My Pal, Wayne, had seemed distracted for a couple of weeks. Captain of the football team, he was generally the center of our school universe. Of course, maybe his newfound exploration into boy on boy sex had something to do with it. Wayne had, along with Carl, my other good pal,and I, became what could be called fuckbuddies. Perhaps, the remote possibility of this getting out, was freaking him out. I decided, to make sure he knew, neither Carl or I were going to tell anyone. We, as much as Wayne, were not willing to be labeled as queers, in our small highschool community. Niether Carl or I stood anything to gain, from Wayne's exposure. We stood to lose, as Wayne seemed to thrive on having our teenage dicks, plowing his muscle butt. Since he'd been avoiding us, our teenage dicks, sorely missed, his hot steamy hole.

I finally managed to corner Wayne, and try to convince him, we weren't about to tell on him. That's when I found out about Coach P.! There'd always been rumors about Coach, but I personally had doubted them. The rumors had always come from the disgruntled, the athletically disinclined, usually after Coach ahd been somewhat harsh in gym class. I'd never heard any of the jocks at school spread rumors, so tended to ignore the tales,  Tales, that basically hinted that Coach was known to touch boys inappropiately. Wayne confirmed the rumors. Seemed Coach had fondled Wayne in the crotch several times. I was incredulous, and very turned on.

Although my exploration so far had been confined to boys my age, it was men who turned me on. Those figures of authority, who controlled my world. In my fantasies, it was I in control, I who dominated these authority figures. My school had three very masculine and hot teachers. Mr. B, the Math teacher,was tall,thin dark, classically hansome. Mr. R. was a big burly hairy muscle bear. Then there was Coach. Tall, well built, he had the dark olive, almost red toned skin of a Native American. His hair, was coal black and straight. He had the classic roman nose so often associated with the noble redskin. Always in shorts and polo shirts, he showed very little body hair. Unlike some other Coaches, I'd seen or met, he kept himself in tiptop shape. No spare tire graced his heavy boned frame. Once I'd learned the joys of anal sex, I 'd often caught myself staring at his full muscular butt, imagining cupping it and exploring the seam that disappeared in between.

I wasn't quite sure what Wayne's problem with the situation was. I mean he loved getting down on his hands and knees to let Carl and I cornhole him. Why should Coach feeling him up have him in such a depressed state? I began to get a glimmer as Wayne continued venting. Coach was letting Wayne down somehow. The man was one of Wayne's heroes and had suddenly developed feet of clay. This combined with his angst about his exploration with Carl and I was screwing up his mind. Instead of being able to enjoy this time, it was eating him up. He was not coping well with the fear he was gay. His hero, groping him was pushng him over the edge.

 That's when I concieved my elaborate plan. I determined to find a way to get proof of Coach's inappropiate touching and blackmail him to leave Wayne alone. I convinced Wayne to let me know when Coach wanted to get him alone for a meeting. I could just barely fit   into a small utility closet directly across from Coach's glass windowed office. With a small hand held recorder, I was determined to film Coach and his misdeeds. Secreted away in my hiding place, I was instantly hard when Coach reached out to grope my pal. Wayne was squirming and inadverdantly glanced at my hidey hole a couple of times. Thankfully Coach was too intent on his pleasure to notice. This time he went beyond groping, and actually unzipped Wayne's pants, to fish inside and try to pull out Wayne's piece. It was too much for Wayne and he pulled away and scurried out the door, while Coach told him he'd better not tell. That no one would believe him. Lucky for me Coach left immediately after, or I might have had to hide in the closet for quite awhile.

The footage was perfect. I had managed to keep Wayne's face out of it entirely, but managed to perfectly frame Coach as he obviously fondled a male crotch and tried to pull his dick out. I made two extra copies on disk and then wiped it from my videorecorder and computer. It wouldn't do to have the Rents find it after all. Then I came up with an excuse to talk to Coach privately.

I handed Coach a disk and laid it on the line. He was cringing as he agreed to leave Wayne alone. But, call me evil, it wasn't enough for me. The power i suddenly had over, Coach , this major authority figure in my life, went to my head. The heady feeling of control, had me upping the ante. 

