I moved into my new apartment about three weeks before Miguel and Silve returned. Walt helped move their belongings over and I unpacked for them. Mama Rosa stocked the kitchens. Hers and ours sat back to back with easy access between them. She prepared a magnificent welcome home dinner.

Nina and Mia thanked them for their new rooms. Both their rooms were now mini suites. They didn't have to share a bathroom anymore! Felipe and Rosa had their own private suite. Silve loved how the master bedroom and sitting room turned out. She said she was glad they were moving here permanently! While on their trip, they decided to sell their home and move into the new apartment. (This was going to be interesting!) Miguel was envious of my study and told Silve he needed part of the living room for his own study! We laughed and Silve said they'd discuss it in bed.


We'd been settled in a couple of weeks when Silve said she wanted to make some changes. Miguel was going to get his study! Seems he'd been spending too much time in my room. Not in my bed or in my ass. He'd been camped out in my study! He'd read while I was studying. I think both Silve and I felt neglected!

"The only time he used his study at home, he had either me or his secretary bent over the desk, fucking us!" She complained. "I think you're a bad influence. He likes reading for pleasure, now!" She laughed. "I guess I'm going to get Walt over and discuss more renovations. Maybe he can renovate Miguel into a more attentive lover!"


Walt came over and discussed adding a study and a few more things Silve wanted. He leaned over to kiss me when he thought Silve wasn't looking. He didn't know she misses very little!

"Angela, would you mind staying at your old apartment a couple of weeks?"

I knew better than to see Walt during this period. "I haven't visited Jackie recently, maybe I can get together with her! Or maybe Miguel can come keep me warm!" I teased. She looked angry as she playfully swatted my bottom. I caught her grinning from the corner not my eye.

Miguel spent a couple of nights, fucking me as hard as he could! It was nice having someone share my bed the entire night. He took me to dinner a couple of evenings, showing off his young lover.


Silve called me home when Walt finished his renovations. He would be there if we needed something else changed. Miguel now had a nice study. The living room now had a wall with a large television. My room had a few surprises!

Walt had installed a set of rings in the closet above my head. There were some padded cuffs suspended ropes through the different rings . Theropes tied to hooks on the side of the doors. Recessed rings in the floor allowed ankles to be tied off. I expressed my delight in what I saw!

"Would you like to try it out?" Silve asked. "I think you should strip, first!"

She placed the cuffs on my wrists and cuffs on my ankles. Walt pulled the rope taught. Silve pulled a riding crop off a shelf. I felt embarrassed and ashamed in front of Walt. This was an unusual experience for me!

Silve caressed my bottom a few seconds before laying a swat across one cheek. She laid a second across the other cheek, then handed the crop to Walt.

"Why don't you give it a try?" She whispered in his ear. He swatted me a couple of times before she stopped him.

"Take your time," she said. "Caress her naked back and bottom before you swat her. Make her anticipate every blow! Make her guess when the next one will fall!"

He did as she suggest. I was soon moaning. He stopped and I begged him to continue. He wasn't swatting hard enough to warm my bottom.

"Harder, Walt!" I cried. He swatted a little harder, but not hard enough!. I kept crying harder until I was writhing under each swat.

"Oh, yeesssss! Like that! It feels sooo good."

I soon had a very red and tender bottom. Silve had undressed and stood in front of me, kissing me. She held my face to hers with one handa nd stroked my cock with her other hand. I soon came in her palm. She held her palm to my mouth. I licked my cum from her hand. Walt swatted me a few more times before Silve took over. He pulled my face to his and kissed me roughly while Silve administered a few more swats.

Walt placed a pillow on the bed. They untied me and lay me face down over the pillow. Silve tied my wrist to a new ring on the headboard. They spread my legs and tied them to rings at the foot of the bed.

Silve applied a few more lashes to my already tender bottom.

"You can have her, if you want," she told Walt. "Just fuck her very hard!"

I felt Walt crawl behind me and force his lubed cock into my ass. I bit the pillow to keep from screaming. His eleven inch long and three inch wide cock was ripping me wide open! He drove his massive cock in as far as it could go. He was riding me hard and fast. It didn't take long for him to empty into me. He kept thrusting and soon his cock was hard again! My cock was rubbing against the pillow. I came, covering the pillow and my stomach with my come.

Walt breached around me and roughly handled my breasts.  He bit my neck and ears. His thrusts rolled my bottom up to accept more of him! He hit the back of my channel with each powerful thrust! The lube had worn off and each thrust hurt! I bit the pillow to keep from squeezing. I didn't want Walt to know how much he was hurting me! I wanted him in me! I needed him in me! I wanted him to want me as much as I craved him!

