'Red like roses fill my dreams and bring me to the place you rest, white is cold and always jearning but in by I wrote your test, let the beasts sense from shadows, yellow will define gold'

My name is Martin, I am a demon hunter. My family was murdered by demons when I turned 18, at that age I pacted with the dark forces, I will hunt demons for the rest of my life till one of them kills me, never aging, never changing. This happened over 100 years ago and I've become one of the most powerful of Demon Hunters.

I was perched on the top of Notre-Dame in Paris, the city expanding underneath me, red cape floating with the wind and scythe in hand. That's when I heard the scream and vanished in a cloud of rose petals.

In a dark alley I found the source of the ragged scream, there was a demon harassing a guy in a corner, forcing him on his dick, the demon noticed my presence and turned towards me, his red eyes filled with anger and he lunged towards me, I evaded the attack by disappearing in a puff of rose petals and reappearing behind him, I moved my scythe but he blocked it and lunged a lousy punch, I evaded and jumped right above him, then tormented down turning my scythe in my hand, I locked it on his neck and pulled turning him into a pile of ash almost instantly.


I screamed as hard as I could, this guy I had been drinking with just an hour ago had transformed into a monster, blood red eyes and dark wings, he had me cornered and I had lost all hope when suddently rose petals came flying with the wind, they hurled into a tornado and he appeared, HE was an incredibly sexy guy I could see caramel coloured curls and golden eyes, he moved fast and attacked with a huge grim like scythe, red cape dancing in the wind engracing the movements of his thin and flexible body, I saw him slice my agresors neck and turn him into ash, then his golden gaze settled on me and smiled 'Hey' he said, I was trembling and couldn't stand it anymore so I broke into a loud sobb, I had almost been raped by a demon and now a sexy dangerous armed man was standing infront of me, I curled into a ball in the corner and sobbed. Sudently I noticed his hand underneath me, he lifted me easily and jumped to the roof of the building that was next to us, he made it seem easy.

Once in the roof he put me down and smiled again 'My name is Martin, are you Ok? Did that THING do anything to you?' I felt tears pooling in my eyes 'Um...I-I'm not sure' I stiffled a sobb and crawled away from him, he intimidated me. 'Heyheyhey little one, it's okay, I'm here, everything will be ok' he gave me a flashing white perfectly straight smile, he sounded so warm and confident, he made me feel safe considering I had just seen him slaughter a demon 'Whats your name dear?' I hesitated 'M-m-max! I am Max ummm..pleased to meet you?' He giggled.

As I told you my name is Max, I am 18 years old and on my last year of school. I swim in the school team and I've been accepted in several universitys because of my swimming, my body is strong, well muscled and V shaped, bigger than the little guy standing before me, but I had just seen he was stronger.


This Demon was a young one, he didn't stand a chance against me, I remembered the guy and looked towards him, he had blonde short hair and copper coloured eyes, cute boyish face and really, REALLY nice body, but he started crying. I was afraid of what the demon might have done to him so I took him to the rooftop so we could talk.

'So Max, you sure everything is Ok? I mean are you hurt?' He looked straight at me 'H-how are you, What are you?' I frowned ' I am a hundred year old demon hunter who just saved your life' he gasped 'You look my age' 'I was your age when I started iniciation' 'well, um...thanks for saving me' He said with tears still streaming down his face 'Do you have a place you can stay?' 'N-no' and a hard sobb made it's way up his throat 'It's ok, I'll take you to my place' I picked him up and unfolded my bat wings wich were hidden underneath my cape, he gasped once again but then murmured 'So sexy...' I just laughed and took off with him in my arms.


He had me cupped in his arms, my head resting on his chest, I could hear his slow heartbeat and smell his fragance....he smelled like roses....I felt so safe and protected I fell asleep in his arms while flying over the Eiffel tower up towards Montmatre.

When I woke up I was in a nice bed, covered in blanckets but only wearing my boxers. Infront of the bed was a huge window that overlooked Paris, Martin had his back towards me and was starring as snow covered the roofs.

He turned around when I rose from the bed and smiled 'Sleep well?' I was a little shocked 'Um...yes, did...did we sleep together?' He laughed so loud I thought tha window would break, but it was such a beautiful melody 'Of course not kid' 'Oh' I have to admit I was a little deceived. It was as if he could read my thoughts because he was imediatly sitting by my side 'Max, I AM dangerous you really don't want to be near me' I was impressed that he had figured out 'B-but...I like you, you. Make me feel safe' I felt the tears coming to my eyes once again 'Hush hush little one' he said, then leaned and kissed me on the lips, I opened my mouth and let his powerful tongue storm in, bashing through my mouth and finally touchin with mine, sending explosions all through my body, it felt so good, such a pasionate kiss! I had only just met him, but he felt so....so right....I wanted to be his, I wanted him.

Our lips parted and his golden eyes met mine, I was paralyzed 'Max, I would like being with you to, but first you shall know my story'


Kay guys so I tried a little different, tell me what you think and if I should continue, cya! :)



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