My name is Felix, a 19-Year-Old farm hand who dropped out of high school at the end of my junior year. My parents are factory workers trying to raise 10 boys ages 3 to 19 with my twin brother Freddie and me being the oldest. Our ages are Jack 3, Leo 5, Jeff 7, Dee 9, Logan 11, Chris 13, Arnold 15, Tommy 17 and Freddie and me 19. Our parents are 42 years of age.

Mom and Dad have a big white farm house and 5 acres next to Mr. Jones 900 acre farm next door. We live in Tennessee. Freddie and me (my English is not very good as a high school drop out) have been farm hands for Mr. Jones ever since age 17. We were part time for Mr. Jones until I dropped out of high school and Freddie became full time after he graduated from high school.

We older kids have helped our parents tend the big vegetable garden that provides most of our food. Mom and her mother, who lives with us, cans dozens and dozens of glass quarts of food for the winter months. Mom and my grandmother make most of our clothes. You might say we struggle to make ends meet.

Freddie and me are identical twins with dark red hair, hazel eyes, stand 6-feet, weigh 185 pounds, lots of freckles, and big 8-inch cocks. We have developed hard muscled bodies as farm hands plus Freddie was on the high school wrestling team and I was on the football team. Freddie loves the female sex and had lots of girlfriends during high school who he banged several of the female cheerleaders; whereas, I'm a closeted gay guy. He now has a steady girlfriend who is a sophomore at the local community college. Last week Freddie learned that his girlfriend is pregnant and they are planning to get married in a few days. Her Dad is a Southern Baptist minister who has made it clear they will rush the date for the wedding. Wow, this is a weird world.

Unlike my brother Freddie, I'm shy and have never dated or had sex. I'm petrified to think about having sex with a guy and have no desire to fuck a female. Yet, ever time I masturbate, I think about getting fucked by a guy and us sucking each other's cock.

This is where the story began five days ago with Mr. Jones. It was a sunny hot day in early June with his family on a shopping trip to the city and brother Freddie and me were at work on the farm with Mr. Jones. Freddie was sent to the back 40 to weed a corn field leaving Mr. Jones and me to unload a big mean bull in a pen with two young cows hopping  to breed the cows. Mr. Jones has around  100 head of cattle with 20 or so young calves. He sales milk to several local customers.

I enjoy working for Mr. Jones because he is down to earth, a redneck guy and a hardy worker. He makes me feel good about myself as an ordinary Tennessee hillbilly unlike most of my former classmates who are upper class. He is a rough dirty talking dude standing 6-feet and 5-inches, weighs around 220 muscled pounds, dark black hair and brown eyes, big hands, broad shoulders, looks and dresses like a western cowboy, wears overalls, cowboy boots, a cowboy hat and has huge arms and legs. He loves to cuss and chew tobacco. He has taught me so many skills as a farmer including how to milk a cow, shoe horses, brand cattle, help deliver calves, cut and bail hay, plant and harvest crops, and other farm chores. He treats Freddie and me like members of the family.

Mr. Jones is a filthy talker. For example, as we finished unloading the bull into the pen, he said: "Hey kid, those fucking city slickers barely know how to piss in the toilet. They would starve to death if not for us redneck farmers. Hell fuck, I only went to the fifth grade in school but hell I know how to satisfy my old lady, take care of my youngings, do a full days work, play poker with the best of them, and arm wrestle the best fucking dudes in the state. Shit yea, I'm proud to be a fucking redneck who knows how to survive. Boy, stick with me and I'll teach you how to be a proud redneck. Here boy, take a piece of this chewing tobacco and it'll put hair on that hairless chest of yours. It'll make you a man."

I took a bit of that tobacco and chewed on it like a real man. I wanted to be just like Mr. Jones. He was such a cool dude.

It was only a few minutes before the mean bull caught one of the cows and mounted her with his huge dick the size of a fence post driving deep into her ass. As he drove that monster horse cock into the cow, I actually felt my cock began to grow. Holy fuck, I could not control my cock and soon I was totally erect. Then I froze when Mr. Jones spotted the big tent in my pants. Fuck, I'd never been so embarrassed. My face felt hot and flushed.

Then it happened as Mr. Jones got a huge smile, grabbed hold of his crotch, began to rub his big cock inside those overalls, he unzipped his fly, took out the biggest cock I could have ever imagined and began to stroke it in front of me. I learned that he had a huge 10-inch dick with a large thick cock shaft and huge low hanging balls. I'd never seen a cock that long and thick even from my football buddies in the locker room. 

Mr. Jones spit the tobacco out, took a bottle of coke and washed his mouth clean of the tobacco and approached me. He gave me the coke and I washed my mouth of the tobacco as Mr. Jones gave me a shitty grin and said: "Hey boy, I have plans for your fucking pussy."

I did as I was ordered with great excitement. Holy shit, I was about to loose my virginity and to this hot redneck dude. I began to lust after Mr. Jones. I'd never felt this horny or desiring of a man and sex before. I realized I wanted to be big daddy's bitch right then. Mr. Jones seemed to be lusting after me also.

As the big horny bull pounded that cow, Mr. Jones pushed my back up against the pen gate, unzipped my fly, pulled my stone hard cock out, began to stroke it and said: "Hey kid, you're one sexy young hot dude. You need to know I'm bi-sexual and I want that ass. Look how hard you are and yea that fucking precum is leaking onto my fingers. You want me, don't you? I have this thing for young fresh 18 or 19 year old jocks like you. I've fucked several of my former farm hands. Now it's your turn to take my big dick up that fresh virgin ass after I suck all that cum milk semen out of your sexy cock piss slit. My milk for the day is in your hot balls. Yea, tell daddy how bad you want his big dick up that tight pink ass?"

