He lay in bed, looking ever so youthful as the moonlight captured his stunning face, displaying it like a priceless work of art. His jet-black spiky hair that was never messy, no matter how hard the wind blew, stuck out at odd angles where he had lain his head. His sharp high cheekbones, together with his angular jawline, framed his finely drawn sensitive face. It was as though his face was a work of art that was drawn by an artist. His aristocratic nose and soft sensual lips completed his face as I stared into Zul's face. His chest rose and fell as he steadily breathed and I could hear his light rhythm.

I could see that he was topless and he looked serene in his sleep; I guess everyone did. In that moment, I realized how much I had missed him ever since he left for his trip. I felt a burst of energy within me, filling my body with lust. I climbed onto bed and lay behind him.

I started nuzzling my face against his neck and kissed his neck softly with my lips, sucking on them as I ran my hand down his abdominal muscles, feeling every contour and savoring every sensation. He stirred under me and sighed with pleasure. I felt the pain in my groin build up as I nibbled his ear and he startled awake.

What...?" he asked groggily. "Hey..." he protested.

"Come now, I missed you," I whispered and licked his neck.

"Ooh, yes, I missed you too, kid... Aahh..." he sighed as he recognized my voice.

He turned to look at me and I gazed into those mismatched yellow-gold eyes that were filled with maturity mixed with a little mischief. He held my face with his hands as I planted a kiss on his lips and we danced our first dance of the night. We mated and I made him chase after me in my own mouth. My tongue slid away from his, evading his capture, while at the same time exploring his own mouth. I tasted the aftertaste of aniseed in his mouth and realized he had been drinking absinthe earlier. I did not blame him; he must be very tired.

His soft and slippery tongue caught up with my tempo and our tongues curled with one another as we kissed hungrily. I found myself forcing my tongue into his mouth and he welcomed me with open arms. I bit and pulled his lower lip as we parted and he smiled.

I kissed his neck and worked my way downwards. I kissed his nipples and sucked on them, making them grow hard and erect as I flicked over them with my swift tongue. I continued my way down while he helped me out of my trench coat. I kissed his abdominal muscles, each one, as I felt each of them run over my soft lips, feeling each contour gracefully slide by my lips.

I went further down and realized he was wearing his special Armani boxers. I took them off and my mouth salivated at the sight of his cock. It had a grand length of ten inches and never failed to impress me. I took the entire length into my mouth, feeling it touch the back of my throat as I fought my natural gag reflex. I licked it with my tongue first to moisten it and began sucking on it.

I could feel him grow harder and more erect within my mouth as he sighed with pleasure. "Ahh... Keep... Going...," he panted as he ran a hand through my hair.

I looked up and saw his eyes rolling up in ecstasy. I smiled. I could taste his sweet pre-cum and licked it all up, it was delicious! 

Then, I slid out. He sat up and I took off my clothes before getting back to him. I turned him onto his stomach and attacked his ass. I licked his crack and ate my way through it, making sure I did not overlook any nook or cranny.

I pulled his cheeks wide open and exposed his hole. I probed it with my tongue and Zul screamed with pleasure. I drilled through it and dug my way through it, trying to find his special sweet spot.

"Oh, fuck you, kid," he gasped as I buried myself in his ass.

"Of course you can," I mumbled as I probed a spot and his body rocked with pleasure. Found it. I probed it further and deeper as Zul shook with pleasure. "Yeah, nice ass," I admitted and slapped them hard.

"Hey!" he protested, but I kept slapping them, going harder and harder until his ass was bright red.

I nuzzled my face against them, feeling the heat coming through them as Zul panted.

"You... Bastard..." he sighed and I could hear the smile in his voice.

I started to sweat and continued. I inserted a finger into his hole and drilled it long and hard as Zul moaned. "Oh, kid..." Then, I jammed my entire fist into his hole and he screamed into the night.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" he screamed but as I slowly moved my fist in and out of his body, those screams turned into sighs and moans of pleasure.

His eyes were once wide open with pain and surprise, but they were now in a dreamy state as I rocked him to my command. I took my fist out and inserted the head of my erect cock into his awaiting hole. He panted and sighed. I felt great. Now I knew why he loved being the dominant one. I slowly slid my cock in, going easy on him, after being rough on him. 

With my cock fully in, I lay on his back, feeling them move under me as he sighed. As I thrusted myself in and out of him, I kissed his neck and inhaled his personal musky odor that I have grown to love. I started slow, as I caressed his neck with my lips to his sighs and moans of pleasure. Then I went faster and harder.

He started panting and I could feel him work his butt muscles on my cock as he tried to milk it. I planted a kiss on his lips and he returned it with a similar fever.

"Mmm... Come on, kid, I want you, come on," he panted, pushing me to cum within him.

I felt it build up within me and with one last thrust I felt an immense load of white hot steamy cum enter his hole as he milked me of my juices. His butt muscles worked tirelessly as I emptied into him.

I turned him over. His face was red from the heat and intimacy of the night, but he was smiling and his eyes were dancing and lively. He was having the time of his life. 

I returned to his cock, making it a full circle. I pressed the tip of his cock to my tongue and he shivered with lust before I took it into my mouth. I felt it throb with lust and pleasure as I sucked on it eagerly. I sucked on his balls and he sighed. 

I wrapped my long tongue around his shaft and with one pull, I felt a huge river of white hot cum enter my mouth. It was the biggest load he had ever exploded into me and I tried to pull away. But he held me down and forced me to swallow all of it in one go. I swallowed eagerly, tasting the sweet cum slide down my throat. "Mmm, Oh God!" I said to myself. 

We lay next to each other, spent and tired.

"You make a good dom," he admitted in between his pants.

"Thanks, but I think I'll stick to being a sub. You can dominate me any day," I replied as I snuggled closer to his chest, inhaling his musky body odour intermingled with sweat and sex.

He ran a hand through my hair and said, "Missed you, kid." "I missed you, too," I replied as he rocked me to sleep in his strong arms that I found so much comfort and security in.




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