In the middle of the night, while summer air coming from the window tickled

his thick skin, Jeff was lying on a couch, smoking his third or fourth

cigarette. He was only with his black boxers on, what showed his hefty

build. He would place his large hands on his chest, belly, or rub on his

crotch and balls, asking his cock if he wanted to get sucked or not.

Actually, Jeff was great friends with his fat cock. Whatever his cock

needed, mouth, pussy, ass, whatever, Jeff would do anything to keep him

pleased and satisfied. Jeff was very proud of himself, and he though every

little thing about him was perfect. He was pleased to have those big fake

muscles, mixed with fat, and covered with hairy thick skin, more than

anything. He even loved his own nasty smell, and always loved taking sniffs

of his funky armpits, especially when they were sweaty - "Oahhh... The

smell of a real man", he always thought to himself.

You might think it was just about.. a man smoking in a late night, but it's

more than you might think. To Jeff, it was the biggest celebration. A

celebration of being a grown 35 man.. a celebration of having a good job,

with good salary, and owning a nice apartment.. a celebration of having no

slutty wife, no noisy children, and not having to spend his money on

anything more than himself.. and just simply living his life.

In response, Jeff's cock twitched. "Yeah, dude? You want that fag to suck

you off?", Jeff smiled for his cock as he massaged him gently through the

boxers. "I'mma get him on his knees for you, man, just watch". With that,

Jeff took his cell phone to leave a missed call on Ray's, as a sign for his

dick's need for a a mouth around it.

In fact, Ray was Jeff's only neighbor on the top floor, and also lived

alone in a single apartment. He was a 20-year-old college boy, tall, thin

and hairless. He'd always catched Jeff's attention for his smooth body, his

long blonde hair and his blue eyes.

During the past few months, Ray had been well-trained to take Jeff's cock

down his throat. Finally, he became addicted to it, to the point that he

would force himself to stay up until 02:00 am at least, in case his master

needed a blowjob or anything. Plus, whenever he spoke to his master, he

would show all the respect to him, as well as refer to him as "Sir" and

sometimes "Master".

Less than a minute later, Ray knocked the door. "It's open", Jeff said

loud. Ray got in and closed the door behind him. He stepped toward the

couch Jeff was lying on, finally getting on his knees between his master's


"Yes, Sir"

"How you doing, boy?"

"Great, Sir. Thank you for letting me suck your cock, Sir"

"No problem, boy".

For five secs of silence, Ray inhaled Jeff's crotch scent. He breathed the

smell of his master's dry sweat and dirt, which had been building for about

a week of no shower. It was the smell of gayness.. the smell of addiction,

to him.

Jeff felt a surprising amount of gas forming up his rectum. He loved to

push it out, making a rough and loud buzzing sound, and then took a deep

delightful breath as his nerves were relaxed now. Ray was very surprised -

His master had never farted in his face like that before. It showed his

master's nature for real, because it came from his inside, and it had the

same rough male feeling.

Ray sniffed the healthy fart, and he could tell it made his own 5" punk


"Didn't thank your master"

"I'm sorry, Sir. Thank you for farting in my face, Sir"

Jeff wanted to let out another one. "Want another one boy?"

Ray thought it would be really torturing, but really delicious.. "Yes, Sir"

With that, Jeff let out the other one, which was shorter, but rougher and


Jeff grabbed a hand full of his cocksucker's soft hair. He'd always liked

to grab his blond hair and have fun with him! He started to rub the boy's

face along his already-hardening cock, and on his balls. It was a great

feeling of dirtiness what Ray was feeling, as he rubbed his face along his

master's crotch, still smelling his strong farts. He started to work his

lips and teeth softly on his balls, and playfully biting his cock, while

Jeff enjoyed it, taking and letting deep breaths.

Soon, Jeff used his slave's teeth to pull his boxers off. His cock jumped

out like a shining sword. Ray wrapped his lips on his master's cockhead,

and started to take more of his man meat up his mouth. Jeff closed his

eyes, bit his lips and put his arms behind his back as he enjoyed the

feeling of his cock being sucked, and his dick explored the depthes of the

boy's mouth.

