Garrick, my sister’s new boyfriend, was the embodiment of male perfection. He stood six foot three inches tall and had a well-developed masculine frame. Garrick had amber coloured eyes, short curly brown hair, a cleft in his chin, and a sensual mouth with perfect teeth. His hands and feet were broad and beautiful, and the hair on his body looked like shiny silk. Magnificent as he was, however, there was one additional trait that blew me away completely. He had a fantastic bubble butt. Actually, the word bubble would probably be an understatement, so let’s make that a balloon butt. From the minute I met him, the one image I simply couldn’t get out of my mind was the thought of his naked butt twitching as he fucked my sister.

My sister, Nadine, was two years older than me and in her second year at college. Garrick was in his fourth and final year at the same varsity. They would be spending the first few days of their holiday at our home, before going off camping in the mountains. On their first morning, the couple left home after breakfast to visit a few of my sisters old buddies. I knew that Nadine was on a boasting expedition to show off her new stud. On their second morning, however, we had a leisurely breakfast after my poor father, the only one not on holiday, had left for work.

Mom and Nadine then decided that they would spend the day shopping, and there was way on earth I would be joining them. Having naturally experienced this ordeal before with Nadine, Garrick’s expression left me in no doubt that he would also not be tagging along. I washed the dishes as the two ‘torturous shoppers’ departed, and as I performed my task Garrick stood chatting to me.

“So, you’re gay… right?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I replied unflustered.

“I believe your folks are cool with it?” he inquired.

“Sure,” I replied nonchalantly.

“You’re lucky,” he said, before continuing, “my older brother is gay, and two years ago when he came out my dad had a shit-fit. Dad still won’t talk to him.”

“Do you and your brother look alike?” I asked.

“Nah, I’m the ugly one,” he answered with grin. “But sadly I have to report my brother is happily involved,” he concluded with a laugh. By the time I finished up with the dishes, he suggested we go for a swim. As we headed for our respective bedrooms to change into our swimming costumes, I prayed like hell that he would appear in a speedo.

When we made our way to the pool he had a large towel wrapped around his hips. Arriving at the two lounges Garrick turned facing away from me and removed his towel, before placing it over the sunbed. My eyes spun like a Catherine wheels as I observed the tiny red speedo he was wearing. Much to my delight I even got to see the top of his hairy crack. How I restrained myself from not reaching out and cupping his ample globes, only goodness knows. Then, as if all this delight wasn’t enough Garrick turned to face me, revealing an additional large bulge. My heart was practically thumping in my chest as I observed the wicked garden path that led up to his belly button.

Grabbing his bulge he rearranged his package before saying, “I should get a sensible bathing suit like yours, but your sister likes me in this speedo.”

“I’m with her,” I replied impishly.

With one eyebrow lifted he observed me with a bemused smile before asking, “Do you mind if I take this fucking thing off? Besides, it’s just the two of us.”

I was unable to reply because my heart stuck in my throat, so I simply shrugged a ‘no problem’ gesture. When Garrick pushed the red speedo down and let it drop to the ground, my jaw almost hit the floor. Firstly, how that red speedo had managed to contain its contents, was a total mystery to me. Secondly, his huge balls looked like a creamy coloured shopping bag with two oranges in it. Thirdly, his thick knob was topped by the biggest pink mushroom head I had ever seen. Thank the lord I had not already popped a boner, because the next suggestion from him was, “strip, bro, let’s hit the water.”

After diving in we splashed around for a short while before hanging off the side of the pool. Garrick then found one of the jets shooting water in the pool, and strategically the nozzle was exactly at the level of his cock. Swaying his body from side to side he said, “Fuck, bro, this is fucking awesome.” Because of the ripples on the water I couldn’t properly see his dick, but I surmised that it was hard because of the way it fought against the jet. “Jesus, this feels good Terry,” he delightfully again informed me.

