I had a part time job as a stable boy for about 3 months before I went to university, the job involved mucking out feeding and grooming. Accommodation included. I was feeling nervous this was my first job and first time away from home.

 I’m Harry 18 years old 140lbs 5’8" tall, lean natural body tone. Blonde hair green eyes. I’m gay. 

I worked and shared accommodation with 3 other guys. Manuel, Jose and Tomas, Hispanic guys. They were all in there mid twenties. About 160-180lbs, 5’8"-5’10" tall. All very fit guys. 

The first few days felt strange both the work and the environment. The work was physically demanding; I struggled to keep up with the guys. They were physically fit with well-toned bodies due to the hard manual work they do.

They cursed and fooled about to relieve their boredom when working. I had only been there a few days when they diverted their attention onto me to relieve their boredom. They used verbal abusive sexual remarks, challenging my gender. They became very tactile simulating sexual acts on me. On more than one occasion Manuel came up behind me and placed one arm around my waist and the other around my neck and shoulders, licking the nape of my neck while simulating fucking me. "Fuck off" I always told him as I pulled away. He would always laugh out loud and wink at me. Jose and Tomas stroked their hands over their bulges several times and grinned at me. They put their hands inside their jeans and fondled themselves in front of me; they did lots of other stuff. At first it scared and worried me. Did their behavior towards me suggest they thought I was gay? Or were they just fooling with me because I’m an easy target. As time went by I got used to their teasing and taunting; I even gave them a lot of verbal back. I felt that it was all empty threats these guys had no true intentions to sexually carry out any of the threats. I got my satisfaction by jacking off fanaticizing and imagining them doing to me what they threatened to do.  

One evening they had all showered and were lying on their beds just with a towel around their waist. They were speaking in Spanish and kept glancing over at me as I got ready to take a shower. Manuel wolf whistled me as I made my way to the shower. I turned my back to them and bent over and wriggled my ass, I was now taunting them." Don’t tempt me gringo", shouted Manuel. "Your all talk man", the words were out before I had given any thought to what I was saying. Well it’s only the truth I thought as I made my way to the shower.

I came out of the shower with the towel around my waist immediately Manuel jumped up and approached me. "So I’m all talk am I gringo?" He asked as he started to run his hands through my hair. "Yeah", I said with confidence and pulling away with feelings of frustration.  "You’re a pretty boy", he said as he stroked the side of my face. "You think so"? I said. I was expecting him to back off and laugh but he didn’t. "Yeah we all do," he said as he stroked his hands over my chest pausing over my nipples. Feeling his hands on my naked chest sent a sexual shudder through my body. I was still thinking he would back off, just teasing me. "Nice nipples," he said as he stared into my eyes. He continued to lightly stroke over my nipples with his callused hands making them erect and feel sensitive. "Nice hard nipples," he said gazing into my face then turning and grinning at Jose and Tomas. I could feel my cock swelling. "Look I have to get dressed," I said. "No you don’t," he said as he loosened my towel, which immediately fell to the ground. 

He stroked his hands over my hips then the cheeks of my ass. "You think I’m just talk now?" Maybe I replied nervously. I didn’t trust him I still had my guard up, anything could happen if I admitted to being gay. He loosened the towel around his waist and let it drop to the floor. Fuck, naked he looked perfect. I tried to show no reaction. He leaned forward and started sucking and nibbling my nipples. Jose and Tomas joined us they were both naked. Their hands were all over me. I could feel their tongues, lips and teeth. They were lightly biting and licking my ass cheeks, neck and shoulders while Manuel sucked hard on my nipples. Fuck this was ecstasy a surreal moment. I couldn’t resist anymore I was convinced it wasn’t just talk. I stroked my hands over the shoulders and back of Manuel; he looked at me and smiled.   

He pressed on my shoulders forcing me to my knees. "Kiss my cock." His cock was flaccid and heavy. I could fit both my hands on it; it was enormous. He shoved his flaccid cock into my mouth  "Suck it deep." Tomas and Jose were watching as his cock disappeared inch by inch down my throat. "Yeah that feels good gringo."  I moved my lips up and down the shaft in a slow sensual way. In no time I could feel it swelling in my throat, hardening so quickly that it made me gag. I pulled away several times and inhaled deeply. He kept shoving it back down my throat past the resistance point.  My saliva covered the shaft of his cock; copious amounts ran down my chin and chest. Both Jose and Tomas joined in feeding me their cocks. I went from cock to cock sucking, licking and taking them all deep until all of them were like hard rods of steel.   

