will to stay with him. After a long argument everyone agreed with him and left the room leaving Rob and Will alone. Both didn't know where to start were but staring at each other. Then Will sat beside Rob's bed and held his hands and stared into his eyes.

"Bro you have to promise me one thing that you'll never try to commit suicide. Please promise me; no matter what ever happens you'll never commit suicide not even a thought of it. Okay?"

"Yes I'll, but why did you save me?"

"What do you mean? U jumped out of my room after that horrible incident at the hills, do you expect me to just stay back and let my best bud dying? Never"

Hearing about the incident happened at the hill; Rob remembered everything and started crying. Then Will put his arms over Rob's shoulder and told

"Hey Rob please don't cry. I know what happened but it's past now. Just forget about it and don't ruin your present by thinking about past. Okay? Relax"

"But I didn't understand one thing. How did you know that I was at the hill? When I didn't tell anyone where I was going? How?"

"Remember I told you that I was going for the movie and asked you join me? Actually I left home towards the mall but on the way I realized that I forgot my wallet, so came back home to take it and while I was parking my car I noticed that you were going somewhere. But I clearly remember that you told me that you Will be in the home taking rest, since you had a headache. Then I asked your mom about you and she told me that you didn't tell her where you were going except to meet a friend near the hill. I wonder why you didn't tell me about this, because you never lied to me. So I decided to follow you to find out what you was up to. I followed you near the top of the hill but you suddenly disappeared. Then I had to search through all the roads on the hill about you. Then I heard a crowd screaming and yelling "Rob is gay" and I followed that noise and came to that place. I didn't knew what was happening there till I saw a group of boys handling you and Tracy and our college girls screaming at you. Then I rescued you from those bastards and ordered them to not to share this with anyone. But why did you lie to me?

As Rob was hearing this he decided to tell Will the truth. Then he gathered all strength said:

"Will I don't know what to say, because I didn't know what I am? That's why I decided to go and find out who I really am? Straight, Bi or Gay. Will, I am Gay. I'm sorry if I hurt you by this. But that's the truth. All these years I was denying this but now I know what I am. Please Will don't leave me. You're the reason why I am alive. Please don't break my friendship, I'm sorry" and continued to sob even harder.

Will already figure out all this and with an angry look on his face he asked him "do you think that I'll leave you because you're gay? Rob was still sobbing harder.

"Rob I'll never leave you. Even if could, I can't, you know why? Because you're a part of my life, a very precious part of my life. I am not close to anyone as much as I am close to you. We grow up together sharing everything that we had. And now just that you are Gay I'll leave you and your friendship. NEVER! If I do that then I'll be the dumbest person on this earth. I'll never ever break our friendship. But you shocked me today. We knew everything about each other, trusts each other and then what made you to jump into the conclusion that I'll leave you. Why Rob, don't you trust me?"

"I'm sorry Will, I'm really sorry. It is just that you are the true Hunk in our college, the real macho man. And I couldn't imagine myself, a gay with you. I mean what will the college think about you being friends with me, if they found out that I was gay? It would bring bad reputation to you. So I thought it is better for you to stay away from you"

"OMG! Rob you thought about me and my reputation more than yours? I mean this is why I like you and this is why you are my best friend Rob. You think and care about others more than for yourself. That's why you are a wonderful person. Coming back to the people thinking about us, I don't care. I don't give damn thing to them. Because what really matters to me; is you and your friendship. Listen to me Rob:

You were there when I needed a friend.

You were there when I was alone, You were there to help me to get over my bad times, You were there to share happiness with me.

I mean you were with me for as long as I remember my life since I was 8 years old.

And now what matters to me is you, not others who just think shit about me. I want you Rob and nothing else. As long as you are with me I need no one. Please remove all those things from your mind. I'll be with you till my last breath unless you want me to leave you" and started to cry.

Hearing all things Rob realized what a dumb person is he and what an angel he got as his friend. He just held his hands wide open indicating Will to hug him and said

"I'll never want you to leave me Will. Please never leave me alone. I need you".

Then Will Hugged his friend like he hadn't hug any other person in his life. Rob never had this kind of affection on him except from his parents which was different. Now he realized that he doesn't had just friendship with Will, it is even more than that. Will was happy and quite amused at himself because he never wanted any person so badly like Rob in his life. He was just floating in his own world trying to analyze that this isn't just friendship whish he shares with Rob. It is much more than that. They both shared a very special relationship, which doesn't have a name in this world.

He then moved his face to look directly into Rob's eyes. Rob was also looking at Will with so much affection and passion that he never realized that he had such connection with Will. Then Will slowly move his face closer to Rob's face and he could feel Rob's impatient breathing. He didn't know what he was doing and didn't wanted to think about it because he needed his best buddy in this world to be with him forever. He slowly moved his lips towards Rob's lips with closed eyes trying to kiss him on his lips.

And then Rob realized what was about to happen, then he thought what if after the kiss Will might not like what he did to him, which could harm their relationship, because Will is straight: so he decided to stop at this and not to kiss. So he pretended that he's feeling sleepy. Will was waiting Rob to make a move and kiss him but nothing happened and he opened his eyes to found Rob sleeping. He thought that he's tired and didn't notice his move so controlled his emotions and kissed Rob's forehead.

