Growing up as the youngest of 4 boys, I was the only one who was sports inclined. My brothers were all hockey players, two of three moving on to Junior level and division 1 colleges with full scholarships. When we were young, our dad coached their teams, which meant we were on the road a lot.

As high school approached my dad took on an assistant coach, a local college student and former hockey player. Tony was your typical college jock. He stood about 6'3" and was built like a Greek god. I remember the first time I saw him, even at 13yo I was enamored. Tony had an ass that just wouldn't quit and a bulge in the front of his pants that would make a hooker blush.

It wasn't until years later that I would see Tony again, at a friend's wedding. The ceremony was gorgeous. As we filed into the reception hall I saw a man across the room that took my breath away. Wearing a dark, pinstriped suit that looked painted on and sporting a full beard and shaved head this man fit my type perfectly.

Being the bashful type, I admired this man from afar. Trying to nonchalantly monitor his every move. As the evening progressed, my inhibitions became less and less as I had cocktails. Being encouraged by my high school friends to keep drinking. Knowing my limits, or so I thought, I decided to cut myself off so I wouldn't make an ass of myself.

I stepped out the backdoor of the reception hall to have a cigarette, and quickly noted the sexy man in the suit was out there as well. Without thinking about it, I blurted out "So, who poured you into that suit?" Immediately, I was shocked at my own words. However, that shock was quickly tempered by a good natured, full bodied laugh. The man looked at me and said, "I poured myself into the suit, I'm Tony, do I know you from somewhere?"

I felt as though the light bulb that went off was physical, instead of just in my mind. I replied, "Michael, Michael Witt. Are you Tony Batton?" He looked at me and put the pieces together himself. Grabbing me he pulled me into a tight bear hug. "Fuck, little Mikie? You're Stan's kid right?" I simply looked up at him, still holding me and dumbly nodded. "Damn, you turned into quite a looker." Blushing furiously, I said, "Tony, don't sell yourself short, you did too."

As we finished our cigarettes, our conversation turned to bantering. It was as though we'd been buddies for years. Re-entering the building Tony invited me to join him at his table. Because I wasn't truly there with anyone, I readily accepted the invitation. Tony handed me another drink and clapped his hand on my thigh, "It's so good to see you buddy." Rubbing his hand up and down my thigh, my cock was starting to expand down the leg of my dress slacks. Tony's hand bumped the head of my cock, and he removed his hand from my leg.

Almost immediately Tony stood up, I thought he was offended by the obviously erect cock his hand encountered. However, he slipped his suit coat off and hung it on the back of his chair. He place his hand on my shoulder and started rubbing it. Leaning down he invited me to join him outside for another cigarette. Standing I followed him to the door and out into the cool night air. It seemed as though we were the only two who had discovered this area, as the other smokers were heading out the front.

Pulling out my cigarettes and lighter, I was focused on lighting my cigarette and was drunk enough that while preoccupied didn't notice my surroundings. Before I could light the end, I felt myself being propelled backward into the wall behind me. At first I was startle until I realized that there was a hard, warm, built body pressing against me. I looked up into the lust filled baby blues of the man who turned me on so much as a teen. He looked into my eyes and said, "I noticed you watching me all night, you like what you see?" I dumbly nodded, again. Still maintaining eye contact, Tony grabbed my hand and wrapped my fingers around his throbbing cock. "Is this what you want?" Again I nodded, unable to speak, from a combination of nerves, alcohol, and adrenaline.

Tony grabbed me and led me back inside the reception hall, which was a maze of rooms and hallways. He pulled me quickly into a small room that appeared it may double as a coat check in the winter. Once inside I was once again pressed against the wall. This time I felt the soft, full lips of my towering hunk. His tongue conquered and pillaged my mouth and soon I was moaning like a cheap hooker. He slowly pulls back from my lips and says in a low husky voice, "I was watching you too, you are exactly the type of man I like." Looking into his eyes in disbelief I said, "You're my type too."

Pressing harder against me I could feel the throbbing cock beneath his suit pants grinding into my crotch. Turned on so much by the cock I was feeling I put my hand to his chest and pushed him away. Looking at me confused. I spun him so his back was against the wall and grabbed his cock through his pants and began stroking his considerable length.

Kneeling before him I slid down the zipper and quickly pulled his cock through the fly of his boxers and suit pants. Looking at the glistening head, covered in precum, my eyes slowly moved up his body. His eyes looked down at me with a lust I have rarely seen. Extending my tongue, I slowly dragged my tongue over the head of his cock feeling the precum pool on the tip. A deep sigh escaped Tony's lips as I pulled my tongue back in my mouth and savored the taste of his cum.

