Shit it’s been a stinker of spring and start to summer, hottest and driest on record so far and I have been in a personal contact drought myself. Being a bush firefighter I always have my firefighting kit in the cab of the ute in-case we get the call to a fire, and it really doesn’t support many days away from home. Few pairs of fire pants, a fire jacket, helmet, gloves, spare pairs of socks, undies, t-shirt and track pants and some basic toiletries.

It was 2 weeks before xmas and I was working away designing an IT system for my work and it had been a hot windy day when my pager went off.

MSG : Crews with forest experience needed for large forest fire in the south of the state, contact your captain to nominate.

Awesome, I was on the phone to the captain within a minute and had my name on the list to go. I asked my boss if I was able to respond to the fire and take 5 days off and as I had lots of leave stored up I was released. I cleared up a few things, got out to my car and checked I had not left anything important out of the kit bag. I started heading to the local Fire coordination centre where I met other firefighters from the region, a few I knew well which gave me a sense of capability with the crews heading to what we had found out was a 1300acre fire in dense south coast state park.

We loaded up our two large Cat 1 fire trucks, and a van with 15 of us all excited as it was the first big fire of the season. As the crew leader we radioed in that we were departing and we headed south for a 3hr drive and as the afternoon dragged on we started to see the enormous plume of dense bushfire smoke rising up into the upper atmosphere where it was creating a storm cell. We all were a bit daunted by the ominous size of what we were heading into.

We arrived at the rally point which was a state forest camping ground next to a clear running creek. I was knackered after a day at work then driving the fire truck 3hrs, but had to set up my tent and luckily dinner was going to be provided.

As I was putting the tent up in the rapidly increasing darkness I was suddenly illuminated by a torch and a really sexy voice called out, hey do you need a hand there. I turned and couldn’t make out anything but the outline of a 6ft well defined guy. I said if you can just keep the light on till I get the tent up that would be awesome. After a few mins the tent was done and I stood up and wanted to shake his hand and introduce myself. Another fire truck pulled into the area and the headlights lit up the face of this sexy sounding and outline, and as I found out he was just pure hot, but totally covered in black ash and he looked like he had been in a coal mine.

He introduced himself as Bill and explained he was camped next door to me and was glad that he had a neighbour now. He was from a brigade in Sydney and had been there for only a day. We had a bit of a chat about the fire and what our brigade was down here to do, which aligned my truck with his and he seemed pretty excited about that.

Being a state forest camping ground there was no shower, flushing toilets etc, but the Rural Fire Service had bought in some portable toilets and most of the guys where happy to bathe in the creek which was fresh and cool with the air temp being 35 deg c during the day and 26-29 at night a cold dip was very attractive.

Bill said he was heading down the creek for a wash and to freshen up before dinner and he invited me to come down, which I was not expecting, but I was curious about this guy and well he was sexy as.

We used our torches to follow a well-worn path down to the creek where there was no one else at the time. There was a river gum hanging over the largest pool which was dammed by a few large granite rocks. We placed our torches in the gum tree with them shining down on the pond and the bank next to it so we could see. Bill started to strip down to his boxers and took his firefighting pants and jacket down to the creek, I was amazed at his amazing tone and dark hairy chest with a hot line running down past his navel.

I got a bit of a hot flush in my pants and I was thinking this could be a bit embarrassing walking down to the creek with a raging boner. Unlike Bill I didn’t have any firefighting clothes to wash, so I took my sweat covered t-shirt covering my now engorged cock.

Bill watched me all the way down and into the water where I think he caught a glimpse of my thick veined cock, as he gasped a tiny bit as I dropped my t-shirt into the water. His gasp was followed by a comment about my body and how I was as hairy as he was. We didn’t have any time to talk as a few more guys and two girls came down and started splashing around as if they were couples.

Bill finished scrubbing the charcoal out of his fire kit and then made his way out of the water where I noticed I wasn’t the only one with a reaction, he wasn’t as big as me, but wow it wasn’t far off. I walked out of the water to my clothes and the two girls had a giggle and commented we do that to many guys. I chuckled and proceeded to put my pants back on and Bill and I headed back to the camp.

Dinner and a planning meeting for the next day’s crew movements took up the evening where everyone went back to their tents to sleep as we planned to be up by sun up to take over from the evening crews on the fire front.

Bill’s tent light went out and I heard him rustling around a bit and all I can only think he was that big cock through his hand. I heard a oomph like noise and a few splat like sounds and I can only imagine he pumped out a big load. I was so turned on by hearing this that I started playing with myself and although I was dead tired, I had to blow a load to get to sleep. I didn’t have any lube, nor anything and all I could do was gob up a bit spit which I mixed with my now pre-cum leak and started pumping my cock like I had a hot guy riding my cock. BOOM it didn’t take me long and I fired a massive jet past my head and nailed the inner tent with the first shot and then 7 to 8 squirts onto my chest and stomach. I cleaned up with a bit of toilet paper and got off to sleep thinking it was going to be so awesome working the fire ground with Bill.

