Jan and I had organised three relaxing days off work. All rest, relaxation and play keeps the doctor away and little did I know it but Jan had organised a lot of playtime. You see I'm a bisexual male who has experienced my life long fantasy and with a hot babe as my wife who understands that I love her but I also need to feel a man at the same time. My surprise was coming during our time off so I wasn't even sure what Jan had organised… We were relaxing by the side of the pool when I noticed the lifeguard kept looking at me. He certainly was a hunk and when I mentioned what was happening to Jan, she casually told me to just enjoy the attention of being admired even if it was someone I didn't know. Jan was right I should enjoy the attention I was receiving and besides it was a real turn on knowing I was being looked at and admired. With the lifeguard watching me I began flirting with him and managed to include Jan, which makes for a great male and male with female session. I told Jan that I really needed to take a shower and suggested she follow to the communal showers. It didn't take her long to work out what I had in mind and she fully agreed to go along with me and with what I had planned… not that I was sure what path I was going to take, so thought I should play this by ear… Casually I got out of the deck chair and headed off to the showers, telling Jan I'd meet her there. I quickly stripped off and jumped into the shower letting the water wash over my body when in next to no time I heard the sound of someone else using the urinal not far from the showers. I had a feeling I knew who it was, so I peeked out and found myself face to face with the lifeguard hunk. We stared at each other for a few seconds before I realised that he had not just come in to take a leak but he was checking me out while he was there… Like me he'd ended up with more than he had bargained for. The lifeguard was looking at my fully erect cock. I realised then with him staring at my massive manhood he was interested in my favourite tool and me. I decided to play up to him and I smiled at him as I stroked myself. My balls were tingling and a drop of pre-cum was forming at the tip pf my cock. I spread my legs a little allowing my warm balls to swing under the flowing warm water. The lifeguard gulped his face slightly flushed with excitement and the lump bulging from his Speedos grew larger the more I play and stroked myself. 'Hey I'm Dan, please to meet you,' I said. 'Why don't you come in?' I finally asked him. I knew he was ready cause I could see that his cock was fully erect and hard as… His Speedos were almost non-existent as his cock stood like a tent pole. He looked at me and smiled… 'Hi, I'm Joe and I'm you favourite lifeguard while you rest and play,' he said casually. 'Are you sure you can play… what will your partner say?' he asked before stepping into the shower. I gave him the biggest cheesy grin ever and replied, 'Jan knows I like men with huge cocks and with her watching us and joining in the pleasure will be both of ours'… Joe turned and saw Jan smiling back at him, she'd had put up the sign saying, 'Cleaning in progress, come back in 30 minutes'… Joe was a little perplexed seeing Jan standing there... but only for a couple of seconds before he turned and faced me. He took his shirt off and placed it on the bench near the wall, followed by his lifeguard whistle. He smiled at me again before slipping his hands into the waistband of his shorts before slipping them down over his thick muscular thighs. His long thick shaped cock jerked down against his leg before sexily returning back to the fully erect state of a massive flagpole. He moved slowly towards me and I stepped back allowing him to join me. I knew Jan was watching for the right moment to join in. It only took but a moment for him to be standing right next to me, his hard dick straight and erect, his breathing erratic; his chest firm and beautiful. I reached for him, running my hands down over his sleek muscular body… my hands found his pubes before wrapping my fingers around his throbbing organ. Joe's cock hardened in my hand as I pumped him slowly, his body alive with emotion. He rolled his head back down and slowly opened his yes smiling his approval, he leaned over and slightly touched his lips against mine… It was like an electric shock sending tingles up and down my spine as I reached around him and hooked my hand around the back of his neck, I slowly slipped my moist tongue between his soft lips. At that moment I felt the presence of another person in the shower with us. Jan had joined us totally naked, she ran her hands up and down our bodies. She had us turn so we could kiss firmly on the lips, our dicks touched as we slowly pressed our bodies together. Joe's hand found my hard cock and with both of us close together Jan was able to play with both our ass teasing us both. Our tongue wrestling went of for what seemed like ages before Joe finally pulled back slightly. He looked down at my cock before he sank to his knees, coming eye to eye with my throbbing piece of meat. Oh damn, my mind suddenly raced ahead… no condom!!! He must have read my mind cause he kept playing with my cock and balls. Lifting his face he gave me a gorgeous and sexy grin and he knew that he was driving me nuts with his sensual erotic touches. Joe got up of his knees and we continued to kiss our hands roaming over each other's smooth muscular bodies. Jan beckoned us out of the shower leading us over to one of the long wooden benches. Jan smiled at me knowing that I was living one of my wildest fantasies… We sat on the bench facing each other our cocks touching we both stroked each other's cocks, Jan was close by encouraging us. She handed me a condom and I rolled it over Joe's cock like a true professional. Joe lay back on the bench as I leant forward taking his cock into my mouth. Joe groaned and laced his fingers around the back of my head trying to get my head further down on his cock. I tried my best to swallow his long thick shaft as he pushed his hips up from the bench. His moans telling me how much he was enjoying it… I slid my hands under his ass; I worked my fingers slowly up into the smooth silky crack catching him slightly off guard but not enough to stop me doing what I was doing… As he moaned his approval I slipped the tip of my finger into his tight hole… I was paying so much attention to pleasuring Joe, that I didn't see where Jan was, but I did feel her… Her mouth closed around my cock and as I finger fucked Joe and sucked his throbbing cock, Jan was doing me… The pleasure was awesome… Wow, I thought I'd gone to heaven… but no sooner had I relaxed with Jan sucking my cock, that Joe stopped me, pulling his cock from my mouth, Jan laid on the bench under me, my cock was buried between her soft lips, Joe walked behind me admiring my ass. He touched me gently and with the rubber pulled down over the length of his thick cock, Joe teased me, rubbing the head of his cock up and down the length of my crack before pushing the head of his cock against my puckered hole. As he pushed forward I pushed back onto his cock, managing to bury more than half of his cock deep inside my ass with one push… Joe grabbed my hips and lunged forward, he fucked me hard. Holding my hips he slammed his cock into my tight ass, back and forth in and out of my ass. Jan was trying hard to keep up with our frantic fucking… then it hit me, I was about to drop my load and when I head Joe too, I lost control!!! 'Oh yeah!!' he grunted as he slammed his cock harder into my tingling ass… 'I'm going to come for you man, here I come!! He hissed… His actions sent me over the top, my cock erupted spewing galls of hot creamy cum down Jan's gorgeous throat, her tongue teasing the tip of my cock as Joe slipped his cock from my ass… What a session… it was agreed that Joe would meet us in our room after his afternoon shift… © Copyright 2002 Cheeky of ahookers-pornlist.com. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.



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