Driven by the taste of his precum I closed my lips around the head of his cock and slowly slid my lips down the length of his cock. I felt Tony's hand move to the back of my head encouraging my decent on his cock, as moans filled the room. Both of us were too far into the lust filled encounter to care whether anyone could hear us.

I felt the tickle of his pants against my nose, as I buried his cock deep into my throat. My pace quickened and my lips were stretched tight around his throbbing cock. In slow, deliberate motions I could feel tiny thrusts of his hips. The grip tightened on the back of my head and I knew that I was soon going to be rewarded with a thick load of his cum.

"Fuck" Tony growled above, as his cock head thickened and released his load. I had to swallow quickly to keep up with the rapid fire pace of his orgasm. Panting and short of breath, he whimpered and I continued to move up and down his softening cock after his orgasm passed. Finally, his soft cock slipped from my lips and I felt him pull me to standing. Soon we were back to the original position, me pressed against the wall. I felt this soft lip against mine again, and moaned into the deep kiss. Pulling back he said, "That was amazing Mikie, I've never had my cock milked like that before." Looking into his eyes, I could only blush.

Not sure what to expect next I stood there silently, feeling the weight of this hunk of man against me. Another deep kiss and he slowly lowered himself to his knees. I felt a slight tug at my pants and they quickly fell to the floor. Standing before a kneeling Tony, now only in precum soaked boxer briefs and my shirt, I felt his lips touch my still pulsing cock. Desperate to relieve the ache in my balls, I gently pushed him back and lowered the front of my underwear, granting him access to my cock. With out any additional fanfare I felt his lips descend to the base of my cock, his tongue working circles around the head gathering my precum as only and experience cocksucker can.

I knew I could not last long with the taste of his cum still fresh in my mouth and the talented ministrations of his lips and tongue. I grabbed the sides of his head and slowly slid in deeper. Lost in the sensations of his mouth around my cock, I was surprised to feel something nudge my tight ass. While I had quite a bit of experience sucking cock, getting fucked was something I was not adept in. However, the feeling of his finger against my puckered hole, turned me on more that I can put into words. As my need to release grew stronger, my ability to control myself lessened and I was soon fucking his mouth. I knew I only had a short time before this gorgeous man would be sucking down my load.

Letting out a howl, I gripped his head tightly and began shooting my load. I could feel him swallowing greedily as my load filled his mouth. Soon the sensation became overwhelming and I had to push him off my overly sensitive cock.

As he rose to his feet he against pressed himself against me and pushed me into the wall. Our lips met in a kiss fueled by lust and a need for more. Pulling back I could taste my load on my lips from the kiss. We locked eyes and he said, "You're coming home with me tonight baby." Looking up at him I nodded and smiled saying, "Let's go, lead the way stud."

After straightening out our clothes and making sure we looked presentable, he grabbed my hand and we headed for the door. Telling me to wait by the back door he said he was going to go get his coat before we left. Within seconds he was back by my side, slipping his suit coat over my shoulders he said, "We don't want you getting cold baby." and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.

He grabbed my hand and walked me out the back door toward a dark, small parking lot across the street. I quickly noticed there were only a few cars left in the lot one was the DJ van, the other a catering van and the third was an SUV with Douglas County Sheriff emblazoned on the side. I stopped not sure which vehicle was his, he turned realizing I was not still behind him and said, "What? Jump in." It was then that I realized he was walking toward the Sheriff's vehicle.

After climbing into passenger seat, we were quickly moving across town. He would look at me longingly, I wasn't sure if it was a look of love or lust, but I did know it was turning me on like nothing I had felt before. Not paying attention the drive, I didn't realize we had reached his house. Pulling into the garage he looked at me and said with a nervous grin, "We're home." Before I could react he was out of the truck and around to my side opening the door. He reached out his hand and held it as I stepped out of the truck. Pulling me toward him, he kissed me with a passion that made my toes curl and my knees go weak.

He grabbed my hand again and led me into the house. Had anyone come in that night, they would have seen the trail of clothes from the door, down the hall, and into the bedroom. Barely through the door to the bedroom and I was bent over the bed whimpering as his tongue plunged deep into my hole. As I said before, the majority of my experience at this point had been sucking cock, and my ass was tight and sensitive. The feelings he was giving me with his tongue were sending shockwaves through my whole being.