He humped me hard as his cock pounded into my hard dick.

"Oh Mr. Jones, I want you to suck my cock and fuck my puckering ass. Man, I want you so bad. I want you to be my first man sexual experience. Unlike my twin brother Freddie, I've never had sex so I masturbate at least once every day. Oh Mr. Jones, you're such a big stud just like that horny bull. Oh kiss me with those big thick lips and spit in my mouth. Oh Mr. Jones, fuck yea; I feel your big cock bouncing off my rock hard cock. Yea, hump me, kiss me, suck my cock and fuck the hell out of my man pussy."

I noticed Mr. Jones had a wild craze look on his face and in his eyes that excited me and at the same time concerned me. Would his huge cock rip my ass apart?

Mr Jones unhooked the suspenders on his overalls and dropped them and his boxers to the ground exposing his big thick bushy black pubic hair and those over sized dark balls. He unzipped my pants and lowered them and my briefs to the ground. He put his huge farm hands behind my neck and shoved his lips hard into my lips. Soon he drove his thick wet tongue deep in my throat as he humped me with that horse cock. We spent several minutes in a wild French kissing session as our cocks banged into each other spewing precum on our pubic hair.

After several minutes of Mr. Jones ramming his tongue deep into my throat, he dropped to his knees. He took my throbbing pulsating cock in his hand at the base and began to kiss my dong. It was only a few seconds until he used his tongue to run it up and down my cock shaft giving me almost insane pleasure that I'd never felt before. Then the greatest moment of my life occurred when he slowly swallowed my entire dick deep in his throat. He began to rapidly move his mouth and tongue in and off my aching tool as I thrust my hips forward to send my dick back deep into his throat

I found myself yelling: "Oh my god Mr. Jones that feels so great. Suck my cock, please don't stop. Oh fuck yea, your hot mouth and tongue has my cock harder than ever before. Oh damn, I love getting my cock sucked Mr. Jones. Oh I can't stop Mr. Jones. Here I come Mr. Jones. You better pull off my cock if you don't want my seed."

This made Mr. Jones even more eager to suck my cock. I felt his lips tighten very hard on my cock head as he sucked hard inviting me to unload my jizz in his mouth. I felt the most incredible spasm as my huge fresh load of semen erupted out my piss slit and flood my boss throat with so much cum that Mr. Jones could only swallow a small portion with the remaining cum flowing out of his mouth, down his chin and onto his chest and my crotch.

Mr. Jones pulled his mouth off my softening cock, licked his lips and said: "Hey kid, this is the largest load of cum and best tasting semen I've ever had. You're a big fucking catch."

This cum had Mr. Jones eager to fuck my ass. He shoved my face into the gate, spread my legs far apart as he stood behind my back. He placed his large hands around my waist as I felt his sweaty body rub up against my backside. He took his awesome cock and ran it up and down the cleft of my open puckering ass making me wild for his cock. I suspected his motive was to get me so hungry and horny for that horse cock that I would not resist the invasion of my pussy no matter how bad it hurt to take such a huge cock up my virgin ass. His trick was working as I begged him to fuck me.

I felt his cock push past my outer ass ring and drive deep into my ass channel. I'd never felt such a stuffed and severe pain with that log in my ass. Mr. Jones began to violently fuck my pussy. I felt my ass walls spread and sound as if they were being ripped apart. I was determined to accept that cock even if I died from bleeding to death. I screamed like a wounded cougar as Mr. Jones moved his horse cock deep in my ass, plowed that huge tip of his cock over my prostate, ran that cock all around my ass and many times brought it all the  way out and drove that throbbing dick back deep in me.

I cried out: "Oh Mr. Jones, Oh Mr. Jones, your cock is so big, it hurts so bad, but don't stop Mr. Jones. I want to be your bitch. Please seed my man pussy with your cum. I want to feel your cum soak my pussy."

At that moment the pain began to subside as I felt Mr. Jones hot breath on m y neck, his warm hands stroked my chest and his cock wetting my ass with a big stream of precum. Holy fuck as I looked into the pen that big bull just pulled his huge dick out of that cow with his semen running out that cow's ass. Mr. Jones noticed the same scene causing him to erupt with a volcanic load of his semen deep inn my ass. The only difference between the bull fucking the cow and Mr. Jones fucking my ass was that the cow would become pregnant and I would enjoy having been fucked raw and taking Mr. Jones semen deep inside me.

I felt Mr. Jones pull his throbbing cock out of my ass with a loud popping sound. A stream of his cum ran out of my ass and down my legs. Mr. Jones then put me down on my knees in front of his cum covered cock and ordered me to suck it clean. The feel of the first cock ever to be in my mouth was an awesome experience and the taste of his cum was great. I knew at that moment I loved a cum meal.

As we put our clothes back on, Mr. Jones kissed me to taste all that warm cum and he said: "Hey boy, this is our secret and if you tell anyone about what we just did I'll kick the shit out of you and fire you. While you work here, you will now have this extra farm job of being my bitch any time I want that man pussy. Understood kid?"

"Oh Mr. Jones, I'd never tell anyone and yes please let me be your bitch. I loved this man sex and your big cock. I'd like to work here for many years and be your bitch Mr. Jones. You can have my young fresh ass any time you want it. But you may get tired of me later and want another young fresh bitch with a virgin ass."

I became concerned when Mr. Jones did not answer me as we prepared to move the bull to another pasture. But even if Mr. Jones dumped me later for a younger guy I knew I'd be his bitch for sometime and enjoy his big cock up my ass many times.


Naughty Eric


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