Revenge is Sweet, Pt 2. quickly turns to lust.

Quick recap:

(My long time best bud Stan and I double team my husband Jack for no other reason but than to teach him a lesson in a two on one double team surprise attack. What had started out as a take down, turn erotic and horny for all three of us very quickly.)

I wake with the heady - manly scent of my husband's smell filling my nostrils. Wrapped in his huge biceps and my head resting on his pec, I am in my favorite spot on the planet. When my eyes adjust to the fading light, I see Stan on the other side in the exact same position and Jack's massive arm is around him too. Stan remember, is my best friend, and we had decided to teach my big lug of a husband some humility. What started out as the two of us double teaming Jack, evolved into some very erotic and steamy muscle worship and sex with the three of us.

Stan and me are damn near Identical, dark complexion, smooth olive bronzed skin, with dark hair and dark eyes. We are close to the same height, about 5'6 or so and we weight the exact same too. Very lean rock hard gym bodies and 155-160 lbs. We had met in college on the wrestling team, and have been running buddies and partners in crime ever since. Jack on the other hand is full on juiced - jacked muscle head. 6.2" tall and a solid 215 lbs of lean ripped stud. Along with his rippling muscles he has the classic good looks to match. Sandy blonde hair, blue eyes, and a full chest of hair that he keeps clipped tight and neat to show his definition to full advantage. Oh and the junk between his legs is an entire story all its own, a big slab of piece of swinging meat and a set of balls that hang low, full, heavy and always ready to bust a nut. Although he is a giant teddy bear inside of that mountain of muscle, he can get carried away and sometimes forgets just how strong he can be when we fool around or have sex.

The three is us come around from the nap at about the same time, I see Stan's eyes slowly open, and I feel Jacks arms stretch and flex around us both trying to get the blood flowing back into the extremities. The huge grin plastered across his face as he opens his eyes, is both boyish and devilish at the same time and one of the cutest features about him.

"Well, well, well, what do I have here", he uses his arms to roll us both closer and on top of each side of his torso, "looks like I won whatever the contest was, with you both as my prize." And he flexes us tighter to his torso in approval.

It is sort of an awkward moment, and Jack is doing his best to lighten the mood. I run my hands down his chest over his rock hard abs, and find his big dick at full attention rock hard and standing straight up.

"Damn Jack, didn't you shoot two huge loads like only an hour ago?" Stan is mesmerized by the sight of his massive dick at full erection."Just go with it, we are all good here." I nod my consent to Stan, and to show him I am serious, I place his hand along mine on Jacks hard dick, and Jack lets out a moan of approval with a deep sigh, "that feels so good boys".

I cup Jacks man sized nuts in my hand, and I see him place his large hand behind Stan's head and push him closer to the dick in his hand. "Oh fuck that is hot", I mutter. All inhibitions must have escaped Stan as he inhales the big cock in one gulp all the way down to the base. "FUCKKKKK KKKKKKKKKKKKKKK KKKKKKKKKKKkkk" rushes out of Jack's throat as he feels the hot wet mouth swallow him whole. I slide down between his legs and suck both egg sized nuts into my mouth. My mouth and Stan's are licking sucking meeting in unison on my man's big dick and balls, and knowing Jack the way I do he is bound to be in heaven with all this attention. And I got to admit, this is pretty fucking hot, and not near as awkward as it could have turned out.

A few times I come off the balls and lick along Stan's tongue and Jack's dick, kissing Stan in the process. Although we have been best buds for over 15 years we have never fooled around until now. It doesn't feel odd, it feels natural in a strange sense. Jack and I have been together for almost 10 yrs. now, and over that time Stan has always been around, spending as much time at our house, as his place. Traveling together, hanging out, the three of us click on so many levels. How we have never crossed this line before is amazing. Hell, Jack and I have even talked about it a few times. Jack has always thought Stan was a hot man. And the sexual banter the two of them have had over the years came naturally and easily. They flirted like high school crushes any way.

Back to the task at hand, my husband's big dick and getting him to nut once again. With Stan still giving him what must be a grade" A" blow job, a slink lower between his legs, raising his big nuts out of the way and lash my tongue against his hairy ass crack. His hips buck up about a foot off the bed, but Stan never loses his pace. I raise Jack's left leg up off the bed and place my face in that sweet muscle ass of his and dive in.