After about 10 minutes of constant oral stimulation to my ass, I was ready to throw him on the bed and ride him hard. My wait to feel his cock slide deep into my ass was mercifully ended. Unbeknownst to me he had lubed himself while eating my tight ass and when he stood, he slowly forced himself into my ass. The pain at first was incredible. However, I was not going to complain, I needed this man inside me like I had never needed anything.

Inch after inch slid deeper into me, stretching me from the inside out. I could feel his full bush make contact with my quivering hole, telling me he had filled me completely. At that moment, I also felt his weight come down on my back, tickling me as his hair rubbed against my smooth skin.

Slowly his back and forth motions began to pick up speed, and my moans became louder. Soon, my arms turned to jelly and I collapsed onto my shoulders, face down. His hands gripped my hips and pulled me back onto his cock, as though I was trying to escape. The truth was far from it, I started to meat his forward thrusts with backward thrusts of my own. Our sweat soaked skin clapping together frantically. I could hear animalistic grunts coming from behind me and knew I was about to take another load from this hot man's man.

Pulling me back hard and thrusting deep into me he fired deep into my ass. A warm feeling flooded over me as I felt his cum fill me deep inside. Without touching myself I was overcome with an orgasm, so intense, I let out a silent scream. Bucking with the tremors that rocked my body, the movements continued to milk the cum from Tony's already withering cock.

Collapsing onto my back, he whispered into my ear, "You are amazing Mikie, I never imagined that the cutest kid I ever knew would turn into the hottest man I've ever seen." I couldn't help but blush again. I looked up at him and said, "You are the beautiful one Tony, I was hot for you when I was a kid, and I am even hotter for you now."

Too exhausted from our powerful love making to care about cleaning up, we slipped under the covers. Tony slid in behind me wrapping his powerful arms around my body. Feeling his heartbeat slow, and breath on my neck become shallow and even, I soon feel into the sleep that overtook him.

As I woke, sun was pouring through the slats in the blinds, filling the room with light. I rolled onto my back and realized that I was alone in bed. Listening to see if there was any sound coming from the rest of the house, I heard the steady drum of water hitting the shower floor. Quietly, I slipped from the bed, still naked as the day I was born and made my way toward the sound of the shower. Hearing a humming Tony on the other side of the curtain I slipped into the back of the shower, seemingly undetected.

As I moved toward this Tony's sexy body, I hear, "You do realize that you can never sneak up on a cop, right?" Followed by a low, gravelly chuckle that made my knees go weak. As he turned I could see his pendulous cock was waking quickly and the devilish smirk on his face made me realize I was going to be on the receiving end of his loving again.

Seemingly, without effort, Tony reached around and lifted me pressing my back against the wall. I could feel the slight throbbing of his cock against my ass. This man knew how to make me weak. Suddenly, his head pops into my ass and I slide down the length of his throbbing cock. Letting out a moan that echoed through the house, I could feel every vein and bulge in his cock. His lips closed around my ear lobe as he drove himself deep into me with the ferocity of an animal. Soon his low, gravelly grunts turned into moans and gasps of pleasure.

The feeling of his lips on my ear and neck, while his cock thrusted in and out of my ass was too much. Pulling back from my neck and pressed his forehead to mine and stared into my eyes saying, "Your ass feels so good baby, take my load. I'm gonna fill your hole baby." As I felt the first jet of his cum fill me, I reached my orgasm. The first shot so intense it hit Tony on the chin. Leaning forward I licked my own cum off his chin and swallowed it.

With both of us feeling weak from the intensity of our orgasm, I lowered my legs from around his waist, shakily putting my feet to the shower floor. Covered in cum, and the hot water quickly running out, we washed up and dried each other.

As we returned to the bedroom I hear a meek voice, almost like a child, "Do you have to leave?" For the first time in the 12 hours since we reconnect, I see the vulnerable side of this imposing man. "Not right now, if that's what you mean." Stepping closer, he again presses his forehead to mine and say, "I have never felt this way about anyone, especially this quickly. As a cop, I usually keep my emotions in check, but you just have opened something in me I didn't know I had. What I meant was, will you stay, with me?" I looked at him, realizing quickly that the feeling I was having were the same. No one had ever made me feel the love and desire I had felt in the past 12 hours. I looked at Tony and said, "Yes, I will stay with you."

Most of our friends couldn't understand how something so real and intense could have come to fruition in less than a day. But how can they? I only have eyes for Tony, and he only has eyes for me. The same friends also make fun of us though, because we still maintain an active and adventurous sex life. More than once, we have been caught making love in places we shouldn't bathrooms, garages, basements, and cars. Thank god we have understanding friends, because not everyone would laugh off opening the bathroom door to find their friend's partner pulling his cum covered cock from your ass.



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