My name is Mark Jacobs. I'm a seventeen year old high school senior that happens to be gay. My parents have no idea of my sexual preferences.

My dad, Jack, is an over the road truck driver and makes a very nice living; enough to put me through college and allow my mom to do her volunteer work at the hospital. She enjoys not having to work outside he home.

It all began just before my graduation. I wondered if I should reveal what I knew or keep quiet.

Due to a power failure at school, classes were dismissed at noon. I drove home and when I arrived, there was a strange car in our driveway.

I went up to the front window and peeked in. No one was in sight, but I could faintly hear sounds from the interior of the house. Easing in, I listened and heard my mom moan.

I was about to rush to her aid when I heard a mans voice say, "Yea baby. I'm almost there. Let's go over the edge together."

"Not yet, Carl," Mom said. "Make it last longer."

I eased to the master bedroom and peered in. There was mom in bed getting fucked by a guy I didn't know. She was pulling his head down to kiss him.

I was totally stunned and shocked. I eased away and went to my room, wondering what I should do.

I made my decision. I grabbed my digital camera and set it for video and went back to mom's room. I began videoing the action and captured both their climaxes.

I hurried back out of the house and left, driving just down the street and parked. I watched as the guy left in his hospital scrubs. As he drove toward me, I snapped a still picture of him.

I then went back to the house, finding mm in her robe. Seeing me she became nervous, asking what I was doing home so early.

"There was a power failure at school and they let classes out early," I said, going straight to my room.

I was in good standing with my last period class and convinced my teacher to excuse me from class for a week. I got three more episodes of mom having sex with other men. One was with the same guy and the other two were different men.

I hated her for what she was doing to my dad. He and I were close and didn't want to see him get hurt, yet I knew that he had to know.

When he came in off the road for a few days, Mom acted as if nothing was wrong and welcomed him with open arms, soon getting him in their bed.

the following day she was scheduled to volunteer at the hospital and after she left, Dad suggested that he and I go get breakfast.

As we returned home, Dad could tell something was bothering me. "What's wrong son? I can tell something is on your mind because you're not yourself."

"Dad, we need to talk when we get home."

"What about?" he asked.

I refused to tell him until we got home, but once inside he sat me down and said "Spill it. You know you can talk to me about anything."

Looking him straight in the face I said bluntly, "Dad, Mom's fucking other guys while you're gone."

"Mark, what are you saying? How are you so sure? Surely you must be mistaken. Not your mom!"

"Dad, I've seen it with my own eyes." I told him about the first time then showed him all the videos I had taken. He as shocked beyond belief as he watched each one.

"Well, if that's what she wants, then she can do it all she wants," he said calmly.

"Dad, if you're leaving her, I want to go with you. I hate her for what's she's doing to you."

"No, Mark, I'm not leaving. She is, and I don't care where she goes."

With that,he went to their room and pulled out their luggage and stuffed all her clothes and personal items into them and sat them by the door.

Then, he asked for the cables to my camera and attached my video camera to the TV and had is all set to play when she returned home.

When she walked in, she saw the luggage and asked what was going on.

Looking at her, dad calmly said, "Why don't you tell me, Sue," and pressed the play button on the remote.

When the videos started, she turned white and slowly eased herself into a chair.

"How did you get those? Who made them?"

"Our son caught you. Thanks to him I now know what you've been doing when I've been on the road making a living for us. Your belongings are packed. You're out of here. Go fuck all you want."

She tried to respond but he stopped her, saying he didn't want to hear any excuses. When she started out he said, "Call a cab. That car is in my name. I'm filing for divorce tomorrow and if I can, you won't get a dime out of me."

Dad filed and mom didn't fight it. In fact, she didn't ask for anything.

Dad wanted a fresh start and suggested we sell the house and get our own place, something new and with no memories. I quickly agreed. Dad got a premium price for the house. He went to an estate auction and bought a smaller house on ten acres for a steal and paid cash, all when he was between deliveries.

I entered the local college and lived in the house while dad was on the road. I'd talk to him daily and knew when he would be coming home. While he was gone, I was free to have guys over for sex all I wanted. However, I felt guilty and didn't want dad to come home unexpectedly and find me in bed with another guy like I had mom.

After several months, I decided to tell him everything on his next trip home.

