Aiden woke with a start. He nearly bolted up out of his bed, but a thick arm held him in place. His chocolate brown eyes wild with panic, his rusty-gold hair damp with sweat, worst of all his lap was a warm sticky mess. He forced himself to be calm.

"What's your problem lil guy?" growled Colin, cracking one emerald eye while the rest of him stayed sleep--his muscular arm hugging Aiden protectively.

"Nnnn nothings wrong" squeaked Aiden as his voice cracked viciously, his face going crimson as he realized a few things--1. Colin--the 6'8" swim built jock-- was in his bed, 2. they were both naked beneath his sheets, and 3. that it was cum in his lap.

Colin chuckled and sat up, brushing his obsidain black locks from his face as locked eyes with the young one.

"You're lying to me Red, I know..." Colin's arm brushed Aiden's sticky lap. He pauses, Aiden reddens three shades brighter, Colin smiled devilishly.

"You having some sweet dreams there boy?" Aiden shakes his head, but Colin only laughs. "What one was it this time? Me? Damien?" He grinned as Aiden blushed harder.
"It started with you and then the whole pack joined in,"

Colin howled with laughter, "Then something broke in me and I woke up..." Colin stopped laughing and looked at Aiden with somber eyes.

"Yeah lil guy, the first time is scary but once you use to it, its fun," He tilted Aiden's downcast chin and gazed into his tearing eyes, " I promise when your ripe, I'll be gentle." Tears trickled down Aiden's face, Colin hugged him close. "I swore when you were born i'd always protect you, a promise I made when I was 6 years old to Alpha Adrian--your father--and to you."

"I know, I know," whispered Aiden --his lips tingling as they brushed up against Colin's smooth skin, "its just, I don't like how you guys tease me."

"What ever do you mean little one?" Colin gasped mockingly. Aiden shoves him away.
"oh I don't know, what about the 4 mile sprint through the woods last week, naked while all you dicks transformed and chased me through the woods?"

"That was a training exercise."smirked Colin.

"One where you knock me to the ground and the whole pack licks me from head to toe until I loose it?"

"Yeah, to see how long you'd hold while being tortured."

Aiden rolled his eyes and huffed, "You're so full of crap!"

"No-- I'd say I'm coated in a near half gallon of boy-jizz and precum, damn Red this stuff is everywhere!" chuckled Colin as he wiped the goo from his washboard eight pack.

Aiden's face flared, "Shut up! I can't help it"

"Yeah yeah, your raging hormones--the woes of the pubescent."

Aiden punched him in the pec, Colin smiled, butterflies exploded in Aiden's belly. He crawled like a cat onto Colin's lap, positioning his bottom just over Colin's crotch, and snuggled into place--Colin tensed.

"No, Aiden." he hissed, but Aiden ignored him and continues to wiggle while forceing Colin's huge hands to feel up his tender tight body. Colin stiffened.

"I said no Aiden." he growled, but Aiden was lost in his own tease at this point. He was rock hard and hot, he didn't want to stop now, it felt good. Besides Colin was rock hard now too, Aiden could feel it poking at his back door.

"STOP!" claws dug in to Aiden's skin, he cried out and quaked as ten tiny blood trails trickled down his abs. Aiden looked back angrly --with tears in his eyes. Behind him Colin was panting hard, his eyes crimson. Aiden flinched.
"I told you to stop, you didn't listen, you know you are not allowed to betouchedthat way until you're of age." Colin growled as he calmed down, his claws became nails again but his eyes stayed red.

"I'm 18, If I were human i'd be legal!" Aiden hissed, the cuts on his skin healing instantly, though they did sting a bit.

"But you aren't, and by our standards you are still a child. By their standards you got the body of a sixteen year old with the hormone issues to match."

Aiden turned to face him, his throbbing boner pointing straight up at Colin as angrly as the boy's brown eyes were glaring.

"So let me get this straight, I am damned to be teased until my 22nd birthday?"

Colin reached out and tugged on Aiden's dick playfully and patted him on the head.
"Adulthood is not marked by birthdays bud, nor is maturity."

"But you became a 'man' on you 22nd why wont I?"

"Its not about birthdays, its when you can finally go 'wolf baby boy," Colin kissed Aiden on his forehead and stood up from the bed, "I'm going to go wash you jizz off me, before your parents get the wrong idea. You sit there and take care of that," he pointed to the volcano red rock hard pole between the boy's legs and smiled. He walked into the bathroom while Aiden howled a huff. The boy reached down, then winced--his dick was to sensitive to touch. *maybe I can get Colin to suck me off?



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