I have been reading gay porno for years and I don't believe these

encounters were as the author has written. No, they were idealized and

heightened to make you breath harder. For instance, every guy is cute.

Now you know you have had sex with some not so cute guys and it was

excellent. Every guy has a seven and a half inch cock....baloney. Small

cocks are OK also. Why do they always have a smooth chest and a six

pack. A little softer build can feel nice against you and gray and brown

eyes are excellent too. Why do they cum a thermos full? Most real life

cums are about a table spoon....and they always taste delicious. What

about those cums which sting and seem to last in your mouth for hours. I

am sure it is not the food...it's his nasty nature.

In any event, what follows are some short reports of adventures I

have had. I bet some will seem familiar to you and that you have had

similar disasters as well.

I pretend to be drunk: I was at the baths, some years back. I was

sitting in the hall way on a chair, half asleep. I still hadn't made a

connection. Let me describe myself. I was twenty at the time. 5' 11'

average in equipment, 6-l/4', smallish balls. I am slightly muscular and

quite hairy on my chest, a little on my back. My hair is light brown, a

little balding, my eyes are blue/gray. I won't describe myself again

because I am in every short vignette. Anyway I felt a hand on my

shoulder. 'Are you OK?' asked a warm nice voice. I looked up. He was

tall, maybe 6' 6' with unruly blue black hair. His face was a bit overly

lean with a sharp nose but his body was excellent, strongly muscled,

narrow waist...really nice smooth pink white skin. I mumbled something.

He asked: 'Had too much to drink guy?' That gave me the idea to go along

with the charade. I nodded. 'Are you horney?' he asked, his voice

shaking. I realized he was thrilled by my appearing out of it. ':What

do you like to do?' I asked drunkenly 'I want to fuck someone.' He put

his strong arm around my shoulders (it felt fabulous) and lifted me off

the chair and guided me toward his cubical. I walked and stumbled. He

took advantage and put his arm around my waist and leaned in the kiss my

neck. I was developing a very hard dick under my towel. We entered his

roomette and stood near the bed. He reverently removed my towel and took

his off as well. He had a long thin curving dick. We began kissing and

rubbing against each other. We were huffing and puffing loudly.

Suddenly I felt a torrent of wet cum against my belly and it was my

friend but a moment later I joined him in a groaning climax. We sank

unto the bed. 'Well,' I said ,' I guess we won't be fucking now' He

backed up. 'You're not drunk, you faker!' I blushed. 'I'll stop by

later.' We always say that but we never do come back.

Ballet Dancer: Not all the stories take place in the baths but this one

did too. There is or used to be a baths in New York City which has a sun

roof. I was up there, wrapped in a towel. There was only one chair

available. I put my leg up on the arm and lit a cigarette. A moment

later a guy came and sat on the chair. He reached up my towel and began

stroking my cock. 'You got a room?' I told him a did. 'Let's go.' I

don't know why he didn't turn me on. Some chemistry was wrong. He was

certainly attractive...maybe twenty...hard body from dancing I think. He

had dyed blond hair which looked wrong with his dark five o'clock shadow.

We went down. We both lay on the bed and removed our towels. I made no

move, I wanted to see how this developed. 'You don't seem interested.

I'm going,' he said. 'No wait.' I said and turned toward him, he had

been on our backs. I felt his hard pecks and stroked his nipple. 'Look

man,' he said 'You seemed very uninterested and now you are all over me.'

So saying, he got up, refastened his towel and headed out. I looked

down. I didn't even have a slight woody. He was right and I'm sure he

noticed it. A guy as good looking as he was was not used to semi

rejection. Not to worry, I had others that night.

The Kid: I never look for young kids for sex. I am much more interested

in guys my own age but one day I went to a house wares store and went

into the booth there. There was a rather large hole into the other

booth. In a few minutes someone entered. I took a look. It was a kid

of maybe twelve. He began jerking off. I looked through the hold. I

was getting really turned on, partly from the forbidden. I put two

fingers through the hole and he learned into them and rubbed his baby

cheek against my fingers. I was enchanted by the gesture and absolute


'Psst. I know a place next door. Follow me.' Once outside we walked

together. He was tall for his age. Nicely built but his face was rather

vacant like he was the product of too many incests. I ought to mention

that he had fat sizable cock for his age, cut and dripping. No hair

whatsoever so it looked even bigger. We both entered this other store.