Manuel took control of me; I could taste his precum as he gradually worked my throat. I orally rode his cock for as long as I could, savoring every moment. I had my hands on his hard ass cheeks to give me better leverage as I deep throated his cock. Thrusting my face into his crotch making me kiss his pubic hairs as he thrust his cock down my throat with the full force of his hips. He looked pleased as he looked down at me with the whole of his cock deep down my throat. Tomas and Jose stood stroking their cocks waiting in line.

Holding my head firmly Manuel continued to thrust with his hips. Now and then he would press my face into his crotch and hold. I could see the whites of his eyes as he stared down at me. His legs started to tremble and he was moaning.  "You ready gringo I’m going to cum Ahhhhhhhh," His cock expanded as his sperm laden juices shot down the tube of his cock. I suddenly felt a strong jet of warm sperm juice hit the back of my throat. He continued to tremble and shudder as he squirted copious amounts of sperm juice into my mouth and over my face. He let me suck on his cock until it softened then he pulled his cock out my mouth and wiped it across my face. 

He looked at Jose and Tomas and said, "he’s yours."  My stomach was full of rich protein cum by the time they finished face fucking me. What I couldn’t swallow spilled out the side of my mouth and even out my nostrils, running down my chin, chest and my balls. Forming a pool at my knees. My cock was hard and springing up and down as they got more vigorous face fucking me. I was so excited that I squirted my juices into the mixture of cum juice and sweat that had formed on the floor. 

They left me to have a beer and cigarette. I knelt there experiencing an overwhelming erotic feeling shooting through the whole of my body having just been face fucked and fed with copious amounts of live sperm juices from three powerful guys.

They were talking excitedly in Spanish while drinking their beer and smoking. Had they satisfied their sexual needs? I went to get up Manuel jumped to his feet shouting. "stay down bitch we haven’t finished with you yet." He stood over me pressing his foot down on my back. I was down on all fours. Jason came over and sat on my back I felt his hands parting my ass cheeks. Manuel scooped some sweat and cum juice mixture onto his fingers and knelt down behind me. Tomas knelt in front of me and shoved his ass into my face and parted his cheeks. "Lick my ass gringo," he snarled.  He pressed his ass into my face I parted his ass cheeks and licked around the rim of his anus and a long the whole of his ass crack. He moaned with delight as my coarse tongue licked and penetrated his hole. He shouted at me to get my tongue deeper in his hole. While I was eating Tomas’s ass I felt Manuels lubed finger slip into my hole. I gave out a deep sigh. More sperm lube was applied, this time with 2 fingers then 3. Something incredible was happening in my ass. It was an intense feeling as Manuel moved his fingers about in my hole.    

Manuel said something in Spanish both Jason and Tomas stood up and got out the way. I could feel Manuels cock rubbing up and down my ass crack. He leaned forward and whispered into my ear. "Nice tight ass gringo for me to fuck."  Manuel placed both his hands on my shoulders as he started to punch my hole several times with the head of his hard cock. After several attempts the head of his cock stretched my hole and penetrated me making me jolt and moan. I could feel Manuels cock on all sides of my gut as he thrust his hard cock deeper into me. Manuel leaned over me and placed one arm around my neck and shoulders the other arm around my waist. He thrust and forced his hard cock deep into my gut, inch by inch stretching and penetrating. I felt his hairy pubic hairs rubbing on my ass cheeks he was all the way into me. He let out a satisfied sigh before starting to gently fuck me, gentle at first then more vigorously. At first his cock was painful but soon gave way to a sensational feeling of pleasure. 

With each of his thrust into me I gave out a Ohh!! Ahhhhhh!  While he grunted. The noises I made excited and stimulated him to fuck me even more vigorously to impress Jose and Tomas and to prove his alpha male status. He was sweating profusely and inhaling and exhaling deeply when the whole of his body convulsed as he delivered his load deep into my gut. He lay on me for several minutes regaining control of his breathing as both Jose and Tomas stood in line waiting to impregnate me with their live sperm juices.

Both Jose and Tomas fucked me after. I was covered in sweat and cum juices. Sperm juice seeped out my overflowing ass and trickled down my legs as I lay their on the floor recovering. From that night I was fucked everyday by all three of them.



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