Part Real Part Fantasy

I decided to take a small vacation to get away from work and my small town, I hadn't had much luck with playmates since I moved here and was due a little playtime. I had been chatting with a couple of guys in the city about 100 miles away. So, I had the possibility of some fun already lined up. I hoped.

I drove up and checked into the hotel. Got settled and started to prepare for what I hoped would be an excited night. I took and nice hot shower and cleaned up real good. I put on my sexy black jock strap and a t-shirt that only covered 3/4 of my ass. I posted a new personal ad and began getting some replies. Then I got one that caught my attention. He was younger, 32, attached a picture of great looking 7" thick cock. He wanted to have his cock sucked. We exchanged a couple emails when he told me he was in a hotel by Walmart. Right out my rooms window across the street was Walmart. I thought could he be in my hotel? I asked and he replied he was in my hotel. I immediately got excited. He gave his room # and I slipped on some loose jeans and headed for his room. I knocked quietly and he opened the door. As soon as the door closed I got on my knees in front of him and asked for his cock. He pulled his cock out and waved it in my face. I opened my mouth and swallowed his cock. As sucked his cock it started to grow in my mouth. He put his hands on my head and guided me back and forth over his cock. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and rubbed it over my face. I told him to lay on the bed.

I crawled between his legs and went back to pleasuring his throbbing cock. He moaned and pushed his hips up to meet my mouth. His cock beating against my throat. I swallowed his cock down my throat and licked his balls. His whole body quivered as he shot his hot cum in my mouth. Grabbing a hand full of my hair he pulled my head back and aimed his shooting cock at my opened mouth.

Squirt after squirt hit the back of my mouth and cum oozed out of my mouth and ran down my chin. When his huge load was all over my face and had filled my mouth. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and smeared his cum over my face and lips with the head of his cock. I licked his cock clean and licked my lips as the last of his cum now in my mouth. Swallowed his load. Kissed the head of his cock and told him to ring my room if he wanted to play more.

That's the real part. This is the fantasy I had about the rest of that night.

I got back to my room, pleased with the way my trip had started. I had more responses to my personal ad. It was still early evening and most of the responses couldn't meet for several hours. I decided to get dressed and go out for a couple of drinks and some dinner. I was just about to leave when my room phone rang. I answered and the voice on the other end simply gave me a room # and hung up. A little stunned. I wasn't sure what had happened. I thought that since the guy I had just met up with was on a construction crew in town for work for several months, that he must have told his buddy about me and given him my room #. About that time the phone rang again. The voice on the phone simply gave me a room # and hung up again. I wrote the two room #'s down and began to change back into the loose jeans and t-shirt. Before I could leave the room the phone rang again. Another room #!!!

Before I left the room I put condoms and a couple small packets of lube in my jeans pockets. I had hopes of more than just sucking cock. I got to the first room and the door opened before I knocked. I walked in and the guy had his cock out and was waving it around. I knew exactly what to do. I dropped to my knees and he shoved his already hard cock down my throat. I gagged some and went to work. This guy wanted to cum. He grabbed my head and fucked my mouth. Forcing his cock deeper down my throat with each thrust of his hips.  His cock was average size but on the thick side. Faster and faster he fucked my mouth. He moaned he was going to cum and pulled his cock out of my mouth and started stroking his cock in my face. I opened my mouth wide and told him to give me his cum. He did. Huge wads of cum splashed on to my face. Shot after shot until his cum was running down my cheeks and chin. He then slid his cock into my mouth and I sucked the last drops from his pulsing cock. I lick him clean and cleaned his cum off my face.

2 more rooms to go................

After cleaning my face. I left quickly heading for the next room. I knocked quietly and the door opened. I walked inside to find a good looking wm about 30. He was in great shape. I could see his abs under the thin coat of hair running down his rock hard torso. He was wearing only jeans. I walked up to him and ran my hand over his abs as I lowered myself to my knees. He had unsnapped the jeans before I arrived so with a quick stroke his zipper was down and I was reaching for his cock. I could not believe what I felt. My hand barely reached around it. It was still soft! I had to see all of it. I started to fish it out of his jeans and couldn’t wait any longer. I forcefully yanked his jeans down to his ankles. Suddenly I was slapped under my chin by the most beautiful cock I had ever seen. Eight inches easy and the biggest mushroom head I could ever imagine. He was 6 inches around. The veins rippled down each side. It was breathtaking.

I began to worship his cock. Licking under the head, sucking the head just in my mouth and licking the head. I ran my lips up and down the length of his cock. Feeling how strong and hard it was. He grabbed my head and slide his cock in to my eager mouth. My jaws stretched to their limits as he pushed his cock farther into my mouth. I could barely breath when he released my head. I began to greedily sock his cock. All the while I was concentrating on pleasing this cock and then convincing him to fuck me with it. I had to have his cock inside me. He began to thrust his hips slowly into me. I wanted his cock down my throat. I reached back and toke his hard ass in my hands and pulled his hips to me. Pushing his cock down my throat. He let out a deep moan that filled the room. I hoped the neighbors didn’t hear.