'Follow me in a minute or two,' he warmed me in his flutety, no yet

completed changed also alto voice. My legs were shaking in lust and

fear. I looked for the rest room and entered. He was at the urinal. I

joined him. He grabbed my cock and began softly stroking me. I let out

a cry and shot a large wad which he just avoided and then several other

shots. He laughed 'Mister, you sure shoot fast. Is that your onliest

cum?' he asked. I told him it was and hurried out. I was still shaking

when I got to my car.

The Chinese Kid: I walked down the hall on the baths. Ahead there was a

partially open door. Stretched out on the bed was an Asian kid, naked,

his plum cock over his flat belly, his large ball sack lying between his

thighs. I entered slowly. He flinched a bit as I neared the bed. 'May

I stroke you?' I asked, my voice quavering. 'No Engliss.' He said.

His body was beautiful, thin, his legs full and slightly mus celled. A

little leg hair in glossy black decorated his shins, otherwise the only

hair was at his crotch. It was wiry and black and stood out from his

body. He had the same kind of hair in quantity under his arms. I sat on

the bed. He seemed nervous that I was going to hurt him. I smiled.

'Very nice.' as I gently stroked his penis. With my other hand I brush

his pink nipples and stroked his pink tan chest. He moaned and said 'No,

No'. I wasn't sure what this was all about. I began stroking his cock a

little firmer and a little faster. His hip lifted off the bed and he

made pitiful sounds as he began spewing white cum over his flat belly.

'Oh, I sorry.' I told him I was sorry too and I wish he had warned me

as we could have had more fun. I got up to leave. He was totally

uninterested in my needs. He gestured to close the door as I left.

The Tiny Cock: I went to the men's room in this straight porno theater.

I stood at the urinal and peed. Before I finished a rather nice looking

kid came in. He was tall, looked like a high school footballer. He

opened his pants but obscured his penis with his hand. He kept looking

over at me. Finally I turned toward him. He leaned in to look. 'It's

beautiful...and big,' he said reverently. 'Let's see yours.' He seemed

reluctant. Finally I pushed his hand away. At first I thought he didn't

have one, then I saw that it was very tiny, like my ten years old cousin.

I pulled it out as far as I could. 'It's too small I don't think you'd

be interested.' I told him it was nicely shaped and kinda cute. I began

stroking him. He was breathing like race horse. I think it was a

novelty for someone to be interested. His cock got longer, maybe four

inches. It was not only short but very thin. His began making fucking

motions with his hips. I held on and with a loud moan he emptied into

the back of the urinal. He made a large offering, I'll give him that.

He was really embarrassed and hurried out. I think I did a good deed

that day.

The Beautiful Guy: At the gym I went to the steam room after my workout.

There was a kid sitting on his towel, therefore naked. I took my towel

off as well, figuring this was the uniform of the day. He looked at me

and gave his cock a lift and shake. I began to realize that he was a

great looking guy. Pale white skin, flawless, his blue/black unruly hair

spilling over his ears and forehead. He must be a workout freak as every

muscle that could be worked on was. Think Statue of David. And his

cock, cut, smooth and hard, a gentle curve up towards his belly. 'Do you

such?' he asked unceremoniously. I hate that kind of demeaning question

but I got over my distaste as I crossed the room and sank to my knees. I

licked his cock. 'Good boy!' he said and patted my head. His cock was

just excellent, very exciting in my mouth but I began to dislike its

owner as he started giving orders: 'Lick the tip, flick your tongue,

lick my balls, tickled the back of them, let me get into your throat,

stop holding back. If you want my cream you have to work for it.' And

etc. I licked and sucked, trying to get him off fast so I wouldn't hear

anymore instructions.

I tried petting his ass hole but he pulled my hand away sharply. He did

the same when I tried to flick his nipples. 'Keep your hand away. Don't

touch anything above the waist,' He ordered. Suddenly he stood up, I

followed by moving to the first step of tile. He grabbed the sides of

my face and began heavy fucking. My cheeks hurt from his pressure.

Suddenly he shouted, 'Eat it faggot.' And he unloaded in my throat. I

have to say that he tasted pretty good. Finally he finished, sat back on

the bench. 'OK you can go. I want a little more steamer...alone.' I

asked him if he liked the blow job. I shouldn't have. 'It was OK but

you need practice.' I pointed to my hard cock. 'What about this? You

want to help out?' He said 'Tell you what. You don't have to leave now.

Go into that corner and jerk off but face the wall. I don't want to see

it.' I didn't follow that instruction. I only hoped that he has to beg

for sex next time.

That's the end. Hope you recognize some of these situations Thanks to

those who wrote me and like my many storied. Hope you get off pleasantly

and often.



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