He sat next to Rob's bed, slowly thinking about the situation and realized that he was over emotional for his friend, which urged him to kiss him and then drifted off to sleep staring Rob. After sometime Rob woke and found Will sleeping on the chair and realized that what an amazing person he got in his life as his best friend. But he wanted Will to be more than that. He thank god for sending an angel for him, but the thought of going to college and seeing classmates after all this scared Rob. He has to find a solution to all these things.

After a couple of days, Rob was discharged from hospital. Will was always near Rob to help him to get well soon. He missed all his classes and disconnected from outside world like it didn't existed for him, taking care of his best friend was the only work he had.

When Rob reached his home he said to Will:

"Will I can't think of any other person in my life, who is close to me as you are and the way you have treated me as I was your only priority in your life for last few weeks, it fills my heart and I want nobody else. You have no idea how much gratitude I have for you, for me you are my Idol! I can't imagine my life without you. Thank you for everything Will" and started to cry in his shoulders.

After hearing Rob, Will also started crying and hugged Rob tightly and said:

"No need for thank you Rob. I did all those things because you are my closest friend. And I will do anything for my best friend. Because I love you", with that he kissed Rob's foreword and led him to his room. Rob's mom has already prepared all the food he liked and welcomed him home with lots of hugs and kisses. She pulled Will into a group hug and kissed him on his cheek and said "you are my son too Will, always" and then they all had a feast. While they were talking Rob's mom asked him to get ready to go to College from tomorrow. Going to college and seeing all those people who assaulted him once again scared the shit out of him. He nodded yes and started towards his room. Will noticed Rob's face and followed him. In the room Rob started to cry again and fell onto his bed. Will grabbed him and asked what's wrong.

"Will, I don't think that I can go to the college anymore. I just can't forget that humiliation, no matter how hard I try to erase it from my memory I can't and I don't have the stamina to answer everyone or even to look at them. I just can't. I won't go to college".

"Don't be mad Rob. There's nothing to be afraid of. Nobody's got the courage in college to ask you or even to talk with you about that incident. Remember you are my friend, MY ROB. I'll be with you to take care if anything happens. Just forget whatever happened and come to college tomorrow with me, please."

"You won't understand Will. I can't. Those bastards won't leave me; again they'll do something to harass me. So it's better for me to just stay here and avoid all those things".

"Stop talking like this Rob. Nobody will do anything to harm you. If they have to do anything then they have to face me first. Ok. I promise you, nobody will harm you. Just come with me".

"But Will.............."

"No Rob. You are coming with me to the college tomorrow and that's final. We are going in my car. That's it."

"Will please understand......."

"What to understand Rob? Okay here's the deal. I'll find the person who planned all these things and make them pay for it: Ok? Will it make you happy then?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Tell me why did you went to the hills and how all these things happened?"

"No ways I am letting you get invoiced in this Will?"

"I demand to know what happened at the hill. Tell me everything"

"I was at the café shop having coffee with Tracy that afternoon. Then a tall, hot guy came and sat behind Tracy facing me. All the while when I was talking with Tracy he was staring at me and made weird gestures as if though he was hitting on me and wanted to kiss me. Then he left the shop by leaving a note. After Tracy left me I picked that note, which told me to meet him at 7 at the top of the hill to have some fun."

"So that's why you made that horrible excuse of not coming with me for the movie, so that you can go and meet him?"

"Yes. I'm sorry Will. I was confused. I didn't know what to do. Since a couple of years I was feeling something for men. I always liked women but I don't know, every time I was dating a girl a thought would came into my mind saying that what I was doing is wrong. Some unusual feeling would take over me and when I started to think about it and when I look at other men, something attracted me to them. So I started to think whether I am gay? I denied it for a long time that I was not. But as the time passed by, with all the denials, my interest for men grew stronger and stronger. So I thought this might be the opportunity to find out whether I am gay or not, given the fact that I haven't done anything with men yet, especially sexually. So I decided to meet him and find a solution for all these things. But...."

"What happened when you met him there?"

"He just asked me whether it was my first time, I said yes. Then he put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me towards him, then I felt weird so I pulled myself away from him and moved towards my car, then he pulled me towards him and kissed me on my lips! I was shocked so I couldn't think what to do, so let him kiss me and then I heard cars roaring in and flashing light on me and started to scream that I am gay. And then they started to take off my clothes...." started to sob.

"Oh! He just kissed you and nothing else happened right?"

"Yes. After that I don't remember what happened. The last thing I can remember is you running towards me and that's it"

"Thank god! How does that guy look like? I mean I didn't saw any unfamiliar face in the crowd. All were our classmates or at least people we know."

"I don't know. I don't remember what happened after that kiss."

"Okay. Relax don't worry, I'll find out who he is. Now you go to sleep and get rest."

"Will please tell me that you'll not get involved into this. Please promise me. It is already messed up, and I don't want you to be included in this. Please leave this matter here."

"I care about people and more importantly you. You don't worry about this, I'll handle it and I promise you that I'll fix this. Now you go to sleep. We'll talk about this tomorrow" and he covered Rob with blanket and kissed on his forehead and said" good night".

Just as Will was about to get up and leave, Rob grabbed him by his wrist pulled him towards him and kissed his cheeks and said "Thank you very much, I am very lucky to have you as my friend".

Will smiled and left his room with huge grin on his face as a sense of satisfaction that he achieved something in his life. He never realized that he was so close to Rob and needed him so much in his life till that day. Back in the room: Rob was happy and started to rewind all the moments happened that day and while he was savoring each and every moment he realized that Will told him that he loved him. This amazed him because he never said that to him till today and couldn't believe that he also started to love him, not as a friend but even more than that.