Morning was blink and I felt like I had hardly been asleep, but 8 hrs had passed. A hand cranked fire alarm was used to wake us and Bill and I exited our tents nearly at the same time looking towards each other. Bill had a cheeky grin on his face like he had heard my effort in the tent after his effort. We zipped up the tents and took our kit bags off to our trucks and hit the road. We passed a tiny little town fuel station where we filled up, grabbed some breakfast and coffee and headed off to the fire. We radioed in that we were inbound and asked for a sitrep on the location we were required to head too. The gusty wind overnight had moved the fire a kilometre from the previous day and we were directed to a ridge to work with some dozers to put in fire breaks and black out the edges where the dozers had pushed rocky soil over the fires edge.

Bill’s crew was a few hundred meters away and we stayed in contact on UHF radio to make sure we didn’t allow any flare ups between that would jump the fire trail. The dozer had pushed a large hollow log off to the fire side of the trail and moved past Bill’s truck to start clearing an unburnt edge to widen the trail. I noticed there was a few gusts of wind and a finger of fire started to move between our two trucks, and decided to direct me crew to move the truck forward closer to the other truck, so we retracted our quick roll hoses and moved within 50 m of the other truck. The fire was building as was the wind, and we didn’t have the dozer nearby anymore, so I called Bill over and we decided we had enough water to take it head on. We deployed 2 guys from each truck and launched our long jets of water onto the scrub to create a wet/cool barrier between the largest area of the flames and our trucks. It worked and we slowed the fire so that it was just smouldering at the end of the hollow log.

Bill bounded down the track to me and gave me a hug saying, we did it. That was awesome. He gave me a peck on the cheek and rushed back to his truck to rally his crew. I just stood there a moment thinking was he flirting with me, did he just really do that? Fuck I hope he does it again!

We had used 2000lt each of our 3000lt storage and had to go back down the track to the river too refill. What we didn’t know is that the fire had flanked us and down the hill and around the corner the fire was across the fire trail and proceeding towards the edge of the park where it would get into grassland and private properties. As we worked our trucks down the track and turned the corner fire was on both sides of the track in some dense tea tree throwing up bursts of what looked like explosions from the oil in the tea tree. I radioed the fire coordinator and asked if we could have air support from a chopper.

Hearing back on the radio that the choppers were on the ground from the high wind and unable to fly. Suddenly Bill was on the radio calling my truck saying our effort up the hill was alight again, WE ARE SURROUNDED. I radioed in to control explaining the situation and we had to work out the safest way out. We didn’t get much time to decide as the hollow log the dozer pushed off edge of the road that had lit up was actually rolling down the hill behind us.

Bill pleaded we go, I suggested to Bill to use the trucks cabin sprayers deploy the side curtains and all crew to cover themselves in the fire blankets, we did the same and took off accelerating enough to get through the tea tree lined area with our sprayers going. It was hot, and steam was pouring off the truck as we had flames licking the side of our trucks. 200m later we were through and met by another truck crew who hosed our trucks down to cool them. Pulling into a large logging clearing to check the damage Bills truck pulled up next to ours and we all disembarked to inspect if there was any damage. I met Bill at the front of my truck where he came up really close and quickly and kissed me. I returned the kiss and then told him we need to have a dip in the creek later. He winked at me and licked his lips as he swaggered down the back of his truck.

No damage. We were so lucky.

We proceeded to a nearby dam and filled our trucks to come back and attack this rapidly moving fire. Whilst filling the tanks, Bill and I sat in the front of my truck and we planned how to attack the fire were it was safe to do so. We both had front bar sprayers which fire a massive jet of water on a 45Deg angle about 1 meter off the ground in front of the truck. Designed to take out grass fires quickly allowing you to drive along a fire edge knocking it out quickly. We worked out that it was going to be easier to get the fire as it came out of the forest edge near the grassland.

We got out of my truck and I walked Bill over too his truck were I pat his bum as he got up into the crew leaders seat. He commented that I better look after that later. Fuck… why did we have to go fight more fire. I wanted him then and there.

I rushed by to my truck to my crew giggling at me like school girls who caught a friend flirting. I said What???? And they just chuckled. So we got underway and radioed into control of our plans. The gave us further directions to get to the forest edge via a small fire trail which scrapped down the sides of our large fire trucks.

