This story takes place during July of 2011 at an adult bookstore in Paris, France.

My name is Hunter. During the month of July, 2011, I took a much needed break as a stuntman in the movies to go on vacation in Europe. On July 4, I find myself in Paris, France, missing my usual celebration with my really hot Gay actor friends in Hollywood thus resulting in a very horny condition. I am craving a hookup with some hot Frenchman for a wild July 4th celebration.

As I stroll the streets of Paris around 5 PM, I come up on a billboard flashing the words WE HAVE VIDEOS, TOYS, BOOKS AND MAGAZINES FOR HOT GAY SEX XXX. I rush inside the adult bookstore thinking that I will find my hot Frenchman for a night of hot steamy sex.

I usually have no trouble picking up a hot date due to my physique. In 2011, I was 29 years-of-age. I am 6'2" tall, weight a solid 195 pounds, have a rock hard body, many muscles, flat slim body, almost hairless body, curly red hair, perfect teeth and most importantly a 9" smooth slick cut cock.

In the adult bookstore, there were about 25 handsome guys ranging in age from around 19 to their 50's. I started browsing the isles looking for my perfect stud. As I came to the xxx Gay video section, I spotted a gorgeous guy that was around 5'8" tall, about 155 pounds, a killer smile with beautiful teeth, dark brown hair and eyes, hot flat chest and strong biceps (he was not wearing a shirt), and hot light fuzzy legs (he was wearing shorts).

I thought this is going to be my catch of a gorgeous Frenchman stud for the evening. He smiled and said: "Bonjour" (Hello). I eagerly responded in my broken French: "Bonjour, bow shoow ca va" (Hello, how are things going?). He answered: "Je vais tres bien, merci." (I'm fine too, thank you) At this point he took mercy on me and my rusty French from my college days and he begin speaking to me in perfect English with the most sexy accent.

He introduced himself. "I am Pierre and your name is?" I shook his soft hand and introduced myself as Hunter from California.

Pierre asked: "Are you looking for a hot Gay video? There are so many to select from, oui (yes)? I come here often to rent videos or do other things in the rooms at the back of the bookstore."

I responded: "Yes, there is a great selection of xxx Gay videos here but the videos are not the same as the real thing, oui?" Pierre moved up close until his shoulder was rubbing against my hard chest and he said: "Hunter, I agree. Would you like to join me in the back of the bookstore where I have reserved two rooms with glory holes where we can jackoff and suck each other's hot cocks? I see from the large bulge in your pants that you need relief big time?" I learned that he was a very horny 22 year-old stud.

I could see that he had just developed his own huge bulge in his shorts. He appeared to be well endowed. My cock had its own mind and was eager to get going as I had a rock hard aching cock.

I was speechless but shook my head yes. Pierre took my sweaty hand and lead me to the back rooms. He had me go into room 1 and he entered room 2. We both closed the doors and locked them. There was a xxx Gay video playing in my room with a huge Frenchman pounding the ass of a hot dude. I immediately took off all my clothes to free my aching cock. I begin jerking off as my cock head started leaking precum.

Pierre whispered through the glory hole: "Hunter see my 8.5" uncut rock hard cock piercing the glory hole. Come over here you American bitch and give me a red hot blowjob. I want you to smell and taste my hot organ. I know you want it badly. You will not get out of here without tasting this Frenchman's wine produced cum."

I was on fire with lust. This would be my first European cock and sex. I took my hands and lifted this monstrous cock and pulled back the foreskin. I got my tongue under the foreskin and tasted the slick underside as well as the leaking precum. The under skin had a manly smell that was intoxicating. This Frenchman had sugar smelling and tasting cum from drinking French wine.

I begin licking and sucking on his hot cock. I gave him a wild and long lasting blowjob. His cock was so smooth and slick. He was producing gobs of precum. It was a beautiful cock. When I heard Pierre start breathing faster and the head of of his cock expand, Pierre moved off my mouth and said: "Hunter not yet. Let me suck your big 9" cock. Stick that monstrous cock in the glory hole so I can come down hard and fast on it. I will deep throat that slick cock. I have experience sucking huge cocks."