Next day Rob hesitantly dressed for the college. He was not at all ready to go to college and pretended ill to not to go to college and his mom fall for this plan but not Will. When Will came to his home to pick him to the college, he knew that Rob would make excuses for not going to college. But he also knew how to handle him, so he just dragged him towards his car and made him to sit in the passenger seat. He then drove towards the college and on the way he noticed that Rob was nervous and completely stressed out. He put his hand on Rob's hand and squeezed it assuring him that everything will be alright. Rob thought for a second that when he has his best friend as his support, he shouldn't afraid of anything and decides to face the situation.

At the parking lot with shaking hands and a very clumsy Rob get downs from the car thinking that by this time everyone in the college would know his incident. He starts walking towards the college door and entered the hallway. He was greeted with different looks from everyone which was very frustrating. He continued to walk by looking at the ground and then he was stopped by a group of boys whom he remembers at the hill. Unable to say anything he tried to pass them but couldn't. They were all giving him angry looks to make him frightened. Then Rob decided that he can't handle them so thought to leave the hallway and turned back to move towards the door, to leave college.

But then he was stopped by none other than Will. He turned Rob around and put his arm around his shoulder and started walking towards the group. He asked the group what's going on.

Everyone in the hallway was scared like hell when Will came to support Rob. Then all remembered what Will had warned them at the hills, so they just acted naturally like nothing happened and asked Rob:

"Hey Rob, how are you? Are you okay, heard that you met with an accident. You feel good?"

Will interrupt by "he is fine Bobby; tell me how are you or how you want to be?"

Everyone understood what Will meant and tried to leave the place. Then Will asked Rob to go to his class room for which Rob agreed and left towards his class room. Here in the hallway Will enquired everyone in the group about the hill incident and asked them how they came there.

Everyone replied that they got message stating that something exciting is going to happen at the hills so they came to see what it was. Then Will asked them to find that who send that message to them and to report him within a day. Everyone agreed without saying a word because now they have seen other side of Will. Will went to classroom and saw that nobody was sitting near Rob. Then he went and sat next to him indicating others to stop acting like a baby. Classes went on in full swing and everyone got busy in their lessons. Rob thanked god that the teachers didn't know what happened to him and looked at Will with pleasing eyes and said thank you.

After all the classes Rob and Will got into their car and all the people in the college watched them with awe. Instead of taking Rob to his home Will took him to another place. When Rob asked him where they are going, Will told him that it was a surprise. Then he parked his car and took Rob into a bar. Inside the bar, Rob was shocked to see where he was.

Because it was not just a bar it was a gay bar! He couldn't believe where he was as he never been into these places before. Then with much confusing face he looked at Will and asked him

"What the hell is this? What are we doing here? Don't you know it's a gay bar?"

"Surprise Rob! I know that you were out of actions for couple of weeks, stressed out, worried and scared. Now that I know you are Gay, so I thought to take you to this place so that you can relax and forget what happened".

"But Will I don't want all these things. I just need you and what about you? Could you be able to watch all these things?'

"As I said Rob anything for my friend, anything for you".

And then they sat at a special place which Will had booked for them. They started to have drinks and Rob couldn't believe what was happening with him. Then suddenly a tall handsome guy came dressed like a cop to enquire what was happening (he was a stripper that Will had booked for Rob). Rob just lost his control and started to cry loud and throw the glass he had in his hand at the stripper. The stripper looked at Rob with frustration and ran away. Will was shocked to see Rob's behavior and asked him:

"Rob what's wrong, why are you acting like this, what happened?"

"Will...... (Still crying) Will the stripper, that stripper...."

"What Rob, what's with that Stripper, I booked him for you, what's wrong?"

"Will that stripper is the guy whom I met at the hill. He is the guy who kissed me and responsible for this incident. He is the one"

Will left Rob in that condition and ran towards the stripper. He entered the green room and started searching for the guy, but he wasn't there. He then went to restroom to see whether he was there and the stripper was standing in front of the restroom mirror. Then Will pushed him on the floor and started to beat him. He was beating him like he wanted to kill him and then everyone gathered to see what was happening, so did Rob. He just ran towards Will and tried to stop him from beating that guy. With much efforts he tried to stop him and then the stripper pleaded him

"Please Rob save me, please I beg you."

Will said "after what you have done to him, you deserve to be a beggar and I'll make sure that you became one"

"Please stop it, Rob please help me! I just did it for money"

Rob yelled at Will to stop after hearing the stripper and asked "What? You did all those things for money? What do you mean?" and then helped him to stand up.

"A girl contacted me to play a trick on you to find out whether you are gay or not. That's it. I don't know who you are; I needed money so I did it. I'm really sorry Rob. I shouldn't have done something like that for money. I regret doing it and I paid for it. I'm sorry"

Rob couldn't believe what he was hearing. He was completely shocked that somebody planned all these things for him. Then Will asked the stripper

"Who is that girl? What's her name?"

"I don't know who is she or her name but she was there on the hill that day"

"What? Really? What does she look like?"