As I pulled his cock out of my mouth. I licked it clean. As I licked I looked up at him and asked if he would fuck me. “Hell yeah!” he said. To keep from grinning like a school girl, I swallowed his hard cock until his balls rested against my chin. Slowly releasing his cock from my mouth, I kissed the head and stood up. I reached in my jeans pocket and handed him a condom and lube, as my loose jeans slid over my hips to the floor. I turned to pick my jeans up giving him a prolonged view of my ass in my black jock strap. He excused himself to the bathroom as I crawled on to the bed on my hands and knees. I could feel his eyes watching my ass. “I can’t wait to pound that ass.” He said as he walked away. I had the biggest butterflies. Would I be able to take his cock? Will he be gentle at first? My mind was reeling. He came walking towards me with that glorious cock leading the way. He walked right to me and pushed his cock hard deep in my throat. I gagged some but soon my throat relaxed and he fucked my throat. I opened my eyes to watch his cock as he fucked my throat. It was the most amazing cock I had ever seen. I wanted it in my ass.

I pulling my mouth away from his cock and turned around. I put my head down, grabbed the bed to hold on and stuck my ass in the air. “Fuck me.” I said. He chuckled and poured some lube that ran down the crack of my ass. He rubbed the lube with his fingers over my ass. Slow forced 1 finger inside. I pushed back wanting more and a second finger joined the first. He twisted them and stroked them in and out to loosen my tight ass. Soon he had all 4 fingers moving freely in my ass. “Are you ready to get fucked?” he asked. “Yes, please fuck me with your cock.” I answered.

As he stood beside the bed, I felt him move in closer. I feel the head of his cock move up and down between my ass cheeks. Then he stops, I feel his cock press up against my ass. Slowly he pushes forward, forcing the head inside me. His cock inside me takes my breath away. It hard a little but the pleasure far outweighed the brief pain. He slowly began to push deeper into my ass. It was so big. He started to move his hips taking short strokes. Fitting more and more of his cock in my ass. He withdrew his cock completely and just as I was about to beg him to put it back. He plunged the entire length of his cock all the way into me.  I screamed at the suddenness of the stroke. I felt his balls rest against me. I knew he was balls deep in my ass. He really started to fuck me now. Pounding my ass with all the strength he had in his hard body.

With my head buried in the mattress he grabs my hips and pulls them in the air as he pushes my face down deeper into the mattress. After pile driving my ass over and over again, he returns to his knees behind me never removing his throbbing cock from my ass. Pulling my hips hard back onto his cock. I not only feel each deep thrust, but each thrust is joined by a loud slap of his body against my ass. I start to hear him tell me to fuck his cock harder. He says it louder and with a commanding voice. I lift up on my hands and push back slamming his cock harder and deeper in my ass. He takes a hand full of my hair and roughly yanks my head back and really starts to pound me now. With my head pulled back, my eyes squeezed shut tight, and my mouth wide open trying to breath between screams and moans. Where does this guy get the energy? He has been fucking me for over an hour.

I am loving this and I still have one more room to go. I’m getting fucked good and wanting more. I cannot think or feel anything other than the cock in my ass, fucking me better than I’ve ever been fucked before. Suddenly I feel a cock being rubbed against my lips. My eyes fly open and there stands a short and stocky Hispanic man about late 20’s. He smiles down at me as he waves his very thick 7” cock in my face. The cock in my ass is buried balls deep and not moving. He guy buried in my ass says, “While I was fucking you I got a text from Juan saying he had got stood up by a cocksucker that was coming to his room. I told him I was fucking a damn good cocksucker now. He asked if I would send him over when I was done. I told him since he was in the connecting room to just come over.” I without knowing it had begun to stroke Juan’s cock and rocked slowly on the cock in my ass. I wondered if this was my next appointment. I looked up at Juan and asked, “Room 304?” Yes, he said as he put his hand on the back of my head and stuck his thick cock in my mouth. The guy behind me was really giving it to me hard. He grunted and moaned loudly. I knew he was about to cum. I yelled out for him to cum in mouth. He pulled out as if they had practiced switched positions. My ass was stretched even wider as Juan forced his cock into my ass. There was a beautiful hard cock in my face being jerked for all it was worth. My wide open mouth was eager for the first shot. I could see his body stiffen as he moved closed and let loose a huge shot of hot creamy thick cum. Half hit my waiting tongue and half slowly ran down my lower lip and chin. He slid his cock into my cum filled mouth and shot over and over. Cum was running out of my mouth. I had no more room in my mouth I was forced to swallow. Juan was pounding my ass and cheering his buddy on. Saying, “Cover his face with cum. Make him swallow it all.”

His cock began to slow it’s throbbing. I circled his cock with my cock. Cleaning every drop of cum. His body shook uncontrollably as the tip of my tongue tickled the underside of his cock head. He pushed me off his cock and I swallowed his cum. Juan had pulled out of my worn out ass and pushed the guy out of the way. Before I could react Juan shot a huge load that splashed across my face. Covering my right eye. Juan took his cock and slammed it to the back of my throat as he shot load after load down my throat. He pulled out just as I was out of breath. I had to swallow. With his cock in hand Juan began rubbing his cock head over my face pushing his cum toward my already cum covered lips. He pulled my head back hard and told me to clean his cock. I licked and sucked every delicious drop into my mouth. Swallowed his now soft cock and kissed the head as I pulled it from my lips.

Both guys laid back and watched as I tried to get dressed, but my legs were like rubber after the work out they gave me. After I was dressed, I walked over to them bend down and licked each of their cock heads. Said “thanks” and left. I got back to my room and jumped threw the shower. Then went right to bed exhausted and satisfied.

The next afternoon when I returned to my room there was a message. It just said “Room 304 7pm”. Looks like I’m in for a great last night.



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