Walt stiffened and rammed deep inside me. He came for several minutes before he rolled off me. He showered, dressed, and left me tied to the bed. I heard him and Silve as they left the apartment.

I don't know how long I lay tied there. I felt embarrassed and aroused at the same time. I started grinding against the pillow and came after a few short minutes.

"Having fun, are we?" I heard from the doorway. It was Miguel! He looked at my ass and said, "Some one's been fucking my Querida. Looks like he fucked her quite well!"

I was ashamed to tell him Walt had done this. I couldn't remember the last time I felt this helpless. Miguel saw the riding crop.

"I see my love has been playing here, too! And your bottom is still red! Maybe not red enough, though."

He took the crop and teased me, stretching out the seconds between swats. He kept up until I was openly crying.

"Don’t cry, Querida," he said. "Miguel's going to thoroughly fuck you now! Your ass is just too nice too waste!"

He crawled into me, placed his cock against my ass, and rammed it in. He shoved his cock in till it hit the end of my channel. He ground his hips against my ass. After all the swats, anything against my tender bottom hurt. Walt had been out of me long enough for my ass hole to tighten some. My ass and channel really hurt. I was crying into my pillow as Miguel savagely used me! He would pull almost all the way out and thrust hard, bottoming out in my channel.

"That's the way, Miguel! Fuck her like you used to fuck me!" Silve shouted. "Use her hard. The little girl needs to learn what it feels like to be fucked by real men!"

Miguel needed no further encouragement! He reached around me to hold me close. I was squirming underneath him. He bit my neck and shoulders. He fucked me roughly for several minutes, then pulled out.

Suddenly I feel Silve's weight on me. Miguel grabs her wrists and tied them next to mine. She cursed and screamed, kicking her legs as Miguel forces his cock into her tight ass. The only lube on him is what he picked up while inside me!

"Please, Miguel, not my ass!" Silve cried. "You're hurting me! No! No! Please!"

I could feel her squirming on top of me as he used her ass as savagely as he had fucked mine. My cock hardened. I was rubbing it against the pillow and soon came again.

Miguel fucked Silve a while then pulled out and rammed into me. Because Silve was between us, his cock hit differently. After a few strokes, he pulled out and entered Silve again. Silve was sobbing on my shoulders. Miguel didn't seem to care. He alternated between the two of us for nearly an hour before he came. He pulled out and covered both our asses with his load!

He untied Silve first and commanded her to lick me clean. I could hear her sobs and feel her flinch as he used the riding crop on her ass. When she finished with me, she untied me and lay so I could lick her clean. Miguel lashed me while I ate Silve.

Miguel retied me to the headboard, then grabbed Silve by her  wrist and dragged her to their room. She fought and cursed him all the way. A few minutes later he dragged me by my bound wrists to their room. Miguel is very powerful so I didn't put up a struggle.

Silve's wrists were bound to one of the closet rings. Miguel tied me to the same ring facing Silve. Our bodies were pressed against one another. Her breasts rubbed against mine. My cock hung between her legs.

We could hear Miguel in the shower. I was surprised by the smile I saw on Silve's tear-streaked face!

"My husband, the raging bull is back", she said admiringly! "It’s been a long time since he has fucked me like this! I came several times! I think we will be sore for many days when he is through with us!"

She leaned down to kiss me. She rubbed her clit against my cock! I stiffened and soon worked my cock into her. She moaned softly.

Suddenly I felt a swat across my bottom. "So you couldn't wait for me!"  Miguel said. He alternated stroking our bottoms and swatting us! When he hit Silve, she flinched against me, making her ride my cock. When he hit me, I would push into her pussy. We never could tell when or who he would next swat! I could feel Silve coming repeatedly! I soon came into her. I could feel my juices flowing down our legs. Her mouth never left mine the entire time.

Miguel untied us and commanded us to clean up. He watched us showering. He jacked off watching us kiss and wash each other. He then joined us, pulling our bodies to him.

As we dressed to go out, he said, "No panties! I want to see you fighting to keep from squirming in your seats!"

Dinner seemed to drag on forever. Silve and I could see how uncomfortable each other was as we fought to sit still.

"Will you spank us again if we don't sit still? "She mischievously asked.

"I may wear the crop out on you both, no matter how you behave!" He replied with a lustful smile.

We hurriedly ate so we could get back home. Silve and I quickly undressed and dropped our clothes on the floor. We ran back to their room.

Over the next few days, Miguel would tie us facing each other and use the crop on us. He would stand behind us and fuck us while we kissed. Silve was right! We were sore for many, many days!

I'd say the renovations were successful!



Angie K


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