It was a cold January evening and i was where it suited me the most during such times- the Pandemonium Club,a plush,rich n fab club for all d big guns of d society in Ranchi,Jharkhand.If you had the money,u were bound to come up at Pandemonium sooner or later.And me ? Oh,i loved it.The party mood,d loud n peppy music,silhouetted dazzling faces,d groovy drinks and d snazzy,cosy couches.Tonight i was there wid my frnd Dhruv.And we both were in no mood to relent.We danced n perked up at every single beat of d 'I like it' number by Enrique which blared n resonated loud inside.I was wearing a dark blue 'Edward sucks' Tee wid faded black Denim and a cool skullhead beltpin butting out.Now am a fairly good luking guy,verging 17,and get called 'cute' and chocolaty by many a woman (or man,for dat matter).I guess my clean shaven face wid wet hold spikes adds to dat.So,there i was,letting myself go and enjoy,widout caring a hoot for d famous who's who around.And then he entered wid d slightest flicker of the club lights.......

Broad shoulders, thick and wonderfully built torso, amazing body shape, slightly spiked hairs and a devastatingly handsome face with the most masculine features to ever bless a guy.He walked with a confident, relaxed stride, swaying his tight and gorgeous hip muscles and flashed a bratty vampire like grin revealing a set of equally dazzling teeth.Sportin a black polo T, with a black ripped jeans, he was a thousand flaming bits of sexiness and handsomeness personified.And in he came and glid lazily to the dance floor, the captain of Indian Cricket Team -Mahendra Singh Dhoni . Now let me tell you, well yes, i am gay and thats why i noticed this hunk the way i did, but am no flaming bit of your stereotypical, run of the mill Indian gay guy who is a slut at the best and an easy catch at least - you know the type who would bounce on any thing with a bloody cock and balls. For me sex is good, no doubts, but sex with someone you love is GREAT !! At least a familiar connection with the person before having sex with him is a pre - requisite for me. And romance does the trick perfectly, if possible.So, fawning over Dhoni,may b even fantasizing about him -yeah,but running after him so that he would just let me suck his cock-No.That doesnt work for me.

So,i didnt pay him any heed and kept on dancing,though he was at an arm's distance to me,enough to set any gay guy's pants to fire.He was taking several shots of beer while he danced and shouted in total rapture.And may b i was mistaken or smthing,bt once as i turned towards him i found his eyes locked with mine,with an intense gaze in them.The song changed, and the next one as well, and the next till we were all drained and sweaty.Dhoni just crumbled and lay flat on a couch nearby with Yuvraj and a guy i didnt know.I excused myself from Dhruv and went to the washroom.

As i washed my face and wiped my hands,i saw the time.It was nearly 11: 30.Almost the time for the Club to close on Tuesdays and slowly, i recalled the dance floor getting empty as we danced.Now if i didnt want to get a solid reprimand from my current boyfriend, who was at home, waiting for me or to get myself locked over here, i had to rush.And so i did.But as soon as i reached the door, it swung open AND closed thereafter.

I turned up in anger and irritation to see who this idiot was and i saw those eyes again - Dhoni's,looking at me intently, dreamily.As anger flashed through my face, he did nothing to move away, but flashed that cocky, crooked smile of his.For a moment, i was smitten, bewitched at how handsome he was and how strong and delicious his body odour seemed to me, from so close. But then i realised who he was and where i was and i managed to speak out a nervous ' excuse me ', at which he started laughing. A devilish, naughty, sexy laugh.I tried not to smile or something.

And then it came, in the flash of a second.He grabbed me by my face and kissed me smack on my lips. A hard, hungry smooch, our lips intertwined badly and delicately. He sucked on my lips, grazed on them, kissing me like a maniac,as if he had been dying to do that. And judging from the looks in his eyes, he probably had.My head buzzed, unable to comprehend what was happening and i gasped for air.And that is where it went beyond the point of no return.As soon as i opened my mouth, he thrust his tongue inside my mouth. His warm, moist tongue gorged on the inside of my mouth and a spark of electricity went down my spine.I felt i could not stand anymore and let myself go.Into his arms.To hell with it, if he wants it that badly, let him have it.Whats the harm ! Oh ok, am not a slut, but am not a nun either.And he is not some random guy but the hottest, the sexiest Indian player, the captain himself, Mahendra Fucking Singh Dhohi !! And if all i wanted was to follow my heart, it said nothing more than to eat this man meat right now, to get savaged by him, to surrender to him, which i did.