"She was pretty, tall, blonde hair, big boobs "

Will looked at Rob to ask who she was but Rob collapsed on the floor remembering who that was. Will asked Rob to tell who she is, but Rob didn't say anything he was numb. Then Will pulled Rob towards him and asked who she is. Then Rob said "It doesn't matter Will, leave. Let's just get out of this place and you, (pointing at the stripper he said) please never ever do anything or even worse to anybody again. Please I beg you" and dragged Will out of the room and walked towards Car. Will stopped him and demanded Rob to tell who she is but Rob again declined to tell. But Will was boiling like a volcano at this moment and he banged his fist at his car bumper and asked Rob

"God damn it, tell me who is she Rob, otherwise I don't know what I'll do to you, just tell me who is that bitch"

Rob started to cry and said" no Will, I won't. If I tell you who she is, I don't know how you will handle it. It's better for you. Let's just forget it. Please"

"Rob I'll kill you if you didn't tell me who she is" and then he raised his arm to slap him and then Rob said "It's Tracy"

Will was wonderstruck to hear whom just Rob named. He asked

"What? Who? Tracy? You mean my girlfriend Tracy?"

"Yes Will, its Tracy, see that's why I don't want you know about it and now everything is messed up. Yes it's Tracy. Now I realized why she called me to meet her at the café that day to talk something urgent but didn't say anything. And just after that stripper left she got a call and left me saying that she had an emergency. At the hill also she was the one who put a hat on my head and announced me as the college's first official gay. I think Tracy is behind all these things. I'm sorry Will. I shouldn't have told you about this but you leave no option. I'm sorry"

It was time for Will to get the shock of his life. He couldn't believe what Rob was telling and more so he could not stand the fact that his girlfriend did all these things to his best friend. He just lost his control and collapsed on the ground. Rob grabbed him and hugged him tightly. It was time for Rob to show to his best friend how much he cared for him and how much he loved him. But then Will pulled away from him and told him "get in the car!"


"I said get in the car"

"Will there is no way I'm letting you to drive car in this condition"

"Just get in the car" and forced Rob to sit and put his seatbelt. And then he sat in driver seat and droved like he was racing. He drove his car like a jet while Rob was begging him to slow down and then dropped Rob at his home. Rob asked him what he is thinking and where he'll go but Will told him that he has some business to finish and not to worry about him and left his place.

After driving for some minutes he came to Tracy's home. He parked and jumped out of his car and yelled 'Tracy' at her home.

"Tracy, you fucking bitch come out"

Hearing Will's angry voice Tracy knew something bad must have happened. She hesitantly came out of her home to face him and said

"Hey honey what happened, you look so upset, is anything wrong?"

"You tell me what's wrong with you bitch. What you did to Rob?"

"Rob? What happened to him? I didn't do anything to him, but why are you acting like this?"

"Stop acting you whore. You set up the plan and told everyone to come to the hill to harass Rob. You hired that stripper to find out whether Rob is gay or not. Why did you do this to him? Whether he is Gay, Bi or Straight, what's that with you? Why you didn't mind your own business?"

"Will I don't understand anything that you are saying? What are you talking about?"

"Shut the fuck up you bitch, you nympho! You did all these things to Rob. Didn't you"

"Yes Will, I did that. And do you want to know why I did that? I did it all because of you"

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

"Yes Will, I did it for you. Even though you are my boyfriend, you always gave priority to him over me. You cared about him more than you cared about me. No matter whatever we do, once at least once you want to talk about Rob, how is he as a person, what he does and blah, freaked me out at first. Then I thought that you might be Gay to talk about him so much. But after the sex we had on Valentine's Day, my doubts got erased but I wasn't sure about Rob. So I send my girlfriends to have sex with him but he refused. Then I got some serious doubts about his sexuality so I thought of this plan. I did it for you Will, to make you realize that Rob is Gay and he is seducing you to sleep with him. Gays' mean sex and nothing else, Will you were being trapped by him. He's not your friend Will, he just want you on his bed like all other gays and....."

This was enough to make Will erupt like a furious volcano. He slapped Tracy. Not once but twice.

"How dare you to say that about Rob. You don't know him and you don't deserve to speak about him. You have no rights to say those words about my Rob. And sex what sex are you talking about? You have slept with men more than twice of your age and you talking about gay sex, who are you to say that you fucking bitch. That's it. Its over. I break up with you. Now don't you ever show me your fucking face in your lifetime and if hear that you are doing anything that you did to Rob, trust me I'll Fucking Kill you" and slapped her once again.

"You know what Will, my first doubt for you that you're gay was absolutely right. Not only Rob is gay but you are also gay. Now get your ass out of here and get fucked by your best gay friend Rob"

Will turned to face Tracy with a smile and said

"I don't know whether I'm gay or not Tracy, but I surely know that I love Rob. If that's means Gay, then hell yea I am gay for him and thank you making me realize that"

Tracy was totally shocked to hear what Will said and stood like a statue staring at him while Will drove away. Will drive his car like crazy with happiness and made to Rob's home within few minutes. He jumped out of car and ran towards Rob's home. Rob's mom opened the door and asked what happened that he's in hurry. He asked her where is Rob and ran towards his room.

In the room Rob was worried about Will as he was not answering his phone. He was sitting on his bed staring at the wooden floor thinking about Will. Then his room door flew open and Will rushed towards Rob and pulled him into his arms and kissed him on his lips. The kiss was so intense, passionate and full of love, which was hidden deep under the walls of Wills heart.

Will kissed Rob like there was no tomorrow. He just lost in his own world making love to his best friend. Rob didn't know what was happening, he was having a hard time digesting all these things happening with him. He too was kissing Will with all his passion and never wanted that moment to end but what made Will to kiss him; was the question flying in his head. So he stopped kissing Will and pushed him

"Will what the hell was that? Do you realize that you kissed me?"