I was hanging off the edge of the pool with my body against the side, to hide my boner. “Come-on Terry, try this out,” he advised. I moved towards the jet gingerly, trying my best not to show my hard-on. Given my height, however, the flow only made contact with my belly button. Advising Garrick of such, he moved up behind me and enfolded me in his arms. As he lifted me to the required height I could feel his hard knob at the back of my thighs. Moving my body from side to side I could hear his breathing becoming heavier behind me. Garrick then pushed me up against the side of the pool and began nibbling on my ear.

“I love pussy,” he whispered, “but I’ve always wanted to fuck a bung-hole.” After a pause he continued, “No girlfriend, including your sister, has ever allowed me to fuck them in the arse. Will you let me fuck you Terry?”

“Nnnh,” I murmured.

“Please Terry, please don’t refuse me,” he pleaded.

“You’ll have to use lube,” I replied apprehensively.

“I’ve got lotion next to the lounger,” he advised. “Come… let’s get out of the pool,” he concluded.

As we walked to the sunbeds I observed his knob with awe. ‘Fuck,’ I thought, ‘that thing is going to rip me apart.’

Once we had towelled off I asked, “Would you let me touch your arse?”

“Sure,” he replied with a bemused smile. As I sat on the sunbed he turned around and bent over before me. I began to caress and knead his beautiful balloon butt, before kissing it. Then, as my tongue entered his crack his hands appeared and opened his cheeks. After observing his hairy pink pucker my mouth moved forward and commenced licking.

When I began to prod my tongue into his hole, Garrick went ballistic. “Fuck, fuck yeah, Jesus fucking yes, eat that fucking hole,” he commanded forcefully. Gripping his hips my mouth went into overdrive.

Suddenly, Garrick lifted his torso and turned. “Lie down on the sunbed,” he instructed. I did as told before he straddled my body facing my feet. Then Garrick pulled his cheeks apart once more and sat on my face. As I licked he moved to and fro, smearing his crack on my face. The expletives, grunts and groans, kept exploding from his lips as he began to tug on his cock. Then lifting up he moved slightly backwards and dangled his nuts above my mouth. I licked and suckled contentedly, before he commenced varying his body position for me to service both his arse and balls.

“Fuck, I’m getting close,” he announced later as he yanked on his dick.

“Cum in my mouth,” I managed to mumble. After reversing his body position he told me to open my lips. My mouth got plugged by his huge knob head as he was about to cum, before spurt after spurt of spunk erupted into my orifice. I had to swallow like crazy but did so happily. The taste was incredible, and the abundance awe inspiring.

Afterwards, he looked at me with a naughty smile and said, “Don’t think you are off the hook Terry, I’m still going to fuck your butt today. Come, let’s have another dip.”

After splashing around for a while, Garrick again located his favourite nozzle. For several minutes he contentedly enjoyed his genital massage. “Looks like your butt plug’s ready for action,” he eventually announced, tool in hand.

Once we had towelled off again, I lay on my stomach with my legs wide apart. Snuggling in behind me, Garrick began to apply lotion to my arse and his dick. After opening me up with two fingers he joyfully stated, “Fuck, this hole of yours is tight, time for my large hammer butt to drive my stake into your bunghole.”

As anticipated, his mushroom head was a supreme challenge. With much effort, however, it finally popped into me. After the initial discomfort, the bulky invader felt better and better. The stimulation from my hole was matched by the thought of having an alpha male on my back. ‘Oh fuck,’ I thought, ‘I’m in heaven. As Garrick rode, pumping my arse full of prime beef, I began to feel myself relax as waves of pleasure washed over me. His huge dick head was stimulating me beyond comprehension, and I could feel my balls start to churn with excitement. “Oh fuck, I’m getting close,” I announced.

“Go for it,” a directive came from above, “I’m almost there myself.”

As my dick unloaded manic sounds from Garrick exploded, as he hammered my arse frantically before cumming. “Jesus,” he said, “arse beats pussy anytime.”

Regrettably, we were never alone again for the duration of Nadine and Garrick’s stay. A further disappointment was that they broke up a month later, and so I would most probably never see him again. I did, however, buy myself a red speedo. Naturally, I never looked as good as he did, but it always brought back a fantastic memory.




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