He arrived on a Friday afternoon and after showering we went out for dinner then to a movie. The next morning, after preparing breakfast, we sat at the table and dad looked at me and said, "Something's bothering you. What is it?"

"Dad, you know me all too well," I said. "I have something to tell you and i hope you won't hate me after I tell you."

"Son, nothing you can tell me will ever make me hate you. What is it?"

"Dad, I'm gay," I spit out then waited for his response.

He calmly took a sip of his coffee then asked, "Are you sure?"

"Yes, sir, I am. I've been active with other guys since I was fifteen."

"Do you enjoy that lifestyle? You know it might cause problems in the future in finding employment if it gets out."

"I know,and I'm prepared to handle it somehow, ad yes, I do enjoy the lifestyle. I've dated and been with girls but with men there just isn't the drama you experience with a female."

"I see," he said as he took another sip of coffee. "If that's what you want then I say live your life as you want. I can accept it without reservations and still love you even more because of your honesty."

"Dad, I was so scared to tell you. Do you really accept having a gay son?"

"Sure. What's the big deal. So what if you prefer sex with men as long as they are into it also. Do you have anyone special you're seeing?"

"Well, you've met Zack. I get with him more than anyone else, but it's not serious."

"Damn, Zack is gay? He's so muscular and such a jock. It's hard to believe he's gay."

"Well, he is. He was wanting us to get together tonight before I found out you were coming home."

"Mark, if you would like to see him then call him. Just because I'm home, you don't have to stay home with me. And, if you want to invite him to stay the night, feel free to do it even with me home."

"Dad, are you fucking serious? You wouldn't object if I asked him to stay the night and we had sex in my room?"

"Nope. It's not that much different if you had a girl over and fucked her. Hell, who knows when I might find someone to bring home for sex."

"Dad, you're super. I love you so much for understanding."

"I love you, too, son. We're both human beings that have needs."

We hugged each other tightly for a long time, before dad said, "Go call Zack and see if he's still available for tonight."

I did and set it up. Zack agreed to pick me up at seven. I told him to come in and say 'hi' to dad.

Dad and I went to the mall that afternoon and bought both of us some new clothes.

That evening when Zack arrived and came in, dad greeted him warmly.

"Zack, I came out to dad this morning. He knows I'm gay and that we date from time to time."

"You mean...."

"Yes, he knows your gay also and he's cool with it. In fact, he said I could invite you to stay the night with me if you wanted to. He doesn't mind."

"Boys, look," Dad began, "I'm not the prude some parents are. I'm open minded and feel people should just be themselves when ever they can. Here is one place where you two can do just that and not worry about it."

"Mr. Jacobs, you super," Zack said.

"Go on and have fun, just be careful. I might be up when you get home or I might be out myself."

Dad was home when we returned and after a short visit we went to my room. It felt strange yet exciting to have sex with dad in the house.

On dad's next trip home, we had dinner out the first night then on the second night I told dad I was meeting some guys from college and going to the football game. He said to have fun.

When I got home there was a strange pickup in the drive. I went in and found dad a and another man sitting in the living room both shirtless and shoeless. I found this extremely strange for dad.

He introduced he man as Sam, a fellow driver for the company dad drove for. Sam looked to be younger than dad, who was only thirty-six.

After the introductions, dad asked me to sit down. As I did, Sam said that maybe he should leave us alone for a while. Dad insisted that he stay.

"Mark, son, the reason I could accept you being gay so easily is that I'm gay also. I was bi until after your mother and I divorced, then I knew I was really totally gay. I became curious after I started driving and started getting blow jobs while on the road. I decided to try it and liked it. Can you accept having a gay dad?"

"Hell yea!" I exclaimed. "It will be so much easier talking to you about it. Just one more thing we have in common."

He hugged me and I shocked him by giving him a hot tongue kiss which he gave back.

"Just so you know, Sam is staying with me tonight."

"Great. Dad, I think this is so fucking hot. It may sound sick on my part but I'd love to see you with another guy."

"I don't think it's sick. I'd love to watch you with Zack."

"Maybe next time he's over," I said. Then looking at Sam, I told dad, "Have fun! He's hot as hell."

"I know," dad said.

"So is your dad, Mark. Believe me."