"Yes Rob I know. I kissed you. I kissed my best friend because I love you"

"Love me? What do you mean? Love as a friend right?"

"No Rob, more than that, I love you as my lover. Rob Will you be my lover?"

"Will, are you alright? You are freaking me out! What happened to you? Where were you till now?"

"I am great Rob. I was at Tracy's home to break up with her, so that I can start my relationship with you Rob, not as best friends, who we already are, but as lovers. She made me realize that I love you, thanks to her for that. Yes Rob I love you, I love you till my death and I cannot imagine my life without you. Please Rob love me and give me a chance to love you. Please"

"OH MY GOD! Will, do you realize what you just said? AH! I think you just drunk too much to say things like this. Go to your home now, we will speak tomorrow."

"No Rob, I won't leave you until you tell me that you love me too. I know you do. Just admit it. We are made for each other Rob. I know I am straight, but what matters to me is a person who loves me, takes cares of me and more importantly trusts me completely. You do that Rob. You have all the qualities that I imagined about my life partner. You are close to me as no one else has and knows me well more than my parents. You are made for me Rob and I am for you. I love you" and kissed him again.

Rob broke the kiss" Will are you saying that you are gay and you love me? Really? No this can't be happening. You are straight and you know that. Don't do this to me. Please leave"

"There is no way I am leaving you now after realizing that I love you. I always loved you and will continue to love you. I didn't realized it till today and I haven't put much thought to it earlier. But now I know what I want. It's you that I want Rob. You make me complete. Please accept me as your lover, I know you love me too. Aren't you?"

"Yes I do, but I don't know what to do. I am gay, I know and everybody knows that. What about you? Are you ready to accept label called Gay? Are you?" and started crying.

"If loving you means gay, than yes I am gay. I am ready to accept anything coming on the way to love you. I don't care about the world. It is you I want. I need my Rob, my world called Rob" and started to cry.

This was more than enough for Rob to accept the truth that his best bud loves him. With that he ran towards him and starts kissing him. Will knew that he got his lover and started kissing Rob.

This time the kiss was more passionate assuring Rob that Will completely loves him. Rob just forgot all the thoughts he had in his mind and submits himself to Will by kissing him more passionately. He felt Will tongue at his lower lip asking permission to his mouth and without a moment he accepted it and offered his tongue to Will. With that both fell on the bed and started to make love. Rob never realized that he had this intense emotion for his best friend. He started kissing him more and more for like 20 minutes. Then both ended the kiss needing for air to breathe. Will was amused, shocked and surprised.

"What the hell was that Rob? I never felt anything like that before! Did you always kiss like that?"

"Oh my Will! You have no idea how you filled my life with happiness. Yes Will, I love you. I love you till death. And I will do anything for you. Yes I'll be your lover now and forever. And for your question, I have never kissed any one like that Will. I don't know what happened to me, I just lost my control. You are saying those words that you love me, oh my god! I love you, I love you and I'll never let you go Will"

"I love you too Rob and I'll never leave you. I can't imagine my life without you. I love you"

With that both started kissing once again. But this time it was very different. There was love, passion, madness but importantly lust started to take over them. Now they started to undress each other. Will was the one to start removing Rob's shirt. Then he started kissing his neck and started maneuver his hands all over Rob's body. Then slowly he unbuttoned his jeans and slide them down to his ankles. Looking at Rob sleeping in briefs gave Will Goosebumps. He has never seen Rob naked like this before. "Oh Jesus Christ! Why were you hiding this awesome body of yours, Rob? I never noticed that you have body like this and plus the thing hiding in your brief, how big it is?"

"It's not that big Will, just 7 or 8 inches. Now let me undress my prize" with that Rob spun Will on his back so he was over him and took his gorgeous face in his hand and kissed him. Not just a kiss, it was Rob surrendering himself to Will and telling him that how much he love him. Will was experiencing thunder storms in his head. His body was shuddering and wanted to hold his lovers body near him. So pulled Rob and hold him tight against his body while kissing him. Both were lost in paradise because of kiss and both never thought that a kiss had this much of power in it. That's the magic of love. Then both had to stop for breathing. But Rob was so excited, amused and was flying in the skies that he has his best bud as his lover and continued kissing Will's beautiful face, planting kisses all over his face. Then he moved towards his neck and kissed it sensuously. Rob started to unbutton Will's shirt slowly and steadily enjoying every bit of it. And when he removed his shirt, he was stunned to see Will's Greek god body. He never saw his best bud like that but no stopping him tonight. This temptation took him to another new level and started kissing his body with so much love that even he didn't know.

Will was sailing in heaven at this time. He never experienced anything like this before. Obviously he had countless sex with every other girl in the college, but that was just a meaningless animal sex. 'Hunger of body' as they say. But never ever he thought that there would be something more than that. He could hardly believe what was happening. He was just enjoying every moment and lost in that happiness and surrenders him to Rob.

Rob took his own time in kissing and loving his lover's body. Slowly yet sensuously he made love to him and literally worshiped every part of his body. He kissed his chest, nipples and played with it for a while by biting it sensuously. Will was gasping and yelling as if he was Cumming already, he didn't knew his nipples were so erotic. Then Rob continued his kisses and reached near his belly by worshipping all the 8 pack abs he has! OMG! 8 pack abs! He kissed and massaged Will's jeans little bit. The hot cock of Will was already ready to burst a load of semen by mere touch of Rob's hand. Rob played for a while like that with his hands and then Will screamed "Please for god sake take my jeans off. Please I beg you, don't play more, poor guy of mine needs attention. Please"

"Oh really! I thought we could play more before getting into it"

"Please don't kill me like this, please I want to enjoy more with you. Please continue your love but don't assault the poor guy, he needs desperate attention" he pointed towards his cock, which was ready to tear the jeans.

