I checked in at the hotel's front desk and made my way to room 406. I loathe conventions. They're long, tiresome and don't even get me started on the guest speakers. What a drag, if only my next paycheck weren't depending upon it. See, paychecks are important to a 26-year-old guy, single and living alone in a big city, no matter the amount. As so, I'll just have to concede. I threw my bags onto the writing table, sat on the foot of the bed and reached for the day's programme.

Except for an exhibition, I was free for the day. Great! Maybe I'll drop by for a while later. I flipped over to the next page and look at tomorrow's programme. Ah, there it is, I thought. The big fuss, the main highlight of the whole convention. The talk by one successful upcoming entrepreneur, a certain Edgar Hall. What a name. Instantly an image of the father from 'Honey I Shrunk the Kid' came to mind. I burst out laughing, alone, like a loon as the telly, the walls, the mini bar watched on silently. Things are definitely perking up.

After a much needed shower, I went down to the bar for some drinks and to mingle, to find out more about the ever so secretive Edgar Hall. After all I'm a reporter, it's second nature to me. It was still early so I easily perched myself on one of the many available barstools. I ordered a G&T from the studly but barely legal bartender, with his spiky blonde hair, lean and toned body under the uniform black tshirt and pants he look not a day over 17. He flashed a slow half-curved smile in my direction and asked, 'Hey, what you here for?'

'The convention.' I took a sip of my drink. 'How old are you? No offence.'

He laughed. 'I get that a lot. I'm 22.' He proffered his hand. 'Jase.'

'Ty,' I said as I shook his hand. Just then 2 busty blondes walked in and he went to take their order, followed by a man in his 30's, tie hanging loosely on his neck. He sat on the stool next to mine and ordered a scotch. 'Here for the convention?' I asked.

'Yeah,' he said. 'Bloody hassle.'

'Are you one of the committee?' He nodded, and then drinks his scotch. 'So you must know all about Edgar Hall?'

'Yeah. Nice fella. Smart.'

'This thing about him not wanting his pictures taken in any papers, what's that all about? Is he ugly?' I probed.

The man laughed. 'Au contraire,' he said to me. 'Another scotch please,' to Jase.

'So what, he'll be wearing a mask at the talk tomorrow?'

'That my friend is for me to know and for you to find out.' He finished his drink and I watched him go in search of the 2 blondes. Hmm, very intriguing. When I turned back, Jase leaned in towards me.

He whispered, 'I'm having my break. Meet me in the back.' I watched his back leaving as I finished my G&T.

The back turned out to be the men's room. When I got inside Jase was taking a leak at the urinal. He didn't bother putting his penis back inside his pants after he was done so it was hanging out of his fly, dusty pink and starting to rise. He pulled me into the empty cubicle and dropped his pants. Being a hotel's bathroom it was spacious enough for me to sit on the toilet seat and pushed him against the wall as I leaned forward and sucked on his now hard cock. I can taste the pee on his cock but lapped it all up. He pulled away and kneeled in front of me, fumbling with the zipper and belt of my jeans. He stroked, sucked then licked me. When it was impossible for me to hold back a second more, I exploded down his throat and he drank it all down, clean. I put his cock back into my mouth and as he moaned, slithered and shook, it was my turn to return the favor as I swallowed the warm, salty cum.

I was taking down some notes and pictures for my article at the exhibition hall much later when out of the corner of my eyes I saw a familiar figure passed by. I trailed behind him quietly. No, it couldn't be. OH. MY. GOD. 'Kyan?!' I almost but shouted.

He looked startled and shocked. Realization then dawned. 'Ty? Ty Simmons?!'

Gosh it's been 8 years since I last saw him. That summer was my first and last time seeing and being with him. He was a little broader than I remembered, and his brown hair was now a darker shade of blonde. More, I actually felt turn on that his boyishness had developed into manliness, even if manliness meant stout bodies and the five o'clock shadow stubbles. A stark contrast to Jase

'How are you man? Gosh it's been awhile hasn't it?'

'Ha, you don't say. Man look at you, you look great!' Kyan said.

