Day 2 at St.Mary's hospital and my brute of a Dad is not yet here to at least see how the child he nearly killed was doing how Heartless!

The door opened when I saw a young man guess my doctor comin towards my bed.He maybe 35,5'10,

dirty blonde hair and creamy dark eyes.He was full of smiles when he

came to me"How are you Jim?"he asked still smiling"I'm doctor Luthor"he continued.I nodded unable to talk cos of the my heavily bandaged head and jaw.His smile seems to lighten my burden,I felt this warmth in me.

"Am happy you're responding to treatments,you've a fractured head,broken jaw,swollen eyes,four broken ribs,fractured knee and ankles,broken arm and a few scars but you'd be better to go home in a few weeks time"he said.Home? the place I now dreaded more than hell,nothing can take me back there Never!!

"It's good your parents paid your bills $3000 for surgery and with that I assure you'd be perfectly okay in 2weeks.But how did those thugs get to you?"he asked.

Thugs!unbelievable,Mum&Dad lied that I was beaten by thugs when Dad was the brute who did this to me.

I felt a knot in my stomach,a bubble in my throat,my mouth dry as my eyes got teary."Ok thats enough am sorry to pry,please don't get emotional he apologised I stayed mute the whole time thinking what I did to my parents to merit such a wicked act."I'd leave you now to rest"he said as he walked out leaving me brooding over my ill-luck.

I woke up at 4pm to see Dad&Mum sitting at the foot of my bed.Mum seem worn out from I guess stress and Dad the same old stern look."How're?"Mum said unethusiastically,I kept quiet staring at the devils I thought were my parents and got angrier.I looked at Dad who seem unsympathetic at his act as tears roll down my ear.

'Well Fag!we got the bills,when you're well make sure I don't sĂȘe your dick smelling ass in my home' It took me time to get the implication of what Dad just said,was he throwing out to the street like some garbage what of parental love?that was the height of it I didn't expect it though I don't know what to expect.It take a beast to do this dastard act but here was my rich father disowning me for nothing sake...Oh for my sexuality.I hoped Mum'd just snob Dad,rush to me and cuddle me,I didn't get a cuddle instead I got a jilt.My heart&soul broke into a billion pieces as I watched my so-called parents leave their only son whom they had wrecked to die of trauma as they left the hospital.

After 3 weeks,Oh I didn't I'd live that long,my scars were almost healed expect for my hip,arm in a sling and knee which underwent a few surgery but am healing well thanks to Dr.Luthor's skills.I'd also narrated my ordeals to him and he took me into his family as a son.The Luthors are very kind,his wife Stacie is very kind and never ceases to make sure I felt happy by giving the helps she could.But my main attraction went to Drake their son.He's 6' tall,huge a mixture of chubby and muscular which gives him this macho look,nicely tanned,black hair,green serpent-like eyes and strawberry pink lips.My Mr.Perfect!.

I was relaxing myself in the balcony one evening the day Dr.Luthor told me he'd remove the casts on leg and right arm the next morning.I heard the door open and Drake come up to me'Hey bud' he's in habit of calling me like this even after I told me am Jim not bud."How're doing today"he took a seat near me as I sat up to greet him.He's full of smiles and good like his Dad."Fine"I replied.He was staring at me all the while and I also stole some too innocently.

"I happened to be at your school today and found out you came out the best in your class with 4.98 thats Suma man"he told me.

"Yeah so i heard,my sister Rachel told me over the phone".Rachel always called and sometimes come to see while in hospital&even here at the Luthors place and would always bring me gifts.She's the only one who has the guts and nerves to call and visit me defying Dad's threats and beatings.She's really a heroine.My Heroine!!

"Well news number 2:,Dad said you'd going back to school with me like the University of Carlifornia Los Angeles cos he has enrolled or rather transfered you there to finish up your programme there"he said then flashed me his smiles again.

I was dumbfounded,just kept looking at him tears streaming down my cheeks as he took me into his robust arm and chest and gently squeeze-cuddled my lean frame while I cried on in his shoulders it at least felt safer to cry in there as I wetted his blue shirt some more.

The next few days were simply uneventful except that at last I was relieved of all my casts and slings and indeed all my scars and wounds were gone and me getting to move on with my life which was now worth living in my new found home.I had been place on a shrink doctor since two weeks now and I think am psychologically okay and balanced both physically and academically.I told my sister I was moving over to L..A and she promised to keep it secret and also pay me a visit every now and then.

I was now a lot better after the painful events some months back which leaves me broken when I think of my once united family and how everything was now....well History.

Well I am determined to achieve it,you know make it in life and show my fuck*** cowards and brutes of a Parents,Friends and Classmates who wrecked my heart and bashed my hopes that I can survive you know be a better ME!!even without them.

The summer break was soon over and grabbing my things I left for L.A with Drake.

To be Contd




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