These words were more than enough to make Rob Raunchy. Then he started to unbutton his jeans and slowly unzipped his jeans and took it off, leaving Will with only his white boxers. He stood near his bed and watched this magnificent gorgeous guy lying in front of him begging him to love him more.

"Oh My God! Why were you hiding your sculpted body from me for so long? Do you have any idea how godly made you are. Holy mother! I can hardly believe that your mine. Poor girls. Poor Tracy, she has no idea what she is missing. You are mine."

"OMFG, how big is your tool Will?" asked Rob by caressing it.

"Almost 10 inches, please tear my boxers and make love to me"

"10 inches! Robs eyes became bigger with anticipation. 10 inches to eat and 10 inches churning in and out of my ass! OMFG!" with this thought Rob started kissing Will's dick on his boxers and his hands pinching Will's nipples.

Having a guy kissing your dick and playing with your nipples at the same time plus it's his lover who is doing all this was enough to send Will to heaven. Rob stopped and tore Will's boxers and attacked his hammer with his mouth. Will was goaled completely by this! Then he begged him to slow down otherwise he might explode! Rob didn't want to end it either so early backed off and started kissing Will's feet, legs and slowly moved near Will's thigh through kissing and licking. No matter how many abs a guy has or how big his tool is, his thighs are his most delicate and erotic place to turn him on. Slowly licking his well worked thighs he reached Will's gigantic rod, which already drenched with pre-cum. Rob looked at it for a while and kissed its tip in a juicy way. This was more than enough for Will to cum. He thrashed in his bed. Grabbed pillows in his fist and made growling animal noises. Hearing a guy making sex noises is the most erotic thing for anyone could hear. This made Rob go mad and something in him switched and he drove his hungry mouth in Wills hammer.

Will was seconds apart him orgasm but he did not want him to cum so he pulled up Rob so he can see his face and held him like that in the air, just staring at him. For the first time both were naked, their body touching each other, every bit of it and the temperature in the room was scaling rocket high!

Both kissed. No, both ate each other! They were naked, their bodies hugging each other tightly, both trying to become one, theirs cock grounding against each other, find a pace to move in a rhythm. With this position, they started to move their body as if they were fucking.

Bodies molded into one, clasping hands tightly, kissing lustfully and cocks moving in a rhythm, both were sailing in nirvana. And then the movements got intensified, kissing become more intense and Cocks moving backing and forth, both were reaching their sexual climax and with one more strong fucking move both departed from kiss as both cummed simultaneously, ejaculating loads and loads of cum on each other body reaching their first sexual orgasm:"Aahhhhh............................!"

Rob just lost it and fell upon Will. Will closed his arms around his new lover and held him like that. Both didn't say anything as they were exhausted and shocked that without touching their cock, they cummed!

Will break the silence" oh lord Jesus! If this is the beginning, I can't wait for more. Please Rob make love to me, show me everything. So that I can make love to you. Please do everything tonight. Please, I love you"

"Will whatever just happened was first time for me too. I am gay but I never slept with anyone till now. I am virgin and I am ready to give it you. Not today, may be some other day. Tonight I just want to sleep in your arms Will. Please hold me and cuddle me. I need to sleep in my lover's arm, feeling safe, secured and loved. Please make me yours"

"You are already mine baby, now and forever!"

With that Will hugged Rob like there was no tomorrow, kissed his forehead, put blanket on them and in a couple of minutes both flew to slumber land like a match made in heaven.

"All good things for those who wait", how apt is this sentence for Rob, who waited for a long time to find answer to his sexuality. After confirming that he is gay, he never ever thought to date a guy from his college. He was just hoping to get someone in his life after his college.

But everything does not end as we planned right? Even for Rob! He never ever thought; even in his wildest dreams that his childhood buddy Will, now true hunk of the college will be his lover. Will confessions that he loves Rob and want to spend his rest of his life with him was more than enough for Rob to float in cloud 9. He was the happiest guy in the world, forgetting what had happened in the past and what will be in store for him in future, he was living life to the fullest. Happy, blessed and satisfied.

But things were taking another turn in Will's head. He never thought of any guy and having sex with them was like the least inhumane thing to be done. But after the first sexual experience with Rob, things started to change. He never thought that sex with a guy would be so different, so enjoyable and so good!

All the time he had sex with numerous girls, there was only one thing in his mind, to give his best shot to satisfy a girl so that she will tell her friends that she had great time with him and prove that he is a real man and those girls coming to him for more sex. While doing this he forget that sex is to enjoy and not a thing to be done just like animals. In all the relationships he had been so far, he was just like a machine, where girls would come and satisfy their lust and leave him. They never cared about his feelings nor did he! Sex with girls was like a giving thing to him but not receiving. But now after having sexual experience with Rob, he started to think about sex and more so with a guy!

Yes, after so many years of spanking pussies, Will finally started to think about sex in a different way.

Is sex just meant for fun?

Is sex with a guy is so good?

Why I did not try this earlier?

If it is good, why people are so afraid about it?

Why gays are ill-treated in every aspect of life?

Is the special feeling of sex which I had with Rob, was it because it was Rob who was making love to me or the first guy I ever tried?