'Yeah and you're like what, 30 now?' I teased.

'Hey, hey, be nice to the old man would ya,' he laughed.

After much pleasantries it turns out he was working for the convention as well. 'Listen, why don't we catch up over some drinks?'

'Great, I'll meet you at the bar in a sec.'

I noticed the women in the bar staring at Kyan when he entered the bar. He was indeed looking good in his charcoal gray suit and light blue pinstriped shirt. I'd been wondering what it would be like to hold Kyan close to me again. To smell his skin. To kiss his lips. To kiss his chest. The taste of his cock. The taste of his cum.

'Hey. Mind if I ordered some food?' he asked.

'No, no. Go ahead.' We found a table and were soon deep in conversation, trying to fill each other in on our lives over the course of 8 years. I found out that he's currently engaged and about to get married in few months time. 3 glasses of beer, 1 glass of wine and 2 rounds of pizza later, I said, 'Reminds me of that summer eh.'

'Yeah, a pity we didn't keep the tradition alive,' Kyan slurred and glugged the last of his beer down. He laughed then whispered, 'Lets leave and go to bed.' He looked at me expectantly. Sensing that he wasn't joking, I scraped back my chair and we rushed out of the bar, not caring about the funny looks we're getting.

We ran through the hotel lobby and up the stairs, not wasting any time for the elevator. Neither of us had any idea how to articulate the desire that now overpowered us. As I scrambled about for the key, Kyan threw me up against the wall in the hallway. Without pausing to check for privacy, Kyan started kissing and biting my lips. Our lips locked together, we both kept our eyes open, full of passion and desire. His hands explored my body, running up and down my ass, waist and crotch. It was difficult to focus on unlocking the door but eventually I did so and we stumbled into the room and straight on to the bed. Kyan lifted my sweater above my head. He then slipped off my t-shirt and I pulled off his jacket as he struggled out of his buttoned shirt. He was a little hairier; light blonde hair on his chest and a more thicker happy trail but it was such a turn on.

He tugged my jeans off, showering my body with kisses as he did so. I rolled him over and un-hooked his belts and pants, tossed it to the floor. I kissed his stomach; yes, I can see a small hint of a beer belly but still taut and manly. I kissed his thighs. Muscled, from all that running he did. And the smell of him! It was the same as how I remembered, Eau de Kyan. I buried my face into his boxer briefs and breathed in deeply. He groaned and pulled me under him. He kissed my neck and his stubbles were definitely going to leave marks on me. I felt his warm breath shimmy up between my legs, swirled around my stomach and up on to my chest.

We'd waited a long time - 8 years - and neither was inclined to waste any more. Kyan lay on top of me and expertly slipped his hard cock inside me. 'Ready?' he asked.

'God yes!' I nodded impatiently. 'I want you.'

'I want you too, Ty.'

I wanted him in every possible way. I want to ride him, fuck him, taste him, to touch and lick him. God, I'd missed his 8 inchers. I hadn't realized how much until this second when his long and fat cock was plugging me, making me groaned in ecstasy. 'I want you and I want you to fuck me really hard!' He kissed my sweaty back and felt his cock sliding out. I quickly clenched my ass in an effort to entice him back into action.

He chuckled. 'Hey, relax I'm just gonna fuck you real hard now.' He winked and with that, he placed two pillows underneath my hips and lube up more on his cock. 'Close your eyes.' I did. And WHAM! He entered me so hard that I open my eyes wide and actually yelled 'Fuckk! More! Again!' I groaned and clawed my fingers deep into his back and the harder I dug in; he entered me with greater force. When Kyan cum, I actually counted up to 8 spurts of spunk shout out of him. Kyan collapsed inelegantly on top of me and stayed, paralyzed, until he regained his breath.

'What are you thinking of?' Kyan asked.

'How long you've been stocking up those sack. You?'