Once I get his round cheeks parted I dive my tongue in deep. His entire body arches off the bed. His heels and his head bridging the entire mass of his frame, he places his hand on the back of Stan's head and starts to unload deep down his gullet. I can feel Jack's ass tighten around my tongue and hear the growls and grunts. When Jack empties his big nuts and calms down, I feel Stan reach for my face, bringing me up to meet his lips and then shares the delicious huge load in his mouth with me. We slip it back and forth, sharing the taste of my husband's warm cum mixed in with our mouthful of each other's saliva. When we finally swallow our part of the load, I look down and see the largest smile on my man's face there could be.

"I will give the two of you about 5 hours to stop playing around like this" Jack laughs out loud. "You two studs are fucking hot".

I reach over and stroke Stan's rock hard dick. The weight, length and girth in my hand is impressive. And on his lean hard smaller frame, the size is even more of a surprise. "Hey babe, what are we going to do about this huge bone here?" I ask my other half. "I am not sure what you are going to do with it, but I damn sure know what I want to do with it". He gets on all fours and backs his huge bubble butt close to Stan, looks over his shoulders, "Climb on, go for a ride in Daddy" and flexes his round ass on the length of Stan's big dick.

Stan's eyes are as huge as saucers in disbelieve, but his cock flexes and jerks at the mere thought of tagging that huge slab of muscle ass in front of him now. I lay across his back with my face close to Stan's dick I use both of my hands and fill the big guys ass full of lube, and rub a generous amount on Stan's big cock, "I can't wait till you feel what he can do to a dick in there" I tell Stan, "enjoy yourself buddy" and I slap the round globe of muscle as I sit back and watch.

When Stan enters Jack's ass, the room heats up by ten degrees. I see a look of lust wash over his face as his dick gets settled in and finds it way around the inside of my studs hole. The pace is steady and slow allowing them both to get the feel for the other. Jack's words are more rumbles and groans mixed in with "fuck me with that big dick" coming out in guttural sounds mixed among the incoherent utterances.

"You like that big dick don't ya big guy" I ask my happy man.

"You have no idea what he is doing to me, it is fucking awesome" he manages to spit out.

Without warning, Stan speeds up to a full on power fuck, thrusting deep, hard, side to side and in full control of the man twice his size on the end of his dick. He reaches his left arm way up under Jack's left hip, and in a move that had to been seen to believe, he tosses 215 lbs. of gym the rat, from all fours position over to his back never losing his rhythm or pace in his ass. Jack ends up with on his back and one leg flung over Stan's shoulder turned sideways with Stan powering his hole from side entry angle.

"Jason" Stan says between ragged breathes and thrusts, "you are one lucky stud to have this for a sex toy" and gives Jack's ass a loud solid slap. "I have been drooling over this piece of ass for 10 years, and this was worth the wait." He pushes the leg over his shoulder out flat, and raises to one knee and one foot. His entire torso is tearing up my man from the inside out.

"This is the hottest fucking thing I have ever seen" I tell them both as I lay back and watch the two of them fuck like porn stars.

Before long I see Stan's entire body convulse, every muscle is firing and flexing. He throws his head back and comes to a complete stop buried all the way in. The sound from his throat is almost scary, loud rumble and deep as he unloads and fills Jack's willing hole with his seed.

Jack reaches behind and holds Stan firmly, "stay in me baby. Keep that huge dick buried right there". He reaches over to my cock, then swallows it whole. His tongue laps all the way down to my nuts and I empty my overdue load as deep down his throat as I can and shoot.

It takes about ten minutes for us to come back to earth after that incredible romp. Jack again has both big arms wrapped around us tight, not about to let either of us go. Stan is the first to break the silence, "so what now? You two know this could get weird. But damn that was the hottest sex I have ever had."

Jack looks over at me, I nod my silent approval and he tells Stan, "I think we take a shower, fix some dinner and go a few more rounds, if you two are game?"

Stan rubs his hand across Jack's huge pex, reaches across to me, pulls my face closer to him, "Thank you" and kisses me softly with tenderness and passion.



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