Maybe Jeff's farts had gone with the wind, but there was something more

delicious for Ray. As he delighted that thick, hungry cock with his wet

mouth and played it with his tongue and lips, the strong taste owned his

heart. That salty butter made of Jeff's dry piss, cum and sweat had been

building on his cock for a week, it was finally being melted in Ray's soft,

young mouth, and he was just simply tasting it.

The little boy found a strange kind of harmony between Jeff's rough

pleasure moans, and that dirty taste that filled his mouth. He placed his

hands on his master's hairy, hefty chest, and started to tease his nipples

with those young, smooth fingertips. With that, he continued to suck on

Jeff's big cock and choke on it. He tried to offer his very best to his

master, working every little muscle of his mouth, showing all the passion

he had for his master.

Jeff was in heaven. His cock was getting sucked the best way, the same time

his nipples were getting gently massaged. It made him feel what he had

never felt in his entire life. No one ever had been so nice with him. It

made him forget about everything around him. As the soft air played with

his body hairs too, he felt like he was flying.

This time, Jeff had the biggest, most intense orgasm in his life. Breathing

heavily in delight and pleasure, his cock strongly exploded with three

cheesy shots of cum filling the boy's mouth. That couldn't let the boy

stop, though. He continued doing his great work, sucking Jeff's cock and

weakly twisting his nipples with his soft fingers, squeezing his master's

for more and more cum.

He let the cum that filled his mouth flow down his throat gently, gulp by

gulp, and Jeff could feel that with his now-sensitive cockhead still

crammed up his slave's mouth.

With Jeff taking a final deep breath, Ray let the softening cock silde from

his mouth, and pulled the top of his master's boxers back up, using his

teeth. He knew he wasn't commanded to do that, but he was sure his master

wouldn't punish him after a great work like that. He kissed Jeff's balls

through the boxers, and then continued his way down to kiss on his

thighs. He also ran his hands from Jeff's chest to his shoulders, gently

passing his tired all over them.

"Good job, boy"

"Thank you, sir"

"You can leave now"

"Thank you, sir"


Three days later, at 7 PM, Ray's phone rang. It was his sir, JEFF! He tried

to take it easy, but something about the rythme and the beat of his

ringtone, it reminded him of Jeff.. his bitter sweet taste.. his masculine


As usual, less than a minute later, Ray was knocking the man's door. When

Jeff opened, the boy found something really different. There was a girl

inside, lying on the edge of the man's extra-sized bed! Lights on! Jeff was

grinning! His red tie, and the first few top buttons of his shirt were


Ray got in, alternating his look between Jeff and the beautiful lady. "Yes,

Sir", said Ray. Jeff stepped toward his slave, commanding him to "get on"

his "knees". While Ray obeyed, he saw something in his master's eyes

telling him that things would be different this time.

"Undress me", Jeff gave a first command. The blond boy started with Jeff's

shoestrings, so that the man would only have to step out of them. Later,

while the smell of socks started to fill the room, Ray unbackled his

master's belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his black trousers.

With a cocky look in his eyes, Jeff's dick was hardening. It was just the

thought of having a newly-expert slave to satisfy his pleasures, and go

with him as far as he wanted. With Jeff's now-hard thick dick and big balls

prisonned in his white cotton briefs, Ray's mouth was almost dripping


As the little young man finished undressing his master, Jeff told him "You

know what to do, boy". He continued, "While I fuck this pussy, you're gonna

be licking my body.. or tonguing my ass". In fact, it was a thing that Ray

had been waiting to hear since his first time with Jef. He couldn't believe

it was finally happening! "YES, SIR".

For the next hour, while Jeff enjoyed the creamy smoothness of the woman's

pussy, massaging, and nicely tickling his hungry dick, Ray's mission was

sucking his sir's meaty nipples, licking his rank, sweaty and hairy armpits

and kissing on his muscles, or greasy chest.

Sometimes, while Jeff was in some position on top of the woman, with her

legs on his shoulders, he had the blond boy tongueing his filthy ass, or

popping on his balls. Jeff couldn't stop moaning or gasping from pleasure

for a second. It was a fuckload of fun! It was just too much for a man to

handle! He could swear he'd never came that hard in his entire life!