'That we should only meet every 8 years if the meeting up's always gonna be this good.' We both laughed. Kyan played with my penis. 'Fuck me,' he whispered in my ear. He got up and went over to the writing table, where he bend and exposed his ass. I happily obliged although still very sore from his fucking. His semen was still sticking to me and I smeared some onto my cock as lube. Holding onto his hips for support, I slid my cock inside him. He squirmed, his hole felt warm and wet. Kyan was being playful. He got up onto the table, kneeled down and jutted his ass out. I stucked my tongue in between his butt and began massaging his hole. He was bucking up and down, then turned around, lift his legs up and hooked it behind my back. I fucked his ass as he looked on, stroking his erection. Finally, he sat me down on the edge of the table as he sat on my cock, causing the table to creak beneath our humping weight. As I cum, I slipped off the table and landed hard on the floor with him still on top of me. Ow..ow..ow!!

'Yes, yes sir, I'll do my best,' I said and shut the cell phone off. It was 11 in the morning and I was still in bed, my hurting back restraining my every movement. My editor just called saying he 'doesn't give a flying fuck even if I've to be in a wheelchair to go to the convention' but that if I want to cash in my next paycheck I better 'get the fucking article in by fucking tomorrow' seeing that rumor has it Edgar Hall will be revealing himself today. I blame Edgar Hall for this. Why all the secrecy? Must be one ugly fucker. Kyan was already gone, something about getting an early start on the convention. After all, he was one of the committee. Right?

When I opened my eyes later, Kyan smiling face greeted me. He was bare chested, in pale pyjama bottoms. His body was brown and lean with ropy muscle in the long arms. 'What are you doing here?' I asked.

'I felt guilty about your back. So,' he said, 'I thought of staying here for the night. You don't mind do you?'

Night? I reached for my watch, looked at the time. 'Shit!' I shouted. 'Fuck! Shit! Damn it!' I had missed the convention. Big time.

'Okay I'll just go grab my stuff then,' he said. He started gathering for his clothes.

'No, no, no! Stay. It's not you, it's just that…' So I told him my story. After I finished, he looked at me amusingly. 'What's so funny? My job's on the line here. You were there. So c'mon, do you have Edgar Hall's pic? Spill! Tell me the whole story!'

'I don't think that's necessary.'


'He doesn't show his face today. He was just there giving his talk.'

'Still. At least the reporters there got some snapshots of him in his mask, cape or whatever.'

He laughed, going red. 'But,' he said, 'I can give you a full-shot, a profile or from whatever angle picture you wish of him. Even of him naked.' I looked at him like he's gone totally out of his mind. Then he dropped the bomb on me. 'I'm Edgar Hall.' My jaw almost dropped. He got to be joking.

'Okay first, your name is Kyan and secondly, an Edgar Hall would look nothing like you what with a name like that,' I said, still not buying the whole thing.

'Okay first,' he mocked me, 'Kyan's my middle name and secondly, umm thanks?' he said sarcastically. He sat next to me on the bed.

I placed my head on his lap and looked up at him. 'You're serious aren't you?' He nodded. Mmm, his smell was intoxicating. 'Why all the secrecy then?'

'Of course I'm..' he gasped helplessly as I buried my head deep into his crotch, kissing and sniffing his cock. 'Serious,' he continued. 'When I first started..' I heard him gulping as I slid his waistband down and Mr 8-inch popped out. I gave it a little lick. 'I was only doing it..' he hissed in as I flicked my tongue on his throbbing cockhead, rubbing my nose along his shaft. 'As a favor but.. oh god,' I took one of his balls in my mouth and began sucking on it. 'But it got.. alright that's it, suck me good and hard prickteaser,' he said impatiently. He fluffed the pillows behind him, lied down and clawed his fingers through my hair. His cock stood up proudly into the air. I tried to get it all in but only quite. His hips was bucking up and down with the occasional 'yeah, suck it Ty, yeah' from him. I then squeezed his erection, sucked on his reddish throbbing head, poking my tongue into the slit, and was immediately rewarded with warm gunk splattered over my face.

Two days later, sufficed to say, I was promoted and got a raise in my pay plus a year-end bonus. I look at the paper in front of me, Kyan's face staring straight at me (and millions other readers) looking pleased and sexy (I took the pic right after the BJ before returning to bed). The headline read 'Hall Revealed' by Tyler Simmons.




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