I spent my holidays in South Africa and one of my plans for these holidays was to have some fun with myself and shaving my long hair off again which had grown for a few months now.

Driving along the south coast I came along a very quiet beach and I thought that this was the perfect place for me. I had taken all tools with me to shave my head. I went down to the sandy beach and there was no one else to see. I took off all my cloths and lied down in the warm sand with my head quite close to the waterline.

I spread my long hair around my head and with both hands I took some sand and rubbed it into my hair and I felt my penis getting big and hard. With my sandy hands I started masturbating and the effect of the sand on my hands was great. It mixed with the pre cum and the sandy forescin glided over the glans head of my penis which was quite exciting. I held the penis upright wat the base with one hand and started to do a glans head massge with my other hand.

Suddenly a wave from the sea came and my hair got wet and the next wave flooded my completely. I hold my breath and continued thze massage and when te wave got back my whole body was wet. There was some mud now all around me from the sea and with both hands I covered my body and head with it and with my muddy hands I continued masturbating until my sperm shot out acros my muddy body.

I got up then and went into the water with my penis in one hand and touching my muddy head and body with the other one. When I was in the water to my hips I took my penis in both hands, it had got hard again and I bowed down and dived under. I washed my hair and body in the sea and then got out of the water and went back to the sandy beach. A bit further on I saw a rock that looked like being quite comfortable to lie on and I tried it. It was comfortable and so I got my shaving tools and I found a comfortable position lying on my back with my head hanging backwards over the edge of the rock.

I took the battery operated clipper and turned it on and the sound of it turned me on and with one hand I grabbed the hair on top of my head and guiding the blade across the middle of my head from the front to the back the first long hair came off from my head and I put it on my naked body.

I continued with this procedure until all my hair was covering my body and now I touched the skin of my had with one hand and started masturbating my penis again and soon I felt my sperm dripping through the hair on my stomach and I rubbed hair and sperm into the skin all over my naked body.

Now I had a look at my shaved head in a hand mirror and it did look good already but not yet perfect. I took my razor and the bottle of shaving cream back to the water and went in again until the water covered my hips. I dived under again and then massaged my head with lots of shaving cream.

Then I started shaving my head against the grain starting at the back of my head guiding the blade upwards from my neck.

Soon the back of my head was shaved clean and now I could go over to shave the rest of my head. I took my penis in one hand again and started masturbating and when it got hard I shaved the top and sides of my head. After a few minutes my head was shaved clean all over and my penis was ready to shoot his weapon out again and I saw my sperm mixing with the sea water.

I went back to the beach and lying in the sand I fell asleep with my penis in my hands.



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