Ray - " The Group" meat & greet, Church street, the Castro, San Francisco

I'm Jack. 230 pounds and 6 foot 2 of Irish/Polish hybrid. Luck of the genes of both cultures, built solid and thick, pale Irish skin with black hair and green eyes. 7.5 inches of cock with a bulbous baseball bat shape with big nuts. Big square Irish pecs and biceps and big polish ass and big thighs. Built in paranoia about being a fat old man keeps me working out a lot...that and a bit of fat on the middle. These genes can't last forever but I am gonna try my best. Lots of exercise  = lots of desire all the time. My problem ? Thickness Addiction

Ray. I finally was getting my reward Ray said for bottom training Rusty. A meat and greet, emphasis on the meat he said. I had actually thought Big Lars was my reward, and while a great time, it had only been once. Yeah, once for a month of bottom training, so a party with emphasis on the meat sounded like a great reward to me! Then he said, you should be prepared to wear only boots and socks and be prepared to have your life changed but I would not be getting off at the event, no one would. Okay, that was odd. I worked really hard on my body and when I get naked I usually make sure we all get off happily. Although I was very curious and a bit relieved. I had never been good at orgies, I get too distracted.

At Ray's house the party happened around his pool. The doorman instructed everyone to shed their clothes, write their phone number down on a plastic card, and keep our phones in our socks or boots with the card and to touch no one. No touching, no rubbing, nothing. Okay, this is very odd. I undressed with a very ruggedly handsome Ginger with a 6 inch cock like a fat potato. He was nervous but complimented me on my body and cock. He had a nice body, and so I said that, he laughed and said he just wanted work out to keep the fat off and keep his dick hard all the time. I said I think we are in the same boat and told him my name was Jack. Oh you are the middle they talk about he said. The middle? Yeah, you top and bottom, and like three ways where you are the middle he laughed. Wow, I didn't know people knew that, I said. Then he got serious and said oh you have to be highly recommended to join this group, it may be at Ray's house but more than Ray has to approve you. Then he said, I am Brian, don't worry, it's life transforming. Gee, this was getting more interesting by the minute.

We walked out to the pool area and my cock rose to attention. The lights were perfect and kind of low but enough to see all the naked men. About 50 big men were talking and laughing. Similar but slightly different types, although Brian said wow they are all so different. Maybe we were both right, as every type of large guy seemed represented from the hairy beast to the tall beanpole. A variety of cock sizes but half seems to have really thick cocks which was killing me that this was a no touch party.

Ray held his hand up and said all newcomers find a buddy to explain the group rules, and those guys held up their hands until everyone had a buddy. Brian was my buddy and two other big cocked men wandered over to us. They were both spectacular, one black and the other Latino. Thick lovely hard cocks and big bodies attached to men named Marcus and Julio. Brian started to explain; we were there to join the group and were specially chosen because more than 3 members recommended us. Members we had already had sex with. What? Marcus said, we have been spied on? Yes, Brian said, if spys gave good head and sat on amazing dicks like his. He did have an amazing dick and it was pointing at me and starting to leak. We all laughed and Marcus winked at me.

You have your phones and cards with your numbers so you can meet all these men and snap a pic of them nude and hard with their phone number in the pic. I usually have them hold the phone number next to their dick when I snap the shot, Brian said, I remember dicks better than faces. Julio said I bet that means you are a bottom. Brian said yes, I am, and I love it. Good Julio said, I am a top. So am I Marcus said. Then I said, I bottom but also top a lot also, but I prefer the bottom. Marcus then said, oh good that will be fun and winked again. Brian said that's exactly why we are here, to meet and know that the men in the group were all on the same page. There were tops and bottoms, but no one would get upset if roles were reversed. We all like big men, we all love big thick dicks, and we all were drama free.  Everyone was interested in a variety of men to have sex with and if we kept our hands to ourselves tonight then everyone would meet everyone. Well, it was kind of torture but I saw his point, as I would have jumped on Marcus after a couple minutes and not met anyone else that night. So we took pictures and Brian said, it was best to tell men you met your basic desires and move on. Speak plainly and truthfully, get pics and numbers and then talk on your own later about specifics. Julio said what's the rush? He loved looking at all these men nude. Brian said, if we keep it to around an hour then everyone can meet everyone while still really hard and the chances of men just coming on the spot were less. That made us all laugh, but we agreed.

I met Bodybuilder bottoms with average dicks, two tall strong firemen tops, a super toned and hot wrestling coach with long tube, a bunch of black football players that I loved, a few rugby guys with impressive thick dicks but kinda soft muscles and that was a turn on that I would have to investigate. How do they play hard, get big muscles and then get a layer of fat over everything ? And why did they turn me on so much ? Most had Polish names so maybe this was a sex with my cousins kind of fascination ? Geez, where had that been hiding in my brain?

I couldn't believe it. A group of men I would fuck, pre-chosen for me, my type of men for the most part with the kind of cocks I like. I left on a cloud and a sore dick and a hole itching to be fucked. Then Marcus and Julio took Brian to a close hotel and gave it to us good. But that's another story.


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