After Jeff was fully satisfied, gave the woman some bugs and let her

go. "Guess we're done boy?". Before Ray could speak, his sir continued

"Follow me". Walking doggily, he followed Jeff's footsteps, finally ending

in the shower.

"You know that I'm not gonna scrub my own back, don't you". Who was the

poor Ray to say No? All he could say was "Yes, Sir". While Jeff was already

naked, Ray fully stripped down, and started to service his master at


In the middle of it, while Ray was cleaning Jeff's thighs. "I need to

piss", the man announced. Ray knew what his master wanted him to do. He

kneeled down low, with his hands and face on the floor, while his master

let his own bladder relax. The boy felt a warm stream of hot, rank and

heavy piss on his head, and then his neck.

Jeff enjoyed the look of his own healthy, thick, yellow juice shooting on

his slave's smooth skin, for about twenty seconds, feeling his bladder

being emptied, his nerves relaxed. Finally, "Now the last drop, open up

your mouth boy".

Ray was so ready to taste some of his master's poison. As soon as he turned

around to face Jeff's dick, the huge last drop of sir's salty piss was

loaded into his mouth. "Don't swallaw". The boy realized, now he was in for

a good party, of being totally used and abused.

While the little boy continued washing Jeff's body, paying special

attention for his back, making sure his ass, feet and armpits were totally

clean, he was still holding the man's piss in his mouth, not allowed to

spit it out, or even swallow it.

"Now swallaw it", Jeff commanded later. Ray obeyed. It was the first time

for him to do something so nasty, to swallow another man's body

products. He had tasted Jeff's piss, swallowed his cum, smellt his farts,

and now he was washing his body. What else a faggot boy needed?

By the end of the shower, Ray dried his master's body off, and helped him

getting dressed in clean boxers. Ray wouldn't have to worry about his

raging hard-on, because his master was now totally clean-smelling!

After thirty minutes, the boy was there, on his knees, licking one of

Jeff's feet, while the man sat comfortably in his couch. Maybe it was Ray's

first time to do this, but he was doing it like a pro. He would lick in

between the thick toes, or simply put one of them in his mouth, pop it or

lick it.

While he was lost in his sir's feet, he was commanded "Time for you to make

a good footstool for me, boy, my legs are kind of tired". The submissive

boy pulled his face from Jeff's foot, and got on fours so that the man

could rest his legs on his back.

While Jeff filled the air with his cigarettes' smoke, forcing Ray to inhale

it, the boy proved to be a very good footstool, handling the big weight of

the man's legs on his back for more than a half hour. In the middle of it,

Jeff fired a huge, smelly fart that merged with the smoke.

Feeling totally relaxed, Jeff laughed at his obviously disguested slave

boy. "You've seen nothing yet, boy, you're gonna have to smell it

bigtime". It wasn't exactly what Ray wanted to hear from his master. It

must've meant something...not very good.

Still in that position, as Jeff's personal footstool, he couldn't stop

thinking about his master's last remark, until he heard him saying: "You're

gonna spend the whole night between my legs, and I'm gonna burn you with my

gas, so you better get used to it".


"Matter of fact", Jeff said, finishing his second cigarette, "I'm tired

right now, and you're not gonna have to stay up late tonight. Follow me".

Ray got up on his feet, turned the lights down for his master, and followed

him to bed. Since it was so cool out there, Jeff didn't need any bed

covers, so he just threw them on the floor. As Ray lied between Jeff's

thighs, the man rested one of his feet on the boy's chest, fully prisonning


In the night. Every now and then, Ray would wake up to the sound, the feel

or the smell of a huge fart that Jeff would rip, from his large hole.

Sometimes to the change of the man's sleeping position, being simply

wrestled into his legs, and sometimes the volume of his snorting voice. On

the other hand, Jeff was in a deep sleep, with his hairy, mascular legs

dominating the boy's smooth body. He didn't have a clue how much Ray was

being tortured. He just enjoyed his sleep.




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