A few days later, after I had the short encounter with Steve, he called me for lunch. Instead of me going to his shop, he met me in Santa Monica, off my route, and we went to a sandwich shop which was really busy and noisy. Steve looked so hot, as usual. I wanted to crush him against a building and start kissing him and biting his neck and putting my hand down his jeans. I already felt the heat rising inside me. It was torture. We sat in the back in a corner and ate and talked about nothing, pretty much.

We finished eating and Steve took my hand across the table.

'Rusty, I can't stop thinking about what happened,' he said, looking directly into my eyes.

'I know. I can't either. Was it wrong for me to do that? It was totally unplanned and spontaneous.'

'Well, you know about Andy and Mark, right?'

'Yeah - it was actually funny that the two of us did the same thing at almost the same time. I've known that Andy has a thing for Mark - I'm guessing you didn't know that.'

'No, I didn't. When I got home that night, Mark was acting strangely. I finally got it out of him and then I told him about you and me. What's funny is that there were really no hard feelings and in fact, we talked about it and it got us both pretty turned on. So I guess it was sort of an appetizer.'

'Us, too!'

'Well, anyway, have you talked to Andy about...well...anything else?'

'He's given me permission to sleep with you as long as I would let him sleep with Mark. I think he's looking at it as harmless fun. You?'

'I think we're heading towards that, too - but I want to talk about it a lot more. I'm really fucking hung up about this, to be honest. I can't get you out of my mind.'

I moved closer across the table and said under my breath, 'Steve, I can't stop thinking about you. I have so many things I want to do to you and I'm dying to get at your body. It's getting harder to think about seeing you without getting that chance. I know that it will be too much for me to come in and begin working on my other leg unless something happens here. I'm fucking bursting out of my pants right now.'

'Oh, fuck. Where can we go? When?' he was staring deep into my eyes.

'Hotel? When's our next appointment? We could do that instead.'

'That's a good thought. I wish we could do it right now.'

'Damn it - were you attracted to me before you were out? Why couldn't you admit it?'

'I was scared - scared because I hadn't decided what I was going to do, scared that you could see through me, scared because I was attracted to you, yet I was trying to maintain somewhat of a professional relationship with you since we were doing so much work together.'

'I know we still would have ended up where we are now, pretty much - I just think about all the lost moments we could have had and it makes me want you so much more. I'm really going nuts.'

'I know. I'm super confused because I have this commitment to Mark that I take very seriously but yet I'm getting the feeling that he and you and Andy think that it's okay to screw around with each other just for fun. The thought of that never crossed my mind, ever. So now I'm thinking that's what everyone wants to do but I'm having trouble with it. On the other hand, my dick is saying that I should sleep with you because I'm so attracted to you and I know you so well in every other part of your life. Fuck!'

'Well, maybe we should sleep on it and try to get it out in the open with Andy and Mark and settle it once and for all. Now I think I'll have to go so I can find somewhere to jerk off before I explode here.'

'Go back there, to the men's room - I can see it from here. Come back and let me know what it's like in there.'

I sprung out of my chair pretty fast. I went back fully expecting a single room as it was a fairly small restaurant but was surprised that there were two stalls in there and no one in there. I opened the door and came back out and nodded to Steve and went back in. I was so hard it almost hurt to touch myself.

A moment later, Steve walked in and shoved me back into a stall and locked it and immediately started kissing me, almost hurting my jaw he was so forceful. We fought with our tongues, moaning softly and holding each other's heads. Steve was putting his other hand under my shirt and gently grabbed one of my nipple rings and tugged slightly and it made me grab his ass and I pulled him into me really hard and I could feel his hard on straining against his jeans. He started biting my neck and my earlobes and I started squeezing his ass with my hands and I was going out of my mind. I was starting to pant and got even more excited at the thought of someone coming in at that moment.

He then backed off and looked at me in my eyes and grabbed me once more for a long kiss. Then he started reaching down to my waistband and kept kissing me while he undid my shorts and pulled down the zipper. My first fantasy was about to come true.

Steve kneeled down in front of me and grabbed my balls and shoved my cock in his mouth and I thought I was going to blow my load right then and there. I clenched my teeth and grabbed his hair while he started sucking on my engorged dick and had his hands on my ass, squeezing it hard and starting to put his fingers inside me, and was stroking me up and down between my cheeks and I had to keep clenching my jaw to keep from coming that very moment. He then paused and took me out of his mouth and started getting his fingers wet while looking up at me and then he put my cock back in his mouth and started probing me with his fingers and I felt one go into my asshole and he started moving it in and out while holding my dick in his mouth and swirling his tongue around it.

We were still alone in the bathroom but I was scared if I screamed as loud as I was about to that the whole restaurant would hear me so I managed to emit in a loud whisper 'Fuck! Fuck! FUCK! ' and I rammed my pelvis towards his face and my cock went deeper into his mouth and hit the back of his throat and I started coming really hard and squeezed my eyes and my jaw shut; Steve still had his finger inside my ass and was holding my ass with his other hand and swallowing everything I pumped into his mouth. I think I must have ejaculated about ten times but it was probably less. I gave one last whispered groan and pushed into him one last time. I opened my eyes and he was still down there, gently licking my throbbing cock, his finger out of my ass and he moved both hands to my hips.

'Holy shit, Steve,' I said as I grabbed his shoulders and pulled him upright.

'Good?' he said and smiled at me.

'Can't form sentence now,' I said.

He kissed me more softly than before and held me briefly. He whispered in my ear 'your cock tasted so good. I'd love to feel you inside me and get more of it.'

I kissed him on the neck and brought his face back so I could look in his eyes. 'Thank you, Steve, that was so fucking awesome. I wish we were somewhere comfortable so I could lay next to you and hold you.'