Appearing on the forest edge we looked for the plume of smoke and it was only 500 m away. We had worked out that at a certain speed we had 1klm of water distribution with our combined water. Bill moved forward and within 50m of the fire started the front bar sprayer, with it firing into 10m of grassland and 20m of dense wattles and tea tree. I placed our truck behind Bills and we saw the fire starting to come out into the grassland ahead of us and start to race off into the grass. I told my driver to chase the edge and we commenced spraying, knocking it down quickly. What we didn’t know was that this was the last bit of this part of the fire on this side of the bushland. We had won.

With over half a tank each left we spent the next hour with the small hoses blacking out any smouldering areas so it would not re-ignite.

It was mid-afternoon by now and everyone was tired and hungry. We returned to the dam to collect more water to come back and monitor the edge we had put out. Whilst at the dam we sat down to recover, have a cup of tea and some late lunch we had in the eskies. I couldn’t keep my eyes of Bill during the entire time and we met in a stare many times.

After returning to the fires edge we only found a few smouldering parts which we laced with lots of water and proceeded back to the camping ground considering it out and a job well done.

On the 30 min drive back I wondered how close we had come to real trouble today, and my thoughts rapidly changed to hooking up with Bill at the creek. After arriving back at the camp and providing the group commander of the situation, Bill and I walked back to our tents were he said that we need to go clean up. I didn’t blink and just grabbed my small bag holding my towel and spare clothing/toiletries and headed for the creek. I suggested we go down below the big rocks to the smaller pools below the big one so we could have some privacy.

We both stripped down to nothing and both fully boned up moved into the sandy bottomed pond. With the water falling down between the large rocks above in the late afternoon sun and in the company of an immensely hot guy I was feeling a tingle in my crotch that needed relieving. Bill was heading over to me and we met kissing each other. He was salty and dirty from the day’s action. Being a cheeky guy I pushed him back into the water and splashed his torso and face with water from the creek. He did the same and I dove over towards him tackling him and grabbed his hard bar of a cock. I pulled him close so that my cock was hard against his bottom whilst I had a good grip on his man meat. Fuck Bill’s body is amazing, he’s hard and fit. I tell him that he is amazing and that I cannot be this lucky.

Bill turns his head and we kiss for what seems to be 10 minutes. Soft and gentle kisser. I lift him up from the pond onto a rock on the edge and I take his cock into my mouth. He’s uncut with a good 7.5 inches of straight hard meat. His pre-cum is like nectar and I want more. I place my middle finger at his asshole and start working it around and in gently. I work it in to his prostate and start working his cock and prostate together. He’s literally like a tap that won’t stop dribbling pre-cum and I’m loving every bit of it.

Bill pushes me back into the water and turns himself over on the rock with his cock pushed down between his legs. Bill looked back at me and said its time to look after what I protected today. Fuck I nearly blew it before I could even get my cock to his asshole. I moved quickly over too his hot pink hole which I had already worked with my finger. I worked up a big load of spit and coated the upper half of my cock in it and some on his hole. I placed my rock hard cut cock against his hole and pushed in which him moaning. Bill winced a few times and then started to accept my cock in him. I was about ½ way in when we heard someone in the pool above bathing and splashing around. I started to pull out and get concerned we would be caught. Bill wouldn’t have any of that, he said fuck me now, I can be quiet if you can.

I had no idea how I was going to be quiet as I wanted to roar like a lion as I rammed my cock deep inside him. Bill was starting to writhe on the rock and started pumping a massive load down the face of the rock and the extra pressure of his cum pumping past his prostate made the sensation too much for me and I said I’m about to cum. Bill only said two words which sent me over the top “in me” to which I started pumping an enormous volley of cum deep inside him.

We cleaned up and after a 10 mins or so were flaccid and clean. We walked back to camp chatting about what else we do in life and found we had some pretty close habits and hobbies. He just kept getting hotter and hotter the more I got to know him.

Bill and I had dinner together with our crews and retired to one tent together where we got naked and snuggled up close as It was a cooler night. I woke about 2am thinking it was a dream and I was about to blow my load. I woke to find Bill bobbing up and down on my cock with his mouth where I proceeded to deposit another extensive creamy load. He lapped it up and proceeded to come back up to me nestling into a spoon position with my cummy cock resting against his hole. He turned his head around and kissed me good night again and I pushed my still hard cock into him.

We fell asleep together and woke to the hand crank alarm going off. I was still inside him and still rock hard. Bill pushed back and said he needed a morning fill. He’s a nymphomaniac I swear! I wasn’t going to complain though as I have an ability to reload and fire again! Bill liked being on his stomach and feeling a guy behind him, but as I found out he liked being forced a bit and told what to do.

Over the next 3 nights and days we got close, really close.

We shared many details and worked out how we could catch up after heading home.

But that’s another chapter.




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