Back in July, I stumbled upon this website one night while spending some quality alone time when I had the idea that I would share my past experiences with a longtime bud, Rick.  We stopped hookup a few years ago when I got married and he moved a few hours away.  Writing about those experiences made me think about Rick more and more. I decided one day to email him and see how he is doing.

After a few days, Rick got back to me.  He told he how much he misses our hot nights and we exchanged emails for a good two weeks.   One weekend when my wife was away, Rick arranged a weekend getaway for himself to come back to town.  He told his now wife that he was meeting up with some friends and going to a basketball game and staying in the city for the night.   I thought about it long and hard but I couldn't resist.  I said yes.  I agreed to meet him at his hotel bar at 11pm or whenever he got back from the game.  I got to the bar very early in excitement. I got there around 9:30pm and had a few drinks while I waited.  We had not seen each other for a few years and I was very nervous. Around 11:15pm, he finally arrives and my heart started to beat really fast like when I usually saw Rick.     He looked the exact same as when we last met, except a few years older, now that he is 54.   He looked like his old strong self, rugged looking, bald with a grey goatee, 5'11 190, and still muscular.  He sat down and chatted for a bit.  He was already a few drinks deep from his night out with his old friends and we continued to drink and catch up on old times.  Every now and then, he would lean in and whisper something to me like "how he can't wait to cum inside of me again".  He had me in total heat.   

Around midnight, the hotel bar started to close and we decided it was time to get to business.  We left the bar and walked down the hallway to his room which was one the 1st floor.  As we entered the room, we were at it the minute the door closed.  We were making out standing up like crazed lovers.  Rick stripped me down and I stripped him down while we kissed standing in the middle of his hotel room.  He then told me he needed to be inside of me and told me to bend over the chair in his room.  I turned around and bent to my wait over the chair as he stood behind me.  I felt the cold sensation of lube dripping down my pucker as Rick squirted some on his cock and my ass. Rick then asked me to beg for daddy's dick.  I started moaning how much I miss Daddy and how much i dreamed about this moment again.   He slid his very hard cock inside of me and started thrusting.  It was tighter then before but the pain was gone almost immediately. I'm sure being buzzed helped, lol.   Rick was pumping me from behind as I stood bent over the chair.  I was in ecstasy.  Feeling Rick's hard cock sliding against my inner walls again had me so worked up.  

After fucking me standing for around 10 minutes, Rick tells me to get on my knees and clean Daddy's cock.  I kneel down and look up at him and wrap my lips around his throbbing cock, making eye contact with him while he pats my head and tells me how much he misses his boy.   I can feel his cock start to jump as I started sucking faster and use my right hand and lips in unison up and down his hard shaft.  Rick then tells me to get up and get on my back for daddy.  I get up and lay on the bed and spread my legs.  He takes each legs and dangles it over his shoulders and he slides his hard cock back in me and start aggressively fucking me.   He was hitting my prostate repeatedly and was leaking like never before and quivering beneath him.  My moans got louder and Rick's grunts got louder.  Whomever was in the next room had to have heard us as the headboard kept slamming against the wall while Rick would grunt and tell me to take daddy's cock while I begged for Daddy to fuck me more.

He started to get close and told me he was ready to breed me again.  I begged him for it and yelling cum in me daddy while he fucked me fast and hard while I was curled up beneath him with my legs straight in the air.  He started to grunt and yell as he gets ready and lets out one of biggest loads I have ever received him Rick.    He reaches down and makes out with me very aggressively while I lay beneath him, cum dripping from my full hole.  We kissed for a while and then he told me to cum for daddy.  I laid on my back while Rick laid next to me and I arched my back and raised my legs and aimed my cock toward my mouth so i could give myself a mouthful of cum.  Rick reached over and started to finger me while I got closer and then I started moaning relentlessly and came streams and streams of cum onto my face and tongue.   Rick then had me lick his fingers and swallow the load I had just shot.  He laid down and made out some more and talked for a while. Curled up in daddy's arms again like old times.  

After a half hour of talking and cuddling,  I could feel Rick's cock get hard again on my back.  I turned around and we made out some more while I slowly stroked his cock.  When he got hard again, Rick told me to stand up and he had an idea.  There was a balcony in his room that overlooked the city.  Since it was early September, the weather was still warm and I was turned on by the idea of having sex outside with Rick.   He told me to get on my knees when we arrived to the balcony and he applied more lube on me.   Rick's cock slid in me effortlessly and began to thrust deep in me.  We kept our moaning and groaning to a minimum but you could definitely hear the sound of his skin slapping against mine while he fucked me from behind.   After a while of kneeling down on the concrete balcony, I asked Rick if I can ride him.  He readily agreed and he laid on his back on the balacony and I climbed on him.  I leaned down to kiss him while I worked my ass on his hard cock and milked his cock as much as I could.  I started to ride faster and kiss deeper and he then, while still inside of me, picked me up and placed me on my back and fucked me hard. After fucking outside for a good half hour,  Rick tells me to go back in the room and get on my back again at the edge of the bed.  I followed his order as he stood in front of me and re-entered.  He fucked me aggressivly and reached down and had a firm but soft grip on my throat like he always loved to do with me.  

I was in heaven, feeling Rick in me and feeling rugged, strong hands again on my body felt so amazing. Rick was now slamming me and fucking me fast as he told he was going to cum again.  He then stopped deep and again, let out a huge load.   He leans down to kiss me and we started cuddling again.  This time, we were both spent from the sex and drinks and feel asleep.  We kissed one last time before we fell asleep as his burly arms wrapped around me.

We woke up the next morning and went at it again before Rick had to drive back home. We agreed that we need to meet whenever we can.  We went our separate ways and have kept in touch via email since.  I'm so glad we reconnected.  Sharing my story here and bringing back these feelings again was the best thing to ever happen to me!


Bi mwm Steve

[email protected]


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