As I pushed my cock through the glory hole, Pierre grasped it hard and jerked me of before he begin running his tongue around my large cock head. Before long he was swallowing the entire boner and wildly coming down and off of my cum leaking cock. The was the best cock sucker I had ever known. He continued to drive me crazy by sucking my rock hard cock for 10 minutes.

He started spitting on my cock, jerking it off and spitting on my balls. I was at his mercy. I was now wild with lust. He soon closed his mouth tightly around my cock head and used some kind of sucking method that I had never experienced before. He would not release his tight grip with his mouth. He was talking dirty to me. I begged for him to not let go and soon I felt my cock head expand, my balls rose and the piss slit opened wide as I burst huge loads of a two week load of cum down this hot Frenchman's wet and hot mouth. He swallowed eave drop and sucked me dry.

In a few seconds, I heard a loud knock on my door. I opened the door to see this hunk Pierre at the door. He had a sexy smile and dripping cum from his sexy lips. He grabbed me in a bear hug as I felt his throbbing cock drive into my crotch. He begin French kissing me as I tasted my own cum. He starts kissing and licking my ears, neck, chest, underarms, nipples, stomach, abs, balls, inter thighs, legs and sucking on my toes. I could hardly believe that he was making me rock hard again, WOW!

When he thinks I am in a complete state of eroticism, he puts me on a sofa in the room. He pulls my legs and feet up next to each side of my head. He now has a clear point of entrance to my pulsating and open man pussy. He moves down on my asshole with his mouth and gives me a tongue fucking like I have never experienced with such lust before. I then feel him pour some erotic, wet and perfume smelling French lube onto and in my man pussy. He puts the great smelling lube on his raging cock and starts rubbing his cock up and down my ass crack getting both my ass and his cock really wet. The room is filled not only with our sweat and cum but also the smells of previous guys that had been in the room.

I feel his red hot poker plunge deep into my non-virgin ass. He fucks me with great speed and force. He is pile driving his cock deep into my insides. It is beyond joy.

He begins talking dirty again. He says: "Hunter, you are my American hot bitch. I am giving you a true French fucking. You take all my cock and don't you complain when I tear up your man pussy. I want you to feel me deep inside over and over. You will never forget this Frenchman's cock and fucking, baby." He slaps my ass cheeks until they are blood red.

I feel his cock head enlarge as it rubs my prostrate. He moves his blood filled steel hard cock in and out of my pussy over and over. He pounds my ass with great force for the longest time. At times he leans down and spits on my face and mouth while he plants hot kisses on my wet lips.

He moans, grunts and yells as he erupts deep inside my pussy with burst after burst of his white thick cum. I count n unheard of 10 heavy cum bursts from his cock. He pulls out, jerks his still semi-hard cock, and takes his now cum covered fingers and shoves them down my throat. Pierre smiles and says: "Hunter, baby, how did you like that fuck by a red hot Frenchman?" I say: "Pierre, you may not only be the greatest fucker in all of France but all of Europe."

Pierre is so turned on that he lowers his mouth down to my pussy and begins sucking streams of his cum from my ass. When he has filled his mouth with a huge load of his cum, he opens my mouth and spits gobs of his cum down my throat.

Pierre returns to his room, sticks his dark bubble smooth ass through the glory hole and orders me to fuck him. As I approach his ass, I see that his ass is pulsating as it opens and closes. I plunge my tongue deep into his ass crack and tongue fuck him. Soon I hear Pierre beg me to fuck him.

I take my recovered hard cock, lube my cock and his ass and plunge my throbbing cock deep into this well worn Frenchman's pussy. I slide all the way in with one thrust as he opens wide. I am able to last a long time as I have already come once. Pierre yells and moans and begs for me to fuck him harder and harder. I pile drive over and over into this slick, soft, smooth and hot man pussy. His ass feels like warm jello. I love this man's pussy as it makes my cock so hot.

Pierre finally closes his ass muscles very tight around my cock head causing me to explode burst after burst of cum deep into this Frenchman's inter ass. When I pull out, I take one of my fingers and shove it deep into his ass to collect my cum. He backs away from the glory hole and puts his mouth up to he hole while I feed him my cum covered finger.

We both dress and meet outside of the rooms, kiss and hug. Pierre invites me out for a night of French food and dancing at a night club.

For the next two weeks, I visit Pierre's apartment nightly as we make hot love until I fly back to California and my job in Hollywood.



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