I became a regular cocksucker today. I placed an ad on Craig's List about a month ago and had the regular responses, some weird and the blow and go's but one response stood out. The guy was married, a few years older than me and not getting his cock sucked at home. He said, "I'm lucky to get some pussy once a week" As we chatted through emails we started to make plans to meet. Neither of us was in a rush.

I'd previously only sucked 3 guys off before and only one of them was a regular thing until he moved.

My new friend had a regular cocksucker service him years ago but he hadn't had head in a good while. After a few weeks of chatting so we finally planned a meeting.

Scott and I met today at a neighborhood bar & grill. But for anonymity not our neighborhood. It was a real informal meeting. Scott was wearing Daisy-Duke style cut-off Levis shorts and a green t-shirt. I was wearing kaki cargo shorts, the kind with all the pockets and a blue polo shirt.

We both had a beer or two and talked about sports, the weather and different things but sex never entered into our conversation. At least not until we decided to leave and then I suggested we chat in his car.

When I asked him, "When's the last time you got your dick sucked?"

Sheepishly, Scott tugged on his cock through the material of his shorts and said, "It's been a long time...years."

I'd seen a picture of it already, so I asked, "Can I see your cock?"

Smiling, his hand already in his lap, Scott pulled his shorts down in front and from out of a thick black clump of kinky pubic hair popped a 7-inch long, thick great looking cut cock with a big mushroom head. The kind of head that's bigger than the shaft.

I sat there in awe staring at it and then in a whisper I asked, "Can I suck it?"

When he zipped his shorts back up I thought the answer was no. but I suppose he thought the parking lot of a busy bar & grill in broad daylight wasn't an appropriate place for us to play. Firing up the motor of his big red Ford F-150 pick-up, Scott drove a half a mile down the street and parked in a remote part of the park.

As he killed the engine I slowly reached out and grazed my fingertips across the growing bulge in his shorts. He leaned back and watched as I slowly slid the zipper of his Daisy-Dukes down and pulled the fly open. Reaching inside, I wrapped my fingers around his growing cock. He felt huge in my hand, thick and long, pulsing with blood. Pulling him out of the fly, I ran my finger over the tip of his head and then down the side. Scott quietly groaned, "Uuuuuuuuuum," as his cock pulsed in my fingers.

As I stroked him, Scott raised his hips and pulled his Daisy-Dukes down to his ankles.

I knelt on the seat facing him. His cock still hot in my hands. I leaned over and slipped the reddish/purple head between my lips. When I ran my tongue all around it I heard Scott moan, "Mmmmmmmmm," as I looked up at him. Our eyes met. My mouth full of his hard cock, my lips wrapped around the shaft I started kissing, nibbling, licking, sucking until it reached its hard throbbing fullness.

It felt so natural having his hard cock in my mouth. Hearing him moaning, "Uugggghhhhhhh," and thrusting, his cock swelling and twitching. His balls slapping against my face as he face fucked me. I bobbed and sucked him until he shot a nice salty load in my mouth. I know it's a 'dirty' job but someone has to I swallowed it.

As Scott reached for his shorts I grabbed his hand, "Wait," then I leaned back down and took his sticky flaccid cock into my mouth. As he watched I cleaned his cock.

With a look of awe Scott pulled his Daisy-Dukes back up. As he was zipping them I asked, "Do I get the job?"

With a big grin Scott said, "Oh yeah. As of now you're my cocksucker."

On the way back to my car we made plans to meet the next Friday so I could suck him off again. I told him that I'd be available to suck him off at least once a week and sometimes twice.

As his regular cocksucker I've sucked Scott off a couple of more times and I love his cock. It fit perfect in my mouth. It tastes so good when I'm sucking him but his cum is a little bitter. It had an acrid peppery taste and it kind of burned my tongue. But I swallowed anyway. I suck and lick him clean before he zips up. He's happy as am I except for one thing. He's a smoker and after we meet and I suck him off I can smell smoke on me and my clothes so I have to rush home get out of my clothes Freebreeze them before putting them in the laundry basket. Then jump in the shower before my wife Barbara gets home. I really wish he didn't smoke.

The hunt is back on for another regular feeder. As much as I love to suck Scott's cock I just couldn't bear the cigarette smoke smell on him or lingering on me and my clothes. Or the bitter taste of his cum.

Oh well I found Scott. I'll find another and hopefully one who lives closer to me but the main thing who is smoke-free.

My luck may have changed. After posting a few more ads I've been talking to another married man that sounds like the perfect match for me. Carl's 5 years older than me and has been married for over 20 years. He said that his wife Sandra will have sex ever now and then but never sucks his cock any more.

He's very excited about getting his cock sucked. Carl would like to be sucked off on a regular basis, he can host plus the greatest thing of all is he's a non-smoker and has a small to average cut cock with a fat purple head.

We've been chatting via e-mail for about a little over a week and plan to meet for coffee and break the ice.

The end...



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