Will I enjoy it again if I try to do it with other guy?

Am I straight?

If I am straight, then why did I enjoy?

Are straight people allowed to have sex with both the sexes?

Do I want Rob to be as my life partner?

His thinking was now converting into serious questions for which he has to find answers very soon. So he decides to talk with Rob about these things as soon as he wakes up.

Will opened his eyes to see Rob and got a surprise. Rob was hugging him tightly, their legs entwined and Rob's beautiful face near Will's right nipple. Will just lost all his thoughts and started to stare Rob's beautiful, innocent face. He kissed his forehead which made Rob open his eyes.

He slowly opened his eyes and saw Will's handsome smiling face, which made him happier than ever.

"Good morning lover, kiss is for the lips" and gave him the sweetest kiss that a person can give. Will forgot all his tensions and gave up to the kiss. Rob broke the kiss and said:

"Honey if every day would begin like this, then I am ready to do anything to wake in your arms"

"I know babe, this feels amazing. From last night I am in euphoria, I never thought sex with a guy would be so different, so good"

Rob interrupted "sex? What sex? Honey we just slept together, we just started. There are millions of things that we can do, which feels awesome than last night. But before that can I ask you something?"

"Yes babe anything for you"

"Me babe ah? Woof! So sexy, from today onwards I am your babe and please call me babe only, please"

"Okay babe. But remember you're my Babe, my only babe"

"Yes I'm all yours. One more thing Will, I never dated anyone, seriously, I didn't even flirt with anyone, and you know that, right. So as we became a couple and before we started to do anything about sex, let us flirt first. Like I mean with each other not with others, let us date for a couple of weeks. Please, I want to get the feeling of dating someone, the excitement of meeting secretly, going to movies together as a couple, candle light dinners, long drives, walk on the beach with hand in hand, late night calling, texting and other things before taking a big step in our relationship. Please honey please. I know I'm sounding crazy and may be like a girl, but I never done these before. And to be honest even guys want to do all of the things I said but they are afraid to admit it as it will come between their manly things. Non sense! When we are with the person we love we must not have any inhibitions and do things which our heart says. Aren't we? So what do you say?"

"OMG babe! I never ever thought that my buddy Will be so romantic. First things first as I Will call you babe, you shall also call me honey. Ok? And your woof, my god! You look so sexy when you say that. Please say it again...


"Sexy! And for your request, yes babe we will date and will do all other stuffs that you just said, except for one thing!"

"WHAT is that?"

"Usually couples start dating and then propose to each other, but we first proposed to each other and now we will start dating, how cool is that?"

"Honey we are Unusual!"

"Indeed we are, so let me kiss my boyfriend first he is not only smart, but caring and romantic also. What a combination!"

"Handsome, hunk & humble, wow! I am the luckiest guy in the world to have you as my boyfriend"

And then they kissed each other passionately. But Will broke the kiss by saying

"Let's go babe and get a shower, our first shower together, common"

"No no no! We just started dating and now you want to take shower together! No ways"


"We are just dating now. Ok. No shower and all"

"You are so incredible! You already started the dating thing ah!"

Then Rob's mom knocked on the door saying "ROB, its 8 am, what are doing till now? You Will get late to the college, hurry up breakfast is ready. Are you still sleeping Rob? Wait a second"

And then she tried to open the door, Rob ran towards the door and held it "mom I am awake, just getting ready, Will see you in minutes"

"Okay sweetie, hurry up"

"Okay mom" and pointing towards Will's clothes he said, "Take your clothes and go from here right now"

"What's wrong with you? Your mom knows that we do sleepovers often, then why are you worried"

"We did sleepovers in our junior years not in college and if my mom found out that we are sleeping naked, you have no idea how she's gonna react, so it's better you leave now"

"I don't understand you sometimes"

And then Will put his clothes on and walks towards the door then Rob stops him "What the hell are you doing?"

"You said to leave, so I am leaving"

"Yea, through the door? What are you crazy?"

"What's wrong in the door?"

"Just now I told you how she's gonna freak out if she came to know that you slept with me and you are asking why? Please go by the window"

"What are you insane? I am not going through your window like a thief?"

"Hey! Not only thief comes and goes through windows, many people does"

"Like who?"


"Oh! But I am nobody's boyfriend"

"Say that again and I Will push you from the window"

"Sorry! You only said that we just started dating, so how can I become you're boyfriend in a minute?"

"Okay fine! Now get your things and go"

"My god you are crazy!"

"Crazy for you honey, now please leave otherwise she Will come again"

"Ok, I will leave only on one condition"


"You have to kiss me"

"Like now?"

"Yes otherwise I am not going" and Will sat on the bed.

"Oh you act like a baby, come here" and gave him a kiss that would last for a really long time.

"Wow! I am ready to jump of a cliff for that kind of kiss"

"That we Will see later, now please jump off from this window" and pushed him near the window.

Going out through window Will said "so when are we meeting again today?"

"Well I have to see, I have to attend college and then a date with my boyfriend, so not today"

"You have a date with your boyfriend? Who is he?"

"Well, if you want to see him, come to the French café this evening at 7 and found out by yourself, I think you will like him"

"I think I already like him"

"I have a good taste. Now please go before anyone sees us like this, bye"

"Love you babe"

"Love you too honey"

With that Will left for his home to get ready for the college and here back in the room, Rob was dancing as he was so happy that even without praying for the god, he got all his wishes granted. But this moment was interrupted by his mother who came to the room to see what he has been doing and asked him to get ready otherwise he Will be too late for the college.