He smiled and I pulled up my shorts. I still couldn't believe no one interrupted us. I took a deep breath and looked at my watch and realized that I'd better get my ass back on the route or I'd be working late.

'Let's talk tomorrow and see if we can make any other plans,' Steve said.

'I might need to talk to you sooner than that,' I said.

'Okay - how come?'

'I don't know. I just think I might want to.'

I walked him to his car, which he had parked right by my truck, and I said, 'I wish I could kiss you goodbye.' He looked at me and said 'I know- but we've also got to keep this stuff in its place, you know? I can't handle a full blown affair with you, as much as I could see it happening. You're much more than I expected.'

'What do you mean?'

'Just think for awhile and you'll get it.'

On my route the rest of the day I couldn't keep a straight thought in my head. All I could think about was having some total raw hard sex with Steve. I kept thinking about him slamming his cock in my ass again and again in a seedy hotel room and both of us sweating and tasting each other and collapsing into a heap and holding each other.

I really do love Andy, and we have lots of hot sex and lots of passion together. But there's nothing like wanting someone so badly, someone who you always thought was unattainable, someone you still couldn't have permanently, but could maybe, just maybe, have a chance to fuck. Then you get a small taste of that - first watching him and Mark, then getting to suck his cock and feel some of his body, then to have his hot mouth on me and getting to slam into it and have him swallow my load - Jesus Christ, I think I had a permanent erection the rest of the day. At least with my job, I have to keep moving, keep delivering, keep being friendly, keep doing the job. Otherwise I'd be completely unproductive and would probably sit in front of my computer looking at pictures of him and jerking off.

I'm hoping he was thinking the same thing and that why he said I was 'much more than he expected.' I wonder what he thought about me before this?

I got home and Andy was working on his computer and on the phone with Ron - I could tell by their conversation. When I walked in he blew me a kiss and I went over and kissed him on the head and he grabbed my crotch and looked up at me and smiled. I left him alone and went to undress to take a shower. I heard Andy first talking about something with his lawyer about their divorce and then something about me. Then I heard him talking about Dan, who is still contacting Andy about twice a week. I was starting to care less about that; I doubted Andy was going to see him again and I figured Andy wanted to try to let him down more slowly - he seemed to be contacting him a little less than before.

He came in and asked if he could join me and he came into the shower with me and kissed me on the mouth and then held me while he stood under the spray. I asked him if things were okay with Ron and the divorce.

'Yeah, things are moving along. I think he's feeling bad about things and might try to offer me some money to make up for his awfulness. His boy toy thing didn't work out and he's feeling sorry for himself.'

'Sorry for him. But not for me!'

'Yeah, that's what I was thinking at the same time. He was trying to pry into our relationship but I deflected all that shit. None of your business, I told him!'

We took a shower and got out and he grabbed me and got me in bed. I was worried at first that I couldn't do it without thinking about Steve but Andy is such a great lover and so full of surprises that I was able to focus on us and we had a great time.

We ordered a pizza and decided to watch another movie while we ate and have some beer. Mid-movie I decided to get it over with.

'Andy? Can we talk a bit?'

'Sure, honey - what's on your mind' He paused the movie.

'All this sex stuff,' I said without looking at him.

'I had coffee with Mark this afternoon. We decided that we ought to do something about this since we're all obsessed with each other.'

'What does that mean?'

'It means we ought to all give ourselves permission for what the four of us are all obsessed with right now. If you and Steve agree, we should have some fun...'

'Don't mince words, Andy, tell me exactly what you mean.'

'I don't mind if you want to have sex with Steve. As long as I could with Mark.'

'Really - and what did Mark say?'

'Same thing. Do you think we need to get together with them and set ground rules?'

'Um, well, I guess - are we really talking about this right now?' I was overcome by excitement, confusion and trying not to see too anxious.

'Honey, it's really okay. So make your date with Steve, because I intend to with Mark.'

He was completely at ease with talking about this stuff - I suppose he's always been this way. But it was still uncomfortable. So I could fulfill my little fantasy and so could he - but how did I feel about him sleeping with Mark? Another extremely interesting and hot guy with a big dick. Was I jealous?

I must have had a strange look on my face because he came over and kissed me. 'You're the one I love, Rusty. You're the one I live with, sleep with every night, crave, need, want all the time. Don't worry about us, okay?'

'All right. Is it okay though, that we're interested in doing this with our friends?'

'It definitely takes a different mindset. You have to be able to separate this stuff. Can you? I know you're super into Steve - my guess is that had he come out earlier and met you, you two would be together right now.'

'Yes, I can. You're the one I love, remember? I could never speculate on stuff like that. You are the one I want.'

Andy got up and grabbed the phone. I wondered if he was calling Mark...and it was him and Andy put it on speaker.

'What's up?' Mark said.

'Is Steve there with you?' he asked.

'Yeah - are you calling about our talk?'

'Yes - did you talk to Steve, already?'

'Yes,' Mark said, 'and he's willing but we should probably figure out the ground rules, don't you think?'

At that point I got up and went back to the bedroom. I picked up my phone and there was a text from Steve that simply said '!!!!!!!' and I smiled and then I texted back 'I wish right now.'

I went back to the front room and they had already hung up.

'You see? We're all set, I think,' he said.

'Do we have a start date?' I said, sort of sarcastically.

'Now - we can discuss ground rules later.'

'Really? What if we've already broken some rules?'

'Well, mine would be no barebacking. And you have to end up asleep in your own bed.'

'I feel like I'm in a Seinfeld episode.' We both laughed at that. 'Andy, let's finish this movie. I'm worn out from discussing this. Come over here,' and he slid over to me on the couch and I put my arms around him and he relaxed against my chest and I put my nose in his sweet hair and kissed him on the head. God, I hope this wasn't going to be a huge mess.

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