I smiled and went to my room, still shocked and excited at finding out that dad was gay also.

Later, I could hear them going at it, fucking each other.

The next morning after Sam left, dad went to his room for a moment then returned nude, saying , "I'm more comfortable his way. Join me if you want."

"I will," I replied and began stripping. As I did, I said, "I live this way when you're on the road."

"Well, then, shall we agree to live this way all the time when I'm home?"

"Definitely," I said as I checked out my dad's beautiful cock. I could see him checking out my cock also.

After lunch, he asked, "Do you really think Sam is hot?"

"Hell yes. I love his hairy chest and red hair, and I have to ask, is his bush red also?"

"Yes, red-orange," Dad replied. "And he thinks your hot also. He told me so."

"Oh, really?"

"Yes, and if you want sex with him, he's at the truck stop next to our terminal. He's in a red Kenworth number 1027 on the side of the nose. If he's not in the ruck he will probably be in the restaurant or trucker's lounge."

"You don't mind?"

"Not at all. When you get home, we can compare notes."

"Dad, your bad," I said. "And by the way, Zack thinks your hot also. If you want I can call and invite him over while I'm gone."

"You think he'll come over?"

"Sure. He'll think he's coming to have sex with me. Just invite him in and be straight forward with him."

I left and went to the truck stop. I found Sam's rig but he wasn't there. I went into the truck stop and checked the lounge first. No Sam. Then i went to the restaurant and saw him sitting at the counter drinking coffee. I walked up and sat next to him.

When he saw me, he smiled and said "Hey, Mark. What are you doing here?"

"Looking for you," I said. "I thought maybe you'd show me your rig."

"Gladly," he said, with a knowing look in his eyes.

He paid for his coffee and we went to his rig. Once in I went to the large sleeper and began stripping. He watched and i asked, "Are you going to join me?"

"You bet," he said with a smile as he closed the privacy curtains.

Soon we were in each others arms totally naked on his bunk, kissing passionately. Moments later, I flipped and we began a sixty-nine, soon devouring each other's hot thick creamy loads.

Afterward, as we lay together, I found out that he was twenty- eight, and divorced. He said he had been into guys since he was barely thirteen.

Later, he asked me to fuck him which I did gladly. Then I had him fuck me. He was awesome in bed.

Before I left, i gave him my cell number and told him to call me anytime he was in town even if dad wasn't. He said he definitely would.

I returned to the house to see Zack pulling out o the driveway. We stopped side by side on the street and he smiled and said, "Why didn't you tell me about your dad?"

"I just found out last night. Besides, I thought I'd surprise you."

"Man, I'm glad you did. He's hot as hell."

"Maybe I'll find out sometime," I said.

I arrived home and dad and I compared experiences with Sam and Zack.

After dinner, as we sat watching TV nude, I went for it. I went over to where dad sat and quickly dropped to the floor and took his soft cock into my mouth.

"Oh, fuck, Mark. We shouldn't do this."

Pausing, I said, "Why not? We're both over the age of consent and neither of us is forcing it."

I returned to his cock and soon brought him to a roaring climax, swallowing every delicious drop. When i was done, he sucked me off.

Later, at bed time he asked, "Son, would you like to share my bed with me tonight?"

"I'd love to," I said, "but I want you to fuck me."

"Only if you fuck me first," he replied.

Moments later, I was sliding my cock in and out of my own dad's ass. It was fantastic. And when I climaxed up his ass he exclaimed "Oh fuck yes!"

Moments later, he was fucking me, and I loved it. Especially when he filled me with his man seed that had created me.

From then on, when dad was in town, we had sex. Some time if Sam was in town also, we'd three way with him or at times with Zack. I met Sam frequently and loved it. And whenever dad was home he enjoyed sex with Zack.

A year later, dad was promoted to terminal manager and was home all the time. He requested that Sam be his assistant and the owners agreed.

Within another year, Sam and I had become lovers and dad and Zack were lovers. Even with that situation, Zack and Sam had no objections for dad and I to have our private time for sex together.

Zack moved in with dad and Sam and I bought a house only a mile from dad and Zack. We're all extremely happy and deeply in love.

As for mom, we haven't heard from her since the divorce. We heard she had moved to Las Vegas and was working in one of the whore houses where she could get fucked all she wanted.




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