I kissed back with an intensity and force i never knew i could exhibit.I shoved my tongue deep withing his mouth and started sucking on his tongue like anything. We stood like that for minutes, me in his arms, our lips enclosing each other our tongues intertwined and sweat erupting from both of our foreheads .And then when he could bear no more, he broke the kiss and with an animalistic grunt thrashed me down on the floor of the washroom and fell upon me.His manly weight and scent covered me, taking my breath away.I dug my nails in his back while he kissed incessantly at my neck and face.One hurried peck at the cheek and then he went down on my Tee shirt and tore it down into shreds with the sounds of sure lust and agony coming out of him.Almost immediately, he picked at my nipples and started sucking them.I shuddered and grimaced as waves of sweet pleasure passed through me.And before i could understand anything he tucked his own Tee out and away and lunged at my belt. With two or three desperate attempts he undid the belt, tossed it away, and unzipped my jeans. I was wearing a black underwear within, at the sight of which he smiled again and went down on it, teasing my now raging hard on with his tongue.And then suddenly, i shooed his head away and took his belt in my hands. I undid it faster than he had done mine, hungry to see what lay beneath, restless to taste it now.As i touched the zip of his jeans, i marvelled at my luck as to how blessed i was to touch and open the zip of this hunk, this man whom every single woman in the world has hots for. and then i unzipped him.Nothing could have prepared me for the pleasure and exhilaration that i felt immediately afterwards. There he lay, Mahendra Singh Dhoni,the man,in a white,├╝ber sexy thong in front of me.His hard,erect cock was clearly visibly and stood around 7' tall,thick like a soda can.I gazed hungrily for sometime before we kissed again and i slipped his thong out from his waist.The next moment i was kneeling down,Dhoni standing,my head buried to the depths oh his crotch and i was sucking his cock like anythin.His organ was so big and so thick,i almost gagged but the moans, sighs and grunts of extreme pleasure coming out from his mouth as i licked and sucked on his thick cock kept me going.And after a minute or two, he rasped 'I cannot wait now ' and before i knew anything, i was on the floor again, on my back, pinned down by this sex God.

He grunted something like ' I wanted to do this to you, since forever,Aman ',and slid my underwear out of my legs without any delay.He parted my legs, sat down between my legs and smooched me hard.While he was kissing me, the sweats from our bodies mingling in tiny streams, he placed my legs on his shoulders and positioned himself.He spit on my throbbing, excited asshole,fingered it for a while and then placed his erect,wet cock at the entrance.And before I could protest or something, he thrust in with a huge grunt and slid almost half of his cock into me in that single shoved.I gasped and screamed in pain.A killing spasm of pain went inside my anal tract and body.I could,never for my life,take this huge thich animal of this man into me.Not the entire piece anyway.I thrashed my arms and tried to get up.But failed.Dhoni grabbed both my hands immediately with a brutal force and pinned me down again.He smooched me so that i could not scream and gave a powerful thrust again.This time the entire organ went inside and my painful cry was muffled by his tongue in my mouth.A warm,slimy fluid trickled down my hole.And then Dhoni took full charge.He withdrew half of his organ out of my hole and with the clench of his buttock n shoulder muscled rammed it in again. I shrieked with the excruciating pain, he with the grunts of pleasure. And then he picked up speed, fucking me like there was no tomorrow and like he could not get enough.Slowly as my pain lessened and pleasure increased, i joined him in his rhythm, thrusting my buttocks in to meet his thrusts, digging my nails in his back, nibbling his air or shoulders.We went on like this for eternities, drenched in sweat, fired with lust and passion before that grunt and my name came from his mouth. And i knew what it meant.A second later, as he smooched me again, warm,thick spurts of his seed, his cum flowed deep into my ass endlessly and i came at the same instant, my cum hitting his chest and face like it would never end.He sighed and held me tightly. We sat there like that for a few minutes, drenched and filled with each other's cum, looking lovingly at each other before that knock came.



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