Will got into his home and when his mom asked where he was he told her that he was at his friends place working on a project. With that lie he left for his room and went directly to the bathroom. He turned on the shower, undressed himself and closed his eyes gathering all the things that happened till now.

Everything has been great now since last evening, after that Tracy's incident. Oh! What about her? I told her that I am gay and I love Rob. Till now she might have told this to everyone in the college. What shall I do now? What everyone will think of me? Will, straight guy who was protecting his gay buddy is also gay?

All these things were going on in his head then his phone started ringing. He finished his bath, came out of bathroom and saw his cell who had called. It was none other than his babe Rob. He was going to call him, but Rob only called him and he received the call and said

"Hi babe, what's up?"

"You know what is up right? (Sexy giggles) just look down into your pants!

"But I'm not wearing anything"

"You're naked? Then you can clearly see my new toy getting big by now"

"Yea! You're new toy misses you, why don't you come here and meet him"

"Will, you are impossible! I just called to tell you that I am not taking my car today, I am walking to the college. Who knows a handsome hunk would give me a lift!"

"Oh really! I don't think so, because that handsome hunk is giving left to someone else"

"What? Who is that? Are you seeing someone?"

"Yea, that's my boyfriend. We have a date today at French café at 7"

"I think your boyfriend has a great choice"

"Yes because he himself is a great person"

"Love you, muaah! Miss you honey"

"Me too, Will catch with you later, have to get ready, bye"

This talk changed Will's mood and he decides to face any situation in the college. Will wore the best looking clothes he had, did his hair and head towards the college.

On the way to the college, he saw Rob walking. As earlier told by him he stopped his car beside him and asked

"Excuse me, can I give you a lift?"

Rob smiled and said "Well, I was waiting for my boyfriend but since he takes long time like a girl to get dress, I could use a lift"

"Your boyfriend is not a girl"

"I know he is one hell of a hunk" smooches!

As soon as they got down from the car at the parking, everyone started seeing them in a weird way.

Both ignored everyone and went together towards the corridor. There were a lot of people gathered to see the new gay couple of the college.

Everybody knew that Rob was gay because of that Hill incident, but none had the clue that Will is also gay. Obviously Tracy has spread this news that Rob and Will are couple after Will broke up with her last night. Since then the news has spread like a wildfire in the college and everyone was eager to see the new couple. As soon as they entered the corridor everyone became silent and just stared at them.

Rob got familiar to this situation but Will was not. He had a hard time to understand what to do now then suddenly someone from the crowd screamed

"See the new couple in town" and then everybody laughed. "NO it's the new Gay couple in Town" Even bigger laughter. Will was getting impatient by this but Rob controlled him by holding him arms.

Then again someone screamed "Will is Gay, that's why he protected his Boyfriend Rob at the Hills" then everyone laughed.

Will was about to say something but Rob started to speak:

"Whether Will is gay or I am gay, what you guys have got to do it? It's none of anybody's business to talk about our private life. And for your kind information, yes we are gay and we are a couple now. At least we have the guts to accept who we are and live our life the way we want, not like you guys who hide everything for the sake of society and kill their feelings everyday by cheating themselves. So before labelling us as a gay couple, first please introspect yourself and then talk."

This was more than enough for the entire crowd to make silent. But suddenly someone started clapping in the crowd, when everyone turned to see who it was they got shocked. It was Tracy's best friend Lisa. She came near Rob gave them hug, congratulated them and announced to the crowd

"I am Lisa Walker and I am lesbian. And I am in love with my best friend Tracy" and then she walked towards the her, kneels down in front of Tracy

"Tracy I had crush on you from the first day I saw you, now that crush has developed into feelings and more so into love. Tracy I love you, Will you be my girlfriend?"

Tracy was boiling like a boiler. All her plan to humiliate and embarrass Will had not only failed but also led to face embarrassment in front of the college where her best friend proposed her. She threw her bag onto Lisa's face and ran away towards restroom. This incident compelled everyone to see who they really are. One by one, those who were homosexuals started to confess in front of everyone that they are gay/lesbians and proposed to their love. Most of them were shocked, some of them were happy and some walked out with anger.

Then all those who admitted themselves that they are homosexuals came near Rob and Will and thanked them for giving them hope and opportunity to confess and live their life they want. Will was overwhelmed by this reaction. He never thought that they will be so many gays in his college hiding their identity, while Rob graciously accepted their thanks and wished them all the best. Then slowly crowd disappeared towards their respective classes.

Will was still surprised to see Rob and the courage he has shown. Rob saw Wills confused yet amused face and started laughing at him. He pulled him near a corner and asked why he has such a look on his face?

"Babe you completely surprised me today. First, this morning you told me that you want to date me like other couples and second you ignited the spark in me which was missing in my life and third today you showed me that you are brave and daring by asking people to come out of the closet. How did you do this? I mean after that hill incident I thought you lost everything"

"You are right honey, after that incident I lost all my hope to live life, that why I attempted suicide. But then you came and saved me, took so much care for me, gave the hope to live my life again, boosted my confidence and more importantly filled my life with happiness by confessing your love to me. I did all these things because of you. You are my inspiration Will. As long as you're with me, there is nothing in this world that will stop me. Love it power that nobody can stop!"

Will shed happy tears and said "I love you babe"

"I love you too honey" and then they locked their lips.

Fin for now!



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