I decided to get me a piece of Coach!

As I outlined my plan for the man, it was obvious from the growing tent in his polyester shorts, that Coach was turned on.  He tried to play it coy, then tried bluster, then bribery, but I held firm.

Soon Coach was kneeling in front of me, easing my jeans and underwear down my legs, freeing my fat seven inch uncut dick.  I swear his eyes glazed over as he eyed my throbbing teenage prod. He was licking his lips as a bead of precum oozed from the barely visible head of my cock.

I just leaned back on the desk and commanded this authority figure in my life to suck my dick!

I watched through slitted eyes, as he leaned forward to lick the pearly drop from the slit in my cock.  Impatient I jammed my tool at his mouth.  When he opened it, I forced my cock inside the hot wet hole in his face, cramming it in until he gagged.  When he tried to pull off, I grabbed the back of his head holding him in place.  I eased back a bit so he could breathe before jamming back into his throat.  Coach did a lot of sputtering and gagging.

Apparently he was the one always in control.  I don't think he sucked much dick in his life.

I face fucked him a short while, not long, I knew I would cum pretty fast.  I was only a teenager after all!

There was something I wanted more than a blow job!

I unceremoniously yanked my dick from Coach P.'s wet mouth.  Grabbing his chin, I pulled him to his feet.   I reached for the snaps on his " Coach " shorts, undoing them, pulling down the zipper.  I yanked them down, exposing Coach's dingy jockstrap.  

Judging from the way his cup was pulling away from his crotch, I think Coach was pretty turned on at this point.  I sidled behind him, to get a good looked at his round olive toned butt.

He made a bit of a protest, when I fondled his ass.  He did not pull away, but made what I thought a mere token protest.   I gave his upper back a firm push.  Soon he was leaning over the desk, his round butt exposed.  I ran my fingers into his sweaty crack, grazing his hole.  Coach protested with his mouth, but he pushed back against my fingers at the same time.

Not having lube handy, I spit unto my fingers and slicked up Coach's tight little brown hole opening.  He flinched when I slid a spit soaked finger inside him.

Then I rubbed spit all over my fat seven inch uncut cock.

Once again Coach protested as I slipped my cock up against his hole.  Annoyed, I gave his ass a resounding slap.  Coach actually moaned and pressed back against me.  

Patience at an end, I positioned the head of my cock at his hole and pushed.  Just the head.   had enough experience with Wayne and Carl not to jam the whole length in.  Oh but e wanted to.  I wanted to slam all of the way into Coach.

I felt Coach's whole body go tense.  He huffed a big gulp of air.  Then to my surprise pushed back, sliding my whole length inside his gut.  He paused only a moment when I was all inside.

Then all protest and pretense gone, Coach began fucking himself on my dick.

Surprised at first, I let him get way with it.  But soon I was grabbing his hips, stopping his backward thrusts.  I wanted control.  

Hips immobilized, I began fucking him as hard as I could.  My hips were meeting his olive ass in wet meaty thwacks. 

Coach gave up all control to me, and began urging me to pond him harder and harder.  I reveled in the feel of his hot wetness sheathing my hard cock.

All too soon, I felt the cum boiling inside of me.  When I couldn't hold back any longer, I yanked myself from his body, and sprayed his back and ass in cum.

Coach reached under himself to free his fat cock from his jock.  He gave a few quick tugs, then his cum was dribbling down the side of his metal desk.

Chest heaving Coach collapsed on the desk. ass still in the air, hole still spasming open.

I gave his ass a friendly pat and knelt to pull my apnts back up.

As I walked out his office door I turned and grinned at him evilly.  I let him know that I was not quite done with my new Play Toy yet.  

And left.

Okay readers,

This story is mostly fiction.   Our Coach did eventually get caught with a student.  At that time a whole bunch of jock alumni came out to accuse Coach. ( Although, I know what Coach did was wrong, I don't have a lot of sympathy for cowards who wait for someone else to make accusations, then jump on the band wagon!)  My friend Wayne among them.  Unfortunately, Coach never looked my way.  This is a might have been fantasy.




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