He saw the bull in the basement room, the one towards the end, with the bed, where fuckers lock themselves behind bars. The bull was riding the cock of a guy who lay in the bed, a guy older than him. Not much to remember from the guy, no one could remember much, the bull was stealing the show. The bull was standing on his knees, above and around the guy; the bull's back turned towards the guy's face, the guy's cock inside the bull's ass. They had locked themselves in, to be seen by all. A group of four men was standing outside, holding bars with one hand, stroking dick with the other. He was among the four. The bull was going up and down slowly, jerking off, feeling his meaty chest muscles, his belly and his own arms.

At some moment the bull focused his eyes on him - him beating off outside the bars. The bull would not stop staring at him, would not stop the up and down motion. He, trapped by the bull's stare, went on stroking.

They kept it like this for a while, synchronized, their glances glued to each other's.

Suddenly, the bull exploded. The bull groaned, pulled his head back, turned his face towards the ceiling, and held himself with one hand from the bed. The other hand pulled the cockhead out, to shoot strong in all directions. Thick, white and whirly chunks of sperm. The bull shot lots and for long, one spasm followed the other, spilling on the walls and on the floor.

He exploded too; he thrust his cock as much as he could between the bars, his cum shot longest than ever, to meet the floor, side by side with the bull's flesh-thick cum splashes.

After the bull unloaded, the bull turned once more his glance towards him, the bull smiled, the bull's eyes smiled, an almost devilish smile.


He saw the bull again, some months later, in the baths. He thought that the bull had forgotten, but he was wrong. The bull approached him and proposed to go to a room. No need of others or audience, just the two of us, the bull said politely.

The bull rode him, the same motion, up and down slowly. The one difference, the bull rode his cock looking at him, the same steady stare.

The bull said firmly, I know what you want, I have it ready for you and here I go.

He was engulfed in a warm undertow of exploding cum. He followed, almost instantaneously, his whole body jerked in spasms, releasing sperm in quantities and duration equal to that of the bull.

He could have never imagined